Breeding My Straight Friend

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I want to start this off by disclaiming that I am in no way a writer and that this isn’t to be taken as a serious piece of literature. I simply want to share my experience with you all.

This is based on true events from my past.

Thanks, Dominic.


As an openly gay man, all of my closest friends have been female since I came out. The only friendships I had with guys were those of my friend’s boyfriends. Out of all the men, my friends have dated I found myself crushing on one, in particular, James.

James was about 5’9″ with short jet black spiked hair. He was a charming football player type who was about a year older than me and my friends. He had a lean muscled body and nicely toned legs and arse. Me, I was also around 6’2″ with short blond hair. My body wasn’t as lean and athletic but I was a stronger and bigger build with bulkier muscles that came from being a bit of a gym rat.

It was the autumn of 2017 and my friends and I had all gone our separate ways with us all heading to different universities all around the UK. I had got into my first choice, University of Manchester, which also happened to be the same University that James was studying at. A happy accident in my opinion.

I didn’t know anyone else in the Manchester area so James offered to show me around and let me hang out with his mates. Within a few weeks, I’d been fully adopted into James’ friendship group and myself and James had become close friends.

James was the type of guy who would jokingly flirt with everyone although I suspected he would avoid flirting with me due to my sexuality, but to my surprise, he started aiming his jokes towards me and I was always more than happy to flirt back. Over my first semester we formed a routine; On a Friday night he would come to hang out at my accommodation, we would Skype Meg, my friend, and his girlfriend, and then afterwards we would have a few beers and just joke around.

Like usual James arrived at around 8 pm and we began to hang out, once we were finished talking to Meg we were both already a bit tipsy as we had been drinking throughout our call however we convinced each other to continue drinking and the night went from there.

After a few more hours of drinking in my casino siteleri bedroom, James picked up my laptop from my bedside table and turned to look at me with a drunken grin on his face. “Wanna watch some porn?” He slurred. I didn’t know what to say, Was he joking? I subconsciously started to picture James jerking off in my bed, I felt my cock begin to harden in my pants.

In my arousal, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see how far I could take this. I met his eyes and nodded my head, I took the laptop out of his hands and entered the password. As I handed the laptop back to him I noticed that he had taken off his jeans and was now laying in his boxers on my bed. I copied his actions and stripped down to my briefs and led next to him.

“What are you into?” He asked me whilst he was scrolling through the different videos. I took a second to consider my answer before I mumbled “Group sex” in a hazy voice. I heard James hum in approval and watched as he selected one of the orgy videos.

My hand was out of sight playing with my rapidly hardening cock. I knew he was doing the same. We both set there for some time jerking off, my eyes darting between the porn and the tent in James’ boxers.

“Do you mind if I take my pants off? They’re too tight.” I asked, my cock already leaking pre-cum. Rather than answering me, James silently took his boxers off. Taking this as a yes to my question I matched his actions and soon enough we were both back to pumping our cocks.

His cock was uncut, just like mine, about 6″ and curved towards him, it was perfectly thick with just the right amount of veins and ridges. I soon realised I had been staring but when I looked up I was surprised to see that James was doing the same.

My cock was about 7″ and also curved up towards me a little, however, mine was thicker towards the base and my head was slightly paler.

Soon enough the video ends however instead of playing another, James simply shuts the laptop and places it back onto my dresser. The room now filled by the sounds of us jerking off, our cocks slick with pre-cum.

James breaks the silence. “Can I trust you?” He says in a voice consumed by lust and alcohol. “Of course.” I simply respond as I turn to face him. Although we’ve canlı casino both now stopped jerking off are cocks remain rock-solid in our hands.

“Don’t tell anyone, especially Meg. But I’ve always wanted to suck a cock. Just to see if I like it.” He announces as he gazes down at my member. I let my arousal take other me as his eyes come to meet mine. “Nows your chance, I won’t tell a soul,” I say confidently.

I watch as his eyes light up, I place my hand on the back of his head as I guided him down to my cock. James reached out and took my swollen cock in his hand, gripping it tightly, stroking it a few times. The feeling of my cock in his warm hands was almost enough to make my burst. I watched him move his head and extended his tongue towards my cock. I soon felt his tongue touch the slit, he opened his mouth and took the tip of me in, sucking and licking my head. After swirling his tongue around my head a few times he deepened the blowjob, allowing most of my shaft into his gloriously hot, wet mouth. His tongue sliding up and down my shaft. I started to moan words of encouragement which only seemed to increase his confidence.

I felt myself nearing my climax so I pulled James’ face up from my hard shaft. The sight was heavenly, James’ masculine face was consumed with lust as he stares into my eyes. “I want to fuck you. It’ll feel good I promise” I whispered, James visibly relaxed after I assured he would enjoy it.

James led down on his back whilst I went and retrieved the lube and condom from my bedside cabinet. My cock was throbbing just thinking about James’ tight hole. “Shit” I whispered to myself. “I don’t have a condom” I stated. James looked at me for a second then announced “I don’t mind as long as your clean.” I offered him a grin then headed back to the bed with the lube.

I climbed back onto the bed and positioned myself between his legs, His hairy arse looked so round and tight. I applied lube to my fingers and lowered myself so that I could massage his hole. I slowly pushed my fingers in and James went rigid. “Just relax. It’ll start to feel good.” I encouraged. I grasped James cock in my other hand and started to jerk it whilst I stretched his hole with my other. Soon enough James was arching his back, begging for me not kaçak casino to stop.

I pulled out my fingers his hole and layered my cock with the lube, my shaft now like with lube and pre-cum. I positioned myself above him and slowly pressed my head against his entrance. My face hovering above his I whispered for him to relax as I slid my member inside him. I groaned, his hole was so tight I struggled to compose myself.

Soon enough James relaxed around my shaft and I started bucking my hips in a slow rhythm. James arched his back and grabbed my arse, squeezing and pulling at it as if he was trying to allow more if me in his hole.

I step up my rhythm, my thrusts becoming harder and more chaotic. The sound of our moans, as well as my balls slapping against his arse, filled the room. I continued to pound into him, my thrusts becoming harder. Quiet whimpers and please for more could be heard from below me.

Sweat glistened both of us as I continued to plow his tight hole. As I started to near my climax I grabbed his shoulders and began slamming myself into his hole with all the force I had, the moans coming from James pushing me to the edge. “I’m gonna cum.” I began to warn however I was too late as I released inside his tight arse, My cum filling him up.

Once I had regained my composure I pulled out and lowered myself so that I was level his James’ cock. I licked around the head and along the slit as James’ groans continued. I felt his hands find their way into my hair as he began thrusting his hips, forcing me to take his cock in my mouth. After sucking his cock for some time I heard him announce that he was close. I looked up and locked eyes with him as I began to suck harder. We continued to look at each other as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. His strings of cum filled my mouth and I started swallowing them as he continued to climax.

We grinned at each other as I slowly released his cock from my mouth. I got up and retrieved a towel from my bathroom, once I returned I saw that James had put his boxers back on and had now began sipping a new can of beer. I matched his actions and climbed back onto the bed next to him as we drank.

We continued with our night as normal.

After that night James and I began having fun regularly, it seemed to just become part of our routine.

James and I are still close friends today and although we’re both in long term relationships, we still meet up to have a couple of beers and some fun occasionally.

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