Andi’s Friend

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Andrea was very popular in high school. She was on the soccer team, diving team, and was a favorite at synchronized swimming. She spent most of her summer vacations lying out by the pool, and she prided herself on her ability to tan almost on demand. There wasn’t a straight guy around that wouldn’t turn his head to catch a glimpse of her long, tanned legs wherever she went. She was used to the attention, and would intentionally dress in the skimpiest dresses, skirts, or shorts to flaunt her assets. She developed a reputation for being a tease, as she would dress sexy, but she never had sex (as far as anyone knew).

The reality was that she was very shy and only acted the part of a tease so she would get attention and be accepted by her peers. She didn’t want to appear to be a “goody-two-shoes” girl, but she felt embarrassed when anyone flirted with her directly. Her relationships with her boyfriends didn’t last long, either, as she never made it much past the third date. She enjoyed teasing, and the most satisfaction any guy got from Andi was a hand job. That tended to make her boyfriends look elsewhere when they were ready to take things to the next level.

When it came time to move downstate for college, Andi’s shy side seemed to take over. She was in a new place without her usual friends. Many of the girls at her new school were just as attractive as her, if not more so. She also found older guys checking her out more than ever before. Some would point at her and whisper, some would laugh, and some would simply undress her with their eyes. While she appreciated the attention, it made her feel uneasy.

Her first year of college was spent in the dorms. The rules were strict, and most of the girls on her floor were quiet little bookworms. Andi managed to make several new friends in her classes, and after some time, she was invited to a few parties. Most of the parties were fairly tame with the usual alcohol, dance music, and occasional couples making out or having sex in a closet. Andi kept her distance from the guys that were obviously drunk, and surrounded herself with other “nice” girls. Every once in awhile, she’d meet a couple of nice guys as these parties, but they never called her for more than one or two dates. She went the entire first year without a steady boyfriend.

When she went home for the summer, she found that most of her friends had moved from the area. She was feeling a little depressed. Luckily, one of her classmates name Nicki visited her during the summer break. Andi recommended they go to her favorite pool and work on their tans.

Andi was about 5′ 10″ and 125 lbs. Her blonde hair was cropped short, and her blue-grey eyes stood out sharply against her darkly tanned face. She felt inadequate as she watched Nicki take off her T-shirt, and then looked down at her own B-cup breasts. She was the last one at her grade school to get pubic hair, the last one to get tits, and the last one to get her period. As she developed, though, she noticed that she had inherited her mom’s berthing hips. Her pubic hair was almost non-existent (something Nicki mentioned being quite envious of) and kept her fingernails and toenails naturally manicured without garish polish. She just wished she had a little more “on top.”

Nicki was a little shorter and a little heavier than Andi, mostly due to her larger, more fully developed breasts. She looked a lot like Lindsay Lohan, which she didn’t mind until the child star grew to become the subject of ridicule. Her long, brunette hair was pulled tight in a ponytail. Nicki was fair-skinned, and seemed to freckle more than tan, but she still had the toned body of the high school gymnast she once was. She pulled off her shorts with confidence. She worked out regularly, and probably spent as much time looking at herself in the bathroom mirror as most of the guys looking at her now. Even Andi couldn’t help but admire her efforts.

They had been there for about two hours, and Nicki could tell that Andi wasn’t as happy as she should be. She seemed almost uptight. They swam a few laps in the pool before drying off one last time before calling it a day.

Andi fixed her towel and untied the back of her bikini top so she could lie on her stomach and not get any errant string tan lines on her back. Nicki lay on her back and raised her knees. The sun was hot, and sweat quickly pooled in her belly button.

“You should get a dildo.” Nicki said as she rolled over onto her stomach.

Andi looked at Nicki from behind her sunglasses.

“What!?” Andi whispered, not wanting Nicki to speak of such things loudly.

“You know. A dildo. Shaped like a dick, the size of your choice. Soft or hard, whatever you like. It’ll take the edge off” Nicki smiled.

“I don’t know what I like. I haven’t had one inside me, yet.” Andi explained. “And I don’t know what edge you’re talking about.”

“You know… the edge of still being a virgin. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you? What are you waiting for?” Nicki exclaimed.

“I’m not waiting. I’m just a little scared. I’m not into pain, you know.” Andi sighed.

“It canlı bahis only hurts a little, and it gets better the more you do it. Really!” Nicki smiled.

“Can we talk about something else?” Andi asked.

