Cotton Candy Pt. 02

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Welcome back. Thanks to all the readers and I hope you forgive me for the long delay. I promise I will try my best to work on the next parts much faster.

The second part is more about how the relationship grows. If you loved the first part, I hope you also like this one as well.

For the new readers, I may suggest you to read the previous part first; or it might be difficult to comprehend at places.

I would really like to thank Old naked dad, my editor; for his efforts.

Happy reading. Enjoy.


Chapter 23

We eat our lunch without too much planning.

“Why don’t you go ahead and pick up Meg and go home while I do the shopping?” Tina asks.

“No, I’m going to receive my salary today so I want to go shopping.” I object.

“If you go back home with a few big bags of groceries, mom will know and that’ll ruin the surprise! Please call me as soon as mom leaves for her rehearsal at the community center so I know when it’s safe to take the shopping to your flat, okay?” Tina replies and she has a point.

I look at her beautiful dress. If I had a dress like that, I may think about going to the party Saturday night.

“By the way, that’s a very nice dress you’re wearing, today. If you don’t mind, may I ask where you bought it and how much it cost?” I ask.

She raises her brow.

“Have you forgotten that I’m a tailor? Why would I spend money buying dresses when I can make them, myself?” she replies.

I can’t believe she can make such a beautiful dress but she must be a very good tailor because the dress is simply outstanding and I wish I am a tailor too, so I can make beautiful dresses for myself as well, but I’m not, and I sigh.

“What?” Tina asks.

I tell her everything about Saturday’s party. I can’t believe it when she starts laughing at me after I tell her that I don’t have a dress to wear to the party. I turn my face away from her because I don’t want to look at her. I’m angry and I hate her for laughing at me. I feel her hands on my arm as she tries to turn me towards her but I don’t object, much.

“I’m sorry but I can’t stop myself. I’m your friend and a damn good tailor, yet, you have nothing to wear to a party. Please don’t tell this to anyone. I can’t imagine what they might say about me,” Tina says.

I think what they say will be damn right and she’d completely deserve it.

“And about the dress. Try to make it to work a little early tomorrow and, once your shift is over, come to the boutique. I need your measurements to make the dress,” she adds.

She’s going to make a dress for me? Really? She may not charge me for her labor but, certainly, I’ll have to pay for the costly material because I can’t let her make the dress for no charge. I’m not sure if I can afford such costly dress material so I make an excuse.

“But I need to pick up Meg. I’ll be very late if I go to the boutique.”

“I have a car so I’ll take you to Meg’s school,” Tina answers.

Now, I have no excuse. I decide to ask directly.

“Okay, but I also need to know how much the dress material is going to cost me. I’m not sure I can afford much,” I truthfully tell her.

“I don’t buy material and neither will you. I have enough material from the leftovers of dresses I’ve made. I’ll make you something from them,” she replies.

I believe Tina can make such a beautiful dress from leftovers. She’s not spending anything on me except her time and I happily nod. We go back to the counter and I notice Tina takes out ten dollars and gives it to Angie, who winks at me and I blush. After saying goodbye to both of us, Tina leaves.

“I bet your girlfriend has the most beautiful, pink pussy to lick at; You want to bet on that? Twenty only!” Angie says after Tina gets out of the door.

My eyes open wide from listening to her absurd idea of betting. I look at her, only to find her laughing at my facial expression. I can’t help myself and start laughing, the idea is too funny not to, and playfully punch her arm. I think she’s as crazy as Tina and now I have another good friend, for sure.

Chapter 24

I call Tina as soon as mom leaves for the community center and, within a few minutes, she arrives with, at least, half of a dozen bags. There is food, wine, a beautiful birthday cake, some items like balloons, rolls of multicolor papers, glitters for decorations and even a dozen wine glasses. She has Mozzarella sticks and root beer glazed ribs as appetizers, grilled chicken Alfredo, garlic shrimp, asparagus and seared ahi salad as the main course and triple chocolate pizookie as desert.

There’s only four of us but, I think, the amount of food is sufficient for a couple of dozen people. I’m sure we’re going to live on the leftover food for the next few days. I protest, a bit, when I see all of this but I don’t think she even listened to what I said.

