Beauty and the Beast

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My dream is vivid tonight, I see my father pushing me on a swing, my mother watching us with a smile. I know it isn’t real and never was but for a moment I pretend that we were normal and that I had a childhood filled with laughter. The truth is sometimes too hard to bare.

I wake to a sharp tug on my wings and the rattling of chains. A guard secures my wings together, while another binds my hands and shoves a horse bit into my mouth to keep me quite. A collar is locked around my neck and they use the leash attached to lead to the Master’s office.

I flexed my wings as being held together made me uncomfortable. A hard tug on my collar made me glance up, “Move it angel boy.” The guard laughs.

I cast my eyes down, it wasn’t always like this. Angels used to be treated like humans as were the demons in the world, we co-existed. However, 100 years ago Lucifer stepped foot on earth and it wasn’t enough for him, he wanted the angels to be below the demons. Michael, the archangel, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri then came down and they fought. The serpent that is Lucifer, unlike Michael, fought without honor. Sadly, Michael’s honor was his downfall, the serpent slayed him. The remaining angels scattered across the world and hid, those that were found became slaves. My father and mother were caught while my mother was pregnant, she was unable to run and father refused to leave her. When I was born they tried to runaway with me, but they were caught. They suffered the same fate as Michael.

Once inside the office I was shoved to my knees, I sit back on my ankles, my eyes cast on the floor. When heavy footfalls approached, my Master stood to greet his visitor, “I see you found the place well. When you called I immediately thought of Joshua. I hope you like him.”

What’s going on? What is Master doing? Is he, is he selling me to someone? I’ve heard stories of Master’s selling their slaves güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but I had assumed it wasn’t true. Why would Master sell me when he put so much time into me? When he has yet to get what Master craves from me.

“He is of virtue?” The deep rumbling voice makes me cower slightly. Masters voice is soft and quite.

“Yes, he is Braxton.”

“He’s quite beautiful, why are you willing to sell such a magnificent beauty?” I blush slightly at mans compliment.

Master sighs sadly, “I have had this one since his birth, I named him, watched him grow and yes trained him but I didn’t have the heart to truly be his Master. He’s more of a son than a slave to me.”

“I understand now why he is still of virtue.” I feel the mans gaze raking over me. “I’ll take him.”

I don’t fight him when he helps me to my feet and to his vehicle. I sit in the passenger seat obediently until we reach Masters home. He helps me out of the vehicle and güvenilir bahis şirketleri guides me into the home, I sigh happily when the heat washes over me. “Are you cold?” He asks.

“Yes Master,” I say around the bit as best I can. He leads me over and sits me on a bench in front of the fire place. “One moment, let me get these restraints off you and we’ll get you dressed in something more substantial.”

Confusion hits me as he begins to gently remove the chains around my wings. Then working on my hands before finally taking the bit out of my mouth. He retreats with the chains and for the first time I look at him. He looks to be about 6’2 with dark, curly hair. He looks to be of medium build.

When he returns he places a thick blanket around my shoulders, “Permission to speak freely Master.” He seemed to whince a little at my calling him Master, “Yes pet.” He looks at me expectantly and I noticed for the first time that he was wearing a mask that covered his face except his eyes and his mouth.

“What is Masters name?” I ask gently knowing some masters only like to be called master. However he smiles, “My name is Matthew Braxton, pet.” I smile back at him and watch amazed as his eyes glow green for a moment before returning to blue. Master is a demon.

To Be Continued…

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