Alien Prison Ch. 04

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First, I must say that I tried!! I really truly did try to find an editor!! But I figured I had wasted a really long time waiting for some of them to reply and some didn’t. So I am really sorry that it has taken me so long. (Bows and begs forgiveness)Also, I appreciate all of the comments that you guys have posted. Please keep doing it. It makes me feel that people are actually reading these stories. Thanks! 🙂

Disclaimer: Any semblance that characters in this story bear to those in other stories is purely coincidental. The idea for this story is my own also and any similarities are also coincidental.

Enjoy, CassieJo


I could tell that Zmaj was nearing the end of his speech as the people around me were growing restless. All of a sudden, someone shouted out, “Who is that cute one gonna room with? That Terry, or whatever his name is.”

“He will be staying with me, of course,” was Zmaj’s answer. My jaw dropped to the floor.

Mar came dancing up to me, “So, what do you think of your new roommate?”

“I hate it,” I said to him. “How in the hell, am I going to live with a constant erection?!” For some reason, I felt at ease with Mar, like an old friend. I don’t usually go around telling nearly complete strangers that my new roommate would probably make me accidentally impale someone. Although, I was really hoping that someone, a certain hunk perhaps, would impale me.

Mar started laughing, “I saw you checking him out, hardcore.”

I blushed, “Mar, please do not refer to him in the same sentence as the word ‘hardcore’. I’m TRYING to behave here. I mean, he’s a freakin’ commander of a group of prisoner warriors. The last thing that I need is another—,” I caught myself before I let it slip about Blake.

Mar raised an eyebrow, “You know you can talk to me, right?”

“Yeah I know, Mar. I know,” I didn’t know a different way to answer. It was still too difficult to talk about. What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey guys, I had a homicidal, drug overlord for a boyfriend. Don’t worry though; he only wants to kill everyone I have bodily contact with.’ Yup, I can see that going over really well.

“If you’re done with your inner conversation,” Mar said making me blush, “I want to introduce you to some of the warriors. You obviously met Cobra already.” Mar threw a look at me over his shoulder that I couldn’t quite make out. It was almost like he was asking me a question and looking concerned at the same time. I just met him, I thought to myself, how could he be concerned about a stranger like me?

The first man that we walked up to was the one that Mar had ran up to and hugged. He was a little smaller than Zmaj but still massive compared to the other prisoners. His blue grey eyes shimmered as Mar introduced us.

“Te, this is my lover, Tamac. If you ever need anything, and I’m not around, ask him,” Mar said.

“And if this little runt, here,” Tamac said gesturing to Mar, “give you any trouble, just let me know. I’ll gladly take care of it.” I had to laugh at the look on Mar’s face. It looked like he couldn’t decide if he was aroused or pissed off at what was just said.

“Haha, okay. Thank you,” I responded, still laughing. Everyone that Mar introduced me to me seemed really nice. I would not have guessed that, not in prison at least.

“They are only civil to people that are either on their team or are rooming with someone from their team,” Mar said, answering my unspoken question.

“Oh, ok,” I said nodding my head. “Do you want to see some of the cool perks that come with rooming with a warrior, little one?” Mar asked.

“I thought that that was the big room and good food.”

“Oh no, little one,” Tamac answered with a smile. “There are many perks to being a warrior, or a warrior’s ‘roommate’. Let us show you some of them. Zmaj can show you more later on.”

The tour was incredible. They had everything and more. I saw a pool table, a tennis court, a basketball court, an anti-gravity volleyball court, an air hockey table, and a skating rink. I love skating. If I could, I would skate 40% of my life away.

I love the ice. I love the cool feel of the skating rink. I love skating almost as much as I love swimming. Almost. The feel of the cool water flowing past your skin. The feelings that flow through my body as I cut through it are addictive.

I usually end up getting horny while swimming because of my intense love for it. I’m not exactly tall enough to be a competitive swimmer, but I wish that I was. Although, when I think about it, that would mean my horniness would be displayed to the audience when the medals were presented…

I realized that we were now walking towards the sleeping quarters for the warriors. We stopped at the room just before Mar’s room. “Your new room is right next to ours,” Mar explained seeing the puzzled expression on my face. “If you need anything you can just come over…or knock on the wall, I guess.”

