Raven’s Night

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They had only been together once before but what a time it was. Raven’s mind raced back to the few hours she had with Travis a few months back and it always made her body react positively. Now, suddenly another opportunity was before her. The invitation, actually demand, came via an email with very detailed instructions. Raven read each instruction in detail and her excitement level grew with each word. She felt the familiar tingle and heat between her legs as read each word. Travis was very direct and although Raven knew that she really shouldn’t go, the offer was too tempting to pass up. She immediately started thinking of a way to sneak away so no one would know or be suspicious.

The email had great detail and the first direction given was to be in the parking lot of a local club by 10:00 p.m. Raven knew she would have to be creative so her excitement and her reason for leaving wouldn’t be easily detected.

The second instruction was to take a nice, long shower and make sure she was clean shaved all over. She knew that this meant that her entire body was going to be a playground.

The third direction was what she should be wearing. High heel shoes, the kind that showed off her very sexy legs and her amazing ass. The next instruction was surprising but very arousing at the same time. She was to wear a cape and nothing else. Enough to cover her lustful body but hidden enough that no one else realized her nakedness underneath. At first the thought made her very nervous but she loved the daring part of this and it made her heart race with anticipation. It was still a few hours away but immediately Raven began looking through her closet trying to find just the right pair of shoes. She wanted that she knew would drive him crazy. Some that would drive any man crazy. Raven undressed so she could look at herself in the mirror as she tried on several pairs of heels until she came across a black pair with rhinestones on the heel. As she slipped them on, she knew immediately that these were the ones. She noticed how defined her calves and thighs looked in the mirror. She rotated to look at her ass and smiled because she knew Travis would thoroughly enjoy looking at it and she knew that she would enjoy showing it. She knew that those shoes would drive any man crazy.

The next set of instructions said that she couldn’t touch herself the rest of the day, no matter how excited she became. She smiled because he knew she would be tempted and he took that option away from her.

His last instruction was simply, “Trust me. This evening is about you” For whatever reason, this was the most exciting instruction. She enjoyed the mystery of what was coming that evening. Her nipples hardened and she felt the obvious moisture between her legs.

As the few hours went by, all Raven could think about was how Travis’ tongue felt last time they met and how hard his cock was in her mouth. That combined with the unknown of the evening kept her aroused and aching in the very best of ways.

At 8:00 p.m. Raven started to get ready. She undressed and climbed into the shower and ran her hands all over her own body trying to convince herself that she was only washing and not cheating on her instructions. She couldn’t deny that her own hands felt amazing on her skin as she washed herself. She shaved meticulously as instructed and fixed her makeup and hair.

Raven realized she was going to have to sneak away so she put on a pair of sweats and hid the cape and shoes in a bag saying she was going to the gym and then out for a few drinks with a girlfriend.

As soon as she left the house she pulled into a dark street and removed her sweats in the car. This was exciting in and of itself. She pulled the cape over her body and then put on the shoes suddenly feeling very sexy and much empowered. She knew she looked good and she knew that any man would lust after her.

It was almost 10:00 and her heart was beating with anticipation. She pulled into the parking lot looking for Travis and not seeing him. She noticed a large group of people standing outside the club but didn’t see him amongst them. At 10:00 on the dot her phone vibrated with a message from him. He told her to park her vehicle at the end of the parking lot and get out, walking past the large crowd of people to the other end of the building. She knew he wanted to watch the crowd react to how she looked. It was exhilarating to her because she knew that she was completely naked under that cape.

As she walked by, she could feel the men staring at her. She knew they would love to have a woman like her if they only could. She strolled confidently by them as she kept her eyes out for Travis. As she reached the end of the building she saw him standing outside his vehicle and he summoned her to him. He smiled and greeted her with a light kiss. He walked her around to the other side of the car and pinned her against it, running his hands inside her cape and squeezing her ass. He whispered in her ear, “Very nicely done.”

