Badger’s flesh and blood

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Badger’s flesh and blood.

Following my introduction to Clive, who turned out to be Badger’s younger brother, and who I wrote about in the last chapter, I do feel I am one of the luckiest guys in the world.

Badger meant so much to me, and in compensating for all the sadness I have endured since he died, it seems Clive has fulfilled that space in my life, when I thought I could not live without him.

For something that had started as a bit of fun in old Badger’s allotment shed, turned out to be so much more than that. I became besotted with him and longed for of our meetings each week, enjoying the complete privacy we shared together, when we could pleasure each other to the extreme and make it last.

That is one thing I like about being with an older guy – they seem to have the knack of extending the foreplay in a wonderful and delightful way.

And now Clive is no exception, it is all the more thrilling and exciting because he wants to try new and exciting things. I soon discovered he had a thing about spanking and, although I was quite dubious about it at first, he showed me just how it can be mutually enjoyed – and with what followed afterwards, was worth the little pain I suffered whilst bending my virgin rear readily over his lap.

To be honest the idea almost put me off Clive when he started the spanking talk. I thought perhaps I was expecting too much of him because he was Badger’s flesh and blood; and when he first did that to me, it was on the promise that if I asked him to stop, he would.

“I think the world of you Alex, I will make it nice for you. Listen to me; you have an ass that asks to be tended and spoiled, especially in those tight brush jeans you wear. I can’t explain, but just seeing you bend over in those, to reveal the true beautyof those delightful curves- really drives me frantic. I want to do the kinkiest things with you until eventually I feel the pulse of you inside.”

So I went along with him and it was not as I thought,when I was spanked canlı bahis unmercifully. At first he spoiled me in my jeans, he suggested I lean over the potting bench like I often did for Badger – to feel the things he wanted to do to me. I remember those d delightful afternoons in his shed really enjoying just being ass for him, knowing just how much he loved and adored all that.

The feel of his fingers kneading me, smoothing my ass and soothing me, the touch of his mouth and tongue there; doing the things we both liked. For as much as Badger liked to suck hole and cock I did too, and although he never wanted me to enter him, he was quite happy for me to give him some of the dibber he had used on me, sucked and oiled for some really wonderful play times.

And now it was like an action replay, except it was Clive and not Badger who was playing my ass, who was stripping down my jeans to my knees for a quick sniff and taste. I remember how Badger liked that, his face was always into my ass.

“This is really beautiful” he murmured as he probed and teased my hole with his tongue. My balls too didn’t go amiss. All the time IO felt him stretching my ass cheeks wide apart so he could really get full access. It felt nice and I lavished it, enjoying the feeling.

And then he grasped my half-mast cock and made it grow at once to reach full erection, and next thing I knew – after he was frantically sucking my ass, he was sucking cock and there he was squeezing my balls and taking me inside his throat.

“You need to be tied and mastered Alex to achieve perfect unison” and I was thinking this isn’t Badger’s way.

But each to his own I guess, and I’d go along with it. Besides he had gotten me so worked up. Already I has squirted full into his mouth and that is what prompted him to ‘punish’ me for my naughtiness, although he didn’t seem to mind at all. I did warn him I was cuming and he carried on the deep sucking, so I reached a point of no return and I was a gonner!

So really it was all a bahis siteleri game play, pretending he was angry with me and I would have to endure punishment accordingly. He made no bones about it when he gave me three sharp slaps across the ass with the palm of his hand.. I felt the pain surge up my spine but was acutely aware, because of the noises he was making, that his enjoyment was extreme.

But what he did then made up for that sudden surge of pain which was now developing into a wonderfully numb feeling as he briskly smothered my ass in coconut oil, which he said would sooth the hurt. And it did. In fact such was this new experience I wanted more and I knew then it was going to become an integral part of our new relationship.

He wanted to spend time enjoying my rear to the full. There was more and more feeing and touching with some light spanking between, then some more of the coconut oil treatment and then more ass sucking and licking, and then he’d take my cock again – licking its head and then my asshole.

“I am going to tie you up now Alex and I want you to be obedient else you will be in for, not just a spanking buy a strapping too!”

And he grasped his trouser belt so I knew exactly what he meant.

He had this red stretch ribbon which he tied around my knees, looping it around my neck so my rear was fully presented for his pleasure. What followed was a period of complete ecstasy for it seemed Clive was in another world, enjoying me to the extreme, holing and rimming me one minute and then sniffing and sucking the next

“Your ass is made for this Alex” he said and I felt the thrill of him using things like screwdriver handles as he fucked my well-oiled asshole with them.

“You will especially like this one” he said finding one of the handles had seregated grooves. He was right, it gave me a real good feeling inside and all the time I was being worked up to the grand finale, to receive the feel of his fuck inside. Soon I had the opportunity to feel him too as bahis şirketleri he sucked me. I laid on my side and I was able to reach him up close perfectly.

I sensed the pungent earthy smell of cock and slowly looped him itno my mouth.

“That is so nice, don’t stop Alex” he said giving me another sharp threesome across my red ass, as I grasped that lovely huge cock of his in my hand, feeling its wonderful form and rigidity.

It was something special being ‘ mastered’ by Clive and I knew I would want more. It was so easy and delightful to take his cock in my mouth, different from Badger because he had a foreskin but the feel in my mouth was good and I made hay while the sun shines with it; tasting the earthiness and letting the scent of cock surge into my nostrils as he gave me a real good deep penetration into my throat.

It was simply beautiful, it was time for his full fuck. I told him that but he insisted he was the master and gave me three more sharp slaps for being insolent,

So it was even more of the oral delights and Clive was really into that, I saw him sucking the screwdriver handle he’d just fucked me with, his eyes closed, head back like he was in another world.

And I felt it was me doing all that for him so why would I ever want that to stop. I could look forward to the equal intensity of his hard stiff fuck with me leant over the bench, enjoying the fullness of that fresh sucked cock.

Being with Clive was heaven all over again, just like it was with Badger, with the little ‘differences’ which made it all the more exciting.

He was spanking me again, over the bench before he fucked me, I soon felt the sting go as the warmth of his surging cock slid easily into my hole.

He really went to town, fucking me in different directions to give me the full quality of his beautiful fuck

He was backing off and then thrusting, pushing it up me with such verbosity I felt I would take off, he was giving me a hammering of a lifetime and I was all his for the taking.

He paused before he came inside me, and I then felt the final surge and the warmth of his spunk shooting deep up inside me.

Heaven on earth!

I was now as besotted with Clive as I was with his brother.

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