All about Mom Ch. 03

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If you haven’t read Chapters 1 & 2, the author suggests you take a moment to go back and read them to understand how Joey and his Mom got to this point. All participants in this story are over 21 years of age.


The following morning, which was Sunday, the neighbor’s dog woke me. That fucking dog, I thought. Somebody ought to muzzle that little shithead. Without opening my eyes, I rolled over and put my pillow over my head. How many mornings each week did that dog wake me up?

I dozed a little bit more, but never went fully back to sleep. As I slowly emerged from the depths, I became more and more aware of the barking dog. When I realized I wasn’t going to go back to sleep I opened my eyes, expecting to be in my own bed listening to the damned dog barking. I wasn’t in my own room. I was in my mother’s room and in her bed.

I looked to my side and saw Mom lying next to me on her back, sound asleep with her right breast exposed outside the covers. She was breathing evenly. I shifted in bed so I was a little bit closer to her, reached over and put my hand on her bare thigh. As she slept, I gently rubbed up and down, slowly working my way between her thighs while rubbing higher and higher. Her breathing remained steady, her eyes closed.

Slowly my hand crept up the inside of her thigh, closer and closer to my personal entrance into this world. Now, I thought to myself, it’s my personal entrance into Paradise. I finally felt the side of my fingers brush against her pubic hair. It was matted and a little crusty from our first fuck the night before. It was odd to feel so much hair on a pussy, but I didn’t care if it was matted and sticky, or that it was there at all. It was attached to my Mother, and that’s all I needed to know.

I moved my hand a little bit more and made contact with her cunt. It was dry and sticky and I could feel dried flakes of the mixture of our juices sticking to the strands of curly pubic hair. I started rubbing it lightly up and down, my fingers sometimes catching on a particularly dry or sticky part of skin. I watched her face as she slept and I gently stroked her.

I began to notice that she wasn’t quite as dry and sticky as she was when I started. Slowly her pussy began to lubricate as I ministered to it. I made little gentle circles on her clit with my thumb as I felt her juices begin to emerge from the crack of her hairy pussy. My fingers began to glide up and down her slit, and I transferred the thick lubrication from her hole up to her clit and continued to rub circles on it with my thumb, it now being oiled and slick. I felt my cock growing to its full 9 inches, hard and ready to please or be pleased. Or both.

I closed my eyes and lost myself in the sensation of exploring my mother’s cunt and didn’t notice when she finally woke up. I felt her spread her legs wider, giving me better access, and opened my eyes. She was looking back at me smiling. I smiled back at her, slowly slipping my middle finger in her up to the hilt. Her eyes rolled back and she closed them for a moment, lost in the feeling of having her son’s finger buried in her wet cunt.

After about ten minutes of me fingering her and delicately toying with her clit, she asked, “Are you going to play with that thing all morning, or are you going to fuck it?”

“I’m going to fuck it,” I answered quickly, and moved to climb on top of her.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured as I lowered my weight onto her. I felt her arms encircle me, and just as easy and as normal as that, I impaled my mother with my stiff cock. We immediately fell into a slow rhythm and I leaned in to kiss her.

“Oh, I probably have horrible morning breath,” she said, turning her head.

“I don’t care,” I told her and took her head between my two hands and gently turned her to face me. “I want to kiss you and I don’t care if you have morning breath.” I touched her lips with mine, and she just kind of mewed like a kitten and kissed me back. The kiss lingered for a minute or more as we gently rocked with each other. The walls of her cunt were velvety smooth and I fit snugly inside her. In fact, I thought to myself, I fit perfectly. It had never felt as good with any other woman I had been with.

We fucked slowly, looking into each other’s eyes as we lost ourselves in the slow and pleasant sensations we were sharing. No hurry, and definitely no worry. This felt incredible and it felt right.

After about 15 minutes of slow, deep fucking I asked, “Do you want me to fuck you faster and harder and make you cum?”

“I want it however you want to give it to me,” Mom answered. “I want to make you happy. I want to make you feel good. You’ve helped me so much.” She went quiet, and we continued our slow fucking, treasuring each sensation. After those few quiet moments she said, “I just know I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to feel my son cum inside me again.” She paused, then said quietly, “and again and again.”