Meg is very excited about the idea and she also joins us as we decorate the dining room. canlı bahis She’s not much help but we all enjoy decorating the dining hall.

It’s past five o’clock when the doorbell rings. I’m sure it’s mom but, when I open the door, I’m surprised to see Billy with Tommy, Jon and Easter (Jon’s sister). It doesn’t take me long to figure out that Tina has planned this without telling me.

The bell rings a few more times in quick succession and, within five minutes, the dining room is nearly full of people. All of them are mom’s friends and mostly from the community center but there are also a few from the neighborhood. I know Tina doesn’t know them so Billy must have helped her make the plan work.

Mom isn’t expecting this at all. She hasx been feeling a little low as she probably thinks we forgot her birthday because none of us have wished her happy birthday, yet.

When she come back from the community center and finds the surprise, mom looks as if she might cry, from happiness, at any moment. I take some pictures as mom cuts the cake. Tina’s gift is a sweater, just like the one she wore Saturday, and mom compliments Tina about it.

Meg has a cute birthday card for mom stating, “Wishing a very very happy birthday to the best mom in the world – from her daughter and daughter’s daughter.” The part ‘daughter’s daughter’ was added by Meg, for sure.

I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t buy anything for mom so Tina gives me the wine bottles and the set of wine glasses to give to mom as my present. I know there’s no point in arguing so I do what she tells me. Mom has always loved wine and she also likes the wine glasses. I think Tina wants her to feel that it’s a family effort and not an individual.

After we serve the wine and appetizers to the guests, Tina goes to my bedroom to keep an eye on the kids. Meg is enjoying the presence of Tommy, Jon and Easter as they have a great time playing with the toys and dolls. Mom and her friends are scattered all over the dining room, gossiping and laughing while I just sit here and enjoy both views.

After we finish dinner, people start leaving, one by one. Billy is one of the last to leave, though, as he needs to drop off Tommy, Jon and Easter at the shelter before he goes home. Meg thinks they are leaving too early and tries to protest. She even asks if we can keep Easter for the day and I would really like to but the truth is, we don’t have enough space so I give the same, lame excuse…they have school tomorrow. When Meg asks if we can accompany them downstairs, I don’t object. I think I can, at least, do this for my baby.

“I’ll tell you something, Oli. Your girl has a heart of gold,” Billy says as we’re walking down the stairs.

I know Billy likes Meg very much so I nod in appreciation.

“When she came to my shop, this afternoon, and told me about the birthday party, it sounded amazing but she surprised me even more when she asked me to bring these little kids with me. There aren’t a lot of people who really care about them or think about giving them some moments of joy, though they deserve it the most,” Billy added.

I’m touched but I also realize he’s actually talking about Tina as he mentioned her as ‘my girl’. He must be thinking we’re in a relationship, or something, and I panic. I’m not sure what he might be thinking of me? I need to clear it up that we’re only friends.

“We’re only friends, actually,” I say.

Billy turns towards me with his brows raised. I don’t think he believes me.

“Oh, really! And I’m a dinosaur who’s going to eat you alive because you’re in love with another girl. You sound pathetic when you try to lie so don’t try, not to me and not to yourself. I know what happened to you before and I know how bad you’ve been hurt but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a second chance when God is smiling on you. I can see the love in Tina’s eyes and let me tell you, it’s worth a lifetime to find someone who loves you so much. I’m telling you this only because I know you care about others very much and I don’t want you to step back for the wrong reason. I don’t know how others may take it but I can assure you that you have this old man by your side, always.”

He smiles at me and I smile back. I don’t know why but I feel relieved and very happy for some reason. Maybe the times have changed and people are not as judgmental as I suspect them to be.

I accompany Tina to the bus stop. She asks me to be her girlfriend and I know she wants my answer but I’m not sure about it. We talk about the party, the crazy games Meg and her friends were playing and how much mom enjoyed it. Tina isn’t saying a single word regarding her proposal but I know she must be dying to know my answer but she doesn’t want to push me either.


It’s almost midnight and Tina is still at the garage. When she told Olivia about giving her a ride in the morning, she didn’t think too much about it. She searches for a suitable car but fails. Now she’s stuck with the old car. She’s not sure about bahis siteleri changing the interior but a new paint job is certainly needed. She can only hope that Olivia likes it.

