Ashley’s Secret Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is the second installment of this series. Please read chapter one to get the full effect of the story. Thanks for all of the positive feedback. And thank you P&J for giving me this material to write on. Enjoy!


When I awoke the next morning, I had to think about my surroundings and wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing. Then I realized that Auntie Pam was still in my arms with her head lying on my breast. I knew, then, that it was not a dream and all the things that I had done to my mom’s best friend came flooding back into my mind. I smiled and caressed her back a little bit. She did not stir. I couldn’t believe my good fortune of having my sexy “auntie” walk into my lingerie store to find some sexy clothes to share with my “Uncle” John.

We both had the day off and I was going to spend my time “pampering” this sexy older woman. With my being a self proclaimed lesbian, I knew how to treat a lady and that was my plan for this day. Uncle John would not be home from his business trip until tomorrow, Saturday, and we were going to set him up for a wonderfully sexy night. Until then, she was all mine. I was damn sure going to make the best of it.

I slowly got out of bed so as to not disturb this sleeping beauty lying next to me. I went to take a much needed shower. I could still feel the remnants of our love making the night before. My face was covered in dried up pussy juice and my own pussy needed some attention. I took a quick hot shower and made sure that my pussy was nice and smooth for this day of pampering that I was going to give this woman. I was the first woman that my Auntie Pam had been with and I was going to make sure that she would never forget this experience. No girl ever forgets her first experience with someone of the same sex.

When I got out of the shower and dried off, I walked back into my bedroom and sunshine was filling the room and landing directly on this beautiful naked woman lying in my bed. I smiled at the sight. She was, indeed, the sexiest woman that I have ever had the chance of seducing. The fantasies that I have had with this woman ran through my head as I went to make a pot of coffee. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about the things that I have done to her in my mind. I was going to make a lot of them reality before the sun set on this gorgeous day. There are still so many things that I wanted to do to her while making love to her that my mind was spinning. I got the coffee going and heard the shower turn on in my bedroom. Auntie was awake!

I, quickly, ran back to the bedroom and straightened the bed up. I put away all of the toys that we had used the night before and put everything back into its place. I was a neat freak in certain ways and my house was always spotless, if I could help it. I took the wine glasses out to the kitchen and came back into the bedroom; just as Auntie Pam was walking out of the bathroom all clean with wet hair.

I gazed upon her loveliness and my pussy started flowing. Auntie Pam was one of my mom’s oldest and dearest friends. I had always thought she was beautiful with her 5’7″, 110 pound frame. Her brown hair was shoulder length and she stood staring at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers. Her small breasts were nice and firm and her nipples were protruding out like they wanted some attention.

“Well, good morning Auntie. I trust you slept well?”

“Oh yes, sweetie, I slept like a baby. How could I not with the activity that you drained me with last night. How are you this beautiful Friday morning?”

“I am outstanding! I had a great deal of fun last night and hope to continue it today, with you. You are amazing and I can’t wait to be a part of a threesome with you and Uncle John tomorrow.”

“Sweetie, he will be thrilled. He has thought you were a little hottie from the day you hit puberty and you began to develop. So, what is on the agenda for this fine morning?”

“I have coffee brewing, in fact, it should be done. Why don’t we get a cup and sit down and chat and wake up. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Oh yes, I would love a cup of coffee. I can’t be functional without coffee in the morning.”

I grabbed her hand and led her out of the bedroom, down the hall to the kitchen. I sat her down at the table and made us some coffee. With growing up with this stunning woman in my life, I already knew how she took her coffee. I sat down after setting her coffee in front of her.

“I just can’t believe that I am sitting here having coffee with my best friend’s little girl, after a night of hot steamy sex. I never thought it would come to pass. I wish I could tell you how long I have fantasized about last night throughout the years. You have been a subject of my desire for a long time, Ashley, and I want you to know exactly how happy I am. Thank you, sweetheart!”

“It was my pleasure, Auntie Pam. I, too, have had many a night lying in bed and dreaming of you being a partner of mine. I love to masturbate while thinking about you. It is usually a very hot cum when you are the subject of my desires. Now, what would you like to try today? Tell me some canlı bahis of the things that you have thought about and we will make them come true today.”

