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Donaletto, the clown, was in the corner of his cage, sleeping on the straw that was kept there for that purpose… when Gloria came in. Her deep mocking laughter sent shivers and cramps through his 23 year-old belly. He tried to turn away from her, leaving his naked ass fully exposed to her derisive gaze. He wished he could crawl into a hole, but there really was nowhere for him to go. Reluctantly, his eyes traveled over to where she was standing in the doorway of his little boxcar. She was beautiful. Gloria Sandrina was a majestic vision of pure female power. At 42 years of age, she stood about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with thick brunette hair that she wore in a short, classically European way. Her body was powerful muscle. Firm, sinewy arms, a modest bosom, powerful thighs, and a big, firm pronounced ass… it stuck out whether she wanted it to or not. Trim ankles lead down to feet that looked sort of chubby, but were every bit as muscular as the rest of her strong body. And the smell! A mixture of sweat, vinegar and grime.

Now, Donaletto was born with two attributes that would prove to be his greatest weaknesses in Gloria’s domain. He had been endowed with an extremely large scrotum. It was actually repulsive in it’s size. Covered in wiry black hair, his massive balls were more like an animal’s and were constantly full of potent, hot sperm. The wrinkled sac was highly sensitive as well! So much so, that even at eighteen years of age, his mother had taken to dressing him in her nylon panties as she knew they would be softer against his tender sac. But Donaletto was also cursed with an exceptional sense of smell. “Everyday”smells- like gasoline or frying bacon didn’t seem to bother the average person, but to Donaletto, they were enough to produce a feeling of acute nausea. And foot odor… well surely it would have driven him over the edge and sent him vomiting. Except it didn’t. In fact, it actually produced thick, stiff erections that had haunted him throughout his childhood. And Gloria Sandrina had foot-stink for days. She didn’t seem to mind it, though. Often, several days would pass with her wearing the same stockings without changing them. The sheer fabric would absorb the smell of her foot. The slick juices that accumulated inside her shoes would cling to the dark reinforcements on her heels and toes. She would make Donaletto suck on them… she called it his lunch. Served hot and reeking right from her stocking feet. Gloria had been wearing this particular pair for eight days now. The stench was overwhelming. She wore the stockings, her shoes, and an oversized white t-shirt that had the word “honey” scrawled acrossed it in shiny red script. And that was all.

The naked man crawled deeper into a corner of his cage, farthest away from the grinning woman. His frightened eyes widened as he heard her lock the door behind her.

Gloria Sandrina smiled to reveal her sharp white teeth. She was beautiful… in a very predatory way. Behind the grin her mind was taking in the sight of her prey. Donaletto. The Dickclown. Since her early teens spent growing up in the circus, Gloria had been fascinated by the prospect of humiliating clowns. To her, men were clowns in general. Clumsy, pawing, beasts that sought only to jam their swollen penises into an unresisting female. This creature, however, was particularly vile.

She had first discovered his disgusting, bloated secret when he, a hitchhiker then, had joined their caravan and spent the night while they plodded slowly along to another town. During the night, she had climbed into his boxcar to check on the sleeping young man- perhaps make sure he wasn’t trying to steal something. What she saw instead had taken her breath away. There, lying on the lumpy cot, was Donaletto… completely naked. At some point in the night his legs had kicked off his dirty bed sheet, revealing his lower body entirely. His enormous scrotum lay on the cot between his outstretched legs. His balls were covered in sweat and matted with gross curly black hair, and to Gloria’s eyes, they seemed to be moving slightly with each gentle rock of the boxcar. She felt her stomach churning. She felt the gorge rise in her throat, but only uttered a single word… filled with contempt: “Yuck”.

As dawn had risen and the next tiny town came into view, Donaletto awoke to something unpleasant on his face. He wasn’t sure what it was, but the smell was making him gag slightly. Opening his eyes, he saw two female feet swathed in sheer brown stockings pressing playfully at his nostrils. The large toe reinforcements had bits of lint and toe grime smeared into them and vinegary sweat seemed to be stained across the ball of each foot. He moved as if to arise from his cot, only to find that he had been tied there by several more pairs of stockings.

“Going somewhere, dickhead?” The voice was rich and luxurious, tinged with just a hint of mirth. She drew one stockinged foot back and then slapped it against the side of his face leaving a wet stain.

“I said, are you going somewhere, dickhead?” “Let me up!” bahis firmaları crowed Donaletto. “You have no right to treat me this way!”

