Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 19

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 19 – Mark Gives The Experience. Others Try New Skills


Brita asked if I would stay overnight with her, and I did. We cuddled together in her large bed, and in the middle of the night we made love again. We ate breakfast in the nude, and then I fucked her on her kitchen table. It was just the right height. After that we showered together.

“Can you stay today? I have meetings this morning, but I’m pretty sure I can blow off the afternoon.” Brita asked.

“I’ll make it happen. Does that include dinner and another sleepover?” I teased.

She gave me an enigmatic smile, “But of course. I want you again and again in case you haven’t figured that out.” Brita came into my arms and gave me a heartwarming and passionate kiss. If we hadn’t just made love I might have responded more than I did.

She asked, “What had you planned today?”

“Morning flight to Barcelona, afternoon of business with one of my subsidiaries, and then a flight home.”

“Will your girls mind you staying over another night?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll call them this afternoon. One question, when will you be coming to the states next? They’ll want to meet you.”

Brita picked up her iPhone and punched and scrolled around the screen. “I scheduled myself for a week there the end of February – Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Denver.” She looked up.

“Come early and stay late,” I told her. “Stay with us for as long as you can.”

“Is that wise? Won’t they be jealous?”

“Yes, it’s wise, and no, they won’t be jealous,” I said, “but do expect a sexual time during your visit. My girls can be very friendly.”

Brita broke into a bright smile. “Oh, wonderful.”

Brita set me up in a conference room near her office, and arranged for me to have a secretary for the day. I ended up doing a video conference call with the men in Barcelona, a point I think they appreciated instead of having to worry about my physical presence that included heavy security.

I did arrange with my pilots and security for a Saturday morning trip home. Lucas was with me on the trip, and he scurried around making sure I had another day of coverage while in Denmark. I told him we’d be leaving work early, had indefinite plans, would go to dinner, and that I would be staying at Ms. Thorsen’s home again that night. He didn’t blink, but I did see the corners of his mouth twitch at that news. I felt sure he liked my new sex life and the presence of four scantily clad girls at home.

I spent the day on the phone except for the video conference call with my Spanish friends.

I talked to each of the four women awaiting my arrival at home. I was frank with them, obeying the edict I’d received months earlier from Elsa.

One conversation started, “Elsa, I’m staying an extra day in Denmark, and I will be home on Saturday morning.”

“Oh, we’ll miss you. What’s happening?”

“In part I’ve rearranged the trip. The woman who runs the pharmaceutical house I bought into is very nice, and she invited me to stay with her last night and tonight. We had such a good time that I really wanted to take her up on her offer to stay another evening.”


“Yes; a lot of it. You will like her. She’s going to come and stay with us in February, unless I can talk her into coming over earlier for some reason.”


“Kind of, but nothing to worry about. I’m not changing rides. I love you as much as ever; nothing has changed other than I have met a new interesting person. I think you will like her as much as I do.”


There was a silence, and Elsa said, “Errr, we girls met some interesting guys last night.”

“Sex?” I teased in the same tone of voice she’d used a moment earlier.

I heard her giggle, “Yes; a lot of it. The four of us met four great guys and we spent a good part of the night having our own little orgy at James’ apartment. We knew one of the guys – Deke is our firearms trainer out in Carson Township. We met them at Devil’s Throne. We haven’t let them know that we’re connected to you.”

I asked, “Romance?”

“Like you. The guys are interesting, smart, good jobs, great fuck buddies, but none of us are falling for them except for their sexual prowess – and they have a lot of it. We really like them though.”

“I look forward to meeting them sometime, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri perhaps at another barbecue.”

“Would you mind if we brought them to the condo? I’m not sure we want to yet, but I’d like your input on it.”

I thought a moment. “Elsa, we have a unique relationship in many ways. If it got out that I was living with four women I might have some explaining to do in the press and to some of my other investors. If the men come, you have to ensure that they can keep their mouths shut about what they see and learn about us. The way to do that is what’s called an NDA – a non-disclosure agreement.”

“Say more,” Elsa said.