“Well, you know that I bought that double headed dildo and strap-on that we didn’t get to use last night. I would love to try and fuck you today with that. I would love to be able to fuck you in front of your Uncle John tomorrow night. I would like to get used to the motion and rhythm so I don’t look like a fumbling idiot.”

“Oh Auntie, you should not worry about such things. You are sexy as hell and I don’t think that Uncle John will even notice any ineptness. Okay, we will definitely get some use out of that today. Why don’t we start the day out in my hot tub and see where it goes from there? We can drink our coffee and finish waking up with the sunshine and the jets.”

“That sounds divine, Ash, let’s go get in the hot tub.”

We picked our coffee cups up and walked out onto my deck from the dining room. I set my coffee cup down and rolled back the cover on my hot tub. I checked the temperature and found it to be a solid 101 degrees. Perfect! I turned on the jets and looked at my sexy Auntie standing there smirking at the thoughts in her head. I paid a great deal of money for this customized hot tub. I had two of the seats equipped with special jets that were placed perfectly to aim at the clit or cunt of a woman. I stepped into the tub and walked over to make sure the jets were aligned correctly.

“Okay, Auntie, come on in.” I walked over to the side to help her to climb in. Once inside the hot tub, she smiled and let me lead her right to one of the seats that had the special jets. I sat her down and set her coffee cup on the side in a cup holder. I could tell by the look on her face that she had sat just right and was feeling the jets on her nice little pussy.

“Oh my, I wasn’t expecting that, at all! That feels wonderful, Ashley. I have never been in a hot tub with jets for my pussy. This is spectacular.”

I turned a button on the side of the tub that would feed more water out of certain jets. I made the jet stronger that was massaging her probably hard little clit. She smiled and laughed. I could tell that she was thrusting her hips toward the jet and I sat down and watched her get excited.

I sat down in the other seat that had the special jet and just watched her close her eyes and lean back and get into fucking that stream of water. I sipped my coffee as the water hit my clit and watched Auntie Pam transform into a little hot tub slut. She started moaning as the jet massaged her hard clit.

“Oh that’s it Auntie, make yourself feel good in my special spot. I designed this hot tub especially for this purpose. I am glad you are enjoying it.”

“Ashley, this is a wonderful way to wake up and start the day. Oh god, it feels good flowing against my clit like that. Not as good as you were licking my pussy, but sure good enough to get off to. Do you want me to cum, Ashley?”

“Of course, I want you to cum Auntie. That’s what today is all about. I want you to cum more today than you ever have in a day. I want to be the cause of most of those orgasms, but I would love to see you fuck that jet stream right here in my hot tub. C’mon Auntie, fuck that water like a little slut. Fuck it and think about fucking me. Let out your moans of ecstasy. I don’t give a fuck about my neighbors; they should all be at work by now, anyway. I want to hear you cry out in lust. Fuck it bitch!”

She really started riding that jet like it was a cock inside of her. I watched the intense look on her face and began thrusting my hips against my jet of water. There was just something about using a stream of water to masturbate with that I found sexy. I have been masturbating with water since I was a little girl. Once I found out how good a good strong stream of hot water felt on my clit, I was showering two and three times a day. If my mother knew, she never let on to me that she did.

The water felt good pelting onto my clit in a nice steady stream. I watched Auntie Pam as I started to get more excited here in my hot tub. This was so fucking erotic that I couldn’t stand it. Auntie was playing with her hard little nipples as she got closer to the peak of orgasm. She had leaned back and was pinching her nipples and riding that stream. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me as she started to cum.

“I love knowing that you are watching me pleasure myself. That is a turn on in itself. Do you want me to cum, Ashley?”

“Yes, you little whore; I want you to cum while I am watching.”

She looked me in the eye with a lustful gaze as her body started reaching its peak. I reached up and grabbed a hold of my nipples and started pinching and twisting them. I was short enough that they were floating on top of the water and when I started to twist them, I started to cum.

“Oh god, Ashley, this feels so good. I can’t stand it much longer. I need to cum like a slut. It isn’t going to take long. I am right there. OH GOD! ASHLEY, I AM CUMMING!”

“Cum bitch. That’s it, cum like a little whore for me. You are nothing but a little bahis siteleri slut who likes to get off in front of women. I am going to cum with you!”

