Adam’s Girls Pt. 02

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NOTE: Thank you for your ratings and comments. I am glad that my first effort to write an erotic story was so well received. I am an old softy who loves romance. I love romcoms and romance stories and it is my desire to write stories that women would read and enjoy, so I would appreciate hearing from women about their thoughts.

Though the story is fictional, the characters are based on real people. I have tried to depict them as the people they are, who are not perfect physical specimens. Adam is a shorter than average man with extra weight and smaller aging genitalia. The women are struggling with extra pounds, cellulite, smaller boobs – you know…normal people, because normal people are sexy, too.

Please enjoy this next installment of Adam’s Girls.



Round 1: The Fight

It had been several weeks since my morning with Shelly. It had been hard to face each day knowing that I wouldn’t get to kiss her and hold her close. It was especially difficult the first few days. How could 2 1/2 hours of ecstasy change my feelings so drastically! I missed her more than I could have imagined.

But as the days passed and a week passed and then another, life got back to ‘normal’. One thing I learned with my eight years of forced celibacy was to bury the raging desires down deep. I did masturbate to the memory of our experiences together. I didn’t hear anything from her as per our understanding and no news from the regular phone conversations my wife had with Shelly’s mom, Brenda. I hoped that she wasn’t hurting as much as I, and at the same time hoped she missed me too.

Three weeks had passed since Shelly backed out of my driveway, and I was busy around the house, doing my morning chores: dishes, cleaning counters and folding laundry (Laurie never let me do the laundry because I was terrible at sorting colors – I never really saw the point until all my white tee shirts ended up pink. By that time I was banned from doing laundry and I never objected. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes it pays to do a lousy job.) And…, I had my work of soil analysis for Gerard Realty, a new client.

Then the doorbell rang. I checked the time. It was just 9:00 A.M. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I put the shirt I was hanging up aside and headed for the door and saw a pick-up truck in my driveway. It looked familiar but I am not a car person. My wife always teases me because when she asks questions like “What kind of car did they drive?” I would answer “a blue sedan” They all look alike to me. I opened the door and it was Betsy, we usually called her Bets, Shelly’s older sister! Bets was married to Jerry Knott, a fiber optic technician who basically did the same job as a lineman except stringing and maintaining internet fiber optic cable. He was a nice guy but we had heard things about their relationship that had us a little worried about her. We, that is to say, I had told her that if she needed a place for shelter to come to Laurie and I. We would take care of her. I secretly had an old man crush on her, she was “hot”…more about that later.

“Good Morning Bets, What can I do for you?”

“Hi Adam,” she asked without a smile. A little unusual, Bets was always smiling, something was wrong. “Is Laurie here?”

“No, she’s at schoo…,”. I got only those words out before Bets threw a right jab and caught me a glancing blow on the side of my head above my ear. I was completely surprised but reacted instinctively. She would have got me in the jaw but I ducked at the last minute. Just the same, it knocked me back into the house and my arm knocked over a small wood figurine as I went down. As I fell she pointed at me and yelled, “YOU FUCKED MY SISTER!!” The blow didn’t hurt as much as her words! SHELLY HAD TOLD BETSY! OUR SECRET WAS OUT!

As I took stock of myself, I could tell I wasn’t hurt badly just a little headache.

I looked up at her and she continued, “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!” She shook her hands in front of her then crossed her arms in anger, but there were tears in her eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was from hurt or anger. “Dammit, it should have been with ME!” she reworded her declaration!

“Get in here and close the door, If a neighbor saw that, they will have the cops here!” With that her demeanor changed and she closed the door. She knelt beside me and began to help me up.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “Are you hurt? Did I hurt you?” She was a sweet girl and I could tell she was concerned.

“No, I’m just stunned. Shit! I’m glad I ducked, I’d be out cold right now. I’m okay, I’m okay.” She helped me to my feet and guided me to the couch. “Now what did you say? What’s this all about?” It was too late to plead innocent, I knew, but it was worth a try.

“Do you need an ice pack? Can I get you a glass of water? What can I do?”

“I’m alright,” I insisted then caught sight of her hand. Her knuckle was bleeding a little and swelling up.

