Camping in France Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Duties to perform.

I felt a bit silly, bordering on ridiculous dressed like this… but I was also very aroused, especially when I caught glimpses of my reflection in the large floor length mirror.

The maids’ uniform I was putting on had been designed to show off my body in an erotic sexual way to an observer – it wasn’t meant to be comfortable. It wasn’t one of those cheep uniforms you can buy in any internet costume site, designed for hen nights or fancy dress parties. The crisp black uniform with exquisite white lace trim that I was struggling to piece together, was cut from expensive French silk, fashioned in such a way that the bodice, that only just covered my nipples, pushed my breasts up to offer ample cleavage and leaving my upper chest and shoulders exposed. It was drawn tightly around my waist with laces like those you might find binding a corset. It felt restrictive, but it was a beautiful dress.

Clare and I had to help each other, fitting it properly before tying off the laces at the back. The skirt part, which was short, was heavily starched and layered over more stiff white lace to stand out rather than fall down to cover out stocking-tops. It felt awkward and uncomfortable to wear and I stifled a giggle as the unbidden image of me flicking a feather duster about dressed like Fifi the French maid flashed across my mind … and then I sobered, realising that was probably what Madam Reynard was expecting of us.

‘What are we doing here, Clare?’ I tried to still the fleeting tremble of panic that fluttered through me.

Clare flashed me a smile but chose to say nothing as she clipped the suspender tops to her sheer black stockings.

‘Oh, God, Clare … are we lesbians now?’

‘Maybe,’ murmured Clare.

I took a moment to gaze at my reflection as Clare, finally finished with her stockings and stood silently beside me.

‘This thing doesn’t feel right,’ she murmured and reached up to adjust her little white lace hair-band making sure the black silk bow was sitting flat. I noticed that as she peered at her reflection, a pretty frown creasing her brow – she looked so incredible – I was happy being a lesbian as long as I was with her.

‘We do look amazing.’ I giggled gazing at the two saucy French maids in the mirror. I gave a little curtsey and Clare copied me. We hugged each other giggling and, for the moment at least, I forgot my trepidation at this huge change in my lifestyle.

We returned to regard the reflection of the two maids, their legs impossibly long and sexy as they perched high on black stilettos, their black stockings held with slender suspender straps and the tantalising area of skin exposed between stocking-top and skirt.

‘My boobs aren’t big enough to carry this off. I wish I had breasts like yours.’

‘I love your breasts, Clare. I think you look incredible. I just can’t believe we’re dressed like this; it’s embarrassing.’

‘It’s not really something we’d wear back home, is it.’ Clare giggled. ‘But we do look good.’

The uniforms gave us a deliciously lewd, naughty look and I knew that, despite my puritanical misgivings, I was becoming very aroused. Reaching down, I tightened the straps of the suspender belt. The short petticoats of the dress rustled as I pushed them aside. The suspender straps were also in black silk, each with a little black bow above clip – I loved the incredible quality of the uniform and especially these small design touches.

I bent forward to smooth my stocking and felt Clare’s hand reach under my skirt and caress my bottom – a shiver ran through me.

‘Clare!’ I pretended to be cross but couldn’t help smiling as I allowed her to continue, feeling her hand flutter across my naked bottom before her fingers dipped between my thighs to caress my pussy through the thin veil of my black silk knickers. I sighed and closed my eyes wanting her to push the soft material to the side and slide a finger into my aching wet cunt, but she withdrew her hand back.

‘I’m sorry Josie it’s just …’ I stood and reached out a finger, silencing her with a touch to the lips, and she came forward to kiss me – her beautiful face coming slowly towards me. Deep red lipstick, dark mascara and liner, sultry grey/blue eye shadow to enhance her blue eyes. My heart fluttered as I sought to lose in the moment.

‘Filles non!’ Claudette marched into the room and placed the tray she was carrying on the side table before pulling us apart shaking her finger at us. ‘You are here for Madam Reynard. There will be work to be done, and games to play, but games are only in the presence of Madam. Now, I will explain a few simple rules for your stay here at Chateau de la Bouche. You may leave at any time … nobody will stop you, but if you leave without permission you may not return. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Madam,’ we chorused.

‘Non, I am not the madam, you will refer to me as Claudette.’ She smiled reassuringly.

‘Yes, Claudette.’