“It’s a one pager, and says that we have the right to their testicles, their lifetime net worth, and first-born child if they talk about anything newsworthy they’ve learned about any of us. It’s pretty simple. If they sign that, then yes, you can bring them back. I’ll have Melanie prepare them and bring them home with her tonight. We’ve done this many times before for other reasons, so she had a standard form. She’ll understand immediately what’s happening and can explain it more completely to you.”

“Thank you, Lover. Since you’re away tonight, I’d like to get with the guys again … although we did sort of decimate the playing field last night before we left them. We’ll see what they’re up for.”

I chuckled. “Remember, men have their physical limitations, especially in the face of four exceptionally hypersexed women.”

We chatted about work a little and ended the call. I had other calls with Sheila, Melanie, and Cindy, just to make sure each of my lovers felt touched by my love. I explained a little less to the others about Brita, referring them to Elsa for the details. I did have Melanie prepare the agreements for each of the guys to sign.

Brita came and stood at the door to the executive conference room about three-thirty. I ended the call. She said, “If you’re up for a chilly walk, I could show you part of downtown and the gardens – although they’re not much this time of year.”

I smiled, “Give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be done for the day.”

I folded up my computer and papers after a last call, and we put my things in my limousine. We then rode to the city center. It was chilly and windy, but we braved the elements and window shopped along some of the streets. She helped me pick out some souvenirs for my girls too. We walked through part of Tivoli Gardens, although the place was pretty deserted. Brita told me I had to come back in the warm weather, especially at lunchtime when all the pretty young women that worked in the area came out to lie in the sun on the grass in only their little thongs.

I was surprised at how early the sun set and left us in darkness. I was used to six o’clock in my home time zone, but here things were getting dark about four o’clock. We went to a great fish restaurant for dinner, and had a long leisurely dinner. I told her about my conversation with the four other women in my life.

Brita said, “Am I now considered one of the women in your life?”

I answered her question with a question, “Do you want to be?” I smiled to indicate I was already predisposed to give a positive answer.


“Then you are. You were before you asked the question.”

“Good.” Brita leaned in and kissed me. I liked having a restaurant booth that afforded us some privacy.

Our security followed us out of the restaurant to the limousine, and we were whisked away to Brita’s home. We doffed our coats and Brita came into my arms. She asked, “Is it too early to just make love all evening?”

I chortled, “It is never too early to just go to bed and make love, especially with you. Lead me to your lair.”

Brita teased, “I didn’t mention the bed … yet.”

We were naked in five minutes and Brita led me to the kitchen. She hopped up on the kitchen counter where it made a right-angle turn in a corner. She spread her legs out over each part of the counter, leaving her pussy gaping and begging for attention.

I kissed her and then pulled a chair in front of her, sat, and started to have my dessert; my favorite actually – raw pussy. Brita had some manicured pubic hair in the area, and I didn’t mind in the least. She smelled and tasted like aroused woman.

The orgasms started before I started to add my fingers to the mix. I ate and ate and ate, and then I got to thinking about what Elsa had told me on our phone call about what Ryan had done to her – The Experience, she’d called it. She’d been very detailed, enough so that I had some confidence to try it with Brita unless she stopped me somewhere along the way.

After she was soaking wet from her own juices and from my slavering over her cunt, I picked her up and carried her to the white leather living room sofa. I laid her back on it and knelt in front of her, and picked up where I’d left off at the counter. I’d been using two fingers, and raised that to three and then all four. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri The more I used the more excited Brita became.

I tucked my thumb into my palm, as Elsa had explained, and wormed my hand into Brita. She groaned in pleasure as my hand popped into her. I did the knuckles against her G-spot for two orgasms, and then used my fingertip to search for her A-spot. When Brita reacted, I started to focus there. She was in heaven and apparently had no intention of stopping me.

I zealously stimulated her. I lapped and sucked on her slit and clit around where my wrist entered her body, often making forays up to her neck, breasts, and other erogenous zones. Just as Elsa had predicted, Brita started to crest, only this wasn’t like the other orgasms she’d been having or that I’d given to anyone. This started up a much steeper and much higher ramp to some platform of pleasure from which she would fall into nirvana.

