If He Only Knew

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My heart was still pounding as I hung up the phone, his voice still in my head. I stretched out on my bed with a silly grin on my face that just wouldn’t go away… I know its something that will probably never happen, and maybe that’s what makes it all the more exciting. I began to play back our conversation in my head; nothing really sexual just his voice, but it made my body react in a way that I liked..

I let my hands begin to wander, first teasing my nipples through my blue silk teddy making them hard, then moving down my tummy. I closed my eyes and I could hear his laugh as it echoed in my mind. I let my fingers find the bottom of my teddy and I pulled it up slowly, imagining it was his hand. I felt a moan escape my lips as I slipped my hand into my panties I couldn’t believe how wet I was, just from the power of his voice, ohhhhh and that accent.

God that man is handsome and his voice so sexy. I closed my eyes and pictured him lying between my legs with a grin on his face, knowing that he was about to to take me over the edge. I ran my finger over my swollen clit and felt my body tremble, my other hand moving under my teddy to my hard nipple. I began to make light circles around my clit, making sure to tease my opening with my middle finger. I moaned again, as I heard his smooth voice in my head telling me he wanted to hear me cum. I quickened the pace with my fingers, changing between rubbing my clit and slipping my middle finger into my pussy and squeezing against it.

My güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri breathing began to quicken and my moans came more often, almost with each breath. I felt the ache deep within my body as I started to lose myself in his voice. I pulled my hand from my pussy and crawled off the bed in search of my toy. I opened my panties drawer and rummaged through then all the while I was rubbing my thighs together, keeping my clit stimulated. After what seemed to be a small eternity I finally found my vibrator and quickly returned to my bed. It was about seven inches long. It was the first toy I’ve ever owned and I still preferred it to any other I had.

I stepped up on my bed standing in the middle and I started to pull at my panties, sliding them down past my hips down my thighs, revealing my smooth mound. I wiggled my legs and worked my damp panties to my feet, and kicked them off end of my bed. I dropped to my knees and then laid back. I spread my legs as I laid my head back down on my pillows. My hand went under my teddy again and began to play with my nipples again, laying the vibrator on the bed next to me. As I played with my tits I squirmed on the bed.

I slipped my hands up and down up my tummy and to the underside of my tits. I closed my eyes again and pictured his hands on me. My hands moved up to my nipples, still hard from the attention I gave them earlier; I began to roll my nipples between my fingers as I massaged my large tits. My body was covered in tingles güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I wanted to cum for him so badly. I smiled softly as I slide my hand out of my teddy and to the vibrator that was laying next to me. I’ve used it so often I can hold it and turn it on with one hand. Soon came the very familiar buzzing, then his voice in my head, “You want this so badly don’t you baby?”

My heart skipped a bit and I almost opened my eyes, but I decided against it because I wanted him here with me, even if it was all in my head. I traced the vibrator around my breasts, rolling over my nipples; I was so horny my hips were already squirming against the bed. I could feel my pussy almost dripping, aching for the touch of the vibrator. I continued to trace with the vibrator, across my tummy, then to my smooth swollen mound. I laid it flat against my mound, letting the tip just barely touch my wet lips. His voice echoed through my mind again as I slipped the vibrator between my lips. The vibrator graze my clit I moaned loudly and grabbed my tit with my free hand. Oh God I wanted him. I wanted him to do this..

I let the vibrator slide up and down the length of my lips, teasing my clit and teasing my opening. I could feel his breath against my thighs and his hands on my body. I opened my legs wide and slipped the vibrator into my wetness and a long and soft moan escaped my lips. I gripped the vibrator tightly with my pussy as I pushed it further in, almost the entire length. Slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri I began to pull it back out,and letting the vibration rub move slowly over my clit. Then back in went the vibrator, I began to quicken the pace, in and out, my free hand roughly squeezing my tits and tweaking my nipples. My moans came almost with each breath.

I began to rock my hips against my hand and vibrator, pumping harder and faster. I could feel my insides throbbing and my orgasm beginning to build as I squeezed tightly around the plastic cock. My entire body was jerking on the bed as if possessed. And all I could hear was his sexy voice as it was toying with me. My breathing became harder and my heart raced. Squeezing against the vibrator with my cunt I pictured his face, leaning in close and then his lips as he gently kissed my clit and then looked up at me from between my legs and whispered..cum… I swear he was there and it was his voice that pushed me over the edge. My moans were with every breath I took, my hand almost a blur, forcing the vibrator to fuck me fast and hard. My body began to tense and I held my breath, as I slipped over the edge….

I was moaning, so close to screaming his name as I worked the plastic vibrating cock in and out of my pussy I didn’t want it to end I came one after the other, I had lost count. I could feel the juices trickle down to my ass, I slowed the strokes with my vibrator as my orgasms slowed. With a flick of my index finger, my little vibrator was off and it slide it out of my sopping wet pussy. I sighed heavily and was completely relaxed lying on my bed, my heart beating so hard it felt as if it were in my head. A tear ran down my cheek and I let out a sigh as I thought to myself, “He’ll never know how much I needed him, how much I wanted him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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