As I have already mentioned, you must only bahis firmaları play when you’re being watched – either by Madam or by one of her guests. At any time that you’re being watched, you will appear as sexual and arousing as you are able. Both Madam Reynard and myself will be on hand to instruct you in the early days. Let me give you an example. When bending over, to dust or pick something up, you will maintain straight legs so that your skirt rises prettily and your bottom is presented. When serving at table, you will allow your cleavage to be displayed and you will also bend forward keeping your legs straight. If you are ever touched, you will continue whatever you are doing unless instructed otherwise. Do you understand all so far?’

‘Yes, Claudette.’

‘Good girls. Should you do anything wrong, or break something, then you will be punished. Do you understand that?’

‘Yes, Claudette.’

‘Well, you both look very presentable.’ She reached out and tugged my dress slightly lower to expose the top of my nipples; I blushed and managed to stop myself from instantly pulling the bodice back up. ‘Much better, my dear. Now, both of you lift your skirts; show me your under-things…’

Now totally embarrassed, we shyly lifted our skirts, gathering the short folds of starched cloth to expose our tiny black knickers.

‘…and lower your undergarments.’

We both hesitated, blushing furiously at the request, but then I lowered my knickers to the top of my stockings and stood back up, gathering my skirts again to show my newly shaven pussy and moments later, Clare did the same.

‘Very pretty. Each morning you will shave each other. You may leave a small amount of hair upon your pubis, if you wish, but the area around your vagina and anus must be without hair and soft. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Claudette.’

‘Good girls, you may recover your undergarments. And now, I will offer you a little advice about your attitude. Although at all times you must do as you are told, Madam Reynard finds it especially … how do you say … desirable, if you appear shy and hesitant whenever you find yourself in a sexual situation … compreneze … do you understand?’

‘Yes, Claudette.’ Clare’s hand found mine and I knew that neither of us would have any problems appearing shy or indeed hesitant … she was trembling as much as me.

‘Very well, let us see shall we? I would like you both to lower your … how do you say properly in your English, knickers? And then to turn around and bend over … do it now.’ She smiled encouragingly, folded her arms and waited expectantly.

‘No … please, Claudette. That’s rude … you can’t make us do that,’ cried Clare wringing her hands.

‘We can’t, Claudette. Please …’ I echoed ‘Please don’t make us … You can’t …’

‘Do it!’

With little need to appear reluctant, we both turned our backs on Claudette and bent slowly forward. I was trembling with renewed shame and real nerves and that little voice claiming to be my sanity was screaming at me that this was wrong! This was rude and disgusting to be displaying myself like this to another woman – however, the new lesbian slut in me managed to ignore the impulse to run. Reaching under my skirt with trembling fingers, I fumbled for the edges of my knickers and slowly slid them down until they touched the tops of my stockings feeling the cool play of air across my bare bottom and exposed pussy. As I moved my legs a little further apart and felt the lips of my vagina open I felt such a slut.

We stayed like that, legs straight, leaning forward with our hands pinning our knickers to our knees as Claudette moved closer. Her fingers fluttered across my bare bottom before finding my pussy and lightly parting the folds of my vagina. There was a small yelp from Clare beside me, and then Claudette pushed two fingers into my cunt and I gasped feeling the muscles of my vagina close around her fingers.

‘Good little girls … but do not move.’

I closed my eyes and relaxed my muscles allowing her fingers slowly to withdraw before just as slowly, push back in making me sway on my heels. The fingers withdrew completely and beside me, Clare groaned.

‘Stand and turn around.’

We did as we were told, pulling our knickers back up as we did so. Claudette was smiling, holding her hands out to us, fingers glistening with juices from our pussies.

‘You will clean. Come…come.’ She held out the fingers that had been in Clare’s cunt and pushed them into my mouth. I sucked them, savouring the sticky muskiness – the delicious lewd depravity of the action making me feel at once so awful, yet also so wonderful. Claudette smiled in satisfaction at the way I succumbed to her demands.

‘You are a good little slut.’ Satisfied her fingers had been cleaned she removed them from my mouth and then pushed down the right cup of my dress, fully exposing my right breast. She took hold of my nipple, lifted my breast and folded down the fabric of the dress beneath to provide support. kaçak iddaa My nipple was hard and erect, even before she wiped the juices from her other hand, the juices from my own vagina all over my nipple and surrounding breast. Turning to Clare, she took a handful of her hair and then drew her face gently towards my chest.