Brita’s body started to arch, and her moaning and mumbling of sex words got intense, and the words dirtier and more imperative. When I sensed she was started to peak, I pinched her nipples and then put two fingers in her ass, twisting to add to the shot of sensations she was feeling.

Brita emoted, “OH, FUCK, MARK. YOU … THIS … I … PEAK …”

The orgasm hit her full force. I watched the expressions on her face. Her face contorted in a mix of uncertain torture and supreme pleasure. This was the rapture – an infinite amount of bliss blasting through her body all at once. Every pleasure nerve in her body was simultaneously shooting signals to her brain to bask in the tremendous sensations any one alone could create a wonder.

Brita fainted. I laid her flat on the sofa and got her a glass of cold water. I then sat holding her and kissing her, as she remained out of it for another minute. Her eyes opened and she stared at me for a long time. I kissed her forehead.

Brita said, “I love you. I know you love me. That was the most pleasure anybody has ever given me – maybe every pleasure I’ve ever had all added together equals a fraction of what you just made happen for me. Where the fuck did you learn that?”

I kissed her again. “Elsa had it done to her last night.”

Brita sat up slightly. “Well, she’s in love with whomever did that to her. I can’t begin to tell you what that felt like … your hand touching my sweet spot inside me, ramping me up, and then helping me crest and pushing me even further. You were fantastic. I want to talk to Elsa and compare experiences.”

“No problem. I’ll set it up tomorrow. Sheila had it done to her too.”

Brita chortled, “You’d better get home tomorrow and start doing this to your women.” She frowned, “We haven’t fucked yet. Will you come and make love to me now?”

“With great pleasure.”

Even as we went off I worried a little about Brita’s words that Elsa and Sheila might be in love with Ryan and Deke. I wondered what those feelings translated to in terms of action.


We arranged to meet the same men we’d been with the night before at Devil’s Throne. I called Deke shortly after talking with Mark. I told him we had another free night, and hoped we could all get together again. He enthusiastically said he’d have the other three there with him at eight o’clock. I hinted that we might come back to ‘our’ place, but he didn’t pick up on the collective statement.

Once we were together, I pulled Deke out on the dance floor. Amazingly, the loud music hadn’t started yet, so we could actually sway a little on the slow numbers and talk.

“Deke, if you were to learn something about me that was very confidential, could you keep a secret?”

“Sure, why? What’s the big secret?”

“I’ll show you as the night goes on. To be sure you’ll abide by what you said, I want you to sign a non-disclosure agreement that basically states that what you learn about any of us, our relationships, and any of our business dealings is a taboo subject with anybody.”

Deke pulled away and looked at me in surprise. “What are you, like CIA or something?”

“‘Or something’ is about the right description. I can’t tell you ahead of time.”

I had the same discussion with each of the four men, and then we had a little signing ceremony at the bar’s table. Melanie collected the agreements, and promised she’d send them scanned copies for their records.

Because of all that, the guys were now really curious as to just who they were dealing with. Deke knew slightly more because of some of our chatter during our Saturday morning comments at the firing range. He knew it had something to do with us wanting to be able to act as bodyguards. He hadn’t put everything together yet. Wan Suh, our martial arts trainer, was the same expert that Lucas and the Mark’s other security guys used. He already had an agreement on file. Deke had trained Marcia but had no idea where she worked.

With that bit of officialdom out of the way, we relaxed and started güvenilir bahis şirketleri our evening with the guys. At that point, I told them they were invited back to ‘our’ place. I think they thought that we all shared an apartment somewhere, and none of us dispelled them of that notion.

As we had the night before, we had dressed really sexy. I was wearing a very loose and shimmering designer top with large open sleeves that almost revealed my breasts depending on how I danced or moved my arms. With the right maneuver, I could even make one of my breasts pop out the side of the dress – a wardrobe malfunction of the best kind. I was enough of an exhibitionist that I did that a few times on the dance floor.

