Abused Masseuse

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A brand new story after a long time…All reader feedback is welcome…Enjoy! R.B.

My wife and me used to own a massage studio in the center of New York. During the last months of 2005 business wasn’t going very well and there was always great tension between us. This tension had a strong influence on our sex life, which had become a rarity. There were constant arguments between us and she would blame me for everything. The situation had reached a critical point and something had to be done right away. I wanted to save our marriage but she had completely different goals. I learned this the hard way…

It was my last appointment for the day. I was really tired and I couldn’t wait to go home and get some rest. It was a half an hour session, so I was planning to service the client as fast as I could and get over with it. When I entered the room, I saw a tall, well-built guy lying on the bench and waiting for me. He had already taken off his clothes and he had covered himself from the waist down with a towel. He was lying face down. I greeted him politely and started spreading my massage lotion all over his body. He had very broad shoulders, strong arms and as I found out he had shaved all body hair. I thought that he must be a body builder or something but I didn’t care to ask. The client was very quiet. He seemed to be enjoying my services but he obviously wasn’t in the mood for talking so I remained silent myself. I started massaging him gently from the neck down to the waist and all the way to his feet. I realized that I needed more lotion and went to get some from a drawer. I turned my back at him and when I returned with the lotion I saw him staring at me. He had turned around and now I could see his muscular chest. But that was not the most important thing. His cock was standing at attention creating a huge bulk under the white towel.

“I’m sorry, sir, but I haven’t finished yet, you’ll have to turn around again. There is more work to be done on the shoulder and the spine area.”

He didn’t say anything but he turned around indifferently. Disobedient clients were a very rare phenomenon and I was really pissed off that this had to be the case in my last appointment for the day. On top of all that, I dropped the bottle of lotion and had to bend over in order to catch it. As I was bending over, I felt a strong hand groping my ass. I was surprised and enraged at the same time. Not only wasn’t he following my instructions but he also had the nerve to touch me inappropriately.

“What do you think you’re doing? ” I yelled.

“I’m grabbing that hot ass of yours!” he said in the most natural way.

“That’s it, mister, get dressed and get the hell out of my studio! Our session is over and I never want you to come back, do you understand?”

“Listen, bitch, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours. First of all, you’re gonna suck my rod and then we’ll take care of your little virgin butt!”

“Get out, now, or I’m gonna call the cops!” I screamed as loud as I could.

The stranger got up from the bench with a swift move. He was huge and I was no match for him physically. I was terrified. He approached me and grabbed my neck almost choking me to death. Then, he lifted me from the ground and said:

“You either swallow my shaft or I’ll choke you to death!”

He wasn’t joking. We were all alone in the studio and there was nobody there to save me. I had no choice. I would give him an oral service in order to save my life.

“O.K. You win! I’ll do as you say.”

“That’s my boy. Now, get on your knees and suck me off!”

His cock had become semi hard from the fight but it was already very big. I couldn’t believe what was going on. A massage session had turned out into having to suck another man’s dick. I felt humiliated, being on my knees and getting ready to perform my duty.

“Come on! We haven’t got all day! Show me what a good cocksucking slut you can be!” he said smiling.

I grabbed his pulsating cock and reluctantly started licking his helmet. He had a big, long, mushroom-headed rod with two heavy balls hanging underneath it. His shaft was already leaking precum and that made my work even more difficult. I licked his cockhead like a lollipop but that wasn’t enough for him.

“Put it in your mouth and start sucking it real hard!” he ordered.

I took half of his member in my mouth and kept it in for a while in order to get used to the idea. But he wasn’t going güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to give me the time I needed to adjust to the size of his monster. He had reached his full size now and he was very horny. He began pumping my mouth with full force, pushing his rod deep inside until it hit the back of my throat. I could not breathe. I gasped for air but he didn’t care.

“Choke on it, bitch! How does it feel to deepthroat a real man?”

He grabbed both sides of my head and pushed it towards his throbbing manmeat. My lips touched his pubic area. My mouth had opened wide and I had managed to swallow the full length of his shaft. This face-fucking went on for a while and then he pulled out giving me a moment to breathe freely.

“See? It’s not that bad after all! You just have to get used to it. I’m pretty sure you’ll become a perfect cocksucking bitch! Now, lick my balls and suck each one separately. I want to watch you worshipping my balls like the true slut you really are!”

He was holding his rod in an upright position, giving me full view of his bag and allowing me to please him the way he wished. He shoved my head towards his balls and stuffed my mouth with them. I licked them gently, massaging them at the same time. It was just a natural reaction being a professional masseur but he thought I was enjoying it.

“You little slut! You like giving head and sucking another man’s balls! So, let’s get back to business!”

After saying that he shoved his cock in my mouth once again and started fucking it really hard. He was gradually increasing his speed as my tongue involuntarily licked his peehole. I realized that he was about to cum. Not only had I sucked him off but I was about to eat his cum as well. He confirmed it right away.

“Now, show me what a good cumbucket you are! Get ready to swallow my hot cream into your throat!”