The water felt so good pelting on my clit and watching her made me hot with desire. I couldn’t wait to get off so that I could go over there and eat her soaking wet pussy. The spasms racked my body with lust and when I came, I came hard. It felt good to have the water jet streaming onto my hard little clit. I was watching Auntie Pam and getting hotter by the second. Her face was construed into an orgasmic expression and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open with the orgasm that was racing through me.

I jumped off of the jet and let myself recover for a minute and then walked over to where Auntie Pam was sitting. I leaned over and planted an erotic kiss on her lips. When her mouth opened and invited me in, my tongue was ready to explore this woman’s sexy mouth. I fondled her tits while our tongues were dancing around each other. Her nipples were hard and sticking out like they wanted to be sucked and licked. I was able to comply. She moaned into my mouth as I worked her nipples with my fingers. Then I leaned down and took one into my mouth while pinching the other. I sucked on that hard nipple and bit it with my teeth. Auntie Pam was squirming on her seat with the jet still pulsing on her hard little clit. I reached down to her pussy and began fingering her hot hole with all that I could muster.

I could feel her wetness even in the water. She was so slick and hot and ready to be made love to. I added a second finger to her hot little cunt and began stroking her insides. Her hips began to move with my thrusts and I could feel her muscles clinching around my fingers. I added, yet another, finger to her hot hole and really began fucking her like a little whore.

“Oh Ashley, that feels so fucking good. I love having your fingers inside of me. Fuck me, girl. Fuck me like a wanton whore. I want to cum with your fingers deep inside of me like that. I want you to feel my juices squirt out like a little slut! Ashley, you make me feel so good!”

“Auntie, this is my pleasure. I love to make women feel good and you are the best. Your cunt is so tight and hot that I can’t get enough of it. Why don’t you slide up here on the edge, so that I can get a taste of your delectable pussy?”

She braced her arms on the side of the hot tub and boosted herself up as I helped her with my fingers still inside of her. When she was situated on the side of the tub, I continued to stroke her insides and leaned down to take her clit into my mouth. She tasted so good that I almost came from eating her out. She began moaning in ecstasy and bucking her hips to my movement inside of her. I couldn’t get enough. I planted myself on her clit and sucked her like a vacuum. When she was close, I added my fourth finger to her tight hole and really began drilling into her.

I looked up into her eyes as her cunt started to spread around my fingers. She was moaning and watching me and I loved an audience. I always performed better on my lovers when they watched me. I began slamming my fingers into her as she met me with every stroke. I loved when she fucked me back like that. I began licking her clit with my flattened tongue and met every stroke on her clit. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her pussy. It turned me on to have my head grabbed like that and she found out how hot it made me. I took my mouth off of her clit and really started fucking her with my fingers, rubbing her clit with my thumb and I lifted my head up and grabbed a hold of one of her hard nipples and bit down, gently at first. When she squirmed, I bit a little harder and fucked a little deeper. I began to wiggle my fingers and hit her spot with an intensity that I had not known. I couldn’t get enough of this hot little bitch that had changed my diapers.

When her body started convulsing, I slammed my hand up inside of her and wiggled my fingers as fast as I could. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and bit on the other nipple.

“Oh god, Ashley, fuck me harder! I want to cum like a whore. I want to be your whore! That’s it baby; make your Auntie cum like a little slut! Aaaahhhrrrggg!!!”

She squirted all over my fingers and into my palm. She came hard and was soaked. I slid my fingers out of her tight little snatch and spread her pussy juice all over her. “Damn, you are one hot bitch! I can’t believe how much you came. Please don’t ever stop cumming that hard. It makes me feel good to get you to that level of orgasm. I think you need to sit over here and relax and catch your breath before we go any farther. I don’t want you passing out from the heat and orgasm combined.”

She slid down from the edge of the hot tub and over to the seat that I suggested. She sank down in the water and leaned her head back against the jets aimed at her neck muscles. “You are fucking amazing. I can’t believe you have given me the intense orgasms that you have. I have never cum like I cum with you and I will never stop cumming like that as long as you keep fucking me like that. Deal?”