That was all it took. casino oyna While still fucking slowly, I felt my orgasm begin to wash over me and with a jerk I began pumping cum deep into my mother’s cunt.

“That’s it, baby. Give Mommy your cum. Give me all of it.” She softly kissed me all over my face as I grimaced and shot squirt after copious squirt into her. As I finished, she again gripped my ass cheeks and held me deep inside her.

After my head cleared, all I could say was, “Holy shit, Mom. That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Holy fuck.” She smiled and held me to her.

“Anything to make my boy happy,” she said. “I owe you at least that.”

After luxuriating in bed with each other for another half hour or so, we got up. The Vikings were playing the Packers in the morning game, and our Broncos were away at Pittsburgh in the afternoon. Big Joey had been a huge Broncos fan, and Mom and I always liked to go to games or watch them on TV to cheer for Big Joey’s favorite team. They were our favorite team, too.

We had a light breakfast in anticipation of the fine football fare to come. After breakfast I brought up a load of firewood from our storage area, then went for a run. Meanwhile, Mom showered and started some laundry including our sheets from the night before, which were smeared with our cum. I showered when I got home from my run and even though I had cum hard that morning and the night before, I was tempted to give myself a quick tug while I was in the shower. I thought better of it, though, figuring Mom could do it for me in a bit.

Five minutes before game time, we were on the couch in the family room with a fire going in the fireplace, snacks on the coffee table in front of us, and hot apple cider with just a touch of rum in large steamy mugs on the end tables. I was wearing a pair of black form-fitting sweatpants and a cream-colored cashmere V-neck sweater I had bought recently at Abercrombie and Fitch. Mom was wearing her Broncos nightgown, which was thick orange flannel with Bronco logos all over it. Neck to ankle coverage. When she sat down next to me, I gave her a quizzical look.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, worried.

“Why are you wearing that thing?” I replied somewhat curtly.

“It’s what I always wear when we watch football.”

“I think you should be wearing something sexy.”

She looked at me with surprise. “For Broncos football?” she asked, and I knew she was having fun with me.

“But the Broncos aren’t playing until later. I think you should wear something sexy for the Packers game. You know, Brett Favre and all.” I smiled a sheepish smile because I knew she had a thing for Brett Favre.

“He isn’t even playing anymore.” She plopped herself down. “You just mind your manners, young man,” she laughed. She snuggled up next to me in her long nightgown and curled her feet up under her. I put my arm around her and kissed the top of her head. We held each other and watched the game.

The first quarter was scoreless, but we didn’t really care much about either team, so we kept most of our attention on each other. We were like two young lovers who had just discovered sex. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, and she didn’t like to be disconnected from me for even a second. I felt like she was glued to me, and I loved it. I lightly caressed her breasts through her nightgown from time to time, and she would lightly rub me for a bit as we kissed and cuddled together on the couch.

During one commercial break for a time-out, she got up and went to her room. I assumed she was going to the bathroom and absently wondered why she hadn’t gone in the toilet right next to the family room. She wasn’t gone long, and I noticed when she came back she wasn’t wearing her Broncos nightgown anymore; she was wearing her terrycloth bathrobe. She asked if I was ready for a beer, and I told her not quite yet, but I’d have another hot cider if she wanted to grab one for me.

She disappeared into the kitchen and my attention went back to the game, the Packers threatening to score midway through the second quarter. I heard Mom clinking around in the kitchen and a moment later I heard her say, “Here’s your cider, sir.”

I looked up to see she was standing beside the couch holding a cup of cider on a tray, and was wearing the same thing I was wearing when she had me: nothing. Nada. Zilch. Stark naked, proud breasts jutting out in front of her, her legs slightly parted showing off her blonde pubic patch and the pouty lips of her pussy hanging beneath it. I instantly marveled at how beautiful she was and scolded myself again for never noticing it before. She was hot. Her boobs were perfect. Natural, very large, and round, with just the slightest bit of sag. Her ass was tight, her stomach flat. And she was beautiful. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

She held out the tray, offering me the drink and said, smiling, “Is this sexy enough for you, sir?” I decided to play canlı casino her game.

