Aw, and you WERE so CLOSE

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The young groundskeeper found himself totally naked and strapped tightly to the stool. Sitting upright with his legs slightly separated he was bound and could not move an inch, nor could he even flex or flinch, he was a total captive. Now he was inside the old abandoned hospital, long left to rot and ruin. The property management company paid him to keep the front of the old facility looking somewhat maintained behind the chain link fence. He decided to run the weed whacker around the side of the building, and then he worked around the old service door away from the street, that’s when it happened. He awoke inside, strapped to this stool. Someone was in the room with him, sunlight streamed as best it could through the dinghy windows.

“I’ve watched you for months now, and my guess was right. You are a perfect specimen!”

Incredulous and full of panic Andy struggled, spat and fumed. “Let me go you son of a bitch! Let me go…Pervert! What do Ya Think your doin. I’m gonna get the cops after your sick ass. You, You…”

“I am Doctor Withers young man. But you see it won’t matter about the police because when I am finished with you, and you tell them all about it, that is, if you CAN tell them all about what I do to you, they won’t find me. I’m not exactly establishing practice here.”

The lab coated and bearded doctor laughed as he gestured to the room around them. “This was once an X-ray lab, you see this room faces the field at the back of the building, it’s pretty sound proof back here and well it gets the sun all day so I can watch and study your reactions. Oh, I almost forgot, I have you on camera.”

There directly facing Andy was a video camera on a tripod. “Damn you, you bastard, when I get loose I’ll…”

“The doctor laughed, “Well, you WON’T get loose, in fact when I’m done you WILL find yourself outside in tact and healthy just the way I found YOU!” The doctor chuckled again. “Besides there is a very good chance that you are actually going to enjoy the study you are taking part in. In fact, YOU are the test subject.”

Andy’s horror grew as the man approached him. He had some things in his hand and he anticipated pain, maybe pain all day for all he knew. The bearded handsome, man took hold of Andy’s ample penis, and gently caressed it. Andy cursed and spat calling the doctor every insult he could come up with, yet he became erect.

“Oh damn you; get your hand off my junk! Oh damn you!” The second curse had an intonation of the acknowledgement of some pleasurable sensation.

“Good boy! Oh you young ones are always so eager! What is your name by the way?”

The doctor kept canlı bahis caressing the organ, now fully erect. “Andy; my names Andy”.

Andy was busy looking down, watching the doctor’s hand work his penis. The bluster was being caressed right out of him, with almost a hypnotic effect the doctor stood close to the young man, and made approving sounds. Andy started to gasp. It was working as planned.

“Well Andy, I am studying the effects of prolonged stimulation and its effect on orgasm. But, I needed a younger test subject. I have already compiled data on older men, now I need a younger man in his early twenties. Of course, I have done this before for pleasure (soft laughter) but now, it is for science of course….science!”

Andy’s cock was really hard and hot to the touch. The boy’s circumcised head was spectacular in its girth and size, not to mention its defined helmet shape. His frenulum was very sensitive, again, the perfect specimen for what Doctor Withers had in store.

The doctor applied a lubricant to Andy’s cock and balls, and in a swift movement placed a blue, latex cock ring around the boy’s balls. Now the boys were all nice and snug and drawn up tight. The elastic constricted yet allowed breathing room. Then another latex ring was pulled over Andy’s penis and festooned at the very base of the shaft. The effect made the head seem even bigger.

“Too tight? The doctor asked; it should be snug, but not painful”

“It doesn’t hurt, it just makes it, Oh shit, my cock never felt this big before”. Andy stated, amazed at turgidity of his cock. As he observed the doctor put another blue latex ring around his bloated organ. It fit on the shaft just under the ridges of his cock head and it had a little flange that fit up into that space where the ridges of the head began on either side.

“My little toy here is remote controlled. It is a vibrator Andy. Ever play with a vibrator?” The boy shook his head no. “You see it has various speeds and it is quite pleasurable, let’s turn it on.”

The device came to life, the vibration was not violent but it was there, focused, directed and energetic, buzzing his frenulum, on that spot, oh on that damn spot. How did this fool and his toy know that when he jacked off that was the trigger, Oh yes, that was his hot spot, and this felt so fucking good.

Immediately Andy’s head swelled even more and flushed with color. The urethral cord that ran down the underside of the big organ stood out in sharp relief, even the boys balls seem to get deeper in color and looked tighter.

“Ohhhh Fuuuuuck, Ohhhhhh!” The boy moaned and his muscular body tensed.

