Cindy Lou Gets a Roommate

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For background on this story, see “Cindy Lou Moves to New York”.

Cindy Lou looked out the window at the landscape whipping past as the bus barreled down the highway. Only about one hour was left of the 28 hour ride from Birmingham and she was looking forward, although with some trepidation, to starting her new life in New York. The ride was boring but it had become tolerable, after enjoying two good orgasms the previous night from the young man eating her pussy and another when they fucked on the back seat of the bus. She smiled and her pussy tingled from the memories of his tongue caressing her lips and his mouth enveloping her clit, capped off by his big cock being driven deeply into her.

Sucking off the bus driver who caught them had been the perfect nightcap. More delightful memories flowed across her mind, of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth and of his pungent aroma and delicious semen. That had been Cindy Lou’s first sexual experience with a black man and she intended to have a lot more in New York, as well as many more with other men.

Nothing of that sort could have happened now because the bus was almost full, with most of the passengers having gotten on at the last stop. Instead of having the back seat to herself as had been the case the previous night, she was sharing it with another woman and two men.

Finally, the bus pulled into the terminal. This was the last stop so everybody in front of her crowded toward the door. She looked around nervously and clutched her overnight bag against her chest. Cindy Lou had been warned about pickpockets and muggers and other kinds of thieves and lowlifes so she kept a wary eye on her surroundings, especially on men who might be eyeing her. She was one of the last persons off the bus and onto the grimy pavement, where she was assailed by the noise and the stench of the city.

Although her stomach almost revolted from the odors of urine and dog feces and unidentifiable refuse, Cindy Lou had more important concerns as she trudged with the crowd into the lobby. Anxiously, she looked around for the relatives who were supposed to be meeting her, fully aware of the many mishaps that might have prevented them from being there. Relief washed over her as she spotted them, a middle-aged man and woman, huddled together against the wall and holding up a sign with her name on it. Uncle Fred and Aunt Wilma were their names but otherwise she knew very little about them. Close in front of the couple was an attractive, slender woman with long, black hair. She looked to be about Cindy Lou’s age, which was 28.

Although they had never met until that day, once the family tie was established, there was an abundance of hugging and kissing with all three of the persons waiting in the lobby. Amanda was the young woman’s name and she was the daughter of the other two. Although they would be addressed as “Aunt” and “Uncle”, the actual relationship was a bit vague. It was distant and tenuous but they all thought of themselves as being family.

None of the four had ever been in this miserable place before and all hoped they would never have to return. Although everybody wanted to leave as quickly as possible, Cindy Lou had to first claim her baggage so they could haul it out to the family station wagon. While the other three were stowing the two suitcases, Aunt Wilma took the seat next to where her husband would sit, leaving the young women to share the back seat and get acquainted.

During the long drive home, Cindy Lou tried to be charming and outgoing, talking of her love of country and western music, which her cousin didn’t share. She described her life in Alabama and the bus trip, omitting details she thought might scandalize the others, and asked about life in New York. Amanda answered her questions mostly in monosyllables and was disinclined toward conversation. She seemed reserved, almost aloof, spending much of her time staring out the window.

In the overheated car, her bulky jacket soon became unbearable so Cindy Lou removed it. While pulling off the sleeves behind her back, she leaned forward, thrusting out her chest, causing her large breasts to move under her clinging flannel shirt. For the sake of comfort on the long bus ride, she hadn’t worn a bra. Her aunt and uncle were looking through the windshield at the street ahead and the only person who saw her was her cousin, another woman, so she was not embarrassed at the way her figure had been somewhat on display. With the heavy coat off, she continued her friendly overtures and was finally successful. Amanda seemed to warm up considerably, smiling and being attentive to the pretty blonde sharing the seat, even moving closer and affectionately patting her knee several times.

“Does anyone know anything about apartments that might be available?” Cindy Lou asked. “I picked up a rental listing at the last rest stop but they’re all so expensive, even the dumpy ones.”

“Hey, Mandy,” Uncle Fred responded. “Aren’t you looking for casino oyna a roommate after what’s-her-name got married? What about Cindy here?”