“Oh now, I think your blowing things out of proportion”, replied Gloria removing a cigarette from her pocket and lighting it. “Besides… your dick seems to like this.” She pronounced the word “dick” with special emphasis, immediately drawing his attention to that part of himself. He gasped and in doing so, filled his nostrils with a pungent whiff of Gloria Sandrina’s hot, smelly foot stink. What he saw between his legs was an erection the size of which he had never before encountered. The thick blind head of his penis was rearing itself at the ceiling in a scream of silent agony. The fat, angry shaft had bloated grotesquely, and was thrumming in time to his lust. His balls were so congested with semen; he was beginning to see stars.

“Well now… it seems you have a little foot-fetish. Am I right?” Donaletto could only manage a pitiful groan. “You know,” Gloria continued, teasing the young man, “you’re funny. That’s good, because the circus could use a new clown act.”

Donaletto, feeling his dignity threatened to the point of collapse, offered one last show of resistance. “I am not anyone’s clown! If you don’t let me go right now, I will have the police deal with you!!” Suddenly, Donaletto looked very afraid. Gloria Sandrina pressed both her stocking feet hard against his cheeks- pulling his face into a ridiculous parody of a grinning smile. Then, through clenched teeth she hissed back at him: “You do not tell me what you will or won’t be! You are a disgusting mockery of a man, and as such, your only place is to be my filthy little clown for people to laugh at!”

She punctuated her statement by reaching down past her captive’s waist to slap his throbbing penis- causing it to jiggle stiffly between his widespread legs. He felt tears filling his eyes as he resigned himself to his kinky fate. That had been three months ago.

Now, Gloria walked over and then squatted in front of the bars of Donaletto’s cage. She eyed him with a mixture of amusement and disgust. “It’s time to entertain the ladies, Dickclown.” He shuddered at the name she had given him.

Donaletto- the Dickclown.

It made him feel small and dirty, at the same time it made the women laugh and titter at him. These “shows” were all-female affairs that Gloria, herself arranged and promoted while going from town to town. Eventually, word of mouth gave her all the advertising she needed. And the sizes of the female audiences kept growing.

Gloria rose and removed a key from its peg on the wall. Returning to the cage, she used it to open the iron door that divided them. “Come on now pervert, its almost ShowTime.” She began to tap her high-heeled shoe impatiently on the hard wooden floor. Donaletto knew it was pointless to resist. He crawled over to the open cage door and once outside rose to a standing position. His shoulders slumped in defeat, and his balls hung heavily with their enormous load of hot cream. The woman shamed him further by observing his nakedness for what seemed like an eternity, and then reached down between the dickclown’s legs to cup his big scrotum. “My, my…” she cooed, pausing to finger the stiff hairs. “The pervert’s got a big sticky mess in the making.” Then, abruptly, she simply let go- causing the nutsac to fall back down heavily beneath his cock. Donaletto winced with pain and was attended to by a sharp slap across the face by his Mistress. “You are NOT to speak or make a sound when you are being handled!” She then began actually spanking his erection back and forth with her open hand. Poor Donaletto could only hang his head in shame and wonder vaguely in some corner of his mind what her stocking feet must smell like today.

“Now,” Gloria continued, “Its time for you to put on your clown costume.” She removed a bundle of garments from a nearby shelf. The outfit was made of a cotton-like cloth, yet it crackled when she unfolded it. Wrinkling her nose and making a face, she said, “Yuck! You’ve managed to stain your only clothing with so much of your goo, that it will be impossible to get clean. Not that you would ever earn the privilege of clean clothes. There will be no hiding what you are in front of the ladies.”

Slowly, the defeated young man slid his feet into the bright orange and blue costume and dragged the cum-speckled garment up his body. It was a one-piece item of clothing. Aside from also having feet built into them like pantyhose, it was very similar to an ordinary clown suit. This one, however, was missing the crotch. His entire body was covered, neck to toe, except for his naked ass, cock and balls. It was mortifying. Gloria slapped some white greasepaint on his face and then took out a red magic marker to circle his lips, giving him a bizarre parody of a clown’s face. Next, she taped a large red clown-nose on him and strapped his little yellow party hat to his head. The front was, appropriately enough, inscribed with the words… “Jerk-Off”.