“Okay, thank you very much, Mar, canlı bahis şirketleri Tamac, for showing me around.” I thanked them. I looked hesitantly at the door, “Um, do you think that Zmaj is back in the room yet?”

Tamac answered first, “No, probably not. He had to go through the details of the latest mission with the prison heads. He should be back in about 25 minutes though.”

“Make sure you take a nap. If I hear any screaming, I will come over, kick your butt, and then sing you to sleep again, ok?” Mar told me. I mean he TOLD me. There was no question and I didn’t doubt that he would do exactly that.

“Yeah, okay. I am going to take a shower first and then I will go to sleep,” I assured them.

“Ok, sleep well,” they said in unison. Turning towards their door, they took each other’s hands, and went inside.

I walked inside Zmaj’s room. There was no way in hell that I was going to be able to think of this as my room any time soon. I looked around. Zmaj’s room was similar to Mar and Tamac’s room, but slightly more extravagant. His room had what looked like crystals hanging from the ceiling, a huge sitting area, and paintings on most of the walls of nature and winter scenes.

As I walked farther into the room I saw how truly beautifully all of the furniture went together. It looked like the sofa and love seat were designer. How in the heck did a convicted criminal get a plush room like this?!?!?!

I went into the little hallway that led to his bedroom. My jaw dropped so far that it actually hurt. His bed was practically straight out of my wettest dream. Minus the super-hot man, of course. The bed was a sexy four post bed with curtains. It was the kind where the curtains could be opened or closed.

The colors, damn, the colors were downright seductive. The comforter was a deep sapphire blue. The silk sheets were the deepest red imaginable. The sheets and the bed comforter both had golden trimming. The curtains and pillow cases were also made of the same gold colored material. I couldn’t believe it; I was actually starting to get hard just looking at the bed.

It’s a good thing Zmaj isn’t here, I thought to myself. Bad move. I started to imagine that angel/should be illegal for a man to look that hot/God of a man in the very bed that I was staring at and BOOM!!!! Instant hard-on. You have a long, hard life ahead of you, I thought to myself as more images of something else that could be long and hard started to fill my mind….and anywhere else I would like to put them.

I took off my clothes in the bed room and walked to the bathroom. My dick was standing at full attention loving the feel of the cool air around it. I walked into his bathroom which turned out to be just like the rest of his room, extremely extravagant. The floor was marble, the counter top was marble, and the shower was, of course, marble! I looked around me, astonished. I mean, really, how much money was Zmaj making the prison that he lived like this? I shook my head as I walked fully inside the bathroom and turned towards the shower. I turned it on and got inside.

As the water flowed over me I became more and more horny, even though the cuts burned. I soaped up my hair and then rinsed it out. I then turned my attention to washing the rest of my scrawny body. I worked my way down to my hard flesh and palmed it. I started to stroke myself as my other hand crept around to my ass. I flinched as my finger touched my hole and some of the cuts on my ass. Still too sore to enjoy that, I guess.

I moved my hand away from my ass and brought it down to below my cock. I gently rolled the orbs in the smooth skin. A moan escaped my lips as I envisioned Zmaj’s mouth on my cock and his hand on my orbs. I wasn’t able to hold on for long before my muscles tensed up and I started coming. I moaned out Zmaj’s name as I shot the sticky, white liquid onto my hand.

Holy crap! I haven’t come like that in a long time, I thought to myself. I think that you should thank Zmaj for that, my other side shot back. Oh, fuck off. He’s not even completely my type, I answered. My other side was as quick as ever, Oh, really. I don’t know if I believe you after you screamed out his name while coming at the mere thought of him. For once, I didn’t have an answer.

I finished washing up and got out of the shower before it got too hot. Out of force of habit, I guess, I walked out of the bathroom naked to get some clothes to wear. I brought with me a large towel that I was using to dry my hair with as I walked. When I got to the bedroom I just walked in because I thought I was alone in the room. Thought, being the keyword.

I was pretty sure that I had just died and gone to the naughty version of heaven. Because right in front of me, on the bed that had made me so freaking hot earlier, was Zmaj.