Chapter 25

Today, I cut my breaks short, by fifteen minutes, so I can leave early.. When I get to the store, to my ultimate surprise, I find it completely locked and there is no sign of Tina, either. I know the boutique is closed but I also expected people to be there remodeling the interior. Maybe Tina has forgotten about the measurements or she didn’t realize the shop might be completely closed but I decide to wait for a while. I can’t believe she’d actually forget about this. Maybe she is late or I might have come earlier than she had expected.

I’m thinking about all of the possibilities when a small side door opens, out comes Tina and she waves me to come in. I didn’t give it a thought that she might be inside nor did I have any idea about the side door.

As we enter the shop my assumption became true. There is no other person working, today, in this shop but I can see the changes being made. There are boxes, everywhere, containing tiles, wood, lights and cables. I guess they’re making a whole new and modern setup for something much fancier. I’m so much into looking at all of this, that I don’t notice when Tina comes with her measuring tape and she has to eventually ask me.

“If you’re done with your examination, may we quickly take your measurements? I don’t think you want to be late picking up Meg, again,” she says.

I feel ashamed. I nearly forgot the purpose of my being here so I stand, at rapt attention, in front of her so she can take my measurements. Tina looks amazed and the way she smiles makes me nervous.

“Babe, you need to undress because I don’t think I can properly measure you with those things on,” Tina says.

I hadn’t thought about it. Of course there’s no way she can get proper measurements over the pullover and the long skirt I’m wearing today. Both are too loose and thick but it’s too late, now. The party is only three days away so I can’t ask her to let me come back some other day. I decide to start with what she tells me because she’s already seen me naked already so there’s nothing new for her to look at but I still feel shy.

When she saw me naked the other morning, I was sleeping but it’s different now, I’m completely awake and I feel as though I’m stripping for her to have a look at me. The thought is pretty arousing! I lower my eyes as I continue to take my dress off. I can feel her eyes roaming over me, looking at every curve of my body and it makes me hotter. Finally, I strip down to only my black bra and panty set and I keep waiting for her to say something or maybe come closer and start her measuring but there’s nothing.

I panic. Maybe she doesn’t like my body. I have a daughter and, over the years, I have gotten curvier. I’m not fluffy but I don’t have a perfect body, like her, either. I feel a sharp pain of rejection and I look up at Tina. I like what I see as Tina looks completely in awe. She is directly ogling me and I don’t think she can’t help it.

I notice her eyes roaming all over my body and I can see how much she likes it. I feel a little proud of myself, knowing my body is, maybe, still good enough to attract her and that brings a smile of satisfaction to my lips. I don’t say anything and let her watch me. I wait until her eyes meet mine, then I smile and Tina blushes.

She knows she’s caught ogling me and she comes rushing to start with the measurements to hide her embarrassment but I’m not ready to let her go so easily so I step back a couple of feet as I speak.

“So, do you like what you see?” I playfully ask.

She blushes more and then gives a small nod.

“Good! So, have you seen enough or do you want me to pose a little more for you to ogle, again?” I tease her, again.

“I don’t think a lifetime is long enough!” she replies.

Now it’s my turn to blush and I know she means what she said. I feel loved and content but it quickly changes when I feel her hands on my bare neck, which has always been a very weak spot of mine. Wearing her heals, Tina is still a good five inches shorter than me so she pulls herself up onto her toes to get the measurements and, in the process, leans into me.

Basically, she presses herself against me, which is killing me, and I get goosebumps wherever she touches me. She must be enjoying it, because she keeps touching me every now and then. Nothing harsh, only soft gentle touches and they are killing me.

I see her ogling my cleavage as she measures my chest but I’m too turned on to tease her about it or maybe I realize it may not be a good idea to tease her, again. I teased her before the measuring and now I’m paying for it.

She measures me everywhere…from my back, breasts and waist to my hips and thighs and I’m on fire, now. I doubt I’ll object if she wants to do something more than measuring. In fact, I may love it! I’m completely wonton, my bahis şirketleri pussy is flowing freely, and I desperately need release but I can’t tell her so I try my best to restrain myself.