He kept hammering my mouth for another minute or two and then he spurted his white lava in my mouth, forcing me to swallow his load until he poured in me his last drop. I couldn’t take it all. I choked and I started spitting some cum on his balls. That infuriated him. He pulled my hair and ordered me to clean him off. I obeyed, hoping that this would be the end of my torture. I was wrong. He stood there for a few moments to catch his breath and then he called out a name very familiar to me:

“Lindsay, come in, we’re ready for you!”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my wife accompanied by another unknown man.

“I see you already met Rob,” she said laughing.

“You’re responsible for all this? Oh, my god! What’s wrong with you, Lindsay?”

“Nothing’s wrong except for you! And tonight I’m going to correct all wrongs, Jim! Servicing Rob was just the beginning. You’ve been a pain in the ass all these months and now you’re gonna find out how it feels to have one! Let me to introduce you to Dan. The four of us are going to have a lot of fun together, Jim! You can count on that!”

Dan was something like a twin of Rob. He had the same body structure as his friend. I was outnumbered. If there was any chance of escaping this nightmare, it had faded away. My wife had decided to punish me for all our troubles and there was nothing I could do about it. I was disgusted with her attitude.

“What are you going to do, Lindsay? Are you going to fuck them both in front of my eyes just to spike me?” I asked.

“I see you don’t understand what’s going on, Jim! No one is going to fuck me tonight! You are the only slut in this room!” she said.

I was shocked. She was so overwhelmed by the idea of revenge that she wouldn’t stop at nothing. She had hired these men to fuck me, just to humiliate me because she felt disappointed. But that was only a part of her plan as I realized a little bit later.

“But first of all, you’re going to be my bitch! Now, you’ll pay for all the pain you’ve brought into my life, you idiot!”

“You can’t be serious! What are you going to do to me?” I uttered really scared.

“I’m gonna rape your virgin ass and then I’m gonna let these two boys finish the job for me! Grab him, boys!” she ordered.

Rob grabbed me from the waist and forced me to lie on the bench face up. I tried to resist but it was pointless. When he placed me on the bench, he climbed on top and pinned me on it. He held my hands firmly on the bench dropping all his weight on them. On the other side of the bench, Dan grabbed my legs and lifted them in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the air exposing my untouched asshole for the first time. My wife opened a drawer and produced a strap-on dildo, which she had bought the day before. Now, I realized that she really meant business.

“Hold him tight, boys! I’m gonna teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!”

I screamed and fought as hard as I could but it was futile. Rob and Dan neutralized my resistance. Lindsay, put on the rubber cock and placed its cockhead on the verge of my asshole.

“Say goodbye to manhood, Jim! From now on you’ re going to be out little buttfucking whore!”

I felt the cold tip of the dildo touching my anal walls. Lindsay grabbed my knees and prepared herself for the imminent penetration. Dan was standing on the side of the bench holding both my legs in the air in order for her to fuck me.

“I want you to look me in the eyes while I take your sweet cherry for the first time, bitch!”

“Please, Lindsay, I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you. Don’t do this, have mercy on me!” I pleaded.

“Too late, Jimbo!” she said pushing the full length of her rubber rod in my unprotected anus.

“Aaaaaargh!” I screamed as the artificial shaft ravaged my virgin hole.

“Yeah, baby, show him what you’re made of!” Rob said laughing.

“Come on, Lindsay, fuck his virgin ass real hard!” Dan exclaimed.

The sight of my ass being ravished by a strap-on dildo had naturally turned them on. While I was screaming from the pain I saw Rob’s dick growing harder above my head and I felt Dan’s hard-on touching my thigh. Lindsay gave me powerful strokes and I felt her rubber balls slapping my ass.

“Take that you little faggot! You don’t know how to satisfy a lady but you’re a good fuck, your butt is really tight!”

She kept pumping my ass with a vengeance I’d never seen before. It seemed like she was dealing with her worst enemy. She was determined to ruin my asshole once and for all. Her dildo invaded my anal ring again and again bringing tears to my eyes from the unperceived pain. But she was enjoying it.

“Yeah! Take my cock like the little slut you really are!” she screamed at me.

Sweat covered her forehead, she was using all her strength in order to go as deep in my rectum as she could. Her tits almost touched each other as she furiously punctured my tight hole. When she got tired, she pulled out and then the pain increased to an unfathomed degree.

“How does it feel, Jim? Do you like having a hard rod up your ass? I’m sure you do, that’s why you’re gonna have a taste of the real thing, now!” she said grinning. “O.K. boys, I’ve opened him up for you, he’s all yours!”

Rob and Dan couldn’t wait to have a taste of my asshole. Of course, she had taken my virginity away but my ass was still as tight as they wished. I could not move anymore. They turned me around and I was on my belly now giving them full view of my, until then, unused ass. Both men were already hard so they didn’t lose any time. Dan took Rob’s place in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth right away while Rob switched positions with my wife standing on my backside.

“You’re lucky, Jim! Soon you’ll have one hard rod in every hole! Give it to him, boys! Give that little bitch what he deserves!” she ordered.

“Blow me, bitch! You know how to do it now!” Dan yelled.