He opened the door and she crawled into the car. She could tell canlı bahis that his eyes were exploring every inch of her. She was already very wet and knew that her appearance had him hard also. He got in the car and began to drive and she wanted to ask where they were going but she remembered the instructions saying “Trust me.”

They had only been driving a few moments when Travis reached in the back seat and handed her a small box. He told her to open the box and she eagerly obliged his request. Inside was a pair of panties and she soon realized that the panties had a vibrator built into the crotch. Also in the box was a remote control. Travis reached in the box and said “That’s for me.” He instructed her to put them on and she reached forward and pulled them over her shoes and up her smooth legs as she lifted her ass off the seat and pulled the panties in place. She knew immediately that the vibrating piece was in exactly the right spot. He then told her that he would control the remote all evening. It didn’t matter where they were or what they were doing, she couldn’t say no if he started it.

A few minutes passed and she suddenly felt the hum of the vibrator against her already aroused clit and she jumped in the seat and moaned. It was a very low vibration but she was so sensitive that it sent shocks all through her body. Her moans were audible and she didn’t even try to contain them. This went on for several seconds and then it stopped. He would repeat the same pattern for the rest of the drive, varying the length of time. It was teasing her like crazy and there was little she could do but enjoy it. She leaned her head back in the car as they came to a stop and he leaned over and kissed her neck and face. He moved to her lips and they parted as their tongues danced together in a deep, long kiss. She felt his hand slide up her thigh and slip just inside her panties. She knew she was soaked and he removed his fingers and licked them clean only to kiss her deeply once again so they could share her juicy nectar together.

He got out of the car and came around to her door and extended his hand to help her out. She knew they were at a house but she didn’t recognize the area, then again, she was lost in the sensations she experienced on the drive. All she knew is that they were by the lake because she could see the moonlight glimmering on the water. As she stood up out of the car, he again pressed forward against her and this time she could feel his hardness against her leg. He took her hand and as he kissed her tenderly again he guided her hand to his crotch where she could feel him. Raven wanted to take him right there but she knew she would have to be patient.

He took her by the arm and ran her arm into his and escorted her to the front door. As they approached the front door she could hear music playing and several people laughing and talking. They walked inside and Raven was suddenly aware again that she was completely naked under the cape. He walked her to a bar they had set up and he ordered a drink for her. She didn’t know anyone in the room but Travis. She also noticed several couples dancing in one room and it was obvious that they had been drinking because they were certainly grinding on each other.

They found a place on a couch and they sat down together. Almost immediately she felt the buzz in her panties again and this time the intensity was a little higher. She was originally afraid that the noise could be heard but she quickly realized that the music was drowning everything out. Travis looked Raven in the eyes and she knew he could see the pleasure and desire in her. He leaned over and kissed her and then stood up for a second and walked away, telling her he would be right back. He left the vibrator going in her panties and the sensation was beginning to almost become too much. She was afraid she would cum right there. She tried to focus on something else but she couldn’t stop. She realized she was very close and suddenly it stopped again. He was driving her crazy.

Travis returned and asked her to dance with him. They danced through a couple of very seductive songs and one really slow song. As they danced he kissed her neck and he ran his hands over her ass. She melted into him as he kissed her neck gently. Suddenly, he pushed the button again and the vibration ripped through her body. Her knees were week but he held her up. Raven whispered that she was close to cumming. Travis told her to tell him when she was almost there. That conversation happened very quickly as she leaned forward and began to moan in his ear. Once again, he stopped. Out of frustration Raven moaned her displeasure and Travis told her that she had to learn to be patient. He took her by the hand and led her into a bathroom just off of the main room. Once inside he turned her around and bent her over. He lifted her cape and his land landed squarely on her ass with a little force. He repeated this again and then he bent her over the sink, dropped to his knees and began to push his tongue on the outside of her soaked panties. His tongue snaked along the bahis siteleri side of her panties and found a small gap where she could feel his tongue directly on her dripping wet lips. Her moans were audible and she pressed back against him. He teased her like this for a few moments and then suddenly quit and told her they needed to go back to the party. Reluctantly, she followed his lead.