He was naked except for a pair of boxers that were sinfully tight. There was a very large bulge laying in them off to one side. The bulge looked soft and unmoving which canlı kaçak iddaa kind of made me wonder how big it could get. I started to get even hornier than I had been earlier. I made a move to walk quietly out of the room when I bumped something.

Zmaj’s head shot up and he looked at me. God, I think that I could grow to love blue eyes, I thought to myself. For once, my other side didn’t argue back.

“Oh, h-hey, I didn’t know t-that y-you were b-back from your m-meeting,” I stammered out, my eyes locked on his incredible body. I had been so focused on what was in his boxers that I hadn’t realized that he was awake. I also hadn’t paid much attention to the ripped body above whatever godsend was in those boxers. Although I could see all of his rippling muscles under his tight uniform before, seeing them unclothed was different.

His eight pack abs contracted as he sat up sending a wave of desire through me. His biceps rippled as his arms moved, sending another wave through me. My mouth was practically watering as I felt my face heat up.

“Are you feeling ok, Te,” that damn angelic voice asked me.

My body wanted to scream, ‘NO, I fucking not okay. I am practically in heat over your body right now! I want to push you down and ride you until my legs can’t bare it anymore! And then guess what, I want you to lay me on my back and pound me until I can’t feel anything below my neck anymore!’ However, I was not anywhere near mentally prepared after what Blake had done.

“Yeah, I’m fine, why?” at least something halfway decent came out of my mouth. Although I could think of something really nice to go in it right now, my other side thought at me. A full body blush spread across my entire body.

“Well, you look a little flushed,” Zmaj answered. “Come here and let me see if you have a temperature.” I walked towards him and his hand reached towards my forehead. “You feel fine. But that is not really a sure fire way to tell if someone is sick.”

My thoughts have an awful way of coming out of my mouth. “Is there a better, more effective way to tell if I’m sick?” and I meant it. I hate, hate, HATE being sick. If he thought that I was sick then maybe I was.

“Well, first of let’s get you dried off, ok,” he said. I blushed when I realized that I was still completely naked.

Yup, smart thing to do in prison. Go walking around naked. Smart, I thought to myself. But the fact that he didn’t do anything to me while I was naked kind of impressed me and depressed me at the same time.

I mean most guys are willing to fuck anything after being in prison for a while. I had been in prison barely two days and already I was coming to the thought of a stranger fucking me. But at the same time I was wondering how badly the explosion had damaged my body. I thought about the horrible bruises on my body that were at their worst right now. The dark blue-black splotches on my skin drowned out the lighter bruises that were from previous beatings that Blake had given me. I was suddenly self-conscious as he walked towards me to help.

I started to back to the door and held the towel up to hide as much of my body as I could.

“I-It’s ok. I can dry myself off. You must be tired after your mission. I’ll go dry off in the bathroom,” I was almost slurring my words together I was trying to talk so fast. I started to turn when he caught me by my arm. He didn’t squeeze, but it still hurt. The pain killers must be wearing off, I thought to myself. He turned me so that my back was facing him.

“Have these wounds been treated?” his voice was a slight growl.

“Um, yeah. I was about to put some more of the healing cream stuff on,” I said. I really, REALLY wish that he hadn’t seen the marks, I thought to myself.

“Lay down on the bed,” he said as he led me to the bed. “I will put it on for you. You probably don’t have long enough arms to reach all of them.”

There was no way that I could have argued as he sat me down on the bed. After he was sure that I was probably not going to run, he pulled on some pants, threw me some shorts, and walked to get some of the healing cream. The soft, silky comforter was almost more than I could handle. My skin was tingling from the sensations. I didn’t want to get blood on the comforter so I put on the shorts and settled for rubbing the silk against my face.

I must have fallen asleep while rubbing my face on the silk, because the next thing that I knew Zmaj’s hands were on my back rubbing in the cream. I yelped a little bit at the sudden touch of unfamiliar hands and I began shaking.

“Calm, my little one, I’m just putting on the healing cream.” He set to work again and this time I couldn’t help the barely audible moan that escaped my lips. I waited to see if he would say something, but he didn’t. He just continued on with his work.

Zmaj’s hands on my back were making me hornier and hornier. I was having a tough time keeping my moans in my mind as I didn’t know what WAS real any more. canlı kaçak bahis His hands were reawakening things that hadn’t come out in many years.

