Alpine Hideaway Magic Ch. 04

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We headed across the back pasture and then up a steep slope that led up to the mountain meadows between groves of pines. As we plodded along, the village and Grandmother’s farmhouse became a bit smaller but we could still hear the sounds of activity in the houses and buildings below. The road out of town and the thicket of woods where our three intruders had hurriedly disappeared into was in plain view below us.

I followed behind Grandmother as she pointed to items and picked them up and put them the bag over her shoulder. There were lichens growing on rocks that she scraped with a pocket knife. There were mushrooms that she gathered up. In some places she gathered tree bark; in some places she picked leaves from bushes. To me it all just looked like things from the forest that your mother never wanted you to bring in the house as it would make a mess. As she gathered items she explained to me what they were.

“These flowers here are ‘Wolve’s Bane’ or ‘Monkshood’, I have even heard it called ‘Devil’s Helmet’,” she said pointing to a bunch of blue flowers before picking them wearing a pair of gloves for protection and putting several handfuls in in her bag. “I have to wear gloves and be careful – it’s a deadly poison and a horrible death if you overdose, however, in small quantities and mixed in the right proportions I have treated old people with heart conditions using it. It’s like gunpowder, a little goes a long way and is dangerous as can be in the wrong hands!” She was very informative and patient with my questions.

“This is a little mushroom called the Roman Coin. It looks like about seven of them are here,” she said counting the mushrooms on a rotten log at the edge of the meadow. “I make them into a tea. They are good for swollen joints and rheumatism. I have enough here for several months by the looks of things!”

She fished around in the grass, looking for something. Her eyes went wide when she found it. She held up a little brown mushroom that looked like a crumpled folded brown umbrella on a fat stem. She looked at me, “This is Mountain Dwarf. You grind these up into a paste that fights infection. Bacteria hate this after it is ground up and boiled into the paste. Just the thing for cuts or burns,” and so it went, on and on.

For a couple of hours she showed me things and she kept putting them in her bag. As the morning progressed into day, the sun made it up into the notch between two mountain peaks in the east and now its rays streamed into the valley promising to warm the land and drive the cold chill away from the land. We made progress up the mountain meadow and into some of the woods to one side of the field. Grandmother was satisfied with both her collection and my flora lesson for the day.

“Let’s head down to the flat meadow half way down the slope. There is that stream that we crossed to get up here and I could use a drink. Plus there are some nice stumps to rest on at the edge of that field. The view there is beautiful, you can see all the way across the valley!” We got down to the spot she was speaking of. It was about halfway down the slope from where we turned around and it flattens out into a gradually inclined shelf-like meadow before sloping sharply down to the fields surrounding the little village. In the distance we could see other villages. In fact, just as Grandmother had said, from that meadow we had a view of the whole valley. We stood in a notch where we could see the flat slope of the meadow to one side and a sharp slope to the other side, where the cold stream she had spoken of tumbled down the hills to Oma’s farm below before crossing underneath the road. We walked to the stream she spoke of and I bent down to scoop my hat in the water to fetch a drink.

“Here wait, let me get you a cup,” Oma said reaching in her bag. She pulled out a clay beer mug and handed it to me while I looked shocked. I had seen her stuffing mushrooms and bark, and flowers, and all what-not’s from the field but I didn’t think her sack could hold a beer mug. I was puzzled as I scooped up some water for us.

“Don’t look so perplexed. This is a sack of holding Stephan. I can put a good deal in here and it still is as heavy as carrying around a feather!” We both took a drink from the mug and then after we had both gulped down our fill from the ice cold stream I picked up the bag. SURE ENOUGH LIGHT AS A FEATHER. I would not have known there was anything in it by merely looking at it from the outside.

Oma looked up and scanned the skies while she took the bag and crossed the stream with me. She set the bag down on beside some tree logs that had been cut years before to make rustic benches for anyone wishing to stop and rest coming up or going down the mountainside. Some logs faced the Meadow that gradually sloped away from us and some faced the stream.

“Achh! This sun is going to make this a hot one today!” Oma said fanning herself. “I want some sun. Let’s get out of these things of ours and let it give us a nice warm baking! You are too white anyway for a boy your age!” We took a minute to remove our things. We seemed to be the only ones up on the mountain, casino oyna or more closer to the truth, it felt like we were the only ones in Germany! Up there on the mountain with the sun beaming down upon us I was dazzled by the green and the colors of the spring flowers. It was perfect post card weather!