When they returned to the main room she noticed that a few of the people had shed some clothes and she could hear a man in the corner of the room moaning. When she turned to look, she saw a woman on her knees with his hard cock in her mouth. People were watching this and Raven was one of them. They sat a few feet away and Travis played with Raven’s hair as she watched. Raven was squirming from the physical and visual stimulation. She turned to Travis and told him that she wanted to suck his cock like that. He simply told her “In due time. For now, just watch and enjoy.” Travis stepped away for a few moments again to get Raven another drink. Raven was watching this woman suck that man’s hard cock and she was envious. Raven was a master at sucking cock and had been complimented for her immense skill on many occasions.

Travis returned with another drink and Raven sipped at it. She was conscious that she was naked under her cape and she tried to keep her legs together. Travis leaned into her ear and told her to open her legs a little. She knew that other people in the room would be able to see but she obliged and her legs parted slightly. He told her to open them further and once again, she obliged. He took his fingers and pushed the cape up some and ran his fingertips up and down her leg, each time getting closer and closer to her pussy. He was driving her crazy and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. When she opened them again, she noticed that others were looking at her lustfully.

Travis stood, grabbed her by the hand and walked her up the stairs to a room. He opened the door and she saw a large pedestal style bed in the middle of the floor and a bag laying next to the bed. He shut the door and pinned her against it, once again locked in a deep kiss. Raven wrapped one leg around him and pressed her groin against his. He stepped back and undid her cape and revealed her large, succulent breast. He immediately put one in his mouth and sucked it hard, pulling at her nipple with his teeth. A loud moan escaped from her lips as he toyed with her nipples, alternating between them.

He led her to a chair next to the bed and removed her cape. He had her sit down and he walked behind her. She didn’t know what he was doing but she suddenly felt a soft blindfold being placed over her eyes. She suddenly couldn’t see a single thing. He tied it tight on her head and the next thing she felt was his tongue on the back of her neck and her ears.

He stepped away and she wasn’t sure where he was. She knew he wasn’t far but she couldn’t see a thing. He told her to open her legs for him and she anxiously did so. He told her to open them wider so he could see her better. He then told her to rub her nipples with both hands. She leaned back and took her breast into both hands and rolled her nipples between her fingers. Travis was watching and she knew it. He then turned the vibrator back on and Raven’s back arched and a moan escaped her lips. Travis told her to pull her nipples harder and she granted his request. She could hear him moving but again wasn’t really sure where he was. Suddenly, he felt his hands in her hair and she felt the tip of his cock being rubbed against her lips. He told her to lick his cock and she did so willingly and anxiously. She had waited for this all day. He held her head and guided her as she licked down the shaft and back up to the head. The vibration on her clit was getting to be too much again and she began to squirm. Travis noticed this and again turned it off. He held her head with both hands and told her to suck his cock. His hard cock pressed between her lips into her warm mouth and she sucked it with the passion she was known for.

He stopped her again and told her to stand up. He moved her to the bed and bent her over the bed. She heard him doing something and he felt a strap or a crop slap against her ass. He repeated this a few times and then told her to remove her panties. Again, she felt the slight sting of the strap across her bare ass and she arched her back to encourage more.

Travis stopped and laid her on the bed on her back. He grabbed one hand and pulled it toward him. She felt a strap around her wrist and he secured it to the bedpost. He repeated this with the other hand. Next she felt her foot being wrapped with a strap on it was pulled to another bed post followed by the other. Raven was now totally at his mercy, unable to see and unable to resist.

Her senses heightened, she could hear him moving in the room and she could tell he was undressing. Next she felt his warm breath at her ankles and it was quickly followed by his lips and tongue. They snaked their way up her leg and to her upper thigh. Raven bahis şirketleri was raising her hips to meet his tongue but he stayed just far enough away to tease her. He repeated this with the other leg and also up her stomach and all around her breast, still not touching her aching nipples.

