Alice in Wonderland

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The morning had passed quietly and quickly at the Pink Lady Boutique and that suited Alice Parks just fine. The twenty- one-year-old had spent so much time the previous week concentrating on finals that she had fallen behind on her responsibilities at the store. With classes having ended the day before, Alice was grateful for the chance to catch up.

Standing high on a ladder as she put away some boxes that had been delivered earlier, Alice didn’t react when she heard the chimes that rang when the front door opened. Instead, she waited a few seconds to see if Louise Bradley, the storeowner came out of the back room. It was only when she failed to hear the older woman’s voice that she acknowledged whoever had walked in.

“I’ll be right with you,” Alice said as she pushed the last box to the back of the shelf and started to climb back down.

“Take your time,” a strong but definitely female voice replied.

Reaching the bottom of the ladder, Alice took a moment to brush her platinum blonde bangs out of her eyes and sweep her long ponytail back over her shoulder. Putting on her best “can I help you” smile, she turned to greet her patient customer.

Whatever words she had planned to say next never came out of her mouth. As soon as she turned all the way around and took in the woman standing in front of the counter, Alice was stunned into insensibility.

Fortunately, Louise chose that moment to reappear from the back room and, with a broad smile on her face, greeted the customer instead.

“Welcome to the Pink Lady,” the fifty-two-year-old brunette said in a cheerful voice. “What can we do for you today?”

The woman that had so stunned Alice stood at least three inches above the blonde’s own five-foot-six, with short cropped black hair that couldn’t have been more than a half- inch in length. She had a muscular build, but more in the line of a conditioned athlete than a bodybuilder. A bust just large enough to be impressive filled the tight fitting, sleeveless black t-shirt that she wore, along with an equally tight pair of dark blue jeans. She looked to be in her early thirties but had such flawless features that the quick estimate could’ve been off by as much as a decade. Around her upper left arm was an arm band tattoo consisting of a linked chain, broken every few inches.

Since a majority of the Pink Lady’s clientele were lesbians or bisexual women, the woman’s appearance really wasn’t that much out of the ordinary. Still, it had been a very long time since Alice had been so smitten that she couldn’t even talk. It was almost a minute before she could even focus on the conversation the woman was having with Louise.

“So we would really appreciate it if we could put one of the placards in your store window,” Alice finally heard the woman say.

Reluctantly, Alice took her eyes off the woman and tried to read the large cardboard sign that rested atop the counter between her and Louise. Reading what she could of it upside down, she saw that it was an announcement of a new club opening just a few blocks away.

“Hmmm,” Louise said as she lifted the poster and, turning it right side up, bringing it to eye level. “I don’t see why not. I’m always happy to see new business in the neighborhood, especially ones run by women.”

“Thank you very much,” the woman said as she smiled at Louise. “And if you like, I’d be happy to give you a couple of passes that’ll get you into the club on opening night.”

“I’m afraid my clubbing days are far behind me,” Louise smiled back. “My lady and I are usually in bed by the time the ten o’clock news comes on.”

“I find that hard to believe,” the dark haired woman laughed, thinking that if they were in bed by ten, it wasn’t to watch the local news.

“But I think Alice here might like to go,” Louise responded, directing both of their attentions to the younger woman.

“I’d… I’d love to,” Alice stammered out after a moment’s hesitation.

“Well we’re opening next Friday night,” the woman who finally repeated her name now that Alice was listening. “Do you know where the White Rabbit used to be?”

“Over on Jefferson, right?” Alice asked.

“That’s the one,” Simone said. “My friends and I, actually more my friends than I, I’m just sort of helping out, have taken over the lease for the property and have just about totally redone the club. They’re calling it Wonderland and they’ve already booked some great bands for the opening. It should be pretty awesome.”

“It was a shame about the fire they had there last year,” Louise noted, “but thankfully it was all property damage and no one got hurt. I’m glad to see it being reopened. There are few enough clubs for girls to go to and have a little fun without being harassed.”

“It’s not too late to change your mind about going,” Simone Kent said, shifting her attention back to Louise.

“No thank you.”

