Aaron’s First Time

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After reading stories on Literotica for years I have finally decided to pass on my initial experience for the boredom of others. So here goes the first time I’ve ever put “electronic” pen to paper, and wrote a story.

To set the scene, I’m 45 years old, slightly over weight, still got some hair and although I’m no male model, I look “OK”. I’m recently separated after 20 years of marriage.

My story starts when I was about 22, recently married and the sex which had been good prior to marriage had rapidly gone down a very steep hill. My loving wife was not sexually adventurous and I was. At the time I was stationed in Germany with the military. Every German town had its share of Sex shops, & my local one also had a cinema. I enjoyed porn films, so decided to visit. Not really knowing what to expect.

In the cinema there were loads of individual lockable cabins, each with it’s own screen, playing one film on repeat. So a change of film meant a change of cabin. I visited nearly all of them and working my way from booth to booth, there were about 50, I unknowingly arrived in the gay area. Why not? I thought, I stood in the open doorway watching the film. I was surprised to find canlı bahis şirketleri I enjoyed it, so I moved into the booth and locked the door behind me. And for the umpteenth time that day, I got my cock out and started to wank. At this point I must state that I had never had any gay experiences, thoughts or desires. I had received the normal adolescent “chances” of mutual masturbation etc. but had never felt the inclination to actually do anything, I had always declined. It didn’t offend me or anything it just didn’t seem right. This was a whole new ball game.

As I stood there wanking, engrossed in the film, something caught my eye. You guessed it a Glory Hole, or to be more exact a finger coming through the hole beckoning me. I froze. The finger retreated and I did nothing. My mind wondering wtf to do? After what seemed like an eternity I decided the easy thing to do was to beckon back, so I stuck my finger through the hole for a few seconds. As my finger vacated the hole, it was instantly filled with a cock head and I was now for the first time in my life presented with a cock wanting some attention. Curiosity got the better of me and I slowly touched it. Very gently about canlı kaçak iddaa halfway down. I can’t describe the cock, I recall it looking bigger than mine but that was it, it was a hardening cock!!! As I touched it, it visibly twitched, I found this fascinating and did it again. Feeling braver I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started to wank it, my hand working up and down as if it was my own. I must have been doing something right because I could see pre-cum forming at his eye.

I found it really exciting, and was simultaneously stroking my own cock with my left hand. All of a sudden the cock withdrew back through the wall, this caught me by surprise and left me somewhat perplexed. The finger was once again beckoning me, I had no idea what or who was on the other side, for all I knew it could be a deranged madman with a knife wanting to add to an ever increasing collection of severed bell ends!!! Scared stiff I placed my cock a few inches in front of the hole, my way of thinking was, this is safe enough, I heard the body adjust position, and I correctly assumed he was looking through the hole. This turned me on and I started a wank show for him. The next thing he sticks his canlı kaçak bahis tongue through the hole, making licking motions. I moved closer so he could lick my bell end, which he did the sensation was great. After a fairly boring sex life this was good. The tongue slowly moved back and my cock followed, before I knew it I had entered the hole, with great trepidation I continued and before long I was sufficiently through for me to receive my first man on man blow job. “Fuck me that’s good!” I shoved my cock all the way through, my partner then sucked me like I had never been sucked in my life. Within seconds I could feel my balls ready to explode. He must have sensed it too, he sucked even harder and I shot the biggest load of cum ever, straight into his mouth (Aids didn’t exist in them days) He took the lot and continued to suck me dry. I was in seventh heaven.

Then my brain kicked in “WTF am I doing?” I quickly withdrew, adjusted my clothes and beat a quick retreat from the cinema and went home to my wife. I felt guilty for weeks afterwards. That being said, I knew I would return.

Hope you enjoyed this true story, not a very exciting read, you had to be there. If any one is wondering whether or not to try bi, just give it a go, you’ll soon find out the truth whether it’s for you or not.

I still live in Germany and have a few fun times since then! Depending on the response I may tell more…


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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