A Night Without Sleeping

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This is a true story.


The bed felt cozier than ever before. And yet I couldn’t fall asleep. Maybe I was afraid that by moving and adjusting myself I would wake up my friend. She was sleeping so peacefully by my side, I didn’t dare to disturb that moment of endless quietness.

She was beautiful. Small, slim, long hair spreading on the pillow. I loved the way she searched my presence. One hand touching mine, the other resting on my shoulder. Though we both knew she was straight and I was bisexual, that didn’t decrease my appetite for the woman innocently sleeping so close to me.

It was just a vacation. Two friends sharing the same room, in order to spare some money. The hotel had tricked us by giving us a king-size bed instead of the twin beds we were expecting. Not that I was complaining, I love sleeping with a cozy person by my side. But I didn’t want my friend to be uncomfortable due to my sexuality.

It was our second night together. After two days where we talked, and talked, and relaxed in the sun, and talked more. She had so much mental cleaning to do about her last break up, and I seemed the ideal listener.

“You always calm me down”, she said, aware that my presence was like the medicine no doctor could prescribe her. And she knew a good deal about doctors and their prescriptions to her near-breakdown state.

“All they want is for me to sleep. As if sleeping washed away my sorrows. It’s like every pill I take turns me more into a zombie.”

And there she was, sleeping by my side. Her breathing on my neck keeping me awake.

It was almost like a dream when her arm searched me, reaching my neck, and pulling me closer. I obeyed her gesture. I didn’t want to do anything to disturb her sleep. I just wanted to breathe in every moment of tenderness. After all some people are simply that way when they sleep. They need to grab something, to feel a presence. Isn’t that why teddy bears were invented? Yes, that’s how I felt, like the teddy bear that her fingers needed to touch.

Her hand was more vigilant than she seemed to be. It didn’t stop. It kept caressing my shoulder as she fit her body to mine, legs entwined, bodies feeling each other’s warmth.

When her hand moved, from my shoulder to my face, I felt paralyzed.

Before I left to meet her, my sister laughed at me “Yeah right! Just friends, but sleeping in the same room. I can see where that is going.” I protested saying it was nothing like canlı bahis şirketleri that. And now all those thoughts assaulted me.

Could she be awake? Was this an instinctive movement resulting from her dreams? Did she know she was caressing a woman in such a sensual way?

I wanted to believe she was just dreaming. Or maybe I was too terrified to believe otherwise. Sometimes we wish for something so much we don’t even dare to believe it’s happening. Or maybe I was only fighting what I was seeing, because I wanted to prove my sister wrong. Can’t two people sleep together as an act of pure friendship? I knew I could be that strong.

My thoughts were only interrupted by my feelings. I felt her fingers caressing my face, feeling the line of my eyebrows, resting on my forehead, and then, coming down to my nose. My heart raced. This couldn’t be just a dream, I was positive she knew what she was doing. My eyes were open, trying to see in the darkness of the room. Her eyes were still closed, she was resting her chin on her own chest, curled in a way that made her look smaller. I pulled away the sheet that covered us, in slow movements of my legs. I needed to see her body, and guess from it what her intentions were.

Her fingers kept roaming, and touched my lips. They lingered there, feeling, touching, trying something. I gasped. I wanted to kiss them, I wanted to open my mouth and let them in. I wanted to give her my tongue to play with. Still I was shy. I didn’t want to ruin our vacation on the second day by rushing into something I didn’t fully understand.

She must have guessed my thoughts when she lifted her head to me and kissed my shoulder. I had no more doubts then. I wanted to respond, and I did it by kissing her finger. She kept playing with my mouth, and I finally licked one of her fingers. I happily felt it entering my mouth and exploring it.

Her lips ventured towards my neck. They were still shy kisses. Kisses from a child, or from someone who’s still asleep. I breathed heavily, and let my arm embrace her, pulling her closer to me. I knew I wanted this sensual woman to feel me, to awaken my senses and have my body.

She kissed my face. Nothing could stop us now. I turned my head slightly to her and felt her shy tongue touching my lips. I opened my mouth, and our tongues touched for the first time, as our lips joined in a long kiss.

We embraced and she climbed over me. Her little body felt frail and sweet. As if I was holding canlı kaçak iddaa a baby bird in my hands after it just fell from its nest. I hugged her pressing her against my body, offering her security, making my body the safe ground she needed so much. She was still curling, as if afraid that by moving too much she would break this dream we both were having.

I was eager for her mouth. Not knowing where any of this was going to end made me hungrier for her. If it could end at any time, I was decided to have as much as I could… while I could.

I closed my eyes and tasted her. I felt her thin soft lips, her small shy tongue and her sharp hard teeth. I sucked her tongue, felt her saliva on the corners of my mouth. I sucked it in, as if I needed it as a souvenir of this magical moment. I licked her lips again and let them own my tongue as she positively ate my mouth.

Our hands weren’t less busy. Instinctively we were both fondling with each other’s pj’s. Still without a word being said, she rose over me, her knees on each side of my body, and pulled her shirt over her head. I did the same without leaving my position under her body. We smiled, and she dived on me again, hungry for my mouth, now kissing me as our breasts were in full contact.

Our hands crawled down our bodies, first loving each other’s breasts. Hers were delicate, small with perky nipples I could barely wait to have in my mouth. From there, our hands searched each other’s waist lines. Hers was firm, delicate and soft. I felt it, with my fingers running all around it. Feeling her belly, fondling her small ass. And finally pulling down her shorts.

She lifted one leg, then the other, and pulled down her shorts. Then grabbed mine and, as I raised my hips, she undressed me. My heart was running wildly when she opened my legs and kissed my shaved pussy lips. One… the other… left, right, again, and again. I moaned, and touched her hair showing her how much I wanted this.

With my eyes closed I felt her tongue on my thighs, moving inwards, and again reaching my swollen pussy lips. I could feel they were opening. I could feel they were wet. Oh my god! I hoped she liked them. I knew I was the first woman she tasted. I wanted her to love it.

I knew she was enjoying it when I felt her nibbling on my lips, as a finger ran through my slit teasing my horny opening. All I could do was moving my hips towards her mouth, showing her how much I was desired her. She was driving me crazier canlı kaçak bahis by the second.

My moans must have become louder when she spoke for the first time. “Do you think we can be heard from the next room?” I could have answered “I wish so, I would love to be seen right now.” But I didn’t say it. I didn’t want to spoil the magic, I simply told her to keep on, with no fear, the walls were thick enough.

Her finger became more daring, exploring me. I mumbled that I needed her inside me, and she didn’t wait for a second hint. I opened my legs as wide as I could, and I felt her hard little finger invading me, massaging me from the inside, and widening me for a second finger to join.

She did it so easily that I felt her hands had known my pussy since the day I was born. I grabbed the sheet under me, and pulled it, trying not to shout as she kept fucking me so sweetly.

Her mouth was sucking my clit, as my juices flooded her face. Her fingers pounding harder inside me would soon make me explode in an orgasm. I could feel it building up, more… more. I could feel it coming… coming so close… cumminggggggggggggg!!!!!!….

After some moments, that seemed of eternal bliss, I opened my eyes seeing her smiling face a few inches from mine. I smiled and pulled her to me. We kissed passionately, my taste all over her face. I kissed her and licked her in the sloppiest possible way, as we rolled over the bed.

My turn to be on top. My turn to explore her pink pussy lips now revealed by the first morning light. My turn to eat her, and god!… how wet she was, tongue fucking her became as easy as adorable. Funnily she wasn’t concerned with the noises we were making anymore, and she was surely noisier than I had been. I could see she was giving herself completely to my mouth and hands, as I fucked this beautiful body. A body eaten out by a woman for the first time.

It didn’t take much for her to be orgasming on my mouth.

We lied side by side, exhausted, satisfied, and thrilled about what was still to come. A look at the watch told us it was 7am, almost time for breakfast. We could be the first ones today, we commented to each other.

We smiled. Hand in hand. Breathing in the moment. With all the time in the world.

“I presume you haven’t brought with you any of your sex toys.” she told me one minute later.

“There, my dear, is where you presume wrongly.” I replied with a wicked smile, thinking of the 10 inches red dildo I take with me everywhere.

She laughed when I handed it to her, and then kissed me again. After all we were going to be late for breakfast.



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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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