It was then after I removed my last bits of clothing that I turned and looked at Oma naked and smiling. She had changed herself into young woman again and she was eyeing me in a very mischievous fashion with a grin of a fox who had found the hen house door open and the farmer out for the day! We sat down on a log bench facing the meadow while Oma tapped the cup of water from the stream and handed it to me. It was now full of beer. We passed the mug back and forth between each other and when it was almost gone again, she tapped it again refilling it. We sat naked passing the mug between us and then she would repeat the tapping and refilling. It was not long before the beer had its way with us both and we were laughing and telling bawdy jokes between the two of us like two old soldiers on leave! It was then that I had a question.

“Oma, what about your tattoos? Why did they not move when you fucked the two soldiers and the woman down in the house?”

“Oh that’s a good question! You are keen to pay attention! You see, ..when we magic folk are making magic as opposed to just having a good fuck, rub, or lick, it’s then that the markings on our bodies ripple and shake and show things. Some things are from the past, some are from our dreams, some from the future. Magnus used to fuck me and Tante Magda absolutely rotten so that he could read our backs and maybe divine a little piece of the future. It was said in the valley that he was extremely good at cards and dicing and well, you can imagine why! He would always come back from town smelling of schnapps and with full pockets! He was using a sort of divination spell. You can make all kinds of magic and get markings to move – either on yourself or on the other magical person you are diddling with!” Oma tapped her beer stein and filled it with more beer and took another long gulp. Her hand found its way down to her hairy patch between her legs and she was giving her drunk old/young body a proper frigging while we spoke now.

“What about the lightning? Last night there was lightning when we fucked and this morning when I fucked you in the barn. How come there was no lightning when you fucked those three people and you all came?” I was pretty drunk now myself but enjoying the sight of her frigging herself and at the same time administering a new lesson for her star pupil. Her fingers ran faster on her clitty and she raised a foot up onto the bench to tease my cock to life with it. My schwanze didn’t need much teasing; I still had not cum after witnessing Oma’s interrogation technique on the three hapless intruders.

“Another good question! You see, when we make a magic, our incantation or sex spell or fuck chant or whatever not only creates magic, it excites molecules in the air. It is like walking across a rug on a cold dry day. If there is a cloud nearby and there is enough potential energy – kaboom! Huge lightning strikes and thunderclaps are the result. You just have to be saying your magic or having a spell that you are trying to create to make it happen while you frig or fuck or diddle. The three intruders and I were fucking and yes, and I was using magic on them and you with my mind, but we were not creating anything other than some nice strong orgasms. I have to say I like those just as much, but of course the whole sky firework display thing- with lighting and thunder, is possible with the right application of powers during sex or even masturbation.

Tante Magda and I and Magnus used to play a naughty game in the fields up high on this mountain over on the other side. We would sit naked in a field on a rock or a stump and diddle ourselves, masturbating hard and chanting. When we would come it would pull a lightning bolt down from the sky. We would try to see who could come closest to a target in the distance; a rock, a dead tree, a mound- top, a fence,… anything.

Magnus even scared two woodcutters half to death at a distance of about a kilometer with a well-aimed bolt that landed right in front of the two men. They dropped their tools and raced down the mountain never seeing Magnus up on a hill laughing at them. It was a mean trick and Magda scolded him for it! I thought it was funny too but I didn’t let Magda see my face when I saw how cross she was. It took a solid three hours of us sweet talking, kissing apologies, fucking, and eating her cunny to calm her down! Making up creates some good sex, but oh,…. where was I? Oh yes, even you can do this thing with your cockie’ and your hand!”

“I can? How?”

“Grab your toy soldier and I’ll show you!” She turned to the west and looked out over the meadow and at a puffy cumulus cloud up the valley that had been raining recently down onto the plains beyond the mountains. Her hand diddled her cunny and she rocked her pelvis against it on the log bench with her legs wide concentrating. canlı casino

“Ok, now you need a spell. A simple spell for rubbing yourself-off goes like this, ‘SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! Squirt lightning, squirt lightning,’ – I admit, its all a little childish and infantile, like telling dirty nursery rhymes in school, but it works and you can pull down a pretty good bolt with just that! ..Now you try.”