“Certainly,” I said, taking my gaze off her and returning it to the TV. “Now sit down so I can watch the game.” I took the drink from her and she set the empty tray on the coffee table. With a disappointed look on her face, she sat down next to me again and cuddled up to me. “It’s cold,” she complained. “Even with the fire.”

I raised my arm, inviting her to cuddle up to me. “Come here,” I said, not taking my gaze off the TV. “I’ll keep you warm.” She cuddled into me and started kissing my neck. When she got to my ear and began to tongue it, I gave her a stern look. “I can’t hear the game when you’re doing that.” I said with an authoritative voice. She looked a little surprised, and I wasn’t sure she was getting my little game, so I pulled her up onto my lap with both of us facing towards the T.V. and softly said, “Shhhhhh.”

I started playing with her tits, never taking my eyes off the game. I held them in my hand and felt their weight. I caressed them, I gave them gentle squeezes. Mom purred like a kitten as I played gently with her nipples and pulled softly on them, which I knew she liked from the night before.

The game was actually getting pretty good. The Packers had scored and now the Vikings were in Packer’s territory with 2nd down and goal. I gave a final tug to each of Mom’s nipples, then started working my hand down her stomach heading for that magic place between her legs. She was draped across me, her back to my chest, light as a feather, and as I got my hand close to the upside-down V of her body, she pulled up her knees and put her feet on the couch, spreading her legs apart, opening herself to my hand. She was breathing deeply now and moving her butt slightly against my lap.

I teased around her pussy for a while, never quite touching it, but stimulating the areas around it. She began moving her hips, pressing them out, trying to get my hand to touch her there. Using her bare feet on the couch, she pushed up and began moving her ass up and down off my lap, trying to get her cunt onto my hand. The more I teased, the more intent she became on getting my hand on her. I would rub up the inside of her thigh then poise my hand right over her wet cunt, feeling the heat and moisture rising off it. She would plant her feet and press up, but as soon as I felt the lightest contact, I would move my hand and she would miss it.

With my other hand I started pinching Mom’s nipples again, which only turned her on more and made her more desperate for my touch. The next time she rose off my lap, her cunt searching for my hand, I let it briefly touch but I moved it lightly upward with no pressure until I found her exposed clit, which I pressed like a button. She grunted.

“Shhhh.” I cautioned. “Trying to watch the game here.” By now I knew she understood my little game and was into it. She was the horny bitch who wanted it bad and I was the indifferent jackass, wanting to watch the game more than I wanted to be with her. Although nothing could actually be further from the truth.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered in reply.

She whimpered and bucked her hips off my lap a couple of times in protest, though. I repeated my last move another time, letting her have just slight contact with my palm, but rewarding her with one push of her button.

A commercial came on, and without moving much, she craned her head around and kissed me passionately, her hungry mouth demanding mine. She reached behind my head and held it as her greedy tongue sought out mine and slashed at it wetly.

As soon as the game came back on she obediently stopped kissing me and turned around so I could enjoy the game. What a good little slut she was.

I continued to tease her through the half-time show, pretending I had to hear what the sportscasters were saying about the other games, and then into the third quarter. At each commercial break she would crane her neck around and passionately kiss me. She was deeply aroused.

I could feel my sweats getting wet where she was sitting. She was literally dripping on to me she was so turned on. I would let her have just the slightest bit of contact with my palm. Every once in a while I would give her a quick rub or thrust two fingers into her, but then go back to teasing. I loved teasing my Mom and making her beg like a slut. It only made it worse that I would give her a little pleasure, then refuse it again. Every time she would start making frustrated noises, I would shush her and remind her that my top priority was the game.

By the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Packers were up 38-21 but the Vikings had possession and were again threatening to score. Mom was close to becoming a blubbering fool she was so aroused and frustrated. I started feeling sorry for her so began to extend the time I pleasured her and shrink the time I was teasing. Before long she was getting more stimulation but I went back to teasing kaçak casino every time she got close to cumming. Finally she blurted out, “God, please let me cum!”