She felt him climb onto the bed and he straddled her face, his cock against her face. He kissed his way down her stomach and found her swollen and aching clit. She sucked him furiously as he licked her wet pussy and teased her aching clit. He licked her with so much passion that her orgasm caught her by surprise and she moaned loudly as an incredibly intense orgasm tore through her body, her body writhing on the bed thrusting her hips against his face as she rode each wave of pleasure out.

He got down off the bed and moved between her legs, she felt his fingers sliding into her, first one and then another. He curled his fingers upward finding her g spot and proceeded to finger her harder and harder as he licked and sucked her clit. Her next orgasm came very, very quickly and she could feel her juices running down her thighs and across her ass. He put his hands under her ass to lift her slightly and licked up the wetness on her aching and wanting pussy and across her tight asshole. This sensation made her jump but was very pleasurable. She moaned her approval. Once again, he stopped what he was doing and got off the bed. He was moving around the room and she struggled to find him. He was gone longer than normal this time. He returned to her face and kissed her lips deeply and passionately. This kiss continued for a very long time and he began to twist her left nipple between his fingers. The kiss became more intense because Raven loved this sensation. Suddenly and without warning, Raven felt another hand on her other nipple. She was stunned but the sensation was amazing and she was so horny and lustful that she no longer cared who was touching her as long as someone was. These hands were softer and she believed it was a woman. Although the other person didn’t speak, she could now feel her hands running all over her body along with Travis’. There were four hands all over her body and she was totally lost in the moment. Next she felt a mouth on her right nipple and it was clear now that it was a woman. She felt Travis sucking her other nipple and she felt two hands, one on top of the other find her pussy. Both fingers explored Raven’s wetness and together they slid inside her as her nipples continued to be sucked. Her clit was being played with feverishly and the sensations in Raven’s body were becoming overwhelming.

Both mouths left her breast and now were working their way down her stomach and to her thighs. She felt the woman’s tongue on her clit and she again arched her back to meet the pleasure of her tongue. Travis stood and again rubbed his cock on Raven’s mouth and she engulfed it as the other person continued to lick her now super sensitive clit. Raven’s orgasm again began to build rapidly and she thrashed on the bed as an enormous wave of pleasure took over her body. As she tried to calm down, she felt a soft kiss on her lips and a woman’s voice whispering “thank you.” Suddenly, she was gone.

Raven felt Travis untie her hands and feet and then turn her over. He tied her hands together and then tied them to the head of the bed. He legs were now free but she was on her knees. She felt Travis slide behind her and he felt his tongue licking her from her clit to her ass. He pushed two fingers inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her as she rocked back against him. He then took one finger and rubbed the wetness around her tight asshole and he pushed it inside. He changed positions to lay under her and she lowered herself to his face and he fingered her ass and licked her wetness.

He slid out from under her and got off the bed for just a moment. He returned quickly and she felt a well lubricated toy being pressed against her ass. It wasn’t huge but it definitely got het attention as it slid in. It was well lubricated and as she adjusted it began to slide easily into her, filling her ass and bringing an incredible sense of fullness.

Travis moved behind her and slid his cock head up and down her wet slit, teasing her. He grabbed her hips and slid deep inside her. She felt so full with the toy still in her ass and Travis’ cock buried inside her. He held her hips and pushed himself over and over inside her, varying the pace and how hard he was thrusting. He reached around with his right hand and rubbed her clit feverishly and she pushed against him encouraging him to fill her. She could tell by his breathing that he was close and she wanted to feel his hot cum feel her walls. Raven told him to cum with her. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer and she pleased with him to cum inside her pussy. She felt the pulsing and felt him get even harder and this triggered her next orgasm. She was shuddering and her pussy was squeezing his cock as she felt his cum stream against her inner walls. His moans were loud and he collapsed onto her, his hot breath in her ear. After a few minutes, Travis rose from on top of her and removed the toy from her ass. He untied her and kissed her mouth for several minutes. He told her to redress and he did also.

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