Competition Ch. 06

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Ronnie sat at the bar, pointing at her empty glass. The bartender with the barbed wire tattoo around her arm came over and poured out another drink for her. Ronnie smiled and nodded as she took another swig.

Ronnie was hanging out at Maddie’s, the lesbian bar that she and Jolene made as their favourite hangout. Ronnie was chatting with Lauren, a girl they saw there frequently. Jolene was off having a laugh with some of the other women at another table.

“How was the wedding?” asked Lauren, trying to be heard over the noise.

“God, it was awesome,” gushed Ronnie. “Jo was threatening to wear a tuxedo, but I think she was just teasing. Besides, she more girly than I am, and she wanted a proper dress this time.” She got her phone out and scrolled through her photo album. “Look!” She leaned over and let Lauren see the portrait shots.

“Oh, wow!” exclaimed Lauren. “You two look great!”

“Yeah, and my dad was super excited to walk me down the aisle,” said Ronnie with a smile. “I was lucky he liked Jolene so much.”

“Where did you end up going after?” asked Lauren.

“The Cook Islands,” replied Ronnie. “Swear to God, I never heard of the place until Jo suggested it. I have a ton of pictures on there.”

Lauren swiped through, her mouth wide as she saw the pristine beaches. “Man, that is nice!” She swiped over as her eyes bugged out. “Oh my God, Ronnie! That’s a bikini?”

Ronnie leaned over, then laughed when she saw it. “Oh, yeah. I figured I would try to get a little sun.”

“Is that thing even legal to wear outside?” Lauren could not get her eyes torn away from the phone.

“Well, there was one woman who didn’t seem to mind,” said Ronnie flirtatiously as she took another sip of her drink. “I mean, for those few times we actually left the hotel room.”

Lauren laughed as she gave Ronnie back her phone. “Post some of those photos,” she suggested.

Ronnie was about to take another drink when she felt an arm reach around her neck, as if holding her in a choke hold. The hold was gentle, but still creeped her out. At first she just assumed it was Jolene, but she glanced down and saw the tattoo along the forearm.

“Uh, hi?” said Ronnie, still looking forward. “Can I help you?”

“I’ve been watching you all night,” the woman whispered into Ronnie’s ear. “Maybe we can get away and talk?”

Ronnie went to turn around on her stool, which made the stranger break her grip on Ronnie. Lauren watched on, unsure of what to do.

“First off, don’t put your hands on people when they haven’t asked, okay?” Ronnie kept her cool but was clearly annoyed. “Second, I’m here with someone, and she wouldn’t appreciate you putting your hands on me. So, how about you get lost?”

The woman smiled. She had bright pink hair buzzed down and a heavy build. She was dressed with a denim sleeveless vest with chains hanging off of it. She leaned in and put her hand on the bar, leaning her arm near Ronnie. “Baby, she sounds like a bit of an idiot for leaving you alone in a place like this.”

“Well, let’s find out, then,” responded Ronnie, raising her hand and looking off in the distance. Within a few seconds, Jolene walked up and looked the woman over. The strange woman stood up and moved her arm away.

“Darling?” said Jolene. “Is everything all right here?”

Ronnie pointed to the pink-haired woman. “She’s bothering me.”

Jolene furrowed her brow, then turned to the pink-haired woman. “I suggest you find your companionship elsewhere,” stated Jolene, then gave the woman a shove on her shoulder. The woman stumbled back two steps.

Jolene turned her attention to Ronnie. “Are you all right, dear?”

Ronnie was about to reply when she saw the fist strike Jolene in the face. Jolene stumbled down, almost knocking Lauren off her stool. Jolene held her face as she slumped down onto the floor.

Ronnie’s mouth hung open as she saw the pink-haired woman holding up her fists. The woman did not appear in fantastic shape, but she did appear to be stocky enough to pack a punch.

“Fuckin’ vanity muscles,” the woman teased.