“Feels bahis siteleri good boy?”

“Oh Yes, I never felt anything like this before”. Drool made its way out of the piss slit and down along the device that was pleasuring him. The liquid made little wet noises as it was vibrated adding to the sensations.

“You see, I was not going to hurt you…but I am going to try you, I intended to test your endurance…all for science you understand all for science!” Then the man laughed again, and shut off the device.

“No! Why’d you stop it, I was going to….”

“You were going to climax? To come? Is that what you wanted? Oh my poor boy, you have no idea of the level of excitement you can attain. No idea at all.”

After a few minutes the device went on and the frequency of the vibration was different, more subtle. It created need, provided pleasure, but it was less. Andy whimpered with frustration and his obedient, young, penis responded perfectly.

“Ohhhhhh”. His exclamation had an upward pitch towards the end of his utterance and he looked at the doctor. Your gonna torture me.”

“Don’t be silly boy! I’m testing you. And I will test you well, especially as you learn how less becomes more, deliciously more.”

The doctor’s camera was capturing every nuance and expression; it caught the boy’s frustration as each time he got close the device was shut off. Each time it started up again, the vibration was less and yet more specific. And each time Andy’s cock seemed to become even more distended and bloated. The need for release was now the greatest need that he ever experienced in his young life and his whimpers filled the soundtrack. The doctor complimented Andy’s utterances with low approving tones, and chiding.

Now the doctor was able to direct the vibration specifically on that projection that was up between the ridges of the head, and it was a very soft but deep thrumming. The itch and tickle that it created was isolated and focused. Andy’s face was etched in need. Gritting his teeth, with stitched up eyebrows and wet with perspiration. The boy was now whimpering and begging, looking at the doctor imploringly, then his eyes would open wide in panic as he would see him switch off the device.


Then after a few minutes it came on again, just like before, with the vibration just on that little part of the vibrator. How the hell did that thing work like that, so focused, so directed and it felt so fucking good. Andy was almost dreading a climax, as this was unlike anything he ever felt before, fearing the bahis şirketleri sharp sensation of pleasure would turn to pain when he came. Meanwhile Andy didn’t realize that the room was now reflecting late afternoon sunlight.

From morning into the afternoon the Doctor worked him, and he was so good at getting him right to the very edge of release and then denying him. He could take anymore and openly whimpered in frustration.

“Pleezee I can’t take anymore…pleezeeeee Oh pleezeeeeeeeee”. Andy pleaded though clenched teeth. With a smile on his face the Doctor turned off the device again.

Andy’s vocals were so earnestly pathetically, it made the doctor laugh. “Awwww, and you were so close, weren’t you?” Smiling into the camera a few minutes later the doctor turned on the evil device, this time for the big finale, poor Andy.

Drool was coming out of his mouth, as his eyes closed tightly and his teeth set in a grimace….then he felt it, he was going to blow, the little thing was doing it’s dance on that spot, and that spot was red hot. His was going to be allowed to come.

The reality hit him…”Oh No! Oh My God No!”

The big, fucking, cock like a hot piece of steel, and his big fat head, was looking like it was going to explode, and that thing kept up its little, focused tickle on that hot spot.

“Ehhhhhhhh…Ehhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh FUCK!”

Andy started to yell, it was urgent, deep and purposeful, as the climax exploded in his brain, like a bomb. Like he feared, it was a sharp sensation beginning on the very spot of the focused stimulation but it didn’t hurt, instead it was like an atom bomb of crazy ass pleasure, radiating out from his cock head through his entire cock balls taint and ass hole, and then the pumping began. Deep powerful pumping making his asshole clench as ropes and ropes of hot come was jetted from his tortured cock head. The boy tossed his head from side to side as he verbally and without words expressed the intensity of his climax. It was the climax of his young, life.

The golden sun made the grass in the field glow and Andy realized he was sitting on the ground with his back against the building. He was fully dressed and shook his head. By his feet was his weed whacker and he stood. He walked a way from the building through what was once the employee parking lot and looked up to the sets of windows. There on the third floor, for an instant, he thought he saw a smiling face looking down at him. He waved up at what he thought he saw, and he hoped that when he came back to trim the weeds in a few weeks Doctor Withers still had his practice.

Inside the room on the third floor, Doctor Withers was gathering up his equipment, he would wait till nightfall to leave. Poor Andy, he thought, next time he will learn the joys of prostate vibration.

Then, he laughed again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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