A Loving Arrangement Ch. 02

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Author’s note: As with most of my stories, this story is about a couple in a loving, long-term marriage adding something extra. For those of you who only like to read about monogamous marriages, this story isn’t for you. There are so many of those types of stories on this site, written by authors much better than I, so no sense in reading something you won’t like. For those who like wife-sharing stories, I hope you enjoy.

Tags: wife-sharing, creampie, anal, brother-in-law


As I twisted the doorknob and walked into our bedroom, the lights were out. I reached for the switch when my hand was quickly pulled away. The door was shut behind me and masculine arms picked me up and tossed me on the bed.

My legs were forcefully spread as a hard, throbbing cock was pressed at the entrance to my pussy, still leaking from my encounter with Sean. My arms were held above my head as the cock sank into me. He began slowly thrusting, releasing my arms as he propped himself up. I wrapped my arms around him, digging my nails into his back, as he reclaimed what was his.

Minutes passed and his breathing quickened. I wrapped my legs around his, squeezing him with all I could, trying to suck him in further. My climax came in shuddering waves, setting him off. He let out a deep cry of release, his cock throbbing inside me as I took his fill.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me. After we caught our breath, he lifted his head and our eyes met. Smiling, he leaned in and our tongues danced with passionate desire. He rolled over, me now laying on top of him. I pulled back from our kiss, going down his chest to his softened cock. I wanted to taste him.

As I took him into my mouth, I inhaled the musky scent of both men and tasting the sweet and tangy flavor of my wetness.

“Mmmm, that feels good. Well? How was it? I need to know. EVERYTHING!” He pulled my hair back, lightly rubbing my cheek as I cleaned his cock of our juices.

I described in detail my encounter with Sean while sucking on his softened member. When I got to the part where I felt Sean’s cock throbbing inside me from his orgasm, he became hard again. The sex was not as wild as the first time, but filled with passion. Our discussion stirred something primal deep down within him.

Having lived out our wife sharing fantasy, I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction from Joel. He was turned on. But given it was Sean, all the pieces fell into place. Him sharing me was not only about us living out a fantasy, but now it had a purpose in a strange way.

Spending the time with Sean, making love to him, seemed to give him a new take on life. He looked like a new man when I left his bedroom. There was still a lot of hurt, but I think he turned the corner, giving him something positive for a change.

When I woke, Joel was spooning me from behind. His left arm wrapped around my body, his hand cupping my breast. The alarm hadn’t gone off yet but he was already awake. I felt his erection resting between my ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm. I guess sleeping on it didn’t change your mind?” I asked, as I reached around and grabbed his hardened member, lightly stroking it.

“No way! Nothing has changed. How about you? Are you still sure about what we discussed?”

As I thought about what we discussed, I felt a warmth radiating through my body. Still holding his member, I adjusted myself forward and lifted my leg. Rubbing his cock back and forth over my pussy, I positioned him at my entrance. Pushing back, he easily slid in.

As he slowly began to fuck me, I lowered my leg and let him go at his own pace. He held my hip, slowly moving in and out. He knew I was a little tender from his hard pounding the night before, but the more he moved in and out, the soreness seemed to disappear.

“That feels so good. You know I love it when you fuck me in this lazy morning position.” He picked up his pace a little, slapping my ass once as he buried himself into me.

“I hope you’re not too sore. At least not if you still plan on spending the day with Sean.” I moaned, thinking about spending more time with Sean. Sensing my arousal, he started thrusting harder.

I grabbed the sheet and adjusted myself, as I wanted to feel him deeper.

This isn’t working. I turned over and his cock slipped out of me as I got on all fours. I wiggled my ass as he re-positioned behind me, ramming his cock into me in one motion.

“OOOoooo, that feels good. Fuck me hard Joel. Fuck my pussy hard before you go into work. I’m going to spend the day fucking Sean Joel. You know that, right? As soon as you leave, I’m going to wake him up with a blowjob and stay in his bed until you get home.

Isn’t that what you want? You want me to be your little hotwife for Sean?” I was almost to my orgasm when I felt him tense up. I pushed the talk too far, again. I pushed him over the edge before I got there.

