Affair with Aunt Ch. 02

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At the end of the last chapter I was in bed with a woman who I just found out I impregnated, a woman who happens to be a 40 year old mother of 2 children and married to my uncle.

My uncle was due back home the next day and instead of worrying about him finding out that my seed was planted in his wife I was more interested in pleasuring her one last time.

Vanessa & I were deep into our foreplay, both striped naked, when the phone rang. At first we ignored it until Vanessa said that it could be my uncle, I allowed her to answer because I loved fucking her while she was on the phone with her husband.

Vanessa answered in her sweet voice, “Hello.”

My uncle’s reply was in his usual loud gruff voice, “Hey Van, my Love!”

Upon hearing this I got to work, Vanessa’s huge breasts were begging for me to titty fuck them. Surprisingly in all the times we had sex I had never done this with Aunt Vanessa before and she looked at me a bit strange as I positioned my dick just below her boobs.

She continued her conversation with my uncle. “So what time is your flight leaving?” Her mouth was now dry so her voice sounded a bit scratchy.

I pushed her firm large jugs together, as she tried to get the moisture back in her mouth and then swallowed hard as I started to slide my cock between her mountains.

My uncles voice penetrated the almost silence in the room, “Is there something wrong love?”

I remember thinking at that point if he only knew how wrong things really were, his nephew was positioned above his wife’s naked body pushing his hard cock between her milk jugs and his seed planted in her womb.

Vanessa, with a smirk on her face said, “I think something’s come over me, I never felt like this before.”

The ignorant reply from my uncle was, “Hun you always over react, I’m sure you just have a cold,”

After hearing this I continued to pump my cock between her jugs slowly increasing my speed I loved the way her boobs felt around my cock. Every now and then, on my forward thrusts, Vanessa would meet the head of my cock with a kiss, but after just a few minutes this was driving me wild and I started to get that feeling in my balls.

I thought about blasting my load all over her tits and face but I decided I wanted to do give her more first.

I released her boobs and moved in for a kiss, while my uncle spoke to himself for a few seconds. Then I stated to work my mouth around her boobs taking time to give each of them as much attention as I could, by now Vanessa was trying to hold back her usual moans, but every now and then she couldn’t stop her self from letting them out.

“uhmm!” “ahh!” “Ohhhhh!” At these moments the mute button came in very handy

After my cock relaxed a bit I decided to go in for the pussy. I positioned my cock over her opening while Vanessa was shaking her head as if to say no, but at the same time flashing me a naughty smile in anticipation of knowing what was about to come.

I slowly inserted my cock into her, by now her pussy knew my cock well but it was still very tight. Aunt Vanessa’s pussy squeezed at my cock tightening its grip on it as I tried to pull in and out of her, while she bit her bottom lip to keep her self from moaning in her normal way.

Vanessa contained her moans as best she could but the sound of my dick slamming into her pussy was getting louder as her pussy got wet and my thrust picked up speed. The thought of her husband hearing the sounds did cross my mind but instead of relenting I picked up my pace, I guess the thought of getting caught drove me to a greater sexual height.

“Do you know how much I missed you Hun? I can’t wait to get home and be with you.” My uncle said, still oblivious to the fact that his nephew’s dick was deep into his wife’s pussy.

At this stage the fact that he was my uncle went out of my mind, all he was to me was the other man whose wife I was fucking while his cock was dry and missing this warm wet pussy which I was in, it felt strangely good. I continued fucking Vanessa hard for some time, while she continued her conversation with her husband, until I felt that I was getting close to exploding my load.

Not yet I said to my self, as I pulled out of her pussy, aunt Vanessa flashed me a look that meant she was also getting close to cuming but I had other plans so while I gave my cock a bit of a break I worked my magic with my mouth on her pussy.

I ate at her pussy like a man possessed and this made Vanessa go crazy and after a while she reached braking point.

Vanessa hit the mute button on the phone and screamed out with her first climax “ahhhhhhhh, fuck, oh yeah fuck. Fuck, Fuck that’s fucking good!” As she exploded the juices rushed out of her pussy and sprayed all over the bed, she was in a world of her own for a few minutes.

