A Miserable Pile of Secrets Ch. 13

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Author’s Note: Mild bondage plus toy usage. Here you go.


Arthur thought he was slightly too small to be the bigger spoon, but Vince told him that didn’t matter. Besides, according to Vince, being the little spoon was so damn fun.

He happily dug his hand under Vince’s knee, helping to keep the hairy leg slightly elevated, as his wrapped dick sawed in and out of the tight, lubricated asshole. His balls swung into the other man, hot slaps, sticky noises. Vince was making the most delicious vocalizations, untamed and deep.

The scents were intoxicating. Vince’s clean bed, his soft hair with spicy conditioner, sweat and flesh, lube and latex. Arthur loved how his cock was squeezed. It was a perfectly tight little hole. “Christ, Vince!” He closed his eyes and pressed his lips into Vince’s shoulder, humming and sobbing.

“Ah! Ah! Harder! Come on!” Vince reached back to grip Arthur’s arm. “Yes! Fuck me! Come on!” His voice was turning harsher, grinding through his teeth. “Come. On!!” He was a demanding, greedy creature. “Fuck!!” Frantically, his ass pushed and spasmed around Arthur’s cock, and his body tensed in Arthur’s embrace. It felt so good; Arthur felt like he was close, so damn close to that edge.

“Come on, Honey!! Come on!! Please!!” Vince actually slapped Arthur’s arm. It made Arthur’s cock jolt. “Fuck me!! You’re a god damn man, now fuck me!!”

Arthur rocked his hips so quickly that he almost couldn’t stand it.

He was pretty sure that he started cumming just a few seconds after Vince.

Shower time after that, then a soak in the wonderful bathtub as they watched the waterfall. It was a nice afternoon. Arthur folded his legs up and hugged his knees. At first, he was thinking about a Darksiders boss, but his curiosity betrayed him. Despite his intentions to forget about what his crazy cat had done, he was wondering about it. Some of the things Benny had been collecting were a little bit disturbing. So of course Arthur was wondering if he’d gotten those things from that odd secret location.

“Are you okay?”

Lightly shrugging again, Arthur breathed out, “I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Water trickled as Vince’s wet arm draped on Arthur’s shoulders.

“Yeah. Nothing to report.”

“Isn’t Benny due for a checkup with the vet?”

Nearly biting his cheek, Arthur quickly said, “Yeah, I think so.”

Vince’s slippery, warm nose rubbed into Arthur’s throat, making him blush. “It’s so cute how nice you are to that cat.”

“Well … uhm.” Under the water, Arthur’s toes wiggled. “You’re the one paying for everything he needs.”

“And why shouldn’t I? He’s a good kitty.”

The conversation fizzled out then. Arthur was glad. He’d been wondering if Vince was aware of Benny’s odd adventures, and he’d also been wondering if Vince was wanting to accuse him of something.

When night started crawling into place, Arthur was sitting with Vince in his theatre, eating crap and watching one of Disney’s animated classics. At the end of the show, they wiped their fingers clean with wet wipes, and they held hands as they left, lightly discussing the wholesome qualities of the film. Then, as they walked down a hallway, Vince said some affectionate things. The cute, fuzzy film had likely put him in a sweet mood. He even said, “Hey, you know I love you, right?”

Arthur spoke automatically, not even thinking about it. It was like he was talking to one of his parents. It was like he’d been trained to give this response his whole life.

“I love you too.”

There was no warning.

Vince basically slammed him into a wall and kissed like Arthur’s mouth contained a life saving antidote. Arthur’s breath was knocked out, and his shoulder and back hurt. He had to grip Vince’s jaw and pry his face away just to get the chance to wheeze out, “That hurt … hah … it’s like you were trying to fight me!”

“Holy shit! I’m so sorry!” Vince wrapped one arm around Arthur’s back, stroking him, and his other arm moved up so he could pet Arthur’s head. He put his cheek on his, and he gently crooned, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry, Honey.”

His hands on Vince’s shoulders, Arthur tried to ignore his soreness. “It’s okay, Man. Just be careful.”

Kiss! A loud kiss. A deep, licking kiss.

Not quite understanding Vince’s sudden ferocity, Arthur rode the attentions out, taking in the heat and saliva.

Vince already had his engines tuned and revved earlier in the day, but something must’ve put more life in him …?

When Vince swept his hands under Arthur’s shirt and lightly rumbled in his ear, “I love you too, Honey. God damn, I love you,” that was when Arthur thought he knew what was up.

Half of him wanted to say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lie. It just came out.” The other half told him to keep his fucking mouth shut.

But he at least cared about Vince, didn’t he?

Didn’t … he …?

Back to Vince’s bedroom, back to one of his favorite spots for fucking. Still, on some days Vince was determined to try it out in bahis firmaları a new room. A kitchen here, a library there, or even a bowling alley, like it was a game.

That didn’t matter now, though, because Vince wanted to go to his room. In one of his bureaus, he fished out some supplies. This time around, as he tightly held Arthur’s hand like he was afraid of losing him, two of the things he picked up was a vibrating prostate massager with different settings and a pair of cushioned belt shackles with a small chain between them.

Oh boy.

With darkened eyes and curling lips, Vince turned back to Arthur, his chin rising, and he said, “Clothes.”

Arthur almost said, “Yes Sir!” Skittish and clumsy, he fell over as he undressed, slamming into the floor. Vince pulled him up and checked him for any bruises. Then he told him to get on the bed.

Arthur walked up the platform’s steps and put an opening in the round curtain. Then he put his bare butt on the bed, his feet on the platform. He watched Vince put his things in a cloth bag that once held a bottle of alcohol. Then he started walking towards the connected bathroom. Vince firmly believed that sex toys should always be washed right before you use them, always. It didn’t matter that you had to wash right after, and the toy wouldn’t be used until the next bout of playtime. Always wash the damn thing.

Hugging one of the pillows, keeping it in his lap, Arthur found a moment to wonder.

Okay, so he cared about Vince. He couldn’t help it, but did he actually, truly love him?

Even after all the wacky shit Vince did?!

But …

Arthur lightly pulled on the pillowcase and dug the tip of his tongue as far as it could go between two of his teeth.

Well … considering what he did for a living, and what needed to be done to protect himself … it made sense that Vince would have no problem doing weird shit. He breathed weird shit in every day. It was his life.

And he never even threatened Arthur, let alone hit him.

Damn, Vince seemed to think Arthur was the most important person in the world.

And his parents adored the guy. Vince had recently sent them some expensive gift cards for their favorite restaurants and movie theatres. Not only that, when they heard that Daddy’s truck was rear-ended, Vince sent him a check without a second thought, a check worth enough to pay the damages and buy them a few fancy kitchen appliances if they wanted. Insurance would’ve covered the problem, but Vince had insisted. Arthur’s parents weren’t allowed to struggle, at least not financially.

Arthur supposed … he probably did love him.

Vince was coming back. Arthur’s toes pressed down.

As Vince walked up the platform, he tossed the bag on the bed. Then he sat down next to Arthur and dug into the bag. The chain between the shackles was held between his fingers. “Hands behind your back, Honey.”

Arthur put his pillow aside, pushed himself farther on the bed, and held his hands behind himself. Vince put his wrists in the black, open cuffs, and then he closed those cuffs.

He put Arthur’s back against to his torso, running his hands all around the bare skin, disturbing the blond body hair, what little Arthur had. He wasn’t a smooth fellow but compared to Vince he was almost pathetic. His bound hands were being rubbed against Vince’s jeans, where an erection was jutting out. The chain clanked. Arthur flinched at every kiss Vince put on his scalp, nape, and shoulder. His nipples were soon taken with long, heedful fingers, the delicate lengths pinched and played with.

Bleating and shaking, Arthur ground his backside and hands back into Vince’s jeans. His dick was soon jerking, quietly asking the world for attention. The muscles in his bent legs felt like they might fall off. Vince left one of Arthur’s nipples alone and petted his way down his body, even down to his cock.

But he only let his fingertips slide down and up that organ.

“You want something from me?” Vince’s voice was thick and hot. The hand that had been on Arthur’s nipple went up to his throat, lightly resting the palm on Arthur’s fragile skin. It was odd and consuming, reminding Arthur of how exposed and defenseless he was.

“I … I’m sorry?”

Vince tapped the penis’ head and let his middle finger sink down the length, kneading the head with his palm. “I know you want something. All you have to do is tell me.”

With a light gasp, Arthur said, “Please … please jack me off!”

“Dry?” Vince very gently let his fingernails’ edges scrape across Arthur’s throat. “Oh no. That’s no good.” He let Arthur’s throat go so he could get something from his bag, and Arthur watched him take a little bottle of lube over to his cock.

Arthur shut his eyes and meshed his teeth together as the cold lubrication was plopped onto his skin.

Vince warmed the messy, loud stuff as he stroked up and down. “I love how you feel in my hand, Artie.”

“God damn it!” Arthur could hardly breathe, and when Vince touched his throat again he swallowed a hunk kaçak iddaa of mucus and saliva.

Tighter, harder, and just when Arthur thought he might reach his peak, Vince stopped, which made Arthur beg, literally beg.

Vince only gripped his balls and said, “On your belly.” Then he let his balls go and helped Arthur assume the position. Arthur’s belly was on the mattress. His legs hung over the bed and his feet touched the platform. His sticky penis was left a trailing mess behind, almost like a fast snail. Arthur felt some of it on his chest and abdomen. He put his cheek down, making it easier for him to breathe, but Vince kindly lifted his head up and put a pillow underneath. That made him feel even better. Vince also tucked Arthur’s sore cock down, away from his body.

And it began.

A gloved, lubricated finger pressed in, out, and all around, coating as much of Arthur’s asshole as possible. Vince also took extra care to rap that little area that let him stimulate the prostate. That had Arthur squirming and flexing his hands on his back. Vince gave him crisp words and slid his free hand around his legs. Then he took the massager, a thin device with a handle. Arthur’s fingers curved in anticipation.

Light buzzing.

“Shit!!” Arthur’s ass bounced a little but Vince used his palm to pin him back down. The little device wasn’t the only one to vibrate, not for long anyway. Arthur’s own reactions made his legs ache.

“Does it feel nice, Arthur?”

“Oh god, yes!!”

There was a lick, a slow and dragging sort of thing, right on one of Arthur’s ass cheeks. Then Vince gripped that cheek and said with an impish but still deep and manly tone, “I’m not sure about that. I’m not really trying that hard, so how can it be any good?”


He’d started with the fifth setting. The sixth one was a bit faster.

“God damn it, Vince!!” Arthur kicked a few times, but Vince used his arm to press his thighs down.

“Oh? Not good enough, Honey?” Vince laughed and clicked onto the seventh setting.

Arthur’s brain forgot what words were. All he could do was spit, cough, and moan like a wild bitch in heat. Everything below his belly button felt like an odd combination of rushing waves and fireworks.

And Vince just … encircled Arthur’s cock with his fingers and pumped.

He couldn’t take anymore. He couldn’t. His brain sizzled as his thoughts evaporated into nothing. His balls were emptied almost like a bursting dam.

Arthur was sobbing when he heard Vince say, “I’ll put a check mark there for now.”


I …

I love you.



That’s what it was. Had to be.

Arthur thought so.

He wondered about it as he sat in a courtyard one morning, alone except for Benny in his lap. There were almost no trees, so there weren’t enough leaves to make a pile. Yes, autumn was in the air. It was dry and cool. Arthur had a thin red sweater on. His nails were light as he scratched behind Benny’s ear. His thoughts weren’t so light.

Benny was still a thief, a massive thief, and Arthur didn’t know how to discipline him. He was scared of accidentally abusing the poor kitty. He didn’t know better, right? Maybe he wasn’t getting enough attention. Maybe he didn’t get enough exercise. Maybe he needed a trip to the vet. He might have an issue in his brain.

As he considered his options, Benny leapt out of his lap and went to the nearest door. He turned back to meow at Arthur. Hey, open this damn door! That was probably what he meant. Arthur got up and went to the door. When there was just enough space between the door and the frame, Benny zoomed into the building.

Was he off to steal more things?

Arthur stepped inside, closed the door, and tried to follow him again. It wasn’t easy. Benny was fast this time, and he didn’t even look back at his favorite human. He only wanted to go on to wherever the best thing to steal was located. Funny, silly cat. Arthur nearly lost him a few times. And of course he had another mini-workout as he went down lots of stairs. At least he wasn’t afraid of them collapsing under his feet anymore. He knew they were sturdier than they looked.

Odd as it was, Benny stopped right at the same hidden wall, and he pushed it away with his paw. Then he hopped up to tap the buttons on the keypad. Arthur’s feet throbbed and his heart pounded as he approached, his eyes on the keys, trying to see which ones were being pressed. The cat stopped typing soon and got onto the door’s handle.

But a voice stopped Arthur. “Wait!”

He turned around.

It was a guard. He held out a hand and said with an uncompromising voice, “I’m sorry, Sir. Boss says he doesn’t want you here.”

Arthur didn’t like the sound of that. He was married to Vince, and he lived here too. This was part of his home. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to go where he pleased?

But his brow smoothed out as he wondered if he even wanted to know what went on in these basements.

He held up his hands in a mildly defensive gesture, and kaçak bahis he said to the guard, “I didn’t mean to snoop around.” He heard the door open and Benny plop down to the floor. He looked back to see the white cat speeding through, and then the door closed. “I was trying to play around with my cat, but I think he’s gotten away from me.”

The guard nodded. “Don’t worry. We have strict orders to never hurt that cat. If we catch him, we’ll send him back to you.” He flipped his fingers at him. “Come with me.”

Arthur put his hands in his jeans pockets and starting following the guard. “Benny hasn’t been mean to anyone, has he?”

“No, Sir. He doesn’t scratch or anything when someone picks him up. He’s just so fast that it’s hard to get him.”

“And you know,” Arthur said as his brain kept grinding and cranking, “Benny likes to steal things, so make sure all your money and stuff is out of his way. Kind of sucks, I know.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry.”

“No problem, Sir.”


Night was coming again. Arthur was sitting beside Vince in a game room, but they were already bored of the physical games. They were playing Stardew Valley together, using their handheld consoles. They were planting some very valuable ancient fruit in their greenhouse. Vince said aloud at one point, “I wonder what that fruit tastes like.”

“It’s probably like something tropical,” Arthur said as he watered a row of seeds.

“The texture might be like a mango’s.” Vince’s fingers clicked and tapped his buttons and joystick. “Mangoes taste like wood, though. It’s weird.”

They finished taking care of the seeds, and then their little characters separated. Arthur went to make some purchases while Vince went to go fishing. “You know,” Vince said, “you should eat more fruits.”

“Uh huh. I know. Good for my health and all that.” He sighed. “I think I’m getting bored of this. Let’s do something else.”

Vince made an almost offended noise in his throat. “Huh? Already? We just started.”

Arthur led his character back to the house. “Yeah, but I feel like doing something else.”

Vince made an “awwwwwww” sound but he agreed. They saved the game as soon as possible. Then they turned the consoles off. He stretched his arms up and made a dramatic yawn. “You want a quick walk on the treadmills? That’ll drain you real quick.”

“I guess so,” Arthur said without really looking at him.

After around half an hour’s worth of walking, Arthur was physically tired, but mentally he was still restless.

His brain kept repeating images over and over.

A cat’s white paw smacking physical keys with numbers. A door opening. Again. Again. And again.

He was obsessing over it.

It was an area he wasn’t allowed to be in, an area with secrets. His stupid, video game loving brain told him that anything locked away had something interesting or useful inside, or it would at least advance the plot. Games with good stories were usually very nice.

A gentle, hot hand on Arthur’s cheek. “Hey, you okay?”

Arthur blinked and let his blue eyes glide up to Vince’s face. “Yeah. I’m fine. I guess I just need a project or something.”

“Build a house on The Sims,” Vince said. “I’ll watch and give you tips.”

“You’re no architect.” Arthur lightly swept his hand away.

A little shrug. “Neither are you. Now let’s give your brain what it needs. Come on.”

They were soon at Arthur’s PC. A “Tiny Build” was what they focused on, a house that was as small as functionally possible. Thank the developers for the moveobjects cheat. It made decorating much easier. Benny stayed in his bed, sneezing a bit more than usual.

Vince sat beside him, saying things like, “Oh, that’s cool. Nope, nope, that looks gayer than me. Put a row of space here. You need it for storage and dining.” The end result was a colorful, modern house for a single sim. It wasn’t as small as some other Tiny Builds Arthur had seen on YouTube or Twitch, but it was small enough to amuse him.

Too bad his brain was still itching, his teeth grinding, and his fingers tapping anything whenever possible. Vince noticed. How could he not? Even Benny noticed. He crawled out of his bed and went over to the gaming desk chair, where Arthur sat, and leapt up to his lap.

“Wha …?” Arthur was startled, but he petted Benny nonetheless. “Hello there, are you feeling okay?” He stroked Benny’s head, then his deformed nose, but then he noticed something odd.

Benny had a little bit of ash in his fur, close to his mouth.

Arthur scooped the cat up and said, “Did you steal cigarette butts from an ashtray?!”

Vince laughed and pointed at the cat. “Oh my god!! I can’t figure out if he’s really smart or fucking stupid!”

Making exasperated little sounds with his breath, tongue, and teeth, Arthur got out of his chair and took Benny off to the bathroom.

Stupid cat. He did struggle with he heard and saw the water coming from the faucet, but Arthur was firm. It was all his fault. He shouldn’t be stealing random shit, especially not shit in ash. Arthur was firm. He washed all the ash he could see. Then he dried the wet spots and let Benny go free. Thank goodness the cat was such a benign thing, otherwise Arthur would have lots of scratches and bites.

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