Ronnie snarled as she grabbed for her glass. “You fuckin’ bitch!” She tried to toss the glass at the woman’s head. The pink-haired woman ducked in time before the glass made contact, instead hitting the bar floor. Ronnie stood up and swung her arms wildly at the woman.

Lauren spun around and then back to Ronnie. “Cobra’s coming!”

Cobra was the two hundred and fifty pound bouncer at Maddie’s. Jolene would have never messed with her on her best day. Cobra stomped over and grabbed Pink Hair by the arm, pinning her still. “You’re outta here,” she declared in her deep voice.

Ronnie got down on her knees to help up Jolene. Jolene was crying and holding the left side of her face.

“You too,” said Cobra to Ronnie.

“Hey, we didn’t do anything!” Ronnie got Jolene to her feet. The bartender came over with a white towel. Ronnie put it to Jolene’s face to catch the blood.

“Out,” said Cobra.

Cobra threw Pink Hair out, casino siteleri then made sure that Ronnie and Jolene were gone as well. Ronnie continued to hold onto Jolene as they walked out to the curb. “You can come back in three months,” said Cobra. “I see you before that, I’ll do worse.”

Pink Hair stood thirty feet away, holding up two middle fingers. “I’m gonna get you bitches,” she warned. “Fuck with my bar? You better watch yourselves.” She turned and walked off.

Ronnie called for a ride share, then looked at Jolene’s eye. “It’s still bleeding,” Ronnie said. “Keep it held on.”

What shocked Ronnie the most was just how quickly Jolene was victimized. She was too used to Jolene being such a great pillar of strength, and was able to intimidate most people.

The ride share came and took them off to the hospital. Ronnie had Jolene sit in the waiting room as she filled out all of the paperwork. Ronnie grumbled as the nurse asked where Jolene’s husband was.

The two of them were led into a clinic room where they were left to wait. Ronnie did her best to try to console Jolene, who would not stop crying.

After a long wait, the doctor came into the room. Ronnie stared as he came in with his clipboard. “Oh no,” she mumbled.

Dr. Applebaum put his hands on his hips in mock surprise. “Well, well! If it isn’t my little wrestling duo!” He went over to Jolene and looked at her face. “You know, if you two are having issues, I can recommend a good therapist.”

“I didn’t do this to her!” Ronnie folded her arms. “Some crazy woman tried to hit on me, then punched Jolene!”

The doctor got out his pocket flashlight, then gently got Jolene to remove the bar towel. Dr. Applebaum clicked his tongue. “Well, not too bad, but I am going to have to stitch it.”

Jolene looked horrified. “What will happen to my face?”

The doctor looked at the ceiling and shrugged. “Well, if you’re worried about a scar, I doubt it will be noticeable. Besides, I have this handy glue we use now.”

Dr. Applebaum set to work cleaning and sterilizing the wound, then used the surgical glue to seal the skin. He placed gauze and tape over it to hold it in place.

“What about her eye?” asked Ronnie. “Is she going to have shiner?”

“Yeah, there might be some swelling and discoloration, if she really got her bell rung like you said,” replied Dr. Applebaum. He got Jolene a hand mirror to examine his work. “Should be about a week to heal. The glue will just fall right off.”

Jolene looked at her own reflection, still despondent from the attack earlier. “Thank you,” she muttered, still holding back tears.

Ronnie got Jolene home, then got her into bed. It was two in the morning, and Ronnie was tired and angry at what had happened. She was trying her best not to show it, and she had to remind herself that Jolene was not at fault for what happened.

Jolene laid in bed, her face pressed against the pillow so that it would not disturb the bandage on her cheek. Ronnie rolled beside her and rubbed Jolene’s back, trying to be as comforting as possible. Ronnie eventually fell asleep, although she could still hear Jolene whimpering.

The next day, Jolene hung around the house in her pyjamas. Ronnie was busying herself with cleaning up the house.

