Am I Bi Sexual

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Sitting on that chair against the evening breeze and a dimming sunlight, I thought …this is a new feeling. I never had this before and surprised to have this. A tingling sensation ran through my body from head to toe every time I thought about this.

Also I realized that I love imagining, visualizing this for hours and I can go on day dreaming for hours. Sometimes I have fallen asleep with these thoughts hoping that I would dream about that . As you know dreams are more real than reality.

Not sure how long I sat there, it was dark and I could see people leaving the park and could hear mosquitoes singing in anticipation of their luck tonight, having me on a park bench. I decided not to become a dinner for the mosquitoes and walked back to the hotel.

I was on a Business trip and I am not a big fan of travelling. I like to be with family all the time and tend to be lonely during my business trips. The same courteous smile of the Hotel staff welcomed me , the same smile that you see in every hotel, yes they are paid for it and they do a good job.

I entered the big white dungeon, read as my hotel room, all white bed sheets, pillow covers and standard furniture, wondering how to spend my time rest of the evening. When ever I feel like nothing to do, I love to take a shower, a warm shower and I like to spend almost an hour. As usual I got into shower and again started dreaming, the tingling sensation appeared , head to toe, and I was on a trance.

I was interrupted by a call on my mobile and cursing the caller for disturbing me from my beautiful thoughts I wiped my hands to pick the phone which was kept near. To my surprise the caller was George. My heart started beating faster, and I said, “hello.”

“Hi Thomas, what’s up? are you back from office?” Georges familiar voice on the other side.

“Yes man, came back and feeling bored . As usual getting away from boredom through a shower, ” I started laughing.

George said, “OK…I will be there in the next 30 mins if you are available.”

“Oh yes…I am here.” I started to feel the sensation again …

“Ok, then see you in 30 mins and bye for now.” George disconnected the phone.

A sudden lightning went through my body…is this the day?

I clearly remembered when I shared my thoughts with George. That was another evening like this, nothing else to do me and George went for a drink in a close by bar. I had a plan that I will share my thoughts with him on that day if possible. But I had planned like that several times and never mustered courage, so this time also I was not hopeful.

After couple of drinks, I gathered some courage and said, “George, I wanted to talk to you something very important for me. But güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you have to promise me that you will not share this with any one and will be a secrete forever.”

George had a cheeky smile and said, “What is the issue? You are breathing heavily…relax , Do you have an affair?” He was curious to know my problem and help me as my big brother.

I said, “George the problem is slightly different. Hear me out. Have you heard about Bi Sex?” I asked him.

I could see his smile disappearing and face becoming more curious, “Not really”.

I said, “there is a category of people known as bi curious. Who are bi sexual and curious. I think I am in that category.”

George started laughing and said, “Oh man.”

With the heat of 2 drinks and the courage that I got, I continued, my words stammered, voice became very low when I said, “I would like to suck your cock. I want to do a blow job for you, I want to blow you. Nothing else, just wanted to try once, I may like or may not. If I like it I might ask for more. You have all the right to say NO, and I won’t feel bad. But it should be a top class secret.”

There was a silence …finally George spoke up. “I am ok, I don’t have a problem. But the key is when , where and how. We will figure out.”

By that we had almost finished our drinks and ready to head back home. We drove back home and again discussion were around this and I was much more relaxed after the drink, also it was not a secret any more. This was a dream going on in my mind for almost 2 years and finally a relief when I told him.

I said, “George you don’t have a problem, you are getting some one to do a free of cost service. You should enjoy.”

“But Thomas, any blow job is associated with lot of other things. There are times where I can’t control and I might come faster.”

“That’s ok George. I am ready to take that risk. I don’t mind even if you come in my mouth.”

Then as a big brother George said, “OK. We will work out a plan.”

But that never worked, its almost a year now since we discussed that and I was not even sure if he remembered all of that discussion. May be this is a casual visit knowing that I am in the city and he is also here.

I got out of my thoughts, wiped myself and got dressed. Next few mins were the most difficult for me as I was trying to keep my patience, but waiting for the door bell to ring.

I closed all the window blinds , just in case he remembers and offers. Not sure how much time passed by, phone rang again…

I picked up the phone with my heartbeats pumping up …It was my wife.

“Hey, what are you doing? Are you back from office? Did you eat your dinner?”

As güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri usual , she had few questions , all in one go. I laughed and said, “let me answer one by one” and responded to every question.