“Sure. Do you swallow?” Nicki whispered.

The two of them giggled and sat up to leave. Andi forgot her top was undone, and Nicki caught a glimpse of her small tits. The tan lines were shaped like perfect, small triangles over Andi’s erect nipples. Nicki felt herself licking her lips.

“Oh shit!” Andi cried.

“It’s okay. I don’t think anyone saw,” Nicki assured her.

They walked past the pool showers and Nicki asked if they could rinse off so they didn’t get chlorine in the car. Andi thought it seemed obvious, but also remembered Nicki just got her car as a present from her parents a few weeks ago.

Nicki watched as Andi let her bikini bottoms drop to the floor, grab them with her toes, and then toss them aside as if she’d practiced it a hundred times. She untied her top and tossed it on the bench, then turned on the shower. Andi’s tan lines on her bottom were as perfect as they were on top. At first glance, it appeared as if Andi had shaved her pubic hair, but it was actually so fine that the hair was barely visible. The Polish and Swedish mix worked well for Andi.

Nicki unceremoniously removed her bikini and stepped under the same shower head as Andi.

Andi seemed a little surprised, but Nicki was prepared with a response.

“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.” Nicki smiled provocatively.

Andi couldn’t help but look at Nicki’s hairless pussy.

“Does it hurt to shave it?” Andi inquired.

“Not at first, but when it starts growing back, it itches pretty bad. That’s why I wax, now.” Nicki replied.

“All of it?” Andi asked.

“Yep, front and back. Talk about pain. Thankfully, it lasts a lot longer than shaving.” Nicki said. “You don’t know how lucky you are to not have to worry about that.”

“What’s the bid deal about hair down there?” Andi asked.

“Well,” Nicki thought for a moment. “When someone goes down on you down there, they might spend more time with their tongue in the right place if they don’t have to keep stopping to pull hairs out of their mouth.”

“Well, then, why wax around your butt hole?” Andi asked.

“Like I said, I like their tongue to be in the right place.” Nicki smiled.

Andi made a squeamish face, and then stepped out from under the shower head. Nicki giggled and turned off the shower.

Nicki intentionally bent over to show Andi her hairless pussy and asshole as she pulled on her panties.

“Doesn’t that look nice?” Nicki asked.

“I suppose. But I’m not sure I want to stick my tongue in it.” Andi replied.

“Don’t knock it until you try it, okay?” Nicki chided.

“Okay,” Andi sighed. “Apparently, you’re the experienced one.”

After they dressed, they stopped at Andi’s parent’s house to change clothes before going to the mall. Andi wasn’t sure why, but Nicki decided to wear a skirt without panties. She didn’t bother with a bra, either, and recommended that Andi do the same.

“Live a little, will ya’?” Nicki said. Andi, not wanting to appear as sheepish as she really was, found one of her favorite short skirts and pulled off her panties. Unlike Nicki, Andi didn’t need to wear a bra with most clothes, but did anyway per her mother’s guidance. She pulled off her top and removed her bra, once again showing Nicki her small, yet perfectly tan-lined tits.

She pulled on a tight T-shirt, and then put another shirt on top of that, buttoning it up only halfway.

“Happy?” Andi asked. “I look like a slut.”

“No you don’t.” Nicki assured her. Not yet, she thought.

On the way to the mall, Nicki took a detour.

“Ummm, I think you missed our turn.” Andi quipped.

“Relax. I want to show you something, first.” Nicki said.

About 15 minutes later, Nicki pulled up to an adult bookstore, parking behind the building and off the street.

“What are we doing here?” Andi cried.

“I’m going to get you something.” Nicki explained.

“You can wait here, or you can go in with me and have some say in what I pick out.”

Andi figured Nicki was going to get her a dildo, and decided not to fight it. She wouldn’t have to use it. How would Nicki ever know? If this made Nicki feel better, then she would go along with it. Something made her feel uncomfortable about staying in the car, though, so she decided to go inside with Nicki.

“How did you know about this place? You’re not even from around here!” Andi asked.

“I checked the phone book and called ahead to make sure they had what I was looking for.” Nicki explained.

“And what is that?” asked Andi.

“You’ll see,” answered Nicki as she held the door open. As Andi walked inside, Nicki grabbed her arm.

“Just stay next to me, okay?” Nicki asked with a serious look on her face.

“Sure. I just hope you know what you’re doing,” Andi replied.