“I could casino oyna use an ice pack and while you’re at it get one for your hand. In the fridge freezer, on the door. She went into the kitchen and came back with a dish towel and two ice packs. She had a sheepish grin on her face. She put the ice pack on my head and waited for me to hold it there, then wrapped the other around her hand.

“I may be hurt worse than you,” she said, “this hurts like hell!”

“Let me see,” I said. She extended her hand and I held it up to examine it. I could see it was superficial, swollen and bleeding a little but no broken fingers, “I’ll get a bandage.”

“You stay put, I’ll get it.”

“Bathroom, second drawer, right of the sink” She left to fetch a band aid and closed the door. As she walked away, I saw she had on a tight pair of jeans that showed her ass off to best advantage. Her shirt was a simple cotton red and blue plaid buttoned up to between her boobs. The little button there strained at the hole to contain her C cup breasts. The shirt opened nicely above the overworked button revealing the cleavage that had launched many a daydream in my mind and been the subject of countless fantasies as I masturbated over the years. Damn, she was sexy.

While she was gone I tried to think of why Shelly would tell Betsy about our time together, we had both been in total agreement on that requirement, what could make her so quickly let it slip to her sister. “We’re in trouble,” I said out loud to myself, “very big trouble.” I imagined my worst fears: hurt, anger, fights, tears, confessions, divorce, hate, shame and suffering. I rubbed the small knot rising above my ear. I put my hands on top my head and drew them forward over my face and buried my face with my palms. I shook my head and said to myself “I am so screwed”.

She was gone quite a long while then returned and sat down opposite me in the easy chair. She had a bandage and an ibuprofen and a glass of water for my head ache.

“Here, take this for your head ache, I took some for my hand.” She said holding out the water glass for me while I popped the pill into my mouth.

“Now what did you say? What’s this all about? Hand me that bandage and I’ll put it on for you while we talk.” I took the bandage and she held out her injured hand for me to apply the strip of fabric and gauze.

She skipped over the declaration about her sister as if that was a foregone conclusion, facts are known, ‘on to next topic’. “It was always you and me, we hung out together at family parties, you kept me safe. You rubbed my boobs up at Wendy and Brad’s bon fire. You felt me up down on the river that time. I always wanted it to be ME!”

Her memory was a little off – it made me sound like a pervert!

“You know that time I rubbed your boobs at the bon fire was an accident, We were drunk with our backs to the fire and I didn’t notice you had turned around. I thought I was rubbing your back!”

“Oh yeah right, you couldn’t tell?” She pinched her arms together to display her C cup breasts that stretched the buttons of her cotton shirt. Then she gave them a little shimmy.

“We had on bulky winter coats! And besides everyone was there. Laurie laughed and told me to quit feeling you up, everyone laughed..I was so embarrassed! And ..on the river that time? I’m surprised you even remember that, you were really drunk. Laurie and I had just arrived at the camp and you saw us on the beach, jumped out of the boat, ran toward me and your right boob popped out of your bikini top. I simply pulled your top out so your boob fell back to where it belonged. No feeling you up! I didn’t even touch your skin.” An opportunity I have kicked myself for missing. “And hanging out with you…yes, I have really enjoyed your company and still do, very much, what’s wrong with that?

“Nothing, I guess. I secretly hoped it was more. I wasn’t as drunk as I pretended when the boob came out …kind of on purpose.” She smiled sheepishly again, “You were supposed to cop a feel and you didn’t even touch me!”

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to, but everyone was there, I couldn’t see who was watching from behind me. You were drunk. I had to be a gentleman and keep you safe,…even from me.” I looked at her as honestly as I could and winked.

In all honesty, I had lusted after Bets since she was a teenager. I know, ‘pervert’ right?! But let me describe Betsy Knots. She was nothing like Shelly physically except she was very pretty, too, but in a different way. She was now 33 years old, 5’5″, and 130lbs in all the right places. Long legs, that ended in a nice, round and tight, muscular ass, She looked fantastic in the tights that all the young women wear these days, I always have admired her boobs which were C cups at least and still stood out proudly even after two kids. From the glimpse I got when she popped out that time, her areoles were a little larger than Shelly’s but the same pink color and similar nipples.

