My Masturbation Story

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Not many women will admit to their love of masturbation. I am single, but that has nothing to do with it. I used to complete a thoroughly enjoyable session of love-making with my man, only to quickly plunge my fingers between my thighs once he went off to the bathroom.

Now I have replaced my real life boyfriend with a cyber lover who shares my love of masturbation behind the computer screen or a webcam.

One night, still thoroughly turned on by our hours of erotic play, sleep began to make it impossible for me to type another word.

In bed my mind did a play-by-play reenactment of my friends climax and I felt mine building again. Certain that I must be the horniest woman in the world, I reached beneath my gown and fingered my nipples. My nipples are so sensitive that if my lover spends any amount of time sucking and nibbling I will certainly explode.

I tug lightly at my right nipple, feeling it grow stiff between my fingertips and thumb as I roll and tug. I love having something in my mouth when I get turned on. I suck on my other fingers as I imagine my friends hand gripping his cock and stroking it in time to our cybering….

Now I’m wishing that I had three hands! I want something in my mouth badly, but I feel bahis firmaları my hot kitty screaming for some attention to. I’d blown out my bullet weeks before and hadn’t gotten around to replacing it. To have something nestled between my pussy lips while I sucked my fingers and played with my nipples would be heaven. Then I remembered the massager….

I got it to massage my muscles after a workout. It’s really too huge to manage comfortably so after a few uses I left it plugged in on the t.v. stand half forgotten.

I gazed at it doubtfully…my little bullet so compact with its three little speeds that send me crashing towards an orgasm just having it near my clit–and then that behemoth of a massager that had two speeds; sonic and super sonic!

The fact that I could practically shell peanuts with my pussy right now made the decision for me…

I picked it up and turned it on. I swear that my entire arm began to tremble with the intense vibration. Instantly I knew that I wanted this and not my little bullet. I wanted something to make me explode!

Nestling the ‘machine’ between my thighs, the effect was instant! The vibrator had 3 huge balls that rumbled loudly. I didn’t dare let it actually touch my clit. It was enough kaçak iddaa that one of the vibrating balls rested just beneath my clit and another right against my slick wet opening.

My mouth flew open and my head jerked back against my pillow. My back arched uncontrollably and I actually yelled out! I’d never felt anything like it. The vibrating ball pressed against my opening was so intense that it felt as if there was something buried deep inside of me!

My knees flew up and it took all of my control not to push the vibrating machine away! It was good but it was also so intense! And what the vibrating ball was doing to my pussy was nothing compared to what the other ball was doing to my clit.

Never before had I’d felt my clit rise from its hood so quickly. I forgot about sucking my fingers, I forgot about tugging my nipples! Both hands were holding, controlling the vibrator. I was rolling my hips and moaning out loud as I pressed the vibrator in small little circles against my pussy.

The rumbling ball that was pressed against my opening stretched my muscles as I pressed until it was entering me. I lost my breath! I felt like a million tongues were invading me. My G-spot flared to life and my juices began to spill from my kaçak bahis body.

An orgasm was spiraling upwards and the strange thing is that there was another one building simultaneously…Where my clitoris was drumming and dancing from just the sheer proximity of it!

Damn…it felt MIND BLOWING! This was my first time having both a vaginal and clitoral climax at once! My fingers moved past the rumbling ball and I plunged them into my wet opening! Rapidly I stroked my g-spot, pumping my hips and allowing my fingers to run in and out of my pussy mimicking the strokes of my cyber friend’s dick if he were here to pleasure me.

In my vagina came such a pressure and then my hands my vibrator, my thighs were covered in my juices as I squirted with a force I’d never experienced!!!!!!!

My entire body began to tremble…but sadist as I am I wouldn’t move the vibrator away from my pleasure zone. And then my clitoris began spasming out of control, I threw my head back and yelled


Over and over…

My hips were pumping and rolling and I could not have controlled it if someone had promised me a million dollars!

And when finally I could move I pushed that vibrator away to the foot of the bed, still rumbling and sounding like a hooptie in need of a new muffler. I even kicked it away from me with my feet.

Because I knew…I was fucked. There was no way I was ever going back to that little bullet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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