I faced out into the field and I grabbed my cock. As I began to give my hand a naughty little fuck, I began to mutter SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! to myself. My hand found the right rhythm that I wanted and I kept chanting, SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! Soon we were both rubbing ourselves hard and furiously chanting SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ!

“Concentrate and focus on that big stone in the center of the meadow boy! Think of nothing but how good this wank feels and focus on the stone! SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ,” Oma panted, her eyes peeled on the grey rock in the center of the meadow. Oma’s foot reached over and touched mine and stroked my foot and ankle and calf with her toes as her free hand passed the beer mug to me and then went down between my legs to rub my balls with her fingertips while I stroked my schwanze. The tickling of her fingers was especially exciting and added to my self inflicted sexual agitation.

I took a drink of beer and then shot a glance at Oma focused on the rock. Every now and then she would break focus and shake her head involuntarily as if the sensation her hand on her clitty was too strong or too pleasureable – even for her; then she would return to her focused onanistic incantations. I saw the tattoos on her shoulders ruffling and swaying like a willow tree limb in in a gale as she focused, frigged, and recited that silly rhyme again and again.

I returned to my concentrated wanking while muttering, SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ! The sky underneath the cloud off in the distance began to grow dark and a rain began to fall in sheets underneath it. I could see the dark underside of the cloud roll and boil as my hand wanked my cock, urged on by the enchanted young woman next to me massaging my balls and stroking my leg. I set the beer mug down and reached over to Oma’s cunny and shoved two fingers fingers in her wet cunt hole while she diddled her clitty.

Oma’s eyes went narrow to focus on the target and then she went wide eyed and open mouthed in a silent scream. A second later a huge crack sounded from across the valley and I saw a volley of lightning shoot laterally out from the cloud – bright as an arc welder’s torch, to land smack in the middle of the stone with a colossal CRASH BOOOOM! Oma shuddered and splashed pearly dewdrops from her cunny upon my hand as she let out a loud OOOOOOOHHHH- AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

A moment later I felt my own crescendo start to rise. Oma sensed this and batted my hand out of the way! In one swift motion she came across the bench and her head went down in my lap, taking my cock into her mouth in luxurious wet strokes with her eyes fixed on the target while I muttered SPRITZEN BLITZ! SPRITZEN BLITZ!

The sky below the cloud again rumbled and I felt my balls surge with the added pleasure provided by the beautiful woman’s mouth on my throbber. My crescendo roared from my balls like a train from a long tunnel. I let out a long bawling sobbing AAAWWWWHHHOOOOOHAAAHH! and the cloud shot a white-hot bolt through the sky across the valley, just missing us by fifty meters. It struck the forest in the woods behind us with a sound of CRASHHHH BOOOOM! It was self evident that I would have to work on my accuracy. Oma swallowed my seed in a loud noisy gulp and then came up from my lap smiling.

“That was a good first try! You’ll be hitting fenceposts in no time! WELL DONE STEPHAN! Well Done! Now pass that beer, I am thirsty!” She gulped down several swallows and then tapped it for a refill. Then we rested for several minutes while we both panted and passed the beer mug with our arms around each other as the sun streamed down upon us. The cloud in the distance returned to normal and disapated its rain. Soon all that was left was the ozone smell around us from the ligtning hits.

After ten minutes she handed me the beerstein for another drink and looked restless.”Well, I am refreshed but I need to piss! How about you?” I nodded. My bladder was screaming at me too after I came what with all the beer inside me! I knew Oma must have been feeling the need to piss as well.

“Time for another little contest,” she giggled drunkenly,”let’s see who can piss the farthest!” We sat with our rumps on the edge of the bench with our legs apart. Oma looked at me and opening her labia wide, she gave me a smile as though we were up to something particularly naughty, fun, and shameful. I grabbed my slackening firehose and nodded to her that I was ready.

“Ready Junge! One, two, three. GO!”

I got off to pissing first and my stream arced through the air and landed in the grass with a characteristic sizzle of a liquid stream striking the ground. Grandmother had a rougher start kaçak casino and she adjusted herself slightly on the edge of her bench, keeping her ass on the edge but raising her knees and feet off the ground. Then she let fly! Her stream arced through the air and the morning sun gleamed brightly on our two fountain jets of golden liquid sparkling brightly as both curved through the air and sizzled merrily in the grass.

