Bathhouse Quicky

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A recent Wednesday exemplified the undeniable simplicity of a bathhouse as a place for sex. I arrived a few minutes after its opening, undressed, drank a beer, went upstairs to do a hit of rush, then went down to enjoy the steambath. Men already arrived before me, a few towels already stowed in the cubbyholes along the steamroom’s outer wall.

Wandering in slowly, taking time to adapt my vision, wanting to reach the bench in the back, to become available for any number of games possible to play with other men in the damp dimness of this Turkish sauna. Games that were the main reason we were here, already undressed. Male group sex is wonderfully addictive, especially when indulged among a group of men that are equally interested and experienced. Hard cocks displaying our shared desire, our bodies merging in pure sexual pleasure as opportunity arose or was created.

Sitting down on the bench, the walk back had taken a while, adjusting to conditions, letting my growing excitement lead me. Including listening for the sounds of sex, resolving from surmise and hope to hot reality, becoming a dimly visible scene as I neared, a man on his knees sucking off a standing man, his arms hanging limply, clearly enthralled by the mouth servicing him, hands guiding his swaying hips.

Sliding by slowly, not wanting to disturb anyone at this point, my cock was stirring but not erect yet. Of course, approaching the bench, my hand had already started fondling myself, the beginning of a process which has so very often led to fantastic orgasms here, ones I am not really able to resist. This has become a variety of craving, a need that grows each time it is so well satisfied by other men.

Stroking, the steam bath had continually attracted men as the door opened and closed, lighting the space then slowly dimming while it closed. A couple of new arrivals appeared in the back area, cocks already growing. Fully turned-on by now, having a couple of potentially available men around added to my desires to get off, desires extremely likely shared by the other hard man in the warmth. Looking at male organs really turns me on – something easy to do when jacking off, the pleasure overwhelming any inhibitions at looking at sexy cocks.

After all, some of the very first orgasms in my memory involved getting hard with a friend flipping through Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, Club, Hustler, High Society. Magazines from a certain golden era. When reading them with a friend would inevitably lead to jacking ourselves, looking at each other getting off, my very first shared sexual experiences. Looking at sexy women turned us on, but it was our cocks that made us cum so easily.

A man’s steps could be heard entering the space, stopping, starting to lean against the wall, taking in the scene diagonally across from me, a bit backlit in the wider part of the passage as it opened to the shadows. I knew that he could watch me pump my full length, stopping the motion just underneath my cockhead. My head couldn’t resist turning his way, seeing his hard cock being stroked downwards, parallel to his thigh. Often, these are the only signals necessary to explore further sexual opportunities, one of the simplest virtues of a gay sauna.

He settled back a bit, shifting position in a way that made his cock the center of my attention. Obviously, the same was true for him, beginning to fist himself, his head turned towards my crotch. I spread my legs wider, also settling back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri against the smooth tile, exposing myself a bit more explicitly, both of us now recognizing how much we were enjoying the view. In a bathhouse, it really is all about cock, and ours had already decided.

A couple of other men were moving through the shadows. It took him just a moment to sit down next to me, not really hesitantly, though no more overtly eagerly than I, moving closer as he sat. I could not stop from looking at his cock, firmly in his grasp, much like my own. My foot moved slowly, pivoted on the heel, toes sliding over the top of his foot, then along his leg, as lightly as possible.

His left hand dropped down to my right thigh, making it spread wider, thighs pressing. The skin contact added to the growing wave of pure male lust flooding through both of us. My right hand reached for him, its final goal more direct, though waiting until he began touching my cock to feel his. Sliding my hand over his sack downwards led to him touching my cock, causing a wave of pleasure too intense not to gasp at, and stop moving, just pressing my hand against him, finger probing his ass while my palm massaged his nicely sized balls.

A familiar haze slipped over my mind, thoughts being replaced by direct sensation, looking down as my hand began to slide slowly along his shaft, hearing his breathing change as my curved hand neared his cockhead, teasing him as his hand went limp along my own sensitive length. His nipple was easily found by my left hand, causing the sort of moaning which marks a true slut. Who are by far the best partners, in my now fairly broad experience with people.

His slackened grip began to tighten, and being a slut myself, I couldn’t resist the temptation, especially when his mouth found my neck. Of course I turned my head to make it easier for him, my left hand now squeezing another erect part of his body. Knowing that there were other men around just made me hornier by this point, because here, there are no secrets – we are all men that can’t resist having hot sex with willing strangers. Well, really, in truth, we were all men seeking sex with other men wanting to have sex.

Fingers began playing with my left nipple, the first hint that someone had sat down next to me. A hint followed by the touch of a second hand on my cock, sliding down over my hairy sack as thumb and forefinger made a ring at the base of the shaft, creating a delightful tension with the motion of the first man’s hand near the end of my length.

Shifting my left hand to find the second cock of the day, I became delightfully distracted by a tongue sliding down my chest before flicking a turned-on nipple. The pair I had first walked past was now tightly embraced, cock to cock, kissing passionately, hips thrusting against each other. The hands on my cock began to move together, in rhythm with the motion of my hands along their own jutting lengths.

Lolling back against the warm and unyielding wall, my head rolled to look at the partner to my left, seeing his cock, then noticing that his left hand was also stroking the jutting erection of another man, standing a bit to his side. By now, it was obvious that a spark was travelling through a volatile mixture in the humid heat, igniting a irresistible reaction in everyone it touched.

The mouth left my nipple, and I turned to my right, head bending down, tongue seeking his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nearby neck, finding it as I tightened my grasp on his stiff cock, playing with it at the boundary between his foreskin and the sensitive ring under his cockhead, fingers wrapping around its gorgeous circumference. I could feel him shudder against me after starting to squeeze and slide along his now perfectly silky skin, sheathing his rigid shaft, feeling his welling pre-cum trickle down, adding to the heat centered on his stroked rod.

