A Stroke of Luck Ch. 01

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Jake had just turned 18, and was looking forward to being able to legally go into the local bar. He was also looking forward to meeting some of the hot women he’d seen going in and out of there, the few times he’d tried to sneak in.

That night, he dressed in his tightest jeans, no underwear, and his favorite button down white shirt, splashed on his cologne, and headed out.

He got to the bar at about 11, just about the time most people started showing up for some serious partying. The bouncer looked at his ID and grinned, wished him happy birthday, and let him go in.

He looked around, letting his eyes adjust to the dimness, then went to the bar and ordered a drink. He paid, then sat down at a table and faced the crowd, looking to see what there was to see.

He knew he looked good, his rugged football player’s body long and lean, his cock clearly outlined under the tight jeans. He made eye contact with a few girls, but none of them seemed brave enough to approach him. He had his eye on one in particular, a sexy babe bahis firmaları with a short skirt and tight blouse, when he was distracted by someone sitting down next to him.

It was an older guy, probably in his mid-20s, wearing jeans, a tight t-shirt, and boots. Jake smiled at him and said hi, and the older guy introduced himself as Trent.

“I haven’t seen you in here before,” Trent said, shaking Jake’s hand.

“I just turned 18 today,” Jake replied.

“Really? Well, we’ll have to see that you get a good present tonight!” Trent said.

Jake laughed, then leaned back into his chair and took a sip of his drink.

“Are you here a lot?” he asked, still looking around.

“Yeah, I’m pretty regular. This is pretty much the best place in town. You can find all kinds of action here.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for!” Jake said.

After a few minutes of sitting and not talking, Jake was just about to get up and approach the girl he’d been eyeing when he felt a hand on his thigh. He jumped and looked over at kaçak iddaa Trent, who had moved closer to him.

“Hey, what are you…?” he began, but Trent shushed him and grinned, then started to move his hand further up Jake’s leg. Jake was frozen – he’d never had a guy touch him like this before.

Trent’s hand slowly moved higher until it was resting in the crease of Jake’s upper thigh, and Jake could do nothing but sit there and watch as his cock started getting hard. Trent put his hand over the growing bulge in Jake’s jeans and pressed on his cock, causing Jake to moan and swallow hard.

Trent then traced the outline of Jake’s cock, sliding his hand all along the length of it, rubbing and rubbing, until Jake could take it no longer. He placed his hand over Trent’s, then put Trent’s hand on his zipper. Trent grinned, then slowly slid the zipper down and watched as Jake’s hard young cock popped out. Jake leaned back, closing his eyes and gasping as he felt Trent’s hand close over his cock.

Trent started slowly stroking kaçak bahis him, squeezing gently at the top of each stroke, running his hand all the way down to the base of the shaft. Jake could feel his cock throbbing in Trent’s hand, and he opened his eyes to see if anyone was watching. It seemed like he and Trent were invisible, as no one was paying any attention to them at all. He looked over at Trent, who by now had his own cock out and was stroking it as he jerked Jake off. Jake watched, mesmerized, as Trent’s hand began moving up and down faster and faster on his cock, then before he knew it, he exploded, his cum shooting up toward the ceiling. He moaned and leaned back, his hips still twitching, and Trent took Jake’s hand and put it on his own cock.

Jake gasped at how hard and warm Trent’s cock felt in his hand, but he started stroking it faster and faster, wanting more than anything to make Trent cum like he just had. Trent leaned back and played with his nipples as Jake stroked him, then suddenly Jake felt his cock pulsing in his hand as Trent came with a loud grunt of pleasure.

“Happy Birthday,” Trent said, smiling. Jake laughed and leaned back, tucking his cock back into his pants. Yes, this was definitely a great place to be, he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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