A Family Affair Ch. 03

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We had been home from Paris for a week now. Maybe because Mom and Dad both had to get back to work, and Sarah was out renewing her friendships, in any case we went from sex with one another every day to suddenly nothing. Was it all a dream? Was I imagining that my sister went nuts over my cock? That we’d fucked and sucked? That my Mom and Dad were swingers and they were nuts about my cock as well? I hadn’t had any hallucinogens — not even pot — so I was pretty sure it was all real. It was just that I had gone from having all my fantasies (well, almost all) fulfilled to isolation and severe lackanooky! And some how, none of them was around any longer than it took to say “hello, see you later” before they left, returning late at night.

So I used that week to clean up my room, among other things. Hell, the first thing I did was revisit my stash of porn magazines, only to find that none of them got me hard! Holy shit? Was I being punished for having incest? Was there some sort of deep-rooted psychological condition that was now afflicting me? I was getting a little crazy (well, maybe more than a little, I guess) and didn’t know what I was going to do. And the three of them never seemed to be home, so I couldn’t even talk with them. I needed someone to talk with and so, in desperation, I figured I had one possibility — my cousin Marie.

Marie was my Mom’s older sister’s daughter and a practicing psychologist. We had a pretty good relationship, and I had even seen her professionally while I was still in school — after missing a perfect score on the SAT’s by 5 points, I kind of lost it for a bit. She listened, asked some great questions that had me see what an ass I’d been, and let me pay her back by doing yard work for her for a couple of months. So I called her and made an appointment. She said she’d have space at the very end of the week. She’d see me after her last scheduled appointment on Friday. It would have to do. Meanwhile, the week went by and it was as if Mom, Dad and Sarah had disappeared, although there was still evidence they were around — opened mail, food gone from the fridge, etc. Maybe I was just sleeping when they came and went.

I showed up at her office a few minutes early for my appointment. Since it was the last one of the day, she sent her receptionist home and it was just the two of us in her office. We sat there for a few minutes while I tried to figure out how to talk about things without causing problems for Sarah, Mom or Dad. I mean, we had spent a week have incestuous sex — we might have broken some laws and I didn’t want them to get in trouble. The silence was deafening until Marie broke it.

“Richard, I thought you had something you needed to talk about. Cat got your tongue?”

“I’m just not sure how to talk about it. I mean, you’re a therapist, so anything I say is confidential, right?”

“That’s right. You know that — we’ve spoken professionally before. Why are you asking?”

“Well, if it involves family — and might be surprising and even upsetting — can you still do that?”

“Ah. I think I know where this is going. You’re concerned that you are going to tell me things about your Mom and Dad that might worry me or shock me, correct?”

“Um, yeah. And about Sarah as well. And I guess I’m afraid that you’ll relate to them differently after I tell you. Which will upset them. And then they’ll know I talked, and it could be a big mess. But I really need to talk about this with someone and you are the only one who I trust. Can you deal with that?”

“Richard, relax a bit. First, that is how I am trained. I suppose you could say that a lot of what people tell me goes in one ear and out the other — not that I don’t listen, but I leave it in the office. If I happen to meet people who’ve been discussed here, I’ve learned how to manage that. More importantly, I know your folks very well. So I suspect I already have an inkling about where this conversation will take us. Now, just sit back and relax. Let’s try a little exercise, okay?”

“Sure” I said. “What do I need to do?”

“Just sit back and close your eyes. It’s a safe space here. So first, take a deep breath and hold it for the count of 5. Then let it out slowly, and repeat the process. Each time you let out that breath, feel yourself relaxing a little more. Got it?”

“Yes. Easy enough.”

“Good, so close your eyes. Now take a deep breath and hold it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Let it out slowly and relax as you do it. Now take another breath and hold it, one, two, three, four and five. Let it out and relax a little more. Do it again, repeating until I tell you to stop, keeping your eyes closed.”

I followed instructions and soon found myself calmed down and relaxed.

“Are you relaxed now?”


“Then open your eyes and look at me.”

I did. Something was different about Marie. I wasn’t sure what, but she seemed softer and more sensuous. That couldn’t be, could it? I was the one who relaxed, right? But then I noticed that her white blouse had the top three canlı bahis buttons unbuttoned. I could see the swell of her boobs. Her hair was down — I was pretty sure she’d had it in a pony tail when I came in. And I noticed that she was suddenly showing a lot of leg, encased in stockings and no shoes. I felt something stir.

“Now, you said this had to do with your Mom, Dad and Sarah. Were you involved as well?”

I felt myself blushing. “Um, yeah. I was.”

“Tell me, Richard, did this involve sex?”

“Wait, what? How did you know?”

“Simple, my dear nephew. They introduced me and my husband to swinging ten years ago. And as for your sister, we were there the night she came home unexpectedly. I remember seeing the look on her face and thinking that she was probably going to join us at some point. It appears I was right. And am I correct to assume that you’ve become a mother fucker now?”

“Holy shit! Yes!”

“Tell me what happened — and we’ll get around to why you are here today after you do.”

So I proceeded to tell her everything. How my sister caught me jerking off in her shower, and how she reacted to my big cock. How she just about went nuts because I was so big, and how she took my virginity.

Marie’s eyes drifted towards my lap, and that stirring I felt a few minutes ago was producing an erection. I noticed she was reacting to either my story or my cock, but her nipples were now visible.

“And? I’m fairly certain there was more” she prompted. Her voice seemed to have dropped into a lower register.

“Oh, there was. I mean, I was a complete virigin at that time, but within 24 hours I was pronounced a very cunning linguist by my sister, I had given her a number of orgasms and had a few myself. That incest thing? We discussed it but dismissed it as two adults who weren’t going to make a baby, so it was okay. Then she went ahead and told Mom, who discovered that I was even bigger than Dad, and who taught me more things to do to please women.”

“Oh, I can bet she did. Tell me, did she and your sister get it on? Did your Dad finally get to fuck his daughter?”

“Wait, you’re not shocked?”

“Why should I be? I told you, my husband and I have both been with both of them (as well as others) and I know they both wanted to have sex with you guys but didn’t know how to go about it. At first I thought they were just teasing each other, but then I realized that they both had their eyes on you guys. So, good for them! And good for you — it doesn’t appear to have traumatized you in any way. Or am I missing something?” With that she leaned forward, and in doing so, afforded me a full view of a very large pair of breasts. She uncrossed her legs the way Sharon Stone did in that movie, revealing tiny white panties that were darkened by moisture. At this point, my cock was rock hard.

“Well, we got home, and none of them have been around, and I went to look at my stash of porn magazines and couldn’t get it up. I guess I panicked.”

“You guess? Does that mean you have recovered your erection? Yes, it appears you have — and it’s quite a large one, from what I can see from here. Maybe it needs a closer look?” With that she slid out of her chair and onto her knees, and then she was suddenly between my legs, her hands on my thighs and her face up close to my cock. She ran her hands all around my legs and my crotch without actually touching what was now an aching hardon. I decided to take charge and stood up, putting my crotch up against her face.

“I think you’re right, Marie. But now that I can get it up, I have another problem. I need some assistance in having it go down. Perhaps you can provide an oral assessment of the condition…” and we both laughed!

“Richard, it looks like you take after your Dad. Let’s see about that” she said as she unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. Then she pulled down both my jeans and my underwear and freed my cock. “Much better” I said.

“Much bigger” she said. “No wonder your Mom wanted you — she’s been a size queen for as long as I’ve known her. Did she suck it? Like this?” She said as she opened her mouth and began to lick it like a lollipop, stroking it at the same time.

“Oh, she sucked it, I mean, she used her mouth like that. As well as in other ways.”

“Oh, but did she do this?” asked Marie, as she suddenly swallowed the entire length of my cock and pressed her nose into my pubes!

“She tried, but ohmigod she couldn’t get half of it. You’re amazing!” And then she used her throat muscles as if she was swallowing, and it was as if she was milking my cock! She pulled back off my cock and I groaned my disappointment.

“Oh, I’m not done, Richard. I just think we ought to get more comfortable, don’t you?” She stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor, revealing a well stuffed bra and a big pair of boobs.

“You like? They are 38DD — every man wants to know. But wait and see this!” She reached behind her and suddenly her bra came free, revealing bahis siteleri dark brown areolae with large, thick nipples. “Want to suck on them? Of course you do. And you will. But first let’s continue getting naked. I want to know if you have a body to go with that big dick of yours!”

“I’m in shape, if that’s what you mean. I was on the swim team, so you tell me.”

“Oh my, Richard, you are a woman’s wet dream! How did you manage to get that monster into a pair of speedos? I’m surprised you stayed a virgin so long — if the girls in your school weren’t interested, I’ll bet there were more than a few mommies who were sorely tempted!”

“I don’t know. I really was awfully shy.”

“Well, it looks like your sister may have awakened a sleeping giant. Are you still awfully shy, knowing that the three women you’ve most recently been with have told you that you have a big cock and that makes you very desirable?”

“Yes and no. I mean, with the three of you, I’m not going to be shy any more since it’s pretty clear you like it. But I’m not sure what to do with girls my own age. I mean, I’m thinking most of them are virgins and want to save themselves for marriage…”

The sound that came out of Marie’s mouth seemed to be a combination laugh, snort and guffaw — all at once. It was pretty clear that she thought something very different than I did. “What?” I said.

“Richard, trust me when I tell you that, while you may be right about girls your age or younger — why are you worried about them? Those of us who are older and a bit more experienced would be very happy to accommodate you. Face it, kid, but after a baby or two, husbands somehow seem to change their feelings about their wives. It’s actually kind of cute — before they have babies, wives are fair game for all kinds of sex. But afterwards? It seems as if husbands are simply unwilling to think of the mother of their children as a horny sex partner. Sure, a vaginal birth might stretch things a bit, but with either a little surgical attention — or even just time — things return to normal. And despite having less available time — or maybe because of it — I know I was hornier and faster responding than before I had my kids. Others report the same thing. In addition to the mental issue of fucking the shit out of mommy the slut being so weird, husbands seem to routinely take on more work when the kids are born. Maybe it’s a form of instinct — make the money to make sure the kids are taken care of — and maybe it’s something else. But whatever the case, my female patients report that they can’t get enough after giving birth. That’s where you might come in. So to speak.”

“What? You mean hunt down new mamas and offer to fuck them? You aren’t serious, are you?”

“When you put it that way, no, I’m not serious. But if the word got out about this big, lovely meat stick, you just might have to fight off some fans! Think about it. But not now. Now, just lean back and let me suck your cock until you blow your load down my throat. And then, if you recover quickly, I have other places to put it that you might enjoy.”

So I did. I reclined in the chair and lost myself in Marie’s mouth and throat. She was doing things to my cock that pressed buttons I didn’t even know I had. Pretty soon I was rock hard, my hips were moving on their own and she let me fuck her throat until I came, shooting six or seven streams of cum into her.

She finally pulled of my cock, swallowing and breathing hard. “Um, I don’t quite know what to say. That was amazing. What do I do if I meet your husband? Is he okay with you, um, er…”

“Relax, Richard. Jack knows I love sex, and he loves that I love it. So he’s going to get an earful of how this went, and probably at some point want so see this huge cock of yours. The biggest issue we had to deal with is that he’s sort of on the smaller side, and he had a tendency to get jealous. At first. But no more. Besides, he more than compensates for his lack of size with his oral skills. Like you said, he’s a very cunning linguist. But maybe I should evaluate your skills in that department. If you’re up for it, that is?”

“Absolutely” I said. “You’re just wearing too much. As a matter of fact, so am I. Do we want to continue here, or is there a better place to go?”

“Oh, this is fine. The doors are locked. Anyone who can see in can enjoy the view. Did I mention that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist?”

“No, you didn’t. What does that mean, exactly?”

“It means that I love an audience. It gets me off knowing that not only am I thrilling my partners, but other folks are entertained as well. It’s a kind of power trip.”

“So what does that mean? Where do you, er, how, ah…” I stammered, not really knowing what I was asking.

“Relax, Richard. I’m a first class slut — which simply means I love sex for the sake of sex. So yes, I fuck. I suck, I do all those things you see in porn movies. That includes anal, gang bangs, bukkake. About the only things I don’t engage in are golden showers and scat. See bahis şirketleri that book shelf behind my desk? The bottom three shelves are all books on sex and sexuality. If it got someone off and they wrote about it, I’m up for trying it. And yes, I’ve gone naked in public. I’ve given head in movie theaters. I’ve even been filmed and there are some videos on a couple of pay sites. All while running my therapy practice, raising two kids, keeping my husband happy, and having the time of my life with folks like your Mom and Dad, their friends and now you.”

“What about my sister?”

“Well, if she’s at all like your Mom, then I expect that will happen some time soon. Gee, all this talk seems to have reinvigorated you — you’re hard again! That means you have a choice. Eat me out, or fuck me silly. Which would you like?”

“Let’s do something we’ll both like — get naked and stand in that window, facing out. Spread your legs wide and get ready. I’m told that I take some getting used to, so we’ll let those watchers see you take a giant cock. How’s that?”

“Oh, you are your parents’ son, all right!” With her blouse and bra off, all that remained was her skirt and panties. She left her stockings on, and they framed a beautiful shaved cunt. Her lips were moist and swollen. And her ass was amazing! The kind of bubble butt that you figured was photoshopped in magazines. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and as I moved behind her my hands were all over it, stroking and massaging it, rubbing it. Maybe…

“Yes, Richard, if you want to fuck my ass instead of my pussy, you can. But since I will definitely need lubrication with that baseball bat between your legs, let me suggest a couple of things. Did you ever rim anyone?”

“No. That’s eating your ass, right?”

“Very good. If you can eat pussy, then you can do the same with my rear hole. And you might also consider lubing your cock in my pussy as well. That way you work on my sensitive hole and my ass. It’s my favorite.”

I needed no further urging. I moved up behind her and began to work the head of my cock into her slit. First, I wet my dick from outside her, using her juices, and then slowly began to work it up that hot channel. It was exquisite! Tighter than her mouth. Hotter as well. I simply pressed up into her and felt her slide down the length of my shaft. Her breathing changed; a gasp accompanied each new territory I invaded.

“Oh, This is wonderful! It’s a shame you don’t have a cunt so you could feel the way your big hot cock is reaching into my guts and expanding my cunt. I wish you could feel how amazing it is to have something huge going up inside you!”

“My sister pegged me — so I have a little bit of an idea.” I replied.

“She did? Oh, she and I are going to hit it off! Grab my boobs. Pull me onto your dick. Get it all the way in me!”

I was happy to comply, and soon enough I was balls deep in her hot box. She was moaning with delight, and as I pulled out, she seemed disappointed.

“Oh, that is going to wreck my ass! Be sure to get me good and wet with your tongue!”

“Do you have any lube around here? It will make it easier, you know.”

“I know, but I don’t want it easy! I want you to stretch my tiny asshole wide and shove that thing into my ass. Don’t go wishy washy on me — you are the bull and I’m the cow. You are in charge. Take my ass and fuck it hard!”

I think I got harder than ever when she said that, so I did my best to get her asshole wet. I tongue fucked it. I worked up as much spit as I could and tried to get it into her. Then I pushed into her cunt one more time to use that lubricant before I pulled out and lined up the head of my cock against her little brown ring. I held it there, pressing against it and feeling her relax the muscle and begin to let me in. With a pop the head of my cock was in her and she screamed.

“Oh fuck! Oh, that is so amazing! More! Press it harder, Go deeper. Give me every inch of that amazing dick. Take my ass! Fuck my ass! I love it!”

And soon I was balls deep in the tightest, hottest space I’d ever imagined. I pulled out slowly and pushed back in slowly, building up the pace. One of her hands was on her clit, stroking it as I picked up speed. Soon I was pumping in and out as fast as I could go, amazed at the sensations, glorying in the heat and the feeling of having my cock wrapped in her bowels.

“Oh, it’s so good! I’m going to cum soon. Did you know it’s possible to have an anal orgasm? Did your sister give you one when she pegged you? I hope so. I love it! Now I want you to cum in me. Shoot your hot, delicious cum deep in my ass! Give it to me! I’m coming! Come with me!”

And I did. We both collapsed onto the floor, my cock still buried in her ass.

“I think you’re ready now,” she said.

“Ready for what? What are you talking about?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. For now, let’s consider this a session well spent. I’m satisfied, are you?”

“Yes. Very. But what…”

“As I said, all will be revealed. Now, sir, please remove that glorious cock from my ass and use the restroom to clean up. Then get dressed and wait for me, okay? And I know you have questions — but exercise patience and you will get your answers soon enough.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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