Both women were surprised at his suggestion and more than a little doubtful. Cindy Lou had enjoyed her wild lifestyle in Alabama and wanted to resume it as soon as she had a place to live. Sharing an apartment with the daughter of her employer might very well put a damper on that. Besides that drawback, she considered Amanda to be more than a little stuck up. She conceded to herself that a roommate might be necessary but wanted to find somebody she liked, or at least didn’t dislike as much as she already disliked her snooty cousin. However, she was unwilling to express that attitude toward somebody she barely knew.

Amanda thought of herself as a sophisticated and sexually liberated woman, which she was. She had a circle of swinging friends and was reluctant to be tied down by someone she thought of as a yokel from the Bible belt, even though she was quite attractive. There was also a vague dislike of Cindy Lou for being the cause of having to go to the noisy, smelly bus terminal. She did need a roommate but felt that she could find somebody more compatible. Almost anybody would be better than a fan of shit-kicking music.

However, neither woman wanted to express her reservations to the older couple, since they might have been asked to give reasons. They couldn’t express dislike; the old man would think it preposterous since they were family and barely knew each other. They were also both anxious to avoid saying anything at all about the rich and varied sex lives they wanted to continue enjoying, although neither knew anything about what the other had been doing.

“That might work,” Amanda replied.

“If you’re sure it’s not too much trouble.” Cindy Lou was hoping her cousin would say it was.

“No trouble at all. I do need a roommate and I’d rather it was family than some stranger. You can’t trust everybody. The apartment rent is controlled and I’ve been there since it was built so it’s cheaper than you might expect, even though it’s quite a nice place.”

“Fine, then,” Uncle Fred said to both young women. “It’s settled. It’s too late in the day to go there now so suppose both you girls stay at the house tonight and we’ll get Cindy moved in tomorrow?”

“I’ll need to call Mom and Dad and tell them I’ve arrived safely and what my new address and phone number will be. I’ll ask them to send my trunk to the apartment. Can I use your telephone to do that?” Nobody objected and her parents were glad she had arrived safely and that things seemed to be working out. They told her they would go to Birmingham and ship her trunk the next day.

Early the next morning, Uncle Fred drove to a modern high-rise building where his daughter had an apartment on the third floor. Cindy Lou was assigned the smaller of the two bedrooms. After Uncle Fred left for his office furniture business and Amanda went to her job, she looked around the small room with green pastel walls and got busy moving in. That day was Thursday and her job would be starting on the following Monday, giving her a few days to get settled and take care of personal business. The first task was transferring her clothing and other things to the closet and drawers available.

Two of the things to be put away were the dildos Cindy Lou had brought. Holding the one named “Big Pete”, she considered giving herself a quickie. As she rubbed her fingers on the pleasure bumps along the shaft of the toy and touched the front of her jeans with the head, she thought about how pleasant he would feel going in and out of her pussy. Although the dildo would never replace a real cock or tongue, it was good enough for occasional relief.

“Not just now,” she decided, and buried it and its slightly smaller partner, “Pete Junior”, in a drawer under her panties. “Maybe tomorrow, depending on what I feel like.” She expected to need Big Pete in her pussy and Pete Junior in her ass sometime in the next few days. The orgasms Cindy Lou had enjoyed two nights earlier on the bus were still fresh but she knew she would be horny again before the weekend was over.

With unpacking finished, she went to the cheerful kitchen to make herself lunch and to familiarize herself with the locations of things she would be using. The small but well-designed room was all Formica and stainless steel with enameled yellow walls and a tile floor. As she looked through the cabinets and other storage places, she found one drawer filled with paperwork and the receipt on top was from a video store just down the block. To her surprise, she learned that Amanda had recently rented and returned two videotapes named “Suburban Swingers” and “Lesbian Lust.”