She canlı casino had naturally curly, shoulder length, light brown hair that she could wear two ways, up in curls or down in curls. Actually, her hair was much longer, if you pulled a curl straight it fell at the middle of her back. She was very athletic, played college level soccer. She could run around the field and hardly get winded. When in her prime condition she had abs that any woman would envy, and any man would drool over, but like Shelly, she had two children, the youngest just over two and she still bore some baby weight and a small roll around her waist – “love handles” my generation called them. Her face was not the classic beauty of her younger sister but she was very pretty. She had gorgeous blue eyes and a ready smile, full lips and a cute, slightly protruding chin. I wouldn’t be the only man who would classify her as ‘HOT”.

Not only was Bets pretty but her personality made up for any other lack someone might imagine there to be, she fueled many of my favorite fantasies since she was about 18, especially during my celibacy. I had focused my fantasies on Betsy rather than Shelly, I suppose, because of the relationship that grew between Betsy and I at a time when Shelly was still underage.

While Shelly was softer, curvier more voluptuous and possessed a steaming sexuality, Betsy was physically sexy, put together in the the ideal hour glass proportions, tight and toned and fit.

“Better?” She asked.

“Yes.” I wasn’t lying, my head was feeling better, almost normal, “Damn girl, you pack a vicious right hook!”

“Sorry,” she said, “I was just so hurt, when I found out….it should have been me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh please. Give it up, Shelly told me everything!”


“Yes, ev-ery-thing,” and she said it slowly to stress that she meant ‘everything’.

“What exactly did she tell you and how did you get her to tell you this ‘everything’?” I persisted in the innocence approach, not willing to fill in any conclusions for her, but giving up all hope that Bets was simply fishing for confirmation of something she suspected.

“Oh, she didn’t tell me willingly, I figured most of it out first then beat the rest out of her.”

“You didn’t hurt her did you?” After the thump that Bets had delivered to me I was concerned about what she meant by “beat”.

“Oh no, it was a sisterly squabble,” she giggled,” you know: hair pulling, arm twisting, boob pinching that kind of thing. It would have turned you and our husbands on,” she smiled naughtily, “we either ripped or pulled off most of each other’s clothing by the time we were done. She won if you count who still had some clothes on when it was over.”

I had gotten lost in the mental image of THAT scene which distracted me from following what she was saying. “ figured it out? How?”

“Well, Shel was going around kind of giddy for days on end, and kept talking about you, asking if I still thought about you like when we were kids, then she asked me if I ever had big orgasms. But what kind of gave it away was she asked did I know about the difficulty you and Laurie were having in your sex life. I know Shel. Something had happened and it involved you, what else could it be? So I went to her house yesterday when I knew she would be alone and confronted her. She denied it but I could tell she was lying. I finally got it out of her. I made her tell me everything!

“Everything?” I asked tentatively. I still wanted her to spell out exactly what she knew about Shelly and I.

“Yes, everything..are you sure you’re alright? You keep repeating yourself. She told me about your eight years without sex….really Adam, had I known, I would have been here 7 1/2 years ago. Wow! Laurie is nuts if you ask me! Shel told me about her gambling and the $500, the happy ending massage, the Viagra that kept you hard all morning, the ‘hot sex’ as she called it, and she kept mentioning “dynamite”, what ever that was`, she would NOT tell me that, it took me a half hour just to get that much out of her.

“Holy Cow,” I said incredulously.

“Yes, ‘Holy Cow’ indeed,” she mocked wryly.

“So why are you here?” I asked at last.

“Well, my intention was to beat on you a little, and tell you how much it hurt that Shel had first crack at you, but…” She stood up and took a small plastic bottle out of her jeans pocket, tossed it to me and said, “take one of these.. full strength.” then offered me the glass of water that still sat on the coffee table. “You’re going to need it…,”

I looked at the bottle. It was my bottle of Viagra! I looked up at her, she smiled at me and pointed to the bottle, “… ’cause in about a half hour, you and I are going upstairs to the bedroom and spend the rest of morning fucking our brains out!”

Round 2

I took the viagra, I don’t think I could have argued my way out of it if I wanted to. Betsy was determined. We had a little kaçak casino time to kill while waiting for the effects of my little blue pill and I had a few details I wanted cleared up:

“So, how do you figure that it was, as you said, “supposed to be you?”