“Hun are you there?” “Are you there Van?” “Love can you hear me?” My uncle protested.

“I think there is a bad connection. You keep cutting off.” Vanessa said after she gathered her composure.

By casino oyna now my dick had a good rest and was ready for the next step I taped Vanessa on the ass and she immediately knew what I wanted. She turned over and put her ass in the air for me. The same ass that was a virgin a few weeks ago, until I ripped it open, the ass that only my cock has entered. I pushed into her ass slowly as it was still very tight.

“What you doing hun?” My uncle was still saying

My aunt then blurted out “Oh Fuck! I can’t believe it’s still so tight”.

“Sorry what did you say hun?” was my uncle’s reply.

“I’m just trying to get this jar open and it’s stuck, so I was saying that it’s tight.” Vanessa said with that smirk back on her face. She managed to get her head in a position to still talk while her ass was plumped up in the air for me.

My uncle laughed and said “o love I will be back tomorrow and I will help you open the jars”

I smiled and thought not this ‘jar’ it’s been sealed for 40 years and now I’ve cracked it open,

By now my cock was sliding in and out of her ass at a rapid speed, I was pounding at her ass, the sound of our bodies slapping together were getting louder there were times she just had to scream and luckily she remembered to hit the mute, actually most of the time the phone was on mute, If not my uncle would have been sure to catch on that his wife was getting fucked.

Every now and then my aunt would just say, “Yeah” “Okay”.

The rest of the time the phone was on mute and she was just screaming out “ah yes give it to me fuck my ass, you opened it now you better fuck it good. My ass is all yours.”

That was it with her words and moans filling the room I was ready to explode, and what better place than in the ass that only my cock had been in. As my uncle said good bye because he was getting on to his flight, I was filling his wife’s ass with a hot thick load of cum.

I don’t think she even said good bye to him, she just dropped the call and screamed out as one of her own climaxes flowed through her body.

That night Vanessa and I fucked each as many times as we could my dick pounded her holes our love juice soaked the sheet’s and the bed, the sound and smell of sex filled the room until the morning light came through the window.

The dawn of this new day meant that my uncle’s return was upon us, in his absence my cock penetrated his wife’s pussy and took the virginity of her ass. I filled her holes so many times and on one of those times, most probably on the very first time, I planted my seed in her womb.

We got out of bed and cleaned up the room, then had one last fuck in the shower before we helped each other get cleaned up and then left for my house. As my aunt and I drove back to my house we both were in deep thought so we did not do much talking.

When we pulled up into the drive way I said to her “Vanessa, are you still going to fuck your husband when he gets back to conceal the fact that I impregnated you?”

She just gave me a wicked smile before getting out of the car.

I never did get an answer out of her because as soon as we got out of the car her daughter came running out of the house, she had been staying with my parents.

Her daughter’s bags were promptly loaded into the car as they were running late to fetch my uncle at the airport.

A few days past and we didn’t hear from my uncle or my aunt, my parents thought it was a little strange that he did not come to visit or invite us over to his house after his long trip, I just thought that my aunt was executing our plan to make him think that he was the father of the child growing inside of her.

That was until the day I got a phone call from my uncle asking me to come over alone. I went over to his house trying to think of the reason he called me over, and why did he say I should come alone.

Did he just want to see me? Did he want to tell me he is about to be a father again? Or Did my aunt feel guilty and tell him the truth about who impregnated her?

These thoughts filled my head all the way to his house. When I reached his house he did not seemed angry but rather more pensive, I took a seat across from him.

My uncle then said “Before I start I need your word that what we talk about here today will not leave this room, no matter what your answer is, do you agree?”

I replied in a split second, without even thinking, “YES”.

“You remember a few months back I was in hospital?” My uncle then proceeded to say to me.

“Yeah” I replied, wanting him to get to the point, little did I know that the story he was about to tell me would shock me to the extreme.

“Well you see the reason that I was there is because of the accident I had.” My uncle said in a bit of a hesitant tone.

“Yeah I know that, your car was totalled in that accident, but why are you telling me this?” I said wishing he would get on with his story.