“Did you ever go to the White Rabbit?” Simone asked Alice as she shifted back to her once again. “If so, you’re canlı bahis really going to be surprised at all the changes they’ve made.”

“Is that really the question?” Alice thought. “Or are you asking in a roundabout way if I like girls? Just because I work here doesn’t make that a given. Jenny Collinwood works both here and at a lesbian bar over on 3rd and she’s as straight as they come.”

“I’ve been there a few times,” Alice answered, wishing that when she’d gotten dressed this morning that she’d put on one of the lesbian oriented shirts that she’d bought with her employee’s discount. The blue blouse with the cute panda bear over her breast just didn’t say gay girl here. Nor was the fact they she’d gone to the White Rabbit confirmation either. On any given night, at least a third of the girls there had been as straight as Jenny.

“Well then, I hope to see you there,” Simone replied as she again thanked Louise while she scribbled a quick note on the back of a business card before handing it to Alice.

Watching her exit the small store, Alice couldn’t help but think that the view from behind was just as impressive as the front. It took her a few moments to realize that she was staring at the door long after it closed, and that Louise was staring at her.

“What?” Alice asked, her face showing a look of innocence.

“You really have to ask?” Louise asked in turn, a look of amusement on her own face. “I thought I was going to have to hose you down the way you couldn’t take your eyes off of her.”

“Come on, don’t you think you’re exaggerating a little?” Alice insisted. “She took me by surprise when I came off the ladder, that’s all.”

“Sure, I believe that,” Louise laughed. “That’s why if you actually wore panties, you’d have to go in the back and change them right about now.”

Alice blushed because that was certainly all too true.

“Hmmm,” she said instead, imitating Louise as to change the subject, “what should I wear to the opening?”

Not to let the subject pass so easily, the older woman reached for one of the shirts on the side counter and held it up for Alice to see.

“This would probably be suitable,” Louise grinned.

Written across the black shirt, in large white letters, was the phrase “I’m just here to get laid.”


The following Friday night came quick enough and in the end, Alice decided on a non-descript blue dress that, while it did show off her best assets, didn’t scream slut either.

When she showed up at the club, she was initially taken back by the long line of women waiting to get it. If it weren’t for the small card in her hand, Alice would’ve turned around and headed back home. As it was, it still took almost twenty minutes to work her way to the front of the line where two tall, muscular women, one white and one black, guarded the entrance to the new club.

Given the number of, at least in her opinion, hot women that the guardians of the gate had already turned away, Alice had begun to wonder if, even with the card, would they let her in? She needn’t have worried because as soon as they saw the signature scrawled across the back of the card, they couldn’t open the chain link barrier quick enough. Much to the vocal disappointment of many of those around her that had so far been denied access.

Once inside the hallway entrance, Alice could see that Wonderland bore little, if any, resemblance to the White Rabbit. The club had been totally renovated, not just fixed up a little where the fire had done damage. At a glance she could see that both the bar and the dance floor had been expanded, as well as the inclusion of a row of privacy booths on the far wall. Later she would learn that additionally, a number of private rooms had also been added on the second floor.

Crowded as the club was, Alice had no idea how she was going to find Simone. Or if she, despite what she’d said, was even going to be there. She thought about it as she made her way to the bar and finally decided that she would just concentrate on having a good time, Simone or no Simone.

“What can I get you?” a tall, rather powerfully-built brunette asked from behind the bar.

“Just a beer I guess,” Alice smiled, thinking that it was much too early in the night to have anything stronger.

“Coming right up, precious,” the bartender said, returning Alice’s smile.

Bending over to reach down into what Alice assumed was a built in cooler, the brunette managed to give the blonde a good long look at the not unimpressive cleavage that filled the white t-shirt she was wearing. Placing the frost-covered bottle in front of her, she said that the first one was on the house.

“My name’s Cleo,” the bartender said with an even broader smile, “just in case you’d like to know.”

Alice watched as Cleo turned to take care of another new arrival at the bar. She too ordered just a beer but Alice noted with interest that it wasn’t offered as a courtesy of the house.