He collapsed on top of me as his cock slipped out. He finally rolled off me and I turned around canlı bahis to face him. I smiled, seeing the satisfied look on his face.

“I know last night was great. But are you sure you don’t mind me spending the day in bed with him?”

“I told you I don’t mind. I want you to. Hell, you are insatiable. If it’s not him, you will spend time with your ‘friends’. What’s the difference? I want you to enjoy yourself. Just don’t let him wear you out and make you too tired for me when I get home.”

I kissed him on the forehead, “You know I could stay in bed all day, I don’t care how tired or sore I got. Besides, he’s not like ‘Tony’ or anything. I think my pussy can handle it.” We both laughed.

“You may have to kiss me down here though, you know, to make it feel better if I get sore?” I spread my lips, sticking my finger into my pussy, scooping out his morning deposit. I held it up, licking it off my finger, as he watched with excitement.

“Fuck. I’d rather stay here in bed with you all day, but I’ve got to get this presentation done.” He leaned down, licked my pussy a couple of times, then got up to start getting ready. I followed him into the bathroom. We brushed our teeth and then he turned on the shower.

I peed and then stepped into the shower with him, holding him from behind as he finished shaving. I grabbed the soap and lathered his back, his ass and stuck my finger into his pucker as I washed him. He turned around and I washed his chest, legs and spent extra time on his cock and balls, lathering them up with the soap.

He pulled me up and kissed me but said he needed to get in early. He stepped out and dried off, starting to get dressed. I washed myself. My pussy was a mess and my hair was all matted in our juices. As I stood under the hot water, I couldn’t believe the night we had. That was the most passionate and raw sex we’d ever had, topping everything we’ve done lately.

I also thought about how much contrast there was from the night with Joel and the tender love making session Sean and I had. Joel thought it was great he was tender and that our time together seemed to lift away some of his stress, at least for a little while. This was more than just him being turned on by me fucking another man. Given it was Sean and we both loved him, this allowed me to be intimate with him in a way I never would have thought possible.

I turned off the shower and dried off, wanting to talk with Joel before he left. I wrapped myself in the towel as he was sitting on the bed, tying his shoes. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his leg. As he finished his other shoe, he turned to me and put his hand on my face. We kissed for a moment and then he pushed me down on the bed, pulling the towel apart. Positioning between my legs, he licked me again. Just for a few moments, then sat back up.

“I wanted to have your taste on me while I’m at work.” I smiled, as he is always doing something naughty like that. As he started for the door,

“I should be home by 6:00. You may be his all day today but you had better save something for me when I get home, because knowing he is here, fucking you all day is going to have me on edge.” He left.

As I thought about spending the day with Sean, as lovers, I felt a trickle down below. I smiled and ran a finger between my folds, looking at the clear juices on my finger then tasted myself. I grabbed the kimono I had on the night before and looked for my panties. Then, I realized they were still in Sean’s room.

Time to retrieve them.

It was early and he was still sleeping when I walked in his room. His body was covered, but I noticed my panties were laying on the pillow next to his head.

I wonder if he masturbated to them last night?

I took off my robe and slid under the covers behind him, pressing my breasts into his back. I reached around and felt for his cock, which began to stir as I apparently woke him.

“I was thinking that was all a dream.” He whispered as he rolled over on his back so I could stroke him. He was already fully erect, so I slid the sheet back and rolled on top of him. Reaching back, I positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed back. He easily slid inside, as I was still turned on and juicy from fucking Joel.

He opened his eyes. I stared back at him, biting my lower lip and holding my breasts with my hands. He started to speak, but I put my finger over his lips and started rocking back and forth on his cock. I leaned forward and kissed his neck, nibbling on his ear as I slowly fucked him.

Given the positon and angle, he slipped out a couple of times. I was well lubricated from my wetness and Joel’s cum, but Joel doesn’t usually slip out at this angle. Sean is smaller and I realized he wasn’t in deep enough to stay in as I rocked back and forth. As not to make an issue of it, I sat back up directly on top of him and began rocking again, as he reached up and held my breasts. There was no way he was going to slip out in this position.