‘Clean her.’ Clare complied, lapping at my sticky breast, sucking as much into her mouth as she could, her tongue teasing over my nipple before searching for more of my juices around the edge of my breast. As I gasped, she moaned and Claudette laughed. ‘You English sluts … such dirty girls, yes? I tell Madam how I caught you I think … come!’

Pulling Clare around by the hair, she reached out and took hold of my nipple. It was wet from Clare’s attention and it slipped from between her fingers. Her hand lashed out, she slapped my breast and I cried out, more from the shock than any pain.

She smiled at me and I was confused. ‘Dry yourself, little slut.’

‘Yes, Claudette.’ I wiped my hand across my exposed flesh a few times wishing I could cover my breast. Reaching out once more, she took a firm hold on my nipple and drew me after her as she marched from the room.

It was hard to walk, being pulled like this. If I didn’t keep up it only resulted in Claudette pulling harder on my nipple, which hurt, so I tottered on as best I could. Beside her, Clare was also having trouble forced to walk bent forward dragged by her hair.

At last, we came to a library and stumbled in as a sobbing untidy group. Claudette let us both go and Clare stood up beside me rubbing at her hair. I held my breast wincing at the sting and gazed about at the shelves of books that lined the walls of this new room of the chateau. There was a long table in the centre with chairs drawn up to it and two leather armchairs close to an unlit fire. Sitting with legs crossed in one of the armchairs was Madam Reynard wearing a short black dress, now looking every inch the dominating Mistress that she was. She stared at us without expression and I tried to judge what mood she might be in, but it was taking a moment for my eyes to adjust to the gloom. The windows were shuttered and candles from three large candelabras, set it different points around the room, offered the only light.

‘How sweet you look, but you must arrange your uniforms, girls. My lesbian slut maids who will do anything to be fucked by their mistress.’

‘Madam …’ Claudette tried to explain our entrance but Madam Reynard held up a hand to silence her. Feeling a little relieved, I covered my tortured breast and smoothed down my uniform. Beside me, Clare did the same, adjusting one of the clasps from her suspender belt that had come undone, and then pushing her fingers through her hair. I re-clipped one of my own stockings realising it was on opportunity to pose for Madam Reynard. I wished I could check my make-up, hoping my mascara hadn’t run and glanced about for a mirror but couldn’t see one.

‘That is better girls. We will start your duties by having you dust the books. You will find dusters on the table, be sure to dust the top shelves especially carefully.’

‘Yes, Madam,’ we chorused, bobbing curtsies. Following Clare, I took a feather duster from the table, walked over to the bookcase close to the fire and began to flick the feathers over the books. I could feel Madam Reynard watching me as I dusted and realised I really liked it. I tried to offer a pretty sight for her, bending forward with legs held straight whilst pushing out my bottom. I could feel the tiny skirt rise and the tension on the suspender belt change and knew that my bottom was very exposed and I must look deliciously rude. The slut in me took over fully and I dusted lower, opening my legs a little further.

After a few flicks of the duster I stood straight and began dusting up towards the upper rows – Clare, I realised, was doing much the same beside me. I stole a look in her direction and caught her smile, which I returned knowing she was enjoying herself as much as me … yes I really was enjoying the whole experience.

‘You may stand on the chair to reach the top shelves.’

‘Thank you, Madam,’ said Clare.

‘Yes, thank you Madam,’ I echoed, and then taking a chair from the table, brought it back, set it by the bookcase and climbed on.

As I flicked my duster over the top books, I jumped slightly as I felt a hand run up the inside of my leg.

‘Do not stop. Keep up your work.’ It was Madam Reynard.

‘Yes, Madam.’ I dusted on, reaching to the sides feeling as Madam Reynard’s hand continued to climb to my stocking tops, hovering over the area where nylon met skin. She took the suspender strap at the back of my leg and snapped it back against my skin.

‘Long, beautiful firm legs,’ she murmured as she touched me.

As I reached once more to the side, I took the opportunity to spread my legs a little further and felt her hand move up to caress the soft area of skin at the very top of my inner thigh, barely kaçak bahis touching me through my knickers. My pussy was wet and I hoped beyond hope that she would draw my knickers to the side, slide a finger into my cunt and fuck me … but she didn’t.