Not wanting to seem too interested, bahis siteleri Alice turned her attention to the dance floor and the tight mass of womanhood that filled it. She was surprised to see such a broad mixture, so unlike most clubs she’d been to. Age didn’t see to be a common factor, nor was any particular physical type. There were women who looked like they should be studying for their high school exams as well as a few who might pass as their mothers. Physical beauty, or at least the narrow definition of it that most gatekeepers seemed to hold hadn’t held sway either. If the goal had been to create as varied a cross-section as possible, then they had certainly succeeded.

By the time she had finished her first round and had turned to order a second, a different girl had taken Cleo’s place, this one a dark skinned and heavily endowed black girl wearing only a bikini top in place of a shirt. All told, there were five women behind the bar at any one time and Alice assumed that Cleo had gone on break. This time she paid for her drink, resolving to take this one a little slower. Giving up her place at the railing to someone else, Alice began to better explore the new club.

Over the next forty or so minutes, Alice danced and chatted with a few women, most of which were nice enough but none that she felt a real connection with. Contrary to the shirt Louise had suggested she wear, Alice really wasn’t here just to get laid. At least not to jump into the sack with just anyone. It that had been the case, anyone of her dance partners would’ve sufficed. In Alice’s case, there had to be something, something she couldn’t always define, but knew how to recognize.

After having made her third circuit of the large hall, Alice started back for the bar. She wondered if Cleo was back from her break and more importantly, what time she finished working. She wasn’t sure if the two of them could make that connection she was looking for, but so far tonight the bartender seemed the most likely candidate.

Unfortunately, when she got back to the bar, Alice found that Cleo had indeed returned from her break but was now drawing the attention of another patron. The girl sipping at her drink and laughing at something Cleo had said was quite pretty, with long red hair that stretched down almost to her waist. Alice watched the two of them for a few minutes, deciding that Cleo had already found what she was looking for.

“Story of my life,” Alice sighed. “I let too many chances slip by while I keep hoping for Ms. Right to come along.”

Returning to the dance floor, Alice began to just enjoy herself, moving from partner to partner and at times just dancing by herself. The two beers she had downed had kicked in just enough for her to relax and begin to have a good time. She was on her fourth dance partner when someone behind her asked if she could cut in.

The girl who had been in Alice’s arms had been perturbed at the intrusion at first, but upon seeing the woman standing behind Alice, quickly said it wasn’t a problem and stepped away. It happened so fast that Alice wasn’t even sure what had happened.

“Well welcome to Wonderland, Alice,” Simone said with a soft voice and even softer smile as she slipped into the arms the other woman had just vacated. “I’m sorry I’m so late but it couldn’t be helped.”

“That’s okay,” Alice said, returning the smile and thinking to herself that now that she felt Simone’s arms around her, anyone one else she’d met tonight was certainly going to be second best.

“There was a presentation at the sch…at my job that ran a lot later than I thought it would,” Simone explained, the two of them having come to a complete halt as she made her apology. “Then I had to rush home to change and I was in such I hurry I tossed on the first thing in my closet. I hope you like it?”

The outfit that Simone had just tossed on, Alice thought, made her look even hotter than the one she’d worn into the shop last week. Brown leather pants hugged her long legs as well as the cheeks of her ass, complementing the matching vest that went with it. Thin leather laces held the top tightly against her bust, leaving a gap in the center wide enough to give anyone who cared to look an unimpeded view.

“It’s spectacular,” Alice gushed, hoping she wasn’t being too obvious at the way she was staring at Simone’s breasts.

“Shall we dance?’ Simone asked as, not really waiting for an answer, she led Alice out onto the center of dance floor.

As they moved to the music, Alice felt like the gaze of every woman in the club were on them. Looking up into Simone’s dark eyes, she felt herself being drawn deep inside. The most casual touch of the older woman’s hand sent a delightful shiver through her body and when her face drew close enough for Simone’s lips to brush against her cheek, Alice thought she was going to lose it right there and then.

Twice more their lips came close but never connected. Each time filling Alice with a sense of disappointment. It wasn’t until bahis şirketleri the music stopped that Simone reached up, brushed back Alice’s hair, and then kissed her.