“I think so, but these places are always different.” Nicki whispered.

Shocked, bahis siteleri Andi asked under her breath if Nicki had been to places like this before.

“A few. Just stay with me.” Nicki said, and led Andi inside.

“You girls over eighteen?” a large, fat man asked from behind the raised counter. “I’m gonna have to see your I.D.’s.” he added.

Nicki fumbled through her tiny purse and handed him her college ID card. Andi, a few weeks from her nineteenth birthday, held Nicki’s arm tightly.

“I think I left mine in the car,” Andi said as she tried pulling Nicki toward the door.

The fat guy paused for a moment, then handed Nicki’s ID back to her.

“I guess I can let it go this time. We’re not too busy. Just don’t get yourselves into any trouble,” he added.

Nicki tucked away her ID and pulled Andi further into the store.

To the left, the wall was covered from floor to ceiling with every type vibrator and dildo imaginable. Andi had no idea such things existed, nor in such variety. Nicki looked around, but didn’t seem to pay too much attention to the wall of dildos.

Andi stared in amazement as one particular dildo caught her eye. It was twelve inches long, four inches thick, and had a set of balls at its suction cupped base. The packaging claimed it was the most lifelike of it’s kind, with hand-painted raised veins and balls that floated freely in the sack.

“Holy shit!” was about all Andi could say.

“Relax, Andi. That’s something you’ll have to work up to — it’s not for beginners.” Nicki said as she guided Andi to the back of the store.

They passed several rows of magazines covering almost every fetish imaginable.

“Ever watch a porno?” Nicki asked.

“Of course. Who hasn’t” Andi snipped. What she didn’t say was that all she had ever seen was the few seconds of porn that her brother forgot to erase before he gave her his old laptop.

“Well, check this out,” Nicki said as she pulled Andi to a dark doorway.

Beyond the doorway, in a glass case, were showcased movies available for preview in little booths down the hall.

“Wait here,” Nicki said.

Before Andi could protest, Nicki was already gone, buying tokens from the fat guy at the front of the store. She hadn’t noticed before, but as she looked toward Nicki, Andi could see there were several more men in the store than when they first walked in. The clientèle were mostly truckers, as far as Andi could tell. Some big, some small, but most all seemed dirty and dingy.

Nicki quickly returned, practically skipping along the wall of dildos.

“Come on, this is going to be fun,” Nicki said excitedly.

“How do you know? Have you done this before?” Andi asked.

Nicki knew that Andi was scared. She was a little scared, too, but didn’t want to let on.

She explained that when she was sixteen, she followed her dad to an adult bookstore in her hometown. Her mom and sister thought her dad was having an affair, but he was just going to this little store on the far side of town. She didn’t know what it was, or what went on in there, but she was always told it was a place where perverts went. She followed him without him knowing almost every week for a year, until she was able to get a fake ID. Her friends had a reliable source to get them fake ID cards for college parties and getting into a few less-reputable bars, but she wanted hers to get into this porn shop.

She finally got up the nerve to try out her fake ID when she knew her dad wouldn’t be around.

It worked, and she spent over an hour looking at almost every inch of the store. She enjoying being eyed by the clientèle, and sometimes made them squirm, but she didn’t want her dad to see her in there. She found a few other adult bookstores just outside of town, and found herself making frequent trips until she left for college.

“So, what did you do each time you went? Build a library of smut and a collection of rubber penises?” Andi whispered disapprovingly.

“Come on. I’ll show you,” Nicki answered, and pulled Andi into one of the booths.

The booth was dimly lit with a red light in the corner, but it occasionally became bright as previews flashed on a TV screen. This startled Andi, but Nicki told her to relax. Next to the door was a large plastic chair and an ashtray (even though there were NO SMOKING signs everywhere). Nicki checked to make sure the chair was sturdy, although she was really checking to make sure it was clean.

Andi stepped aside as Nicki latched the flimsy lock on the door. To the left, Andi could barely make out a hole in the wall. She wouldn’t have noticed it if it hadn’t been for the previews showing in the adjacent booth.

“What’s that?” Andi asked naively.

“Just a minute,” Nicki whispered.

To the right was an opaque window. Andi could see the light from the previews in that booth, also, but was unable to see anything in that booth through the milky white glass. A coin slot was next to the window, which Andi read was called a “Buddy Window”. Before she had the chance to think bahis şirketleri more on that, there was a loud clank and an even louder sound of a woman moaning as Nicki dropped in the first of several tokens in the slot by the TV.