He bahis siteleri began bucking his hips below me and I felt he was already getting close. I wanted to slow it down but then thought I’d just let it happen as it happened. It’s been a long time since he’s been intimate with a woman and this was for him. Sure enough, he bucked up into me and I felt his release as he coated the insides of my pussy. I continued sitting on him until I felt him begin to soften. Just a slight movement forward and he slipped out. His cum leaking from me on to his stomach.

Rolling off him, I leaned down and took his spent member into my mouth, tasting our juices. I pulled his foreskin back, taking his head into my mouth. I was enjoying playing with a new cock.

“Good morning. How did you sleep last night?”

He looked at me, smiling and shaking his head. I smiled back, sitting up.

“Want some coffee? I’ll go make some and be back in a few minutes, okay?”

“Damn. Wake up to that and you are getting coffee? You are the perfect wife!”

We both laughed as I got up and put my kimono back on, leaving it untied as I walked into the kitchen.

He was back in bed when I walked in, but had brushed his teeth and cleaned up. I sat up against the headboard, my legs crossed. He sat up, covered in only the sheet. We both took a few sips, nothing immediately said.

I reached down and grabbed his hand, holding it. “Sean, are you okay with this?”

He looked at me with a funny smile, “I’m not sure what you mean, but if it means what we just did, then yes! I’m okay with it. Why?”

“I don’t want you to think less of me. Or Joel. This is something that we’ve talked and fantasized about for several years but it never felt right. This? Us? This feels right.” He looked at me but didn’t say anything.

“We talked last night after I left your room. I told him how gentle you were and how it made me feel when we made love.”

“Was he mad?”

“No, not at all. In fact, he took me once before I ever had a chance to say anything.” I looked at him with a naughty smile.

“I told him about our time together. About giving you a blowjob and then you are going down on me. I described how you made me feel inside while we made love.

No, he wasn’t mad at all. He was happy. For me, and for you.”

“For me?” He looked puzzled.

“Yes, for you. You are family and like a brother to him. We know the pain you’ve been through the past few years with Mary and her health. Now that she’s gone, I know the financial burden has felt like the world has collapsed on top of you. And now with the job situation, you seemed broken.”

“So, you are doing this out of pity?” I playfully slapped his leg.

“No, Sean. I told you, we’ve talked and fantasized about a wife-sharing experience for a long time now. It turns both of us on. We had even posted an ad once on one of the swinger sites. We had a ton of responses, but nothing felt right.

This feels right.”

I took another sip of coffee, as I wasn’t sure this conversation was going the way I had planned. After a long period of silence,

“Will you tell me what happened? When you went back into your bedroom?”

“We talked about how he felt, knowing I was in your bedroom with you. He said he felt some jealousy, but that was part of the thrill of what our fantasies have been. He knows I’m not going to leave him. I’m not going to fall in love with you, because I already love you.

While we’ve been intimate and will continue to be intimate if you want, but I’m not going to leave Joel for you. We have a different kind of love and our kinky fantasy of him sharing me is turning out to be better than we could have imagined.

Does that make sense?”

He smiled, “Yes. I guess in a weird way, that does make sense. What else?”

“What do you mean? We talked about how it would work and while we will still have to figure that one out, when he’s at the office or traveling, you and I can be together. Even some nights, like last night, I’ll still spend time with you while Joel is here.

We did agree that when you and I are together, it will be in here, or somewhere else in the house. Just not in our bedroom. The master bedroom is off limits, okay?”

He shook his head in agreement.

“Is he not worried that you will get tired of sex?”

I laughed, “That is NOT going to happen. I can wear him out and keep going. Usually, I’ll use some of my toys when he is done and still want more. So, no. He knows my libido is through the roof lately, which is how the ‘other man’ came into fantasy. It snowballed from there.”

He smiled, “How many times did you have sex when you left here?”

“You dirty man! You are just as bad as Joel!” I smacked his thigh and took another sip of coffee then set it down. I turned towards him and let the kimono slip off my shoulder, exposing myself. I reached up and grabbed my breast, and began caressing myself. Looking him in the eyes, bahis şirketleri

“He took me as soon as I walked in the door. He picked me up and threw me on the bed, spreading my legs and sinking his hard cock into my pussy in one thrust. The same pussy you had just filled with your cum. He even commented how slick I was, knowing your cum was the lubrication in my pussy.”