The press of Simone’s lips on hers sent an exhilaration racing through Alice, one that caused her entire body to tingle. She parted her lips as she felt the press of Simone’s tongue, her heart skipping a beat as it slipped between them to caress her own.

The music had started up again but the two women didn’t seem to hear it, nor did they seem to notice the crowd around them any longer. All that they heard was the beating of each other’s heart, all that they felt was the warmth of each other’s touch.

“My apartment is only a ten minute ride from here,” Simone said quietly, holding Alice’s hands in her own.

Alice nodded her head in agreement, not trusting herself to speak.

Releasing one hand, Simone quickly led Alice back across the crowded floor, quickly reaching a half hidden door by the side of the bar. One of the bartenders glanced in her direction as she reached for the handle, then just turned and went back to what she was doing when she recognized the leather clad woman’s face.

The door led to a short corridor and a second door at the end of that led to an alley behind the club. A half-dozen cars were parked in the alley, watched over by another of the club’s employees. Simone led Alice to a dark green convertible, then paused and looked back at the blonde.

“Hmm, we’re going to have to do something about that dress,” she said.

The comment confused Alice until she looked again at the car and realized that Simone hadn’t been leading her to it, but to the red and gold motorcycle parked behind it. She didn’t know the first thing about them, but it looked fast and powerful just sitting there. Much like its owner, she thought.

“I guess I could bunch it up between my legs,” Alice suggested as Simone took one of the helmets tied down on the back of the bike and handed it to her.

“That should work,” Simone replied, “we’re not going far.”

With helmet in place, Alice pulled up the bottom of her dress and climbing onto the back of the bike, bunched as much as she could between her legs. Her lower half was totally exposed and when the wind picked up the still loose edges of her dress, she was sure she would be even more so. But she didn’t care who might see her, or the fact that again she hadn’t bothered with any undergarments.

Once she was sure Alice was securely in place, Simone climbed on in front of her and told her to hang on tight, not that the blonde needed any urging to wrap her arms around her. Coming down on the kickstarter with her weight, Simone brought the cycle to life with a reverberating roar.

Simone slowly guided the bike out of the alley and after making sure the path was clear, raced out into the flow of traffic. Alice pressed tightly against Simone’s as they darted between cars and trucks, she made a delightful discovery. The pulsating engine between her legs was like a giant vibrator, sending bursts of delight across her body. The only thing she could compare it to was the washing machine she used to sit on during the spin cycle when she was a teenager. Only this time the sensation was magnified tenfold.

It was almost a disappointment when she felt the motorcycle slow down as they pulled into the parking lot of the building where Simone lived. If they’d gone another half mile, Alice was certain she’d actually have an orgasm.

“First time on a bike?” Simone asked as Alice climbed off the back and removed her helmet.

“How can you tell?” Alice asked, then realized the expression on her face probably spoke volumes.

“Well it can be an exciting ride,” Simone smiled, knowing all too well what had put the smile on her passenger’s face.

While Alice composed herself and straightened out her dress, Simone walked the cycle into a parking spot where she used a heavy chain attached to a post there to lock down the bike with a combination lock she took out of a compartment under the seats. Looking up at the three-story, gray building in front of them, Alice thought it looked more like a factory than an apartment complex. Simone caught her thought and commented that it had originally been a factory but later converted to living space.

“It’s a lot nicer inside than out,” she laughed. “Come on, I’m sure you’ll love it.”

As if to emphasis her words, Simone stepped forward and kissed her again, her tongue once more carrying the promise of delights to come. Alice’s reaction was such that she would’ve happily followed the other woman if she was leading her into a horse stable.

They took what was originally a freight elevator up to the third floor and Simone unlocked the door to one of the three spaces the floor had been sub-divided into. Stepping inside, Alice was surprised to find that the entire apartment was one large room, with a ceiling nearly twenty feet high. Across which ran a brightly painted red girder on which was attached some sort of winch device that had also been painted. Evidently it had been easier to just paint it and leave it as part of the décor than to try and remove it during the renovation.

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