“Can you turn that down?” Andi asked.

“Sorry,” replied Nicki as she fumbled for the volume knob.

Nicki sat in the chair and pulled Andi on her lap.

“Relax, I’m heavier than you, and you’re light as a feather.” Nicki said.

Andi sat on Nicki as if she was sitting on Santa’s lap and they both watched the movie. A young stud was pleasuring a woman in her late forties. It was obviously a movie from the late seventies or early eighties, and none of the actors seemed very attractive by Nicki’s standards.

Nicki could see Andi wasn’t enjoying it.

“What are we doing here, Nicki?” Andi asked.

“Just wait a minute. If you don’t like what’s on, change it.” Nicki said.

Andi stood up and walked toward the TV screen that was built into the wall like an ATM machine. She found the up and down button for the channels and cycled through several movies.

Girl on girl.

Boy on boy.

Two girls on one boy.

Two boys on one girl.

Four men on one woman.

Four men on two women. She stopped there and sat back on Nicki’s lap.

They watched as two gorgeous women were having all of their holes filled repeatedly. The men were either French or Italian, and could have been models. Their dicks were larger than any Andi had ever seen, and looked about the size of some of the dildos on the wall. She had no idea that dicks could really get that big.

Andi was getting turned on in a way she had never expected.

Nicki put her hand on Andi’s leg and gently slid it under her skirt. Andi jumped, but didn’t protest.

Andi had experimented with another girl in high school, but it was more like a doctor exam than a sexual encounter. She knew it was only a matter of time before she’d experiment further in college, especially without having a steady boyfriend. Nicki reached up with her other hand and found one of Andi’s nipples and squeezed it gently.

“Are we okay?” Nicki asked quietly.

“We’re okay,” Andi answered.

Nicki found Andi’s clitoris and gently rubbed up and down in rhythm with the actors on the TV screen. When she slid two fingers in Andi’s wet pussy, she felt her own pussy yearning for attention.

Andi was quickly approaching orgasm, and just when they thought the men on the TV were going to come, the screen went blank and was quickly replaced by short previews of the other movies.

“Shit, we need more tokens!” Nicki said in a hush. “Do you want to watch some more, or do you want to go?”

“What do you want to do?” Andi asked as she put Nicki’s wet fingers to her lips.

“I’ll be right back.” Nicki answered. “Lock the door behind me.”

Andi latched the door as soon as Nicki was out of the booth.

Even with the momentary flashes of bright light from the TV, Andi’s eyes began to adjust to the darkness. Her flip-flops slid on the floor and she almost fell just walking back toward the chair.

There was a tug at the door.

“Nicki?” she whispered.

There was no reply. A few seconds later, the door to the booth on her left opened. She immediately squatted so she was eye level with the hole in the wall between the two booths.

She could barely make out what appeared to be a large man in the booth next to her. The man was dropping several dollars worth of tokens into the TV slot. He cycled through the movies and stopped on the same one she had just been watching with Nicki.

She found herself getting turned on, again, and momentarily stood up to pull her skirt up around her waist before squatting back down. Her flip-flops slid slightly, but she managed to steady herself.

The large man in the booth next to her lowered his pants and began masturbating in time with the action on the TV. Andi caught a glimpse of the large man’s dick in the light of the TV. It was larger than most of her boyfriend’s dicks. With more bumpy veins, it was almost ugly. The sight of him stroking himself in time with the movie, though, made her wet with excitement and she found herself rubbing her clit in time with his strokes.

She was barely able to keep her balance as her feet continued to slide in her flip-flops.

She reached up and squeezed her nipple just as Nicki had done just minutes ago. She had never played with her tits while getting herself off, and wondered why she was doing it now.

As she felt her first wave of orgasm, there was another knock on the door.

“Andi?” Nicki whispered.

Andi stood up and pulled her skirt back down, then unlatched the door.

Nicki stepped in and quickly latched the door behind her.

She walked over to the TV and started dropping at least an hour’s worth of tokens into the slot. Andi walked up behind her, pulled her ponytail aside, and kissed Nicki’s neck as she reached around to feel her full breasts.

Nicki turned around and lifted off her top, throwing it on the chair. She took Andi’s hand and placed it between her legs. She was just as wet as Andi. Andi bent slightly to kiss one of Nicki’s large breasts while sliding two fingers up Nicki’s pussy.

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