I looked down, and Sean’s cock was sticking straight up under the sheet.

Men are so easy.

“Do you want to hear more?” He nodded, unable to speak, as I think all the blood had flowed to his other head.

“After he came, I went down on him. His cock was coated in my wetness and the mess both of you left inside me. I could taste both of you. All three of us. I spent time taking in the aroma and savoring the flavors of sex. I love the smell and taste.

We had sex again before we fell asleep and then once again this morning. He woke me by sticking his hard cock into me from behind while we laid in bed. But I wanted more, so I got up on all fours and begged him to roughly take me. He finally sank deep into me as he unloaded into me for the third time since I left you.”

Then I pushed it a little. I hope this works.

“Didn’t you feel how wet I was this morning when I got on top of you? Most of that was me, but some of it was Joel.

You don’t mind sloppy seconds do you, Sean? Because I plan on keeping both of you drained and my pussy always full of cum.”

His eyes were opened wide and his face was once again, priceless. I don’t think Mary talked dirty to him like that. And as I looked down at the light blue sheet, I noticed a dark wet spot at the peak of the tent he was making.

I pulled the sheet back and licked my lips as I stared at his erect member. I got up on all fours, facing the bottom of the bed. My ass and pussy facing him.

“You want to take me like Joel did this morning? I need to be fucked Sean. Take me.”

My dirty talk had not only worked him up, but I was still horny as hell. I had intended on another slow love-making session. But that was now passed. I just wanted to be fucked.

He positioned behind me and easily sank inside. I was so juicy and turned on, I could have taken ‘Tony’ with ease. Sean began pumping hard and fast, as I rocked back and forth, fucking him for all I had.

“Do you like this Sean? Do you like fucking my used pussy like this? Harder! Oh, your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder Sean.”

That was all it took. He pulled my hips tight against him as I felt his cock throb inside me. He slipped out and laid down on his back, breathing heavily.

I wasn’t done.

I leaned over and took his spent cock into my mouth, cleaning off his cum and my juices. I lowered my hand and began playing with my pussy. My clit was erect and I smeared the love cocktail all over, rubbing rapidly back and forth. I was so close.

Then I felt it coming from deep within. I was clamping down on his cock with my mouth as the orgasm hit. It lasted about 10 seconds, then a second wave. When I came down, I released his cock and lay beside him, basking.

“Damn! You are insatiable!” I looked up and he had a look of amazement on his face.

I smiled, “I told you. Who knows, I may have to get a third husband if the two of you can’t satisfy me.” His cock twitched.

Oh, my god, he’s just like Joel!

We took a long hot shower together, but it was crowded in the guest bathroom. I almost suggested our shower, but that was off limits. Well the bedroom was. We didn’t discuss the bathroom, but I wasn’t going to push it.

I spent time lathering his cock and balls, playing with his foreskin like a new toy. He lathered my breasts, spending time playing with them like Joel does. He also washed my pussy. He rubbed his finger through my slit, rubbing my clit. I had a small orgasm in the shower as the rush of new hands touching me felt good.

We dried off and he put on his underwear and a shirt. He said he was going to get us more coffee, so I towel-dried my hair and put my robe back on. As I walked into the sun room, he was sitting on his laptop.

“Wait a minute mister! You better not be looking at that folder again, especially when I’m right here!” I waved my hand over my body and winked.

“No, I thought while you were finishing, I would hit the job sites again, as they sometimes post on Friday mornings.” I walked over and closed the computer.

“You can start looking again on Monday. Not today, okay?”

“Mandy, I don’t know what to say. You guys allowing me to stay here, and now this? I’m still in shock by the way. In a good way. But, I’m going to have to get my life back together and find another job at some point.”

“You can start Monday. Today, and this weekend, is going to be a reset for you. Unless, you didn’t like what we just did?” I gave him the girlish, pouty face. He immediately laughed.

“No, that was fucking awesome if I’m being truthful.”

“Good, because I’m just getting warmed up. You’re going to lean that I’m insatiable once I get going. I hope you are going to be able to go again soon, or I will have to break out my toys.” We both laughed, then he spoke up.

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