I immediately shushed her, but went to work in earnest on her cunt and clit, alternating between thrusting my fingers in and out of her and rubbing her clit with the flat part of my index and middle finger, letting it go just between my fingers, rubbing with light pressure. Mom reached up and took a nipple with each hand and began pinching and squeezing them as I concentrated more and more on her swollen clit with all my fingers. The Vikings were on the Packers 42 yard line after scoring on their earlier drive. Just as the receiver grabbed the ball out of the clutches of the defender and turned for the goal line, I felt Mom jump as her orgasm hit her. Ignoring my requests for silence, her moaning was drowning out the announcer’s call of the touchdown. She writhed on my lap as she was racked with wave after wave of what must have been a very powerful orgasm. By the end, she was almost sobbing and begging me to stop making her cum.

It was at commercial break as her orgasm subsided and she turned and kissed me passionately again. I noticed that my pants were soaked below her, but I didn’t really mind. When the commercial was over, Mom put her index finger up to her lips in the universal sign of silence, and turned back to watch the rest of the game. She remained quietly and obediently on my lap until the Packers had put the Vikings away.

The moment the game was over, she moved off my lap and onto her knees on the couch next to me. She reached into my sweats and pulled out my cock, her heavy breasts swaying as she moved. She looked at me, then at my cock, then back at me. She raised her eyebrows as if to say, “May I?”

I put my hand on her shoulder and said, “Go ahead, it’s alright now.”

Without hesitation, she pulled at the waist of my sweats. I raised my hips off the couch and she pulled them down and off me, kneeling on the floor in front of me to do it. Still kneeling in front of me, she looked up at me for a brief moment then lowered her head into my lap and I watched her slowly lick the length of my cock from base to tip. She quickly licked again and I felt myself getting even more turned on and harder. She gripped me and gave me one quick stroke, then licked the length of me again. Then I saw the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen: my cock being slowly engulfed by my mother’s mouth. I watched as she wrapped her lips around the swollen head, then took it all in one swallow.

“Fuck, Mom, that feels so good,” I groaned.

I simply had never felt anything as good as this. I’ve had my share of blowjobs, but never one that was even close to as good as this was feeling. Mom used her mouth, her tongue, her hand, and even her teeth at times, taking me up and down, through peaks and valleys of pleasure that I had never experienced before. I watched as my hard cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat. When had she ever learned to do this? What else didn’t I know about my Mother?

I reached down and cupped her tit in my hand and she moaned around my cock. I pinched and rolled her nipple while she took my cock down her throat. She was fucking my cock with her throat. Grabbing my balls, she began massaging them and squeezing them which only got me hotter.

“I want to cum in your mouth, Mom,” I said softly. She stopped for a brief moment and looked up at me.

“Yes, baby, I want you to cum in Mommy’s mouth, too,” she replied, then immediately went back to sucking, licking, and stroking, but with more purpose. I felt myself getting close and I grabbed the back of her head and started a fucking motion with my hips as I drove my steaming cock in and out of her mouth.

She gave my balls another light squeeze and that was enough to drive me over the edge. The next thing I knew, my toes curled and the feeling shot up my legs. With a loud grunt I started pumping load after load into Mom’s eager mouth. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but it was just too much and I could see my white pearly sperm leaking out around my cock onto her lips and chin.

As my climax subsided Mom pulled away. Still kneeling in front of me, she smiled at me and opened her mouth, showing me my sperm on her tongue. Then she gave one big swallow, then licked her lips and swallowed again.

“How long is it going to take you to get hard again?” she asked after a moment. “That really made me want to fuck.”

“I don’t know, Mom, maybe a half hour or so, and by then the Broncos game will be on. “I think you might have to wait.” It was my turn to smile at her.

“I don’t think I can,” she answered, and went back to sucking and licking my cock, slowly stroking it up and down. Unbelievably, after about five minutes, I started getting turned on again, and felt my cock start to grow in her hand. She kept working me until I was hard as a rock, then cleared a space on the coffee table. Turning her back to me, still with her knees on the floor, she lay with her head and breasts on the coffee table, and pushed her exposed ass towards me, her labia slick and shiny, inviting, captivating.

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