“I can’t reach some of your lower injuries very well,” Zmaj told me, “lift up your hips so I can take the shorts off.”

Oh no, that means that he will see how turned on I am, I thought to myself. But I complied as, once again, there was no way I could have stopped him any other way and didn’t really want him to stop.

His hands went back to rubbing the cream into my back. He started to work his hands lower and lower and lower. My tiny moans were full-fledged moans now.

Eventually he worked his way down to my ass, which was still pretty bad. It had taken quite a few slashes across it when Blake was having fun.

His hands stopped moving and came off my body. I reluctantly lifted my head up, sad that he was done. What if he just doesn’t want to touch my ass, I thought to myself.

I turned around to tell him that I could finish the rest myself when I saw his eyes. They were a bluish-black color that sort of frightened me. I drew away from him, scared that he had gotten annoyed with my moans.

“Z-Zmaj, I can f-finish the r-rest, so y-you don’t h-have to,” I managed to stammer out. I reached for the cream and started to get off the bed when he grabbed me.

“Who did such a terrible thing to you, little one?” he asked. There was no way in fuck’s name was I telling him. Granted, he could probably take Blake any day, but Blake had never played by the rules. He would pay any price to get what he wanted.

“Oh, they’re…they’re from the explosion. I was too close to the building when it blew up, so it knocked me off my feet. I slid on my bottom quite a lot and my back was pretty scraped up,” I really hoped that that would convince him.

Nope. He looked at me with doubt obvious in his eyes. “Never mind, I will eventually get the truth out of you. Lay back down on your stomach.”

His hands went back to work starting at the little divot in my back where my ass starts. He started making his way towards my ass and I almost start moaning. The medicine in the cream killed all pain in the wounds instantly.

My hole was almost twitching I was so horny from his hands being on my ass. Even if this was as far as he wanted to go I still had the memory at least.

He spread the cream over every surface of my ass first and then went to work massaging it in. I could care less about the damn wounds at the point. I was lucky if I was able to form a coherent thought. I was constantly moaning my approval of his hands.

His hands pulled up and off of me and I was about to let out a little moan of disapproval before I caught myself. “Um, thank you so much for that. I’m sure that that is enough. I can clean up now,” my body broke out in a blush as I rambled through my sentences.

“Oh, we’re not done yet,” Zmaj’s angelic voice answered. “I saw a couple more wounds. Please lay back down flat.” I obeyed, truly worried that there were actually even more wounds.

I saw him reach and put some more cream back on his fingers. This time he started right on my ass. But instead of working his way down, he worked in. Towards my crack and my hole. My body was on fire with desire, lust, and hope.

One of his hands reached my crack and he slid a finger up and down it. My body twitched as his finger lightly touched my hole.

“Ahhh,” I moaned out, “I don’t think you need to get those wounds. They will heal on their own.”

His voice was a low growl, “You shouldn’t even have wounds here. None the less, I will make sure that they are all thoroughly coated with the cream.”

I started to move back against his finger because of how insane he was driving me. I wanted him in me, taking me, thrusting into me, and doing a number of other unnamable things to my body.

I felt his finger traveling down towards my hole just as I was pushing back against him. Because of the lubrication provided so kindly by the healing cream he slid right in.

“Ahhh, my GOD!” I moaned out. His finger was so thick and long.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” his voice had a slight smile to it. I got slightly mad that he was teasing me so badly. I moved my foot a little bit to kick him lightly when I felt it.

Something very hard, long, and slightly wet was lying on top of my foot. He moaned lightly as I brushed it again. Aha, I found your weakness, I thought to myself. I have always loved blackmail.

I pushed back on his finger again when suddenly his finger curled inside and hit the spot that set fireworks off behind my eyes.

“Oh fuck YES,” I screamed out.

He started thrusting his finger in and out of my hole as my foot started rubbing against his hard flesh. As he started to add a second finger I was surprised that I still had not thought about Draco. That thought was quickly abandoned as his second finger slid in.

Zmaj was giving my prostate a good work over when I started coming. My whole body was convulsing so badly that I wasn’t sure how I didn’t kick him. He didn’t stop rubbing my hot spot, prolonging my orgasm even more. He had started coming at some point when I was near unconsciousness.

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