She slapped my bottom softly several times eliciting small slap slap sounds. ‘Claudette, expose this ones breasts. They are big and soft and should be displayed.’

‘Oui, Madam. You … pretty slut,’ she tapped me on the leg. ‘Get down.’

Yes, Claudette … Madam.’ Steadying myself by holding onto the bookcase, I managed to climb down from the chair, overcoming my shaking legs, to stand before Claudette.

‘Please … not … please don’t do this to me, I …’ My hands fluttered protectively over my breasts. Fear rose inside me again and the play-acting was suddenly very real. I was too scared to be exposed like this. It was all going to fast. ‘I’m sorry, but this …’

‘Be quiet and hold still. Keep your hands at your sides.’ Slapping my hands down, she pulled down the right cup of my bodice and, taking hold of my nipple, lifted up my breast so she could fold down the material to act as support. I gazed down seeing my breast supported, offered up, as she let go of the nipple, which became hard and erect again. I watched as she repeated the procedure on my left breast. Once finished, she fondled each in turn as if arranging them, and then pinched each nipple hard before waving me back to my dusting. I stayed at floor level, my chest feeling exposed and strange, and noticed that as Care perched on a chair, Madam Reynard’s hand was at the top of her legs and, I suspected, she had a finger or two in her pussy – Clare was still dusting but her face was flushed.

‘Keep dusting, girl.’ Madam Reynard finished with Clare and turned back to me. ‘Come here.’

I stopped dusting and turned to stand in front of Madam Reynard. She looked me up and down with a neutral gaze and I struggled to keep my hands on my lap clutching the duster rather than covering myself. Reaching out, she cupped my breasts, lifting them, feeling their weight. I felt my face blush and I looked about the room, trying to mentally distance myself from the embarrassment of having my tits fondled by this near stranger.

‘Beautiful.’ She lifted them and let them fall. I felt my cold skin pucker as the contact with her warm hands was lost. ‘Move your chest from side to side, let me see them move.’


‘Do it! Shake your tities girl, and not too fast.’

I did as she asked, moving my chest from side to side, my breasts swaying and jiggling as my face became even redder – this was so embarrassing … so demeaning. I saw Clare watching over Madam Reynard’s shoulder. She had stopped dusting and was staring at my breasts obviously enjoying my torment. I pushed out my chest just a little more and, looking at her, continued swaying showing my chest.

‘Enough, dear. Claudette, the clips.’

I gazed in horror as Claudette opened a small wooden box and removed a length of chain with clips on the ends, evidently destined for my already engorged nipples.

‘No, Mistress, Please don’t.’ Madam Reynard’s hand snaked out and slapped my left breast and I cried out in shock.

‘Silence, girl. The clips will not hurt you but the punishment you have brought onto yourself will.’

‘Please don’t hurt her, Madam.’ Clare blushed as we all turned to her, still standing on her chair.

‘You will come and share her punishment. Get down here now.’

‘Yes Madam.’

‘Firstly, Maid Josie will wear her nipple clamps and Maid Clare, you will put them on her. Here …’ She held the chains out to Clare who reluctantly took them.

‘I’m sorry, Josie,’ mumbled Clare. She sorted the chains out then taking one of the clamps brought it up to my left breast. She pinched my nipple, drew it out from my chest and clipped the tiny clamp onto the stretched flesh.

I drew in a breath as the pain flared through me and I resisted the impulse to tear it off. I watched, biting my lip, as she repeated the procedure on my other nipple. After a moment, the pain seemed to subside and I found that it was in fact bearable. It felt like my nipples were on fire and I was more aware of them than at any other time.

‘Both of you … bend over the table.’ We did as she asked, keeping our legs straight and bottoms pushed out. Every time I moved and my breasts swayed, new jolts of pain ran through me. The fire only subsiding again as I stood bent over, my breasts hanging freely beneath me. My knickers were pulled to my knees and a foot kicked my shoes further apart spreading my legs. Without any warning, a spanking began, covering both cheeks of my bottom and down to the insides of my legs. I bit my lip again and tried to go with the experience, riding the pain in my bottom as well as the jolts through my breast as they swayed with the impact of each slap. After a few minutes, the spanking finished.

‘Stay where you are.’

Something cold dribbled between the cheeks of my bottom. I felt its slow progress trickling down until it went tickled over my anus before continuing its run down to my vagina. I heard Clare groan next to me and then heard my own voice join hers.

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