I again had on a micro skirt with my fuck-me heels. I was commando, of course; we all were.

Cindy wore a nearly transparent top. In the right light the shape and texture of her breasts, areolas, and nipples was there for all to see. The club had the right light. She also wore a micro skirt and heels, and had gone towards the slut look with her makeup.

Sheila and Melanie wore tight cocktail dresses that left little about their bodies to the imagination. We were four foxes, obviously on the prowl, except we had found our four guys for the night.

I thought there was a rule that you didn’t move in on some other guys turf, but there were a couple of loud, slightly drunk, young turks hanging out at the bar and watching the dance scene. Not that many people were dancing yet, but I’d gotten Ryan to humor me and we were gyrating on the dance floor. I’d popped a breast out for him to tantalize him for a few seconds.

One of the turks pushed off the nearby bar, and cut in on Ryan. He slowly slurred, “I’m cuttin’ in. This sexy lady looks tooz hot for youze to handle.”

I was slightly nonplused about what to do and so was Ryan. I said to the offensive guy, “This is my date. Thank you for asking, but I don’t want to dance with you.” I gestured to Ryan, hoping the asshole would get the message and leave.

The guy ignored my comment and ignored Ryan standing there. I saw one of the other turks cut in on Cindy and Mike, with about the same result.

My turk said, “My name’s Brian, what’s yours?”

I replied, “N. O. Y. D. B. Do you know what that stands for? I’ll tell you: none of your damn business, Asshole. Please leave me alone.” Ryan stood nearby wondering what to do.

He slurred, “Oh, I’ze gotz a feisty lil bitch for the night. Nice boobs too; I saw one pop outta your dress. I’ve been trying to see ’em since youze all arrived. Let’s see.”

On that note he grabbed at my top, and yanked at the material. I heard the rip and knew instantly that my left breast was swinging in the breeze.

Ryan yelled, “Hey, Dude, leave her alone.” He took a step towards the bigger man.

I saw Cindy’s guy start to maul her tits through the gossamer top, and I caught her eye. We’d prepared for this situation with Wan Suh.

I bent down and turned slightly, and with all the horsepower I had, drove my right elbow into Asshole’s solar plexus. I could hear the air leave his system and a loud gasp. I rose to face him as he bent slightly down to hold his upper gut where I’d elbowed him. I grabbed his head, and yanked him downward into the knee that I had coming up to meet his face. Even standing in high heels, I had good leverage and I heard a very ugly crunch from the guy’s face. I think I’d just broken his nose.

Asshole started to bleed profusely from his nose, and damn, he’d gotten some blood on my skirt. I grabbed an arm, and swung him around me. He was distracted by the pain in his face, but he picked up speed as I rotated him around me. At just the right instant, I let go and he went headlong into Cindy’s fist that hit him in the throat. He went down like a burlap sack full of shit, gasping for air.


, the one who’d been accosting Cindy, started to come to the aid of his friend. He took one step, and Cindy tripped him and got a shove in my direction. He came sprawling towards me with two large steps across the dance floor trying to regain his footing. Unfortunately, his face ran into the heel of my hand. As he came to that sudden stop, I accelerated his downward movement, slamming my other hand onto the back of his neck. He fell like a flat rock on top of his buddy – Asshole


Cindy and I backed away from the two men but were both ready for a full-scale fight. By now two of the bouncers in the club were racing through the maze of tables and chairs trying to get to us. As they neared, I pointed at the two of them and said, “They were trying to rip our clothes off. We told them to leave, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer.” I was obviously trying to tuck my tit back into my torn top. The evidence was indisputable. Further, there were witnesses all around who agreed with what I’d said. Ryan had his arm around me in a protective gesture.

The larger of the two bouncers, probably six-foot-six and three hundred pounds of raw muscle, rolled the two men onto their backs. The first guy I’d done was having trouble breathing. His face was a bloody mess. The second guy’s jaw looked seriously out of place. The bouncer got them both to stand and said, “Apologize to the nice ladies or I’ll let them break something other than your faces.”

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