He started fucking my mouth really hard leaving me no opportunity to breathe properly while Rob pierced my crack without hesitation. They were both really horny and I could feel it. Dan grabbed my head and drove his cock right down my throat as his balls touched my lips. Meanwhile, Rob developed a steady rhythm giving powerful strokes and driving his manmeat into the utter depths of my butt.

“Fuck that ass! Deeper! Rip his crack apart, Rob! Stuff your fat shaft in his mouth, Dan!”

Lindsay was urging both men to fuck me as hard as they could. I don’t know if she had paid them to do this to me but they really seemed to be enjoying it.

“This is the best male ass I’ve fucked in a long time!” Rob said.

“This is the best cocksucking bitch I’ve had in years!” Dan grunted.

Lindsay was watching us, enjoying the sight of her husband being used both anally and orally by two men. She was so much into it that she started spanking my ass with her right hand. After each of Rob’s strokes she would slap me hard in my asscheeks making my butt turn güvenilir bahis şirketleri red from the beating.

“Slap this bitch’s ass while I fuck his glory hole!” Rob said.

“Yeah, darling, shake your sweet ass for us! Make Rob cum in your tight crack! Suck Dan’s cock harder!” my wife urged.

During all that time I had been silent, watching two complete strangers filling all my holes and my wife spanking me like a little slut. But there was no point in saying anything. Resistance had proved to be futile and all I could do was wait for the men to cum in my ass and mouth. However, it turned out that my wife had other plans once again.

“Pull out, boys, it’s time for the grand finale!” Lindsay yelled.

Dan was the first one to pull out, rubbing his dick on my face in order to retain his erection. Then it was Rob’s turn. He took his rod out of my hole slapping my ass with it several times. My butt was aching like never before and my mouth was numb. I could not imagine what else she had planned in her evil mind.

“All these months, Jim, you have disappointed me both financially and sexually. So, now, it’s payback time! And it’s going to be double!”

I felt petrified. I wouldn’t even dare to think what she had in mind. Dan lay down on the bench and started jerking off. They ordered me to sit on his rod and to lie on top of him. When he had reached his full length I sat on his hard cock. I felt his hot tool piercing my hole once more. Lindsay told Rob to bring some massage lotion. I thought that at least now she had felt pity for me and she would force them to put some lotion on my anus so as to ease the pain. Dan pulled me down on his chest and took his cock out of my rectum. Rob began pouring lotion on my ripped asshole. He spread the lotion all over my anal walls. It was cool and it brought some relief from the pain.

“Boys, shove your dicks in his hole right now!” Lindsay ordered.

They were going to oreo me. It was the last straw. I couldn’t take it any more. Her sickness had surpassed all imagination. I tried to scream but instantly Dan covered my mouth with his left hand. He used his free hand to drive his shaft into my ass. The lotion helped his tool slide deep into my butt right away. It was Rob’s turn. He masturbated for a while watching his friend fuck my asshole and then he pushed his own pole into my already stuffed anal ring. The pain was unbelievable. I almost fainted.

“Yeah! Fuck his round ass! Show him what real men are like! Take both cocks now, bitch! Deeper! Harder! Faster! Tear his ass apart!” Lindsay screamed.

It was what she had been waiting for from the beginning. She wanted both men to fuck my ass at the same time making me suffer as much as I could. Dan and Rob were in ecstasy.

“Fuck that ass, Rob! Show him what you got!” Dan grunted.

“He’s so damn tight, I can’t get enough of his glory hole!” Rob screamed.

Both men pounded my ass really hard with their massive cocks. Their iron-hard tools hammered my crack again and again stretching it to the limit. I thought that my hole would not last any longer. Rob grabbed both my cheeks and increased his rhythm. His strokes became faster and deeper. Dan’s were slower but harder. They kept pumping my anus for a few more minutes. All this buttfucking made my own tool stand at attention. It was a natural reaction but Lindsay noticed it right away.

“You’re a true cockslut, Jim! You like having both dicks up your ass at the same time! Keep fucking him, boys, he loves having his hole stuffed with hard, throbbing cock!” my wife said enthusiastically.

Rob was fucking me brutally. His balls slapped my butt loudly as his well-oiled piston invaded my burning hole. At the same time, Dan was driving his cock deeper and deeper into my crack. Stroke after stroke they kept pounding me as if there was no tomorrow. They were so horny that they could not last any longer. Rob pulled out and began to jerk off while Dan kept going. He gave me two or three more thrusts and then he spurted his white cream inside my abused asshole.

“Yeah! Take it, bitch! I’m gonna fill your ass with hot cum!” he grunted.

He poured several blasts of semen in my torn butt. For the first time I felt a hot, male fluid running down my anal walls and filling my crack. A few seconds later, Rob started to breathe heavily; I realized he was about to deliver his load.

“Oh, it’s coming, shake your ass, cumbucket, I’m gonna cover you with my sweet juice!” he hissed.

Lindsay watched ecstatic as Rob sprayed his warm cum all over my ass. Jet after jet, his white cream covered my round globes making me feel like a real fuck-toy. Cumsoaked and sodomized I lay there while the two men unloaded the last drops of cum on my hairless butt trying to recover my senses…

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