She keeps teasing me, mercilessly, until she is satisfied with the measurements, I guess. My legs turn to jelly and it’s a wonder they don’t collapse. I hope my black panty hides the wet spot under my crotch and I hope the scent of wood, glue and whatever else, in the building, is strong enough to hide the smell of my sex.

As Tina starts to note all of the measurements, I begin to dress. I’m scared. Maybe it’s only measurements and she didn’t try anything but those simple touches have affected me so much. I’ve never felt anything like this before. She nearly made me cum by only touching me here and there. What if she really starts touching me on purpose? What if we decide to have sex? OMG! I can’t imagine what she’ll do to me.

Chapter 26

As we walk out of the boutique, I check the time and find it’s only fifteen minutes past my normal shift timing. The teasing, which felt like eternity, must not have lasted more than a couple of minutes, maybe five to be the maximum. I shiver.

What if we decide to spend a night together? Or maybe our whole lives? I’ve never heard of anyone dying due to excessive sex but there’s always a first time for everything. Is it possible to call an ambulance in advance for the possibility of some kind of an accident? Maybe I can move closer to a hospital, if I decide to accept her as my girlfriend.

I’m lost in my thoughts until we reach the parking lot. Tina asks me to wait and I obviously get curious about what kind of car she has. I see only two cars parked, in the direction she is walking, and both of them are big pickup trucks. I know she’s crazy but is she using a pickup truck to drop me off at Meg’s school? I can’t believe it!

I’m in awe when she pulls out in her small yellow car which is almost hidden between those two big pickup trucks! The car is so pretty. As I get into the car, I realize it’s older than it looks from the outside. It must have been painted recently because I can smell it but there is no change in the interior. It still has the old radio instead of the latest music system and a manual transmission. The seats are spacious, as well as very soft, and I love it.

On the way to the school, Tina tells me the car actually belongs to her grandmother. There isn’t much traffic on the road and the speed of the little car amazes me, a lot. We talk, laugh and even sing a few lines along with the song on the radio. The sexual undercurrent between us is gone. Now, it’s more like two best friends enjoying each other’s company and having fun. Meg also likes Tina’s car, very much, and when she starts asking about it, I know she has something on her mind.

“This is your car?” Meg asks Tina.

“It’s my grandmother’s car. She’s letting me use it,” Tina replies.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Mom?” Meg asks, looking towards me.

“Yes, it is and it’s fast, too,” I answer.

“Can we go for a ride in it?” Meg speaks again, now looking towards both of us.

“Yes. Tina will drop us off at home,” I reply.

“No. That’s too short. I want a big ride. Can we go somewhere?” Meg complains.

In fact, I love the idea of going for a ride in this beautiful car but I can’t ask Tina to take us for a ride. She’s done so much for us already, I don’t want to push for more.

“No, Meg. She only brought it to could give me a lift so I could pick you up on time. We didn’t plan on a ride or anything,” I answer.

“But we can plan now,” Tina replies.

“I have nothing to do anyway. I’d love to take you and Meg for a little ride, if you don’t have any plans. I know a beautiful place by the lake and it’s not too far from here,” she adds.

“Please, Mom, can we go? I promise I’ll complete my homework when we get back,” Meg pleads, again.

Now, I can’t deny. It’s rare for us to visit any place and I know Meg really wants to go and so do I.

“Okay, we will but only on one condition, I say.

“What?” Both Tina and Meg say at the same time.

“I’ll pay for the gas,” I say.

Tina isn’t letting me buy anything and she’s spending too much, to my liking, so I decide to say it upfront, making it clear. Tina nods, with a smile, as Meg starts jumping and clapping her hands in joy. She must be wanting it really bad.

Back home, Tina also asks mom to accompany us but she can’t skip the rehearsal. Meg is ready to go within a couple of minutes but I need more time. It’s not like we’re going out on a date or anything but I feel an urge to look good. I wear a floral sun dress and put on some makeup, which is very unusual for me, but it doesn’t take much time because I don’t have much makeup anyway and, within half an hour, we’re ready to go.

Meg takes the back seat and I hop into the front with Tina. On the way, we stop at a gas station, I fill the tank and Tina buys some chips and cold drinks. Though I’ve been living on this side of the town for a few years, now, the streets Tina drives through are all new to me. Meg has a long array of questions about the place where we are heading and Tina answers all of them.

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