“Well what you don’t know is that day, just before canlı casino the accident I was with another lady.” My uncle replied after been in deep thought for some time.

“OK” was all i could say, with me been in shock that he would admit this to me.

The room was silent for what seemed like a long time before my uncle said “Your aunt suspected I was having an affair, so on the day of the accident she had me followed, and while I was in bed with the other woman she walked in on me. After I realised she was there she walked out and drove away, I gave chase in my car and that’s when I had the accident.”

I just had a shocked look on my face.

He went on “Vanessa has agreed to stay in the marriage, but she has one condition.”

“What is that?” I asked curiously.

He paused for a while and said “Her condition is that she get’s to sleep with another man, and that is were you come in.”

“ME?” I replied in a subdued tone wondering if my aunt told him that we fucked.

“Yes you! Vanessa says that you are the guy she wants to sleep with. She thinks that I wouldn’t be able to convince you to do it that is why she chose you. If she walk’s out of this marriage it would ruin me, after she caught me cheating the first time, she had me draw up a legal document saying that if it happened again she would be entitled to take everything. So I really need you to do this for me.”

I couldn’t believe my uncle was ready to give his beautiful wife to his nephew and all just so he didn’t lose his fortune.

“Ok this is so wrong but leave it all up to me I will give Vanessa what she wants, but just remember I am only doing it to help you.” I said to him after thinking that this was playing right into our plans.

Vanessa and her daughter arrived at the house just after we finished talking. It was already late and I didn’t feel like making the drive home so I decided to stay the night.

I awoke the next day around 9 my uncle and cousin had already left for work and school. I walked into the kitchen and Vanessa was there, she had on a short night dress that barely covered her ass.

“So you fucked me to get even with your husband?” I said to her.

My aunt laughed and then said “No, I wanted you as much as you wanted me it had nothing to do with your uncle’s cheating. Did your uncle tell you that after his accident he can’t even get his cock up anymore? That is more than enough revenge for me. The two months he was away wasn’t for work, he went away to try a new procedure to fix his problem which didn’t work”

“What?” I said shocked at what I was hearing.

“It’s true, before I slept with you the first time I hadn’t had sex in month’s and just like you I was horny as hell. I guess he got what he deserved, now he won’t be cheating anymore.” That smirk was back on my aunt’s face when she said this.

The first words that came out of my mouth were “I guess so.”

“After I found out your uncle couldn’t get it up anymore I stop taking the pill I didn’t think there was a need for it any more, little did I know that a young hot stud was about to knock me up.” As she said that she had her hand on her belly and a smile on her face.

“That young stud is happy to have knocked you up.” I too had a smile on my face by now.

“When he got back I gave him the ultimatum to save our marriage and he agreed. I want him to know that his nephew made his 40 year old wife pregnant, but I don’t want him to know we did it behind his back.” As Vanessa said this she moved closer to me.

“I like the way you think.” I said to her, and then took her in my arms and we kissed passionately for a long time.

We heard my uncle’s car pull up into the yard, that’s when we broke the kiss but we were still in each others arms, after a few minutes he had still not rang the bell as my aunt had the door locked. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw my uncle in the bushes out side the window looking at us.

“Looks like your husband wants a show, his out in the bushes watching us” I whispered into my aunts hears.

My aunt said nothing at first she just moved in for a kiss and I went along with it. Then she whispered back to me “let’s give him the best show ever. Just remember we got to act like it’s our first time.”

I slowly took of Vanessa’s night dress and dropped it to the floor, she was totally naked under that. She then removed my boxes, which was the only thing I had on. Then our lips locked again as our naked bodies pressed together all of this while her husband, my uncle watched from the bushes outside.

Our kiss finally broke, after what seemed like hours even though it was just a few minutes at most, my aunt nibbled at my ear for a few seconds while I fondled at her large melons before she started planting light kiss’s down my body slowly getting down to her knees.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the shocked expression on my uncle’s face, I didn’t give him any hint that I knew he was there, and then his wife started to gently kaçak casino lick the head of my cock.