“Well, you know, whenever the families were together, boating on the Columbia and down at Crescent Bar, Camping, attending Football parties, festivals like “Octoberfest”, and a few concerts, we danced together and stuff, we hung out. You kind of looked after me, let me try things. We always walked arm in arm, we were buds. I always hoped sooner or later we’d get a chance to do it. I felt like I was your secret girl friend. I even kissed you once. But you were always a gentleman, you never behaved inappropriately even when I wanted you to and gave you the opportunity.”

“I remember that kiss, right in front of your Mom’s van, your boyfriend at the time dead drunk in the front seat, and someone who I was afraid was you MOM turned the headlights on shining right on us. The kiss was just a peck. I thought you were kissing me like you might kiss your Dad.”

“I wanted to really kiss you that night and let you know I was yours any time you wanted me, and I would have too, if the lights hadn’t focused right on us at just the wrong moment, so I only got in a short little peck, and then we never were alone together after that…It was supposed to be ME, Dammit!”

“Can I tell you a secret?” I waited for her to nod, then continued, “I have fantasized about you for years, Bets, as inappropriate and “pervy” as that sounds. It was always you I imagined. I was never as surprised as when Shelly came to me with her idea. But I have to say she and I had a very special time together that I wouldn’t trade for anything and won’t soon forget!

“I know. She told me all about it, now I intend to have a ‘very special time’ with you, too.”

“Bets,” I said standing and stepping toward her, “remember the first time we were alone together just you and I? We were camping on the river Labor Day weekend and partying during the day at Quillamine Bay. We huddled by the dying fire and there was a chilly breeze blowing off the river, you were 18 or 19 I think. I’ve felt guilty about that since then.”

“Yes I remember. What did you feel guilty about?”

“It was so chilly that evening. Remember? Everyone else had gone to bed. You and I stayed up, sat and talked by the fire. The fire had died way down and we were chilly and shivering, sitting beside each other so close with a blanket over our shoulders, my arm around your back holding the blanket on you. We were talking about your stupid boyfriend at the time, I’m sure glad you dumped his ass, what a loser! Anyway, I was certain you wanted to be there with me or you would have gone to your tent. Then I think I scared you when I shivered and almost pulled you on top of me, it was an accidental spasm, honest to God I wasn’t trying to rape you or anything, but it scared you.” I took her hands in mine careful with her sore knuckle and held her there facing me, “I’m so sorry.”

“I remember, I’m sorry you’ve felt guilty all these years. Didn’t you think that if it bothered me I would have avoided you after that? YOU didn’t scare me that night, what scared me was I wanted you to fuck me right then and there! I was a little older – 20 or 21, I was pretty wild then and a bit promiscuous, and I wanted you in the worst way, boyfriend be damned. But you were my uncle …and married. All our families were just feet away: Laurie and Wendy, Mom and Dad and Shel, but I was still tempted. What scared the shit out of me was my own desire. I had to get out of your arms before I started tearing off your clothes!”

“Well, I’m still your uncle, or “Ex-step-uncle” that is, it took me hours to figure that out, and I’m still married. And now, so are you…to Jerry.

“Jerry and I are a disaster, he doesn’t talk to me. All we do is fight or else we don’t speak for days. We almost never have sex and when we do its all about him and it hurts. I haven’t had an orgasm since our honeymoon, he just doesn’t really care.” She told me all this without any emotion except disappointment, as if she was resigned to the demise of the relationship but just hadn’t sealed the tomb with a divorce.

I had heard they were having problems. Theirs was an uneasy marriage. Early on they both drank and partied too much and fought, actual slugging fights! Bets is able to hold her own with most any man as I had just experienced…personally! But it doesn’t help a relationship. They slowed down on the drinking and it seemed to get better, then they had two daughters and the trouble started again, this time over parenting styles. Jerry wouldn’t allow Bets to discipline the girls and it caused family rows that spread resentment to everyone including the grandparents on both sides. Not to mention her daughters were becoming 1st class brats.

We’d heard all this from Brenda, it WAS a disaster! Laurie and I expected they would break up at any moment but we also knew from her Mom that Bets was nervous about what would be the result of a custody battle. As a para educator and part time Nurse she had a meager income.

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