Double Play

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“Maggie, this weather sucks” Tina said to me as she plopped down on the couch where I was sitting “I want to have some fun!” She started tickling me and pulling my tits tweaking my nipples. I smile “Well what kind of fun?” She laughs pulling me up off the couch. “Let’s go out!”

“Tina, you’re the one that wanted to go out so bad, hurry up I’m ready to go.” Tina opened the bathroom door and I nearly gasped at what I saw. There she was, all 5’10” of her nearly butt naked, wearing little more than a short piece of black fabric. I guess you could call it a dress but I wasn’t sure. The length went so far up u could just barely see her ass and waxed pussy. I started to get wet just looking at her, not only was she beautiful with her long black curly hair and blue eyes, she knew exactly how to get me wet without even having to touch me.

“You like my new dress?” I just smiled and grabbed her ass and gave it a little smack. “Of course you look amazing, I’d fuck you.” She smacked my shoulder playfully and said, “You already are…” We laughed and walked out to the car.

Later that night after four hours of dancing and drinks we found ourselves drunk and unable to drive. We have a cab pick us up. The second we get into the cab we are making out in the back seat, kissing and groping each other hungrily. I’m sure the alcohol didn’t help, but I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. It wasn’t long before I had her ‘dress’ up around her neck and she was totally naked in the back seat. The cab ride was about 20 minutes so we knew we had time.

“I want to suck your pussy” I whispered into her ear as I massaged her tits. Without words she pushed me onto my back and climbed onto my face. I already smelled her, that sweet smell coming from her hot pussy before she got to my face. I pulled my skirt up to expose my ass and wet pussy for her. We were in a 69 in the back of the cab, her ass in the air and pussy on my face, her tongue sucking my clit and fucking my pussy with two fingers. I inserted a finger into casino siteleri her ass and pussy and she started bucking on my face like a wild animal, cumming all over me, screaming “Ohhhhhhhh fuck don’t stop Maggie keep fucking me” over and over moaning and screaming as she came for what seemed ten minutes straight.

I was moaning too, her expert tongue worked my clit, sucking, nibbling exploring it. It was so swollen each touch of her tongue made me jump off the fake leather seat. Before long it was me screaming “Shit Tina, ohhh yesssss” so loud that the people in the car next to us started honking and waving at us. We didn’t care and kept fucking and sucking, each of us cumming once more.

Once we pulled up to the house we had managed to sit up and were just kissing and groping each other’s tits, “How much do we owe you?” I said as I pulled out a wad of cash. “Nothing,” he turned and smiled and pointed to his exposed dick in his left hand covered in cum “That was one of the hottest fucking things I have ever seen. I came so fast that I barely had time to pull my dick out.” We just laughed and ran inside both still partially undressed.

Part II

“What a pervert!” Tina laughed, I smiled “I would have cum if I were him too, I can only imagine how hot your ass and pussy looked in that rear view mirror with my finger’s fucking them.” “Let’s go take a shower, I’m not done with you yet.” With that she ripped open my button up shirt to expose my bare tits and went around to the back of my leather skirt and unzipped it, gently moving her hand down my bare ass, .I kicked out of the skirt and we walked into the bathroom kissing and playing with each others tits.

We jumped into the shower and started massaging each other’s bodies with soap; I focused on her ass and pussy making sure to get them nice and clean. I inserted two soapy fingers into her ass first; she moaned immediately and arched to meet my fingers. Once she got accustomed to the invaders I felt her ass relax and she started fucking canlı casino my fingers, with that I started inserting one soapy finger after another into her pussy. The water was beating onto her hard nipples and with that she bent over to give me better access. “Yes fuck my ass, ohhhh yess your fingers feel so good.” Her ass was slowly opening for me. I could tell that she was hot and ready for me. I pulled out my fingers, rinsed the soap out and pulled her into the bedroom. “Bend over” I said with authority. “I’m going to fuck your ass and pussy so hard you won’t be able to walk for days.”

With that I pulled out my strap on, it was black in color and about 10″ long, 2″ wide. I put it on adjusting the straps and buckles to fit. I then smacked her ass cheeks until they were red; her ass fucking the air she was so horny, reaching for something that was not there.

“Maggie, please fuck me with that cock, I need to have it in my ass.” She pleaded with me over and over and while she begged I grabbed our doubled ended dildo. “First my dear, I am going to fuck that hot steaming pussy of yours until you cum.” I shoved it into her pussy and started inching it in as far as it would go. Once it was in about 8″, I smiled looking at the other end dangling down, the rubber bouncing all over as she squeezed her pussy around it.

“You like that don’t you Tina” I purred to her, “you like that big rubber cock in your pussy don’t you.” “MMMMMM yesss” she looked ready to cum her eyes half closed and licking her lips. With that I slowly started moving the mammoth dildo out of her now dripping pussy lips. With each thrust in she would buck a little more on the dildo, I knew she was squeezing her pussy around it, after a while I pulled the dildo out a little and lubed the other end. I bend over and stick a tongue to her ass hole.

“Mmmm, you taste so good” “I bet you’d like me to stick my tongue in this hot hole of yours don’t you?” I started licking her hole around the rim and darting just the tip of my kaçak casino tongue into the hole pushing more in after each lick around the outside. Soon I had my tongue all the way into her ass as far as it would go. I started moving it in and out slowly then picked up my pace to meet the thrusts of the dildo. “I’m going to cummm, oh shit I’m CUMMMMMINGGG she screamed” Right as she started to buck I pulled the other end of the dildo and forced it into her ass as far as it would go.

This set her into a wild frenzy, bucking thrusting screaming over and over. Her hands were beating on the bed her head thrashing all over. I then quickly pulled out the dildo from her ass now stretched wide open for me. I jumped up and shoved the 10″ dildo almost all the way into her ass with one powerful thrust. I began fucking her so hard I could feel my legs burning. The nub on the inside of the strap on rubbing my clit hard with each thrust. Tina was saying things that were not even intelligible now, moaning and groaning. I pulled her ass cheeks wider and looked at how hot it looked, me fucking her in the ass with this huge black cock. Her legs started to shake and I could tell she was cumming again, “Maggie, please stop no more….” She trailed off as another wave of pleasure racked her body.

I reached down and started playing with her tits, tweaking each nipple just enough to make her moan even more. I kept fucking her, relentlessly for what she told me later “seemed like hours”. I started getting close to my own orgasm and wanted to make sure she came again so I reached down to the dildo and started moving it in time with my thrusts. The extra stimulation to her G spot with the dildo and the cock in her ass was too much; Tina started shaking so violently that she almost knocking me off of her. Somehow I managed to keep fucking her ass and with one last deep thrust I came so hard I couldn’t keep moving. “Ohhhh yessss Tina, I’m cummmminggg” I moaned and I humped her slowly as I jerked violently cumming so hard I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs.

We lay there me still with the strap on in her ass, both too weak to move. I brushed her hair from her face. She smiled and whispered, “We need to take cab rides more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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