She had seen the first at a sex party a few months earlier and her pussy throbbed pleasantly as she recalled one scene in particular. The central female character had one big cock fucking her ass and an even bigger one doing the canlı casino same for her pussy while she was sucking off a third man. It had been such an inspiring scene that Cindy Lou had re-enacted the same combination twice that night, with two different groups of men, cumming twice each time. Her pussy almost started to lubricate, remembering that party, which had been one of the biggest and best and wildest she had ever attended.

“Could it be,” she asked herself, turning the idea over in her mind, “that Mandy is not the stick-in-the-mud she seemed like at first? Did she have some people here watching these movies with her, maybe even acting them out the way I did? I hope so. If she has some swinging friends, I would love to meet them and get in on the action. Maybe I can find out tonight. This morning she seemed much friendlier than she did at first.”

The nature of the other videotape was obvious from its name and that got her thinking along another line. At sex parties, sometimes two or three women would be pleasuring each other orally and Cindy Lou would look at them and wonder what it would be like, but she was always having too much fun with their husbands to want to find out. Looking at the receipt, she thought aloud about the possibilities again.

“Those women always had a good time with each other but they had just as much fun with men, maybe even more. I wonder if Mandy is kind of bisexual like that too, which would explain why she rented both a lesbian movie and the other one. If she is, maybe I can find out what I’ve always been curious about. She’s quite pretty and I think it would be fun having her eat my pussy, if she wants to.”

As the new roommates had decided that morning, Cindy Lou prepared a dinner of fried chicken and salad and included a bottle of wine. They had settled the financial details the night before so, after dinner, they took the rest of the wine into the living room to watch television and talk about whatever subject might come up. Amanda described how she had graduated from New York University and her position as a copy writer in an advertising agency. Cindy Lou had never gone to college but she talked about her life in Alabama and speculated about what her new job would be like, working for her uncle. With the wine making conversation easier, they started exchanging confidences and chatted, as young women often do, about boys and men who had been in their lives.

Cindy Lou had been a virgin when she married at 18, and wasn’t ready yet to talk about her subsequent swinging life so she didn’t contribute much to the discussion. Amanda had no such problem. She made it clear that her virginity had been gladly given up long ago and that she had enjoyed the attentions of many lovers since then. Not only that, she revealed that she was currently seeing several men and having some great times with all of them. That was the kind of thing Cindy Lou was very happy to learn and she felt herself drastically revising her opinion of her new roommate, very much for the better. There certainly didn’t seem to be anything snooty about her any more, and it looked like there could be the potential for a very warm friendship.

“You certainly have had a lot of experiences, Mandy. Makes me sorry I got married so young. I missed out on a lot of fun.”

“You didn’t ‘miss out on it.’ You just delayed it a few years. The fun is still there to be had, especially for a girl as pretty as you.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I know so. There are plenty of guys who would love to get next to you. Or get into your pants.” Amanda giggled at that expression.

“Get into my pants?”

“Oh, not literally. I mean they would love to have sex with you. Speaking of you having sex, what was your favorite way to get it on with your husband?”

“Oh, I liked everything we used to do.”

“Did he ever kiss you down here?” Amanda patted her skirt over her own pussy as she asked, and left her hand where she had patted.

“Yeah, he sure did, and I really loved it. That was how I had my first orgasm on our wedding night.”

“How many tines did you cum that night?”

“Four times.”


“You know, I’m not ashamed to tell you this. I used to play with myself and even cum from it sometimes before I got married. That was nothing, though, compared to how it was with Bobby’s tongue and his cock.” Cindy Lou had always enjoyed sex with her ex-husband and didn’t mind talking about it, but she really wanted to get the conversation back to the men who would want to get into her pants. Those were the people who interested her, not an ex-husband who was a thousand miles away.

“So, you really liked it when Bobby ate your pussy?”

“I’ll say. When we used to make love, I would always cum first from that and then from fucking.”

“Did you ever have another woman eat your pussy?”

“No. I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like, though.”

“Do you think it would be any different than kaçak casino it was with your husband?”

“I don’t know. I think it would probably feel about the same but I might not feel the same about it.”