He began to bend, and I knew what was going to happen, but instead of stopping him before contact, I waited until his tongue and lips embraced my cock before moaning ‘condom .. first .. god .. cock .. suck me.’ It was fairly incoherent, even to me, as he began to go down on me. The man to my left was sitting next to my condoms, and it took a bit to find them, time which stretched and stretched as a stranger’s willing mouth slowly tempted my cock to just let him suck it, a simple natural pleasure to indulge in while in the steambath.

An almost overwhelming temptation, reinforcing how important it was not give in to, at least without a condom first. Much the same way fucking my wife at the peak of her cycle unprotected is a temptation to avoid, delightful as it can be.

His mouth reversed, slowly moving back towards my cockhead, making me moan, teasing me to pump my length beyond withdrawing his wet lips. The other man held the base of my cock, cushioned by my curly bush, then leaned over to let his tongue touch my neck. ‘Con .. condom .. con ..dom’ was about all I could get out, but it was sufficient for him to slide his mouth away from my cock.

Opening the package was challenging, in an environment conducive to immediate sex, all wet and sweaty. Some condom brands are much easier to open than others, and this one was one of the difficult brands. The man now kneeling between my legs remained patient, the other man stroking my now well lubricated shaft. Sliding the latex over my cockhead, his mouth followed.

My covered cockhead now within one man’s mouth, my fingers along the middle of my cock, pushing down the condom, and another man was playing with my balls, a finger sliding between my ass cheeks.

My left hand returned to the cock it had been pumping before, though I knew that my grasp was growing weaker as the pleasure spread through me, being sucked off by a stranger so openly. His mouth kept going deeper, cock sucking entering the threshold of deep throating, something I have rarely experienced. And never before in the middle of a group of men all having fantastic sex, hard and horny, abandoning themselves to the sheer pleasure.

As was I. Someone to my right began to play with my nipple, giving me the perfect excuse to move my right hand from the very base of my cock, the last obstacle to a man seemingly capable of taking my full length into his talented mouth. Stroking my third cock of the day, totally driven by lust, floating in a fog of male contentment.

The man between my legs moved, rising and turning, settling against my erect and slippery cock, the entrance of his ass beginning to press against my cockhead. He was unbelievably tight, something quite different from my previous experiences in the sauna, and my cockhead barely fit past his flexing anal ring.

Which didn’t matter, as the sensations were incredibly enticing, leading me to return my güvenilir bahis şirketleri right hand to my cock, guiding and moving it. The man on my left was sucking another man as I kept jerking him off, the man on my right moving, becoming part of a new threesome. By now, my eyes were fluttering closed, the dimness becoming impossible to penetrate, my cock squeezed so good by another man’s ass.

An unbelievably tight ass, making me shake my length in my clenched palm against the tightness, not moving further into, but delightfully around and against it. My left hand reached around his hip, finding his fairly hard rod, slippery from another man’s pre-cum. He was bent over, arms essentially resting on his knees, his weight moving around my cockhead. I could see that he was sucking another man off, one whose finger reached my nipple, creating another sexual connection between turned-on strangers. Though he seemed to being enjoying a delightful position, the man fucking me could not remain in such e position for too long. Regretfully, we broke contact as he rose, then went to his knees. As he moved, I could see the glistening cock he had been sucking while my cock pleasured his ass.

The man on my left quickly went down on my rigid cock, making me look to that side for the first time in a while, already beginning to thrust my hips into his willing mouth. His hands were resting on the bench as he knelt with a man obviously fucking him in the ass. The man that had been fucking me was also playing with his extended cock, as all of us kept enjoying each other’s company, connecting on a luxuriously animal level.

My legs were spread, letting the pleasure flow through me, again taking in what else was going on around me. I knew that it was all going to be hot, especially while getting sucked, after having almost cum at a man’s hot anal ring, my cockhead surrounded by hot flesh. There were several clusters of men in the space, and a larger cluster spreading out from where a man go down on me. It was becoming impossible tell whose hand or mouth or cock was whose, as I began to kiss the neck of the man to my right.

It was incredible how dirty, really sexy smutty dirty, getting sucked after fucking was making me feel, and what an incredible turn on it was, my cock growing harder in his mouth. Knowing that cumming was inevitable, the fingers on my nipple actually delayed it, as another source of bliss joined the mix, shifting and expanding my focus.

The man fucking the man sucking my cock began to pump, a motion that made its varied effects spread to the blowjob I was receiving. I reached out to play with his jutting cock, my hand slippery. Giving him a handjob seemed the right thing to do with the little focus I had left.

Clearly a lover of anal sex, in a number of ways, the man between us began to moan, and my left hand tightened its grip on the cock it had been playing with. The man to my right, who had been gently biting my neck until my hand had found his cock, was now swirling his tongue and lips against my sweaty skin.

Beginning to cum, a cock in each hand, the sense of pure power centered on pumping cocks had us in its grip. I felt the man in the middle’s cock swell and pulse, hot cum beginning to fly free as he orgasmed, hips bumping hard against the man behind him, who began to say ‘fuck yeah .. fuck me .. fuck yeah.’ At some point, my own orgasm started, my body thrusting, hands controlling two rigid cocks, tongues at my neck and against my nipple, in a room of men enjoying themselves.

The man who had handled admittance, giving me a locker key and towel, remarked at the shortness of my visit when I left, paying for the beer. I just grinned a bit, without saying anything. After all, we both knew that I would be returning.

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