I was clearly winning. I estimated my piss stream was traveling through the air and landing about three and a half meters away. That was when Oma poured on the coal. I looked over and saw her grin turn to a grimace as she went cross eyed slightly and pushed hard. A loud wet fart announced its presence from her arse and she pushed her stream ahead of mine. I was still full of water and I was not to go down to defeat so easily. I redoubled my efforts, tightened my belly, held my breath and pushed. My stream shot ahead of Grandmother’s by about five centimeters. I had her! … For a moment.

Oma bit down on her lip, wrinkled her nose, squinted her crossed eyes and another fart shot from her dunghole like a wet gunshot. Her stream edged a full half meter infront of mine. It was then that she murmured a little somehting from her gritted teeth and her piss stream did a loop the loop in the morning sun and edged another meter ahead of my now diminishing arc of bladder relief. She held this astonishing display for a few seconds before muttering, gritting, and farting once again and the stream arced up and made a second loop in the air before landing another full meter infront of my effort. She looked over at me and broke her concentration smiling.

“Experience always triumphs over youthful vigor!” she said with a wicked grin of a victor. Her face returned to her efforts and she made her piss stream one singular arc again and then joined her spritzing with my stream to land single sizzling puddle in the grass that slowly receaded back to us until we were both empty. I shook myself dry and she wiped her pink folds with her fingers and then hopped off the bench in triumph, flicking the droplets off her fingers into the grass.

“I win! I get to claim a prize for my efforts! C’mon Junge, Grandmother needs special attention!”

She got up, picked up the beer stein tapping to fill it again and walked around to on a log bench facing the stream and turned herself around to face the meadow sitting on her knees with her elbows resting on the back of the bench. She pushed her ass out over the bench so that her rump cheeks hung in mid-air like two tattooed cliffs above her heels and shot me her wicked grin that was implying she was up to no good!

“C’mon doctor, check me for ticks! It is a beautiful day for it and that fucking down in the farmhouse only got me warmed up!” She reached back and gave my cock a tap with her fingertips and winked at me. My cock roared to life and became once again something worthy of an agricultural exhibition! It would just be a question of whether it would be exhibited in the large vegetable exhibition or some barnyard animal display!

Oma licked her lips in anticipation of what was to happen and then spit on her hand a white blob of foamy saliva. She rubbed the slimy spittle around the entrance to her pink dung hole and presently the mysterious tongue I had seen before, lolled out through the opening and moved the slick wetness around to better lubricate the sphincter entrance. One of the eyes on Oma’s rump shot me a COME HERE OFTEN SAILOR? sort of wink, and the tattoos upon her back rippled like circles on a pond that a stone had been tossed into. Oma spit upon her hand again and rubbed some more saliva this time upon my cock to prepare it for a good solid bit of plowing and said, “HOP ON! My rear ditch needs further excavation and you look like a fine ditch digger!” She reached for the beer stein and took a long draught from it before tapping it again. This woman could go all day and all night and we are not just talking sex!

I positioned myself behind her twin tattooed ass cheeks with both eyes winking at me. Oma must have been working an incantation in her head because her tattoos continued to ripple and dance and the eyes continued to make their lewd enticements, while the mouth around her rectum puckered and licked its lips. As witches go, she was a wicked one!

My ditch digging tool throbbed in my hand as I placed it at the pink pulsating puckered ring of my Grandmother’s rose hole and I applied pressure. The ring resisted for a split second and then yielded and my mushroom headed cockwurst began to plow through her rear opening! As I gained entry about a third of my cock length in, I paused and grabbed her tattooed hips for better control and leverage. Oma exhaled and muttered something unintelligible and her tattoos rippled and adjusted themselves like turkey feathers. As I pulled her down onto my shaft another third of the distance, I felt the mischievous magic tongue inside her asshole licking me and lubing me up for the final push! Her rectum began to fellate me just as deftly as though it was her mouth, even making rude slurps of sexual mastication! As I plunged the last third of travel, I noticed that her tattoos rippled and the eyes on her ass winked when she did this trick with her cunny or ass! Pleasure does not begin to describe what I felt!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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