“Oh yes, that bahis şirketleri sounds like a wonderful deal. Let’s just finish our coffee and relax for a few minutes and then we can go back inside. I have some things planned for you for today and if we don’t get busy, we might not get through them all. I told you that I was going to pamper you today, but I never told you how.” I said with a mischievous grin. “I am going to do things to you that you have only read about or seen in movies. Is there anything in particular that you would like to do today?”

“Well, sweetie, I have always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass with a strap on. I don’t know why, but I have always thought that would be hot. I told myself if I ever had the chance with a willing participant that I would jump at the opportunity. And here I am with the most willing participant that I ever imagined. Would you let me fuck your ass with a strap on, baby?”

I looked at her with lust combined with affection. So many thoughts went through my head. My pussy was getting wet just sitting there thinking about this beautiful woman fucking me in the ass. “Of course, Auntie, I want you to have the best possible bi-sexual experience that a woman can have. As a matter of fact, I love to be fucked in the ass and would be honored if you were doing the fucking.”

“Oh Ashley, you have made me one very happy woman by agreeing to that. That has been a fantasy of mine, with you, for a very long time. You have such a cute little round ass that I can’t think straight when you are around in a tight pair of shorts. That is one of my favorites when John is out of town. I cum hard thinking about being behind you and sticking a big dildo into your ass and giving you the fucking of your life.”

“Wow, Auntie Pam, you are an amazing woman. I never knew you would have thoughts like that running through your head and about me! Will wonders never cease?”

We both laughed and sipped on our lukewarm coffee. I looked across the hot tub at her tits floating in the water. Her tits were amazingly perky and I loved every inch of them. I leaned back and let the jets massage my neck as I thought about my next maneuver. As I closed my eyes to figure out which way to go when we entered the house, I did not realize that Auntie Pam had moved across the tub to my side. I opened my eyes as she took my left nipple into her mouth and sucked on it like a baby nursing.

She looked me in the eye and said, “Penny for your thoughts.”

“Oh my gorgeous lover, I was just thinking about what to do next. We have quite some preparation for Uncle John’s arrival at home tomorrow afternoon. I have a question for you Auntie.”

“What is it sweetheart? I will tell you anything.”

“Do you like anal sex? I mean with wanting to fuck my ass, I was wandering if you liked it yourself?”

“Well, your Uncle John has tried a few times, but it has not been so pleasurable for me. We tend to avoid that area. Why do you ask?”

“Auntie Pam, you want to fuck my tight little asshole and you want to know why I want to know about anal sex? What, are you kidding me?” I laughed.

“If I could find pleasure in it, I am sure that I would be more willing to do it.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. I will show you the pleasure in ass fucking. It will be the most intense orgasm that you can have. If it is done slowly and properly, anal love making can be very fulfilling, sexually. Allow me to show you when we get out of this tub?”

“I guess that’s fair. Seeing that I have no clue as to what I am doing, you should show me so that I can fulfill your needs, anally, as well.”

“Well, then, let’s get out of this hot tub and go see what we can get into. I will love doing this with you. I am going to show you what I want Uncle John to do to you tomorrow night. I want to see him fuck your tight little ass like you are a little whore. Let’s go!”

We climbed out of the tub and dried off. I ushered her in the sliding glass door and closed the screen door. I grabbed her hand and ran back to the bedroom. When we entered into the room, I threw her onto the bed. She was laughing and her tits were bouncing. I took every detail in. I was about to give this woman the orgasm of her life. I ran over to my cabinet and got all of my supplies out. I got my small sleek vibrator, my six inch slim-line and my 8 inch strap on. I grabbed a bottle of lube and some topical numbing agent to apply to the outer edge of her asshole. It makes it a little more comfortable until you are disciplined to relax those muscles instead of the reflex to tighten them up.

She watched me with fascination. I was buzzing about and picked up one more item before coming over to the edge of the bed. I picked up my double penetration dildo for my harness. Auntie Pam’s eyes grew wide and her face turned white. The main cock on this dildo was a good 10 inches long with a girth to match. The anal cock of this dildo was slimmer and only about 8 inches in length. I walked over to the nightstand and got the blindfold and put it on her head. I leaned down and kissed her and said, “Now my sweet Auntie, I want you to lay there and relax and feel the sensations that I am going to put you through. This is not going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am sort of fuck. This is going to last for a while in preparation to use all of these items.

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