Donaletto kaçak iddaa started to shuffle towards the door when his Mistress stopped him. “Not yet pervert. We aren’t quite finished.” With that, she reached into her purse and came up with a single dirty white stocking. This, she unceremoniously shoved up his ass. The end stuck out like a tail, making the Dickclown look even more foolish then he felt. Gloria laughed out loud at the sight of him before saying: “Now, you may go”.

When Donaletto heard the Ringmistress begin his introduction, he began to feel unsteady on his feet. He was, after all, relatively new to making a complete fool of himself for an audience of women. As he listened to her words, he waited for his cue: “…but the most amusing part is his oversized ballsac. If you ask me, it looks more like a punching bag! (Laughter) Watch carefully ladies, or you just might not believe what you see here today. And now, without further dicking around… please join me in showing your utter contempt and amusement for… the Dickclown!” Donaletto danced out onto the stage, the small bells sewn into the material around his uncovered crotch jingling merrily as he did. The spotlight found him easily, for it was a small tent. Now, standing there in his semen stained clown suit, he knew he looked disgraceful- and several women also told him so… above the roar of the laughter.

This show, however, was not to be the usual fare. Donaletto realized this almost immediately. Instead of a tent full of older, conservatively dressed ladies… the entire front row was filled with giggling 18 and 19 year old girls from the local Women’s College. The majority of them had dressed in teasing plaid uniforms and crisp white knee socks. Despite his horrendous shame, he felt his big penis start to uncoil and harden before the young eyes of the laughing girls. “Oooohh! One cried out and waived an accusing finger toward him, “He’s getting a big boner!”

The girls laughed harder then ever at this, and the ridiculous Dickclown felt his face growing hot with embarrassment underneath his greasepaint. “Gross!” shouted another one. Then, with a nod from the Ringmistress he spread his legs, allowing his full balls to come into view. The audience grew silent. Everyone looked at Donaletto with a mixture of disgust and fascination. Knowing what was expected of him, he reached down and wrapped a hand around his knot of pulsing dickmeat. Then, quite nervously, he began to jack his penis back and forth in front of the women. The only sound in the little tent was the slick “thwack, thwack, thwack” of the Dickclown’s obscene little jackoff show.

Sensing the audience might like to participate, the Ringmistress invited several of the young college girls to come on the stage and examine those large hairy testicles at close range. At first they seemed apprehensive, but when their Dean of Woman’s Studies agreed to accompany them, they found the self-confidence they needed to make Donaletto’s humiliation worse. Now, sexy young girls in their smartly pleated skirts, white starched blouses and cute white knee socks surrounded him. “Go ahead”, the Ringmistress invited, “touch them”. He shuddered as he heard the words. Looking down past his jerking fist, between his spread legs, he saw a smallish, female hand reaching between them from behind. Tentatively, almost shyly, the little female hand made contact with his coarse sac. “Ohh”, he croaked in pleasure. Perspiration began to build on his forehead as the teasing little hand rubbed the hairy underside of his balls. Then he heard whispered conversation- again coming from behind him. “Do it Jenny! Pull on them!”

“But it feels so gross, Amy!” Then giggles.

The Professor stood directly in front of the masturbating clown, her arms folded solemnly across her large firm breasts. Her eyes focused directly down between his legs where he was stroking his leaking penis. She was so close; in fact that Donaletto’s hand would occasionally bump her muscular, skirted thigh. And she would hiss at him in disgust.

Suddenly the stocking wedged up his ass was pulled out. “Do it Jenny! I wanna see if It’ll make his thing stiffer.” “Eeew! That’s nasty! You should feel how heavy his big sac is, though!” More giggles.

Then the young woman’s tiny little hand was squeezing the huge scrotum, making the pervert wince in lustful agony. A second later a little finger was forcing itself up his tight asshole. He didn’t think he could take much more. “Oh, Amy! That is so GROSS! You’ve got your whole finger up his stinky BUTTHOLE!” “Spread your legs, Jack-Off!” shouted one of the young women.

Donaletto did as he was told, once again looking down between his legs to see two other sets of hands join the one at his sac. His prickly ball hair was being twirled around tender female fingers as they poked and prodded him. Then, he slowly raised his eyes up to look into the face of the Dean of Women’s Studies- an elegant older woman of 48. She was reaching down behind her to unzip her skirt. Donaletto had kaçak bahis no idea as to why. “It’s time to show the class how to really milk a cock, you pervert.” She said to him… “and I don’t want to get any of your stuff on my good skirt.”

Once her skirt had been removed, the jerking clown could see her beautiful legs clad in sheer gray silk stockings attