A Long, Long Time Ago Ch. 02

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I had a really hard time going to sleep after finally doing the dirty deed. I just kept replaying the scene over and over in my head. Wishing it would have played out like my fantasies instead of the disappointing way it actually happened. All the while, of course, I still had a raging hard on.

Then I started thinking about how I was the aggressor and he was just passive, lying there. Maybe I was wrong about him being into it. Sure, he jerked me off for a bit, but never actually sucked on my cock. Yet, I was down on my knees, trying to force his cock down my throat. Wanting him to grab my head with both hands and make me swallow his cock and ultimately, his load. But the son of a bitch just laid there. I could feel the guilt taking over my thoughts.

What if my friends found out? Holy fuck, I bet they would beat the shit out of me. “God damn fag, queer, cocksucker!” their voices ringing in my ears. What the fuck have I done?

Finally, I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up with my wife lying next to me, still asleep. What would I tell her? Would I tell her? What would she think? Holy shit I’ve totally fucked up. You know it was one thing to read about shit like this, and even fantasize, but I actually did it. I sucked cock, gave a blowjob. Not a great blowjob, but a blowjob none the less. I am a cocksucker. Maybe I should just keep this to myself? But what if I don’t tell her and she finds out? I’m sure Mister “it’s so cool to be bi” is going to canlı bahis şirketleri be spilling the beans, and then I’m fucked.

So, I’m lying there having a major meltdown and she woke up.

“Good morning, what time did you finally get to bed?”

I answered, “I’m not sure, we stayed up pretty late.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t stay up with you but it was so late and I was just exhausted.”

“Yeah, I was pretty tired too” I replied.

“So, did anything happen?” she asked with a grin.

“What?” (Oh fuck, she knows!)

“Well, you know, every time we get together with him we get high and the conversation always turns into a teasing game. I know we all get hot and turned on; I just figured that sometime something would actually happen. But, it never gets to that point and I just get exhausted and go to bed. So… did anything happen?” she repeated the question.

(Here we are, the moment of truth, oh fuck me.) “Well, I got tired of beating around the bush and I made the first move.”

A look of (I don’t know) shock? Surprise? Tell me more? Don’t say another word? The pause only lasted about two seconds but it felt like I was about to fall off the edge of the earth into the fucking abyss.

To my total amazement she cuddled closer to me and started rubbing my cock.

“So I want to know everything” she said. “I mean everything, all the details.” So I started tell her the whole story, no bullshit, just what really happened. canlı kaçak iddaa My heart was pounding as I told my tail.

When I got to the part where I put his cock in my mouth, she started really stroking my dick. “Did you lick his cock like I lick yours?” she asked.


“Did it get nice and hard?”

Before I could answer she was between my legs and ever so slowly licked my entire shaft, which was now at full attention. Full attention is an understatement, I thought my damn cock was going to explode it was so hard.

“He was hard, but not anywhere near as hard you’ve gotten me now”, I panted.

“Did you suck his balls? I know you really like having me suck your balls, don’t you?” She lifted my cock out of the way and started licking and sucking on my balls.

“No, I didn’t do that” but damn, it sure felt great as her tongue started moving under my nuts and even closer to my asshole. She hardly ever actually licks my ass, but gets so close that I just about blow a load every time just thinking about it.

By now my cock was putting out pre-cum by the bucketful. She returned her attention to my shaft.

“Did you like his pre-cum?”

Her tongue was slowly circling the head of my cock and making strands of pre-cum from my dick to her lips all the while looking me right in the eye. Then, she took my cockhead in her mouth, sucked it all up, and kissed me sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. I licked and sucked on her canlı kaçak bahis tongue tasting myself and almost passed out.

Still looking me right in the eye she asked, “Did you deep throat his cock?”

I stammered, “No, I couldn’t get it past my gag reflex”, trying desperately to catch my breath.

“Well, it takes practice” and with that she was between my legs and buried my cock in her throat with her tongue licking my balls at the same time. My god this girl can suck cock. As she released me she asked the big question.

“Did he cum in your mouth?” Her eyes wide, the fucking question piercing my soul.

“No, I just couldn’t do it. I really though I could, but it just wasn’t like I thought it would be and I started feeling weird.”

“I always let you cum in my mouth, and I always swallow, don’t I?” and with those words she swallowed my whole cock again and I shot a load that if it were captured on video would still be talked about today as one of the greatest cum shots of all time. She totally drained me. I mean DRAINED me! Damn, it was hot.

“I think you’ve killed me, that was the greatest blowjob I’ve ever had,” my voice almost a whisper. She just smiled.

“Practice, practice, practice”. Grinning, she said, “You’ll get better at it.”

Did I hear her right? “You’ll get better at it”, like she wants me to do it again? My aching dick was trying to get hard again.

“So, you’re not pissed at me?” I asked.

“Pissed, why would I be pissed?” “I’m just glad you had the balls to actually make the first move, and to tell me all about it.”

“Maybe next time you’ll do it before I’m ready to pass out.” And with that, she kissed me, jumped out of bed and into the shower.

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