The flicking movements that she made on my cock as she licked felt amazing, and then she licked from the head of my cock all the way to the base, slowly making her way around to cover every inch of my cock.

After she was satisfied, that she had licked every inch of my throbbing cock, she wrapped her lips around the head and with her tongue she flicked at it. Then slowly, inch by inch, she took more of my cock into her mouth.

Vanessa got to about half the length of my cock before encountering a problem taking the rest in, owing to the fact that I was bigger than my uncle I thought to myself, she eventually got into a rhythm of bobbing her head up and down and that helped in getting my entire length into her mouth.

My cock was deep in her throat, soon I felt that all so familiar feeling of my cum building up to exploding point, I screamed out that I was about to explode but aunt Vanessa just kept going.

A few seconds later, as I started to cum, I held the back of her head tight and started fucking her mouth, I released shot after shot of thick spunk into her mouth.

At first she took it all in but soon it became too much for her and it leaked out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her large boob’s.

Then aunt Vanessa started to gag so I released my grip on her head, she pulled her mouth out from my cock but at the same time she replaced it with her hand and pumped out the last shots of my cum, which landed on her face.

Vanessa licked up all the cum from around her mouth and her boobs. At this time my eyes rolled to the corner to look at my uncle and I was met with a look of utter disbelief, his wife was on her knees in the kitchen in front his nephews cock with cum all over her so it was no shock to me that he had that look on his face.

My aunt used my boxes to clean up the cum on her face which she couldn’t reach with her tongue.

Then she stood up and we locked into a passionate kiss again, I could still taste some of my cum on her lips.

“I think it’s time we move this to the bedroom, I want you to fuck me hard and this cold tiles in the kitchen is not good for your baby growing inside me” my aunt whispered into my ear.

With that we locked our lips together again, as I lifted her up and took her to the master bedroom.

The bedroom window was wide open and as the house is all on one level my uncle soon found his way to the outside of that window, still trying to stay out of sight as if we didn’t know he was there.

I put my aunt down on the bed, the same bed that she and my uncle spent so many of the married nights together, now it was my turn to fuck Vanessa on the very same bed.

We spent a few minutes locked in a passionate kiss, before my aunt said in a loud voice “Are you ready to fuck you uncle’s wife, stud?”

I was sure my uncle heard that with the window been open and I knew that’s what she wanted so in an equally loud voice I said “Get ready to be fucked you slut.”

“Mmm dirty talk I like it, come on then give me only my second cock ever.” My aunt said this in a sexy but loud voice.

I knew that last comment was just for my uncle because Vanessa had already gotten her fair share of my cock, in fact she had gotten so much of it that my seed was already planted in her.

To keep up the pretence I said “You mean my uncle scored himself a virgin?”

With the familiar smirk on her face Vanessa said “You got that right, but today his virgin is becoming your slut.”

I could only imagine what was going through the mind of my uncle, he had messed up big time when he got caught cheating, now he had to allow his wife and mother of his two children to get fucked by his nephew and all just to save him from been taken to the cleaners in a divorce.

In the time I was wandering about my uncle my aunt’s lips had found mine again, we kissed for a while then we nibbled at each other’s ears, and then gently kissed at her neck slowly making my way down to her boobs where I planted a kiss on each one.

I flicked my tongue over her hard erect nipple, which was at least half an inch, and at the same time pushed a finger into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet her hole was, I think the excitement of knowing her husband was watching us helped in getting her that wet.

Vanessa let out light sighs “ahh, ohh, yeah babe.”

I started to bite hard into the mountains of flesh, which was sure to leave marks, while I finger fucked her wet cunt at a furious speed.

“Oh yes you stud, fuck me with you finger. Bite my boobs leave your mark on your uncle’s slut wife.” She screamed these words in complete delirium.

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and got both my arms under her thighs. I proceeded to lift up her legs and stretch them out, as I positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt.

“You ready for your second cock, bitch?” I shouted in an almost cocky tone.

“Oh yes stud, put that big thing in me I want to feel it in me so badly.” my aunt’s voice sounded so sexy when she said that.

All this time I had my back to my uncle, but I knew he had to still be watching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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