“How’s Sam?” Sam is my 8 year old Son.

“Yeah, he is fine. Not really missing you.”

“Ah as usual …he is a pure Taurian. Anyway, I am stepping out for some time to have some dinner. Can I call you back?”

I did not want to tell her about George’s visit, though she knows that he is in town.

“OK, bye for now. Call me in the night and she hung up the phone.”

before I could get into next set of thoughts phone rang again and this time it was George asking for my room #. He was down stairs.

My heart started pumping more than ever…Will it happen today? Will my dream come true? Why am I so nervous? I should have had a drink to ease me out.

Bell rang, and I jumped to open the door. There he was George.

George is no super human, he is a normal guy , brown skin and a normal physique. He must be 5’7″, average built and a clean shaven.

The moment I opened the door , I could smell whisky and I could sense that he is drunk.

“Oh, you are drunk, You should have told me , we could have had one together, ” I said.

“No man, I am coming back from a party , going to my hotel room. Thought of stopping by.”

“Let me use the washroom, ” saying that he went to the bathroom.

I locked the room and went on to watch the TV that was playing. I don’t even remember what was playing because I didn’t see or hear that , it was just to show him that I was busy.

I had a shock when George came out of the bathroom in his underwear.

He said, “Thomas you have been asking for some thing for some time, today is the day…I am ready.”

I didn’t know how to react…I said, “I am nervous. I should have had a drink , not to feel nervous.”

But then, finally I murmured, “if you don’t mind, can you please take a shower? be there I will come there.”

He immediately obliged and went to the shower. Before I could makeup my mind to go to the bathroom, he came out now fully naked.

He had a soft penis and the small thing was dangling. First time in my life, I am seeing a dick other than mine. It was brown in color and he sat on the bed, next to me and said with a smile, “its all yours.”

I didn’t know what to do, so I said, “I am nervous, I don’t know what to do.”

He started stroking it and I joined him and I started playing with his dick. I could see it growing in my hands. My cold hands could make it bigger.

It grew and became a round edged big dick, bigger than mine. First time I am güvenilir bahis şirketleri seeing some thing like this in real life. It had a slight curve as well.

He stood up bringing his dick to my face’s level. I continued on the bed holding and stroking…Finally the time came, where I decided to go for it.

I touched it with my lips , then opened my mouth. Slowly sucking his head in and out. I tried to take his whole dick in , but it was too long . Also with my right hand I started playing with his balls. I rubbed his head on my lips , licking the head again and again.

Suddenly George grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. That was a great feeling and I did not want him to stop that. Some times i was getting choked and George asked, “are you O K?”

“Yes…I am fine. Enjoying.”

This went on for few more mins and George asked, “done, is this enough?”

I said “Yes, ” though I wanted this to go on for ever.

He took his dick out of my mouth and went to the bathroom, saying “let me relieve.”

I wanted to say, let me do that and may be taste your cum, but could not muster courage.

He released himself and came out. Wore his clothes and ready to leave. I also went to the bathroom, brushed by teeth and gargled several times.

By the time I came out he was ready to leave. I accompanied him down and ensured he got a taxi back to the hotel.

I came back to my room, what an evening. I got what I have been dreaming for the last 2 years and I knew I didn’t do a good job.

I wanted to lick his balls, take that in my mouth and keep sucking it …lick his shaft up…and grab that beautiful round head between my lips…run my tongue all over his shaft and shaft head…wanted to keep him blowing till he comes and yes, I wanted him to come in mouth and wanted to taste his cum … I wanted to lie down on the bed, face up on the edge so that he can fuck my mouth like he fucks and his balls hitting my nose as he fucks… I wanted him to fuck me between my thighs with a moisturizing lotion, I wanted to feel his warm cum in between my legs…feel that oozing down my thighs while he grabs my butt tight …and finally I wanted him up my ass, feeling his dick throb up my ass, feel his warm cum inside me.

But looks like those will be distant dreams as he is a straight guy and would not be interested in all these. I think he obliged for blowjob because of the love and respect for me and I will have to limit to that. I hope I get another evening like that , where I could do little better than what I did that day.

I will make sure I suck him off completely till he comes and I will taste his cum next time for sure. I will lick and suck his balls so that he will come back to me again and again when ever he wants a good suck.

Not sure when that will happen, but dreaming is reality. Every night before going to sleep I day dream this. Even after a good sex with my wife , I lie down and think about when will I do this, what will I do to George. One day for sure!

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