That afternoon, Ronnie got on her sweats. “I’m going to the gym,” she announced to Jolene, who was huddled up on the couch with her head cocked off to the side and staring at nothing.

Ronnie sighed. “Look, Jo-Bear, I know you’re upset about what happened at the bar. We just have to wait it out, and they’ll let us back.”

Jolene had mist in her eyes. “You don’t understand,” she mumbled. “I was supposed to protect you. I failed.”

“Hey, she got in a cheap shot, okay?” retorted Ronnie. “Fuck that dyke bitch! You’ll be ready for her next time, if we ever see her again.”

Jolene did not move from the couch. Ronnie fixed her gym back slung over her arm. “I’ll be back soon, okay? I’ll pick you up a coffee on the way home.” She was about to leave when she turned and ran over to kiss Jolene on the top of the head. “I love you.”

Jolene did not respond. Ronnie blasted a huff out of her nose and left.

The gym was packed as usual for a Saturday afternoon. Ronnie tried to immerse herself in her routine. After twenty minutes she saw Carol come in. Although Ronnie had little to say to her, she still wanted to stay on friendly terms for her wife’s sake.

Ronnie went up to Carol. “Hi,” she said, trying to sound enthused. “Remember me?”

Carol’s face lit up. “Oh, hi Ronnie!” She went in for a quick hug, which Ronnie accepted with some stiff body language. “How’s married life? Come on, let’s go sit at the juice bar.”

The two of them went over and got smoothies, which Carol was gracious enough to pay for. The two of them sat and chatted.

“Um, so Jolene’s not doing so well right now,” Ronnie reported. “She was attacked last night at Maddie’s.”

Carol looked like she was going into berserker mode. “Who did it?” Ronnie canlı casino did a small hop in her chair when she heard Carol growl in her deep voice.

“Look, it was just some bitch who wouldn’t keep her hands to herself.” Ronnie realized who she was talking to after saying it. “Oh, I mean…you know how it is.”

Carol nodded. “I get what you’re saying. I consider Jolene a friend, you know.” She sat and pondered. “What happened to her?”

“She got a deep cut on her cheek.” Ronnie ran her finger along her own face to show where Jolene was hit. “She has some bad bruising. Actually it was close to where her ex-husband broke her skull before.” Ronnie twisted her lips. “Hmm. Maybe she’s having some weird flashbacks to that.”

“Look, she tends to get pretty depressed easily,” warned Carol. “She needs to do something more empowering. I can e-mail her to get in touch with a friend of mine. She teaches self-defense classes. Might be able to build up her confidence a bit.”

Ronnie nodded and half-smiled. “Okay, that might help. Thanks, Carol!” The two of them got up and tossed out their cups.

Ronnie was going off to the locker room to shower and change. “Hey, Ron,” Carol called out. “Make sure she feels better tonight, okay? Give her some of the good stuff.”

Ronnie did a sputtering laugh. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Carol winked. “That would take my mind off things.”

Ronnie came home with the specialty coffee, as well as a chicken dinner from Jolene’s favourite restaurant. She doted over Jolene as she watched her eat.

“How are you feeling now?” Ronnie reached out to touch Jolene’s hands.

Jolene swallowed and nodded. “This was nice, dear. Thank you.”

Ronnie leaned back in her chair, then smiled. “Let’s go to bed.”

“It’s awfully early, dear,” Jolene mentioned.

Ronnie got up, then took Jolene by the hand and pulled her toward the hallway. “Nooo!” pleaded Jolene. “I’m a mess!”

Ronnie continued pulling her wife to the bedroom. Jolene relented, then meandered over to the bed and flopped down on her stomach. “Okay, here I am,” she said into the duvet.

Ronnie surprised Jolene by grabbing her pyjama bottoms and panties and tearing them off all in one go. “Ronnie!” shrieked Jolene. She flopped over onto her back and covered her pussy with her hand. “What has gotten into you?”

Ronnie wasted no time in burying her face in Jolene’s crotch, lapping away. Jolene instinctively clutched her thighs together in shock, then began to loosen up. Ronnie tied off her hair with an elastic band as she licked away at Jolene’s twat.

Jolene looked up at the ceiling as she felt the smooth caress of Ronnie’s tongue on her love pipe. She snarled and panted as she watched Ronnie performing her magic. “Oh God,” she moaned. “What…what brought this on?”

Ronnie got up on her knees and wiped her mouth, panting heavily. “I wanted to try to match what we did on our honeymoon,” she said, smiling. She leaned in, grabbing the buttons on Jolene’s top and getting it undone. Jolene had the top hanging off of her shoulders as her tits hung out in full view.

“Fuck yeah,” cheered Ronnie. “Look at my sexy-ass girl!” She slapped her hands together and gestured for Jolene to come forward. “Come on! Get my clothes ripped off!”

Jolene got up on her knees as well, then pulled Ronnie in for a deep kiss. Ronnie reached down and felt up Jolene’s tits.

“Come on, bitch!” Ronnie cackled as she gave Jolene a quick slap on the ass.

Jolene had a stern look on her face. She pushed Ronnie down on her back and grabbed onto Ronnie’s shorts. She pulled them off with great force as Ronnie howled with laughter. “Fuck yeah! Woo!” Ronnie was ebullient as she saw her lover enjoying herself again.

“Gimme those panties,” Jolene commanded with force in her voice. Ronnie flipped over onto her stomach while Jolene reached in and yanked them off. Jolene gave her a playful slap on the ass as Ronnie squealed.

Ronnie got up on her knees with her back to Jolene as she yanked off her t-shirt and undid her bra, tossing both to the floor. She looked over her shoulder. “Come get it.”

Jolene grabbed her from behind and sucked on Ronnie’s neck. Ronnie moaned and giggled as she felt the warm breath of her sexual conqueror. Jolene got her legs up to clutch Ronnie’s thighs as her hands wandered all over.

“Felling better, love?” whispered Ronnie.

Jolene nodded. “I needed this. Thank you, dearest.”

Ronnie reached up to hold onto Jolene’s neck, while Jolene felt up Ronnie’s soft breasts. “I want to scissor,” said Jolene.

Ronnie rolled onto her back and got her legs propped up. Jolene got into position, then pressed her pussy up to Ronnie’s. Jolene loved the feel of the warmth and wetness on her own lips.

Jolene humped furiously as Ronnie held onto Jolene’s thighs. “Do it, baby,” Ronnie gasped. Jolene stepped up the pace as the sound of wet flesh slapping together echoed throughout the room.

“I need you, darling,” Jolene moaned as she fell on top of Ronnie. kaçak casino The two of them kissed as Jolene gripped onto Ronnie’s shoulders. Jolene pounded her pussy into Ronnie’s as the two of them wrestled tongues.

“Fuck me harder, babe,” Ronnie cheered on while Jolene cracked a smile. Jolene reached down and held onto Ronnie’s hips as she thrust away. “You want to get the toy, darling?” asked Ronnie.

Jolene gasped as she pushed the hair out of her eyes. “No, I don’t need that tonight!” She reached down and fiddled with herself. “I just want to cum hard.”

Ronnie got up on her knees and got next to Jolene, putting one arm around around her and kissing her wife as she rubbed her breasts. “Fuckin’ do it, then,” Ronnie whispered. “Cum for me. Please.”

Ronnie reached around and felt up Jolene’s ass while Jolene fingered her own pussy. Jolene squeezed her eyes shut and leaned forward, her mouth hanging open. Ronnie held her steady while she kissed Jolene’s neck. “Do it, baby,” Ronnie moaned. “My strong woman! Ooh, I love the way you look right now.”

Jolene leaned forward enough to steady herself with one arm while she stroked away with the other. Ronnie rubbed Jolene’s ass as she kissed her neck. Jolene’s orgasm hit her all at once. She collapsed onto the bed, rolling over on her belly. Ronnie yelled out as she climbed on top of Jolene. She banged her pussy down on Jolene’s ass as she grunted with each hump.

“Fuck yeah, you hot bitch!” Ronnie reached underneath Jolene and rubbed her sweaty boobs. She ground her clam into Jolene’s ass cheeks while she held onto Jolene’s shoulder with one hand.

Jolene got herself turned over while Ronnie stayed on top. Jolene sat up to kiss Ronnie while she stuck two fingers inside of her. Jolene pounded away at Ronnie’s box as fast as she could manage.

“I love you, dear,” Jolene whispered, her breath strained and heavy. Ronnie’s thighs quivered as she moved her hips up and down. Jolene flicked her two fingers in alternating patterns inside of Ronnie. Ronnie looked up at the ceiling and squealed.

“Oh, that’s it!” Ronnie clutched at the blanket as she felt the intensity build up in her. “I’m gonna…unh! I’m…oh fuck!” Ronnie squeezed her thighs together back and forth as she let out a series of gasps. Her lips pulled back and she squeezed her eyes shut as her orgasm jolted through her. She settled down before rolling off of Jolene and laying next to her on the bed.

Jolene looked over at Ronnie, then rubbed her cheek. “Thank you, sweetie,” Jolene whispered as the two of them went in for a kiss.

The next day, Jolene received her invitation from Carol to meet at the gym. She was anxious to get back at it, and felt foolish for letting herself skip a Saturday. Ronnie was sleeping in late, so Jolene left her to rest and went nice and early.

Carol was waiting for her in the main lobby with someone new. She introduced her friend, Hyo. She was shorter than either Carol or Jolene, perhaps a little over five feet, but she was built with nice lean muscles and tanned skin. Jolene liked the way her eyes remained so fierce, even as she smiled. Hyo came dressed in a sports bra and leggings with pink neon tennis shoes.

Carol said goodbye to the two as she went to go to the weight room. Hyo stood and sized up Jolene, inspecting the bandage on her face.

“So you were in a fight recently, yeah?” asked Hyo.

Jolene reached up and touched the bandage. “Yes. I was humiliated at the bar, then we were banned for several months. I mean…” Jolene heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes. “I couldn’t protect my own wife! I mean, look at me!” She held out her arms. “I was attacked by someone who clearly never works out.”

Hyo shook her head. “That doesn’t matter. You see how small I am? I make sure everyone who sees me in a room that I’m no one to mess with.” She put her fists on her hips. “Let me ask you—are you looking to get into a fight the first thing when you see this girl?”

Jolene looked down and rubbed the back of her head. “Maybe. Yes.”

Hyo gave a half-smirk. “Good! Fuck that bitch, I say.”

“Wait,” said Jolene. “You’re not going to try to teach me that fighting is wrong?”

Hyo sputtered. “Are you kidding? Who would take a fighting class from someone who said don’t fight? By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna turn her into hamburger.” She stepped forward and looked directly in Jolene’s eyes. “Yeah, I’ll tell you right now to beat her up. Fuck that Mr. Miyagi shit. Anyone tries to hurt you or your loved ones, make ’em suffer.”

Jolene stood in awe of the small but powerful woman. “I’m ready to try anything.”

The two of them went in back to the MMA training centre, with its own practice octagon. Jolene had stayed clear of this section of the gym, mostly because the thought of being in an altercation gave her terrible flashbacks to the time she was married to her ex-husband.

Hyo got her gym bag open and pulled out two sets of black fighting gloves, as well as two plastic containers. “Mouth guards,” she mentioned to Jolene. “Just put it in. We’re not going to be hitting each other in the face.” She went over to the storage closet and got two padded training vests for the two of them. Hyo put hers on, then helped Jolene with tying it up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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