“Of course. Sex is always better with somebody really close to you. But if you didn’t happen to have anybody just then, do you think you would like to have your pussy eaten by another woman?”

From the direction the conversation had taken and from knowing about the lesbian movie that had been rented, Cindy Lou had become fairly sure that Amanda did like to swing both ways, and that the hypothetical woman being discussed was herself. She hoped so because it might mean that her curiosity would be satisfied that evening. It would almost certainly be better than putting Big Pete and his assistant to work.

As their conversation had gotten more personal, both women had moved toward the center of the small blue sofa and by that time their knees were almost touching. Cindy Lou leaned toward Mandy, rested her hand on the other’s leg just below the hem of her short skirt and smiled as she answered, “Yes. Yes, I think I would like that. I think I would like that very much.”

Amanda was smiling back. Her brown eyes looked directly into the clear blue eyes of her cousin and she asked “Do you want to find out for sure?”

“With you?” As she spoke, Cindy Lou leaned in closer and lightly squeezed Amanda’s leg. It was obvious what she hoped the answer would be.

“Yes. I like boys and girls both. Last night in the back seat of the station wagon I could hardly keep from jumping your body. You are one of the hottest women I’ve ever met, and I would really love to bury my face in your pussy.”

Cindy Lou’s smile grew wider and more lascivious. “Just a minute,” she said, as she responded the same way as she had to the man on the bus who had offered to eat her pussy. She stood up, unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to her knees. After sitting back down and pulling them the rest of the way off, she stood up again, pulled her panties all the way down and stepped out of them. Still smiling, she turned to stand on the carpet before her roommate, naked below the waist, her legs spread and her pubic area thrust forward.

“Is this the pussy you want to bury your face in?”

After kissing both creamy thighs and enjoying her roommate’s musky aroma, Amanda stood up also. “A sofa or the floor are okay when you don’t have any other place but my bed is a lot better.”

As they walked to the bedroom, Mandy was really looking forward to eating the pussy of such a sensuous and sexy woman. She felt good about introducing her roommate to the joys of woman-on-woman sex and she knew Cindy Lou was also anticipating her first experience. She could smell the delectable aroma of juices that were trickling down her roommate’s bare legs, and Amanda expected them to taste as good as they smelled.

“Just lie down there,” she directed, pointing to the unmade bed. “Let me get the comforter out of the way.”

“Wait till I take off my shirt. I think it’s always a lot more fun without anything on.” As she spoke, Cindy Lou was removing the last of her clothing.

“Me too.” Amanda had turned on the light when they entered the room and neither woman saw any reason to turn it off.

By the time they were equally naked, Cindy Lou was lying comfortably, her head on a pillow and her legs spread, looking forward to finding out what it felt like to have another woman pleasuring her. She didn’t believe there would be much difference between that and a man but she was also thinking about what would happen next.

“I wonder if she’ll want me to eat her pussy too. I wonder if I’ll want to,” she asked herself.

When Amanda lay down next to her, they shared an embrace and a kiss. With the second kiss, Cindy Lou felt a tongue pressing against her lips and touched it with her own. With the third kiss, her mouth was open and their tongues were entwined. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying sensuously kissing another woman and she was very pleasantly surprised at the erotic effect it was having on her body.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured. “That’s really good.”

Amanda was also pleased at the responses she was already getting and continued kissing her cousin, on her eyes, her ears, and all over her face and down her throat. She was familiar with a woman’s erogenous places and her lips and tongue caressed all of them. She heard and felt Cindy Lou breathing hard and saw how her face was flushed by the time the kisses reached her breasts.

From what she had seen the previous night, Amanda was aware of her roommate’s voluptuousness, but she was very pleased at how firm and shapely her breasts were, and how they were topped by such pretty pink nipples. “Cindy Lou, you have a really beautiful body,” she said while holding one of the lovely globes in either hand.

When she licked first one then the other nipple, she was elated at how they were already erect and how good they felt on her tongue. From their rigid state and from the pussy juices she had smelled earlier, and could smell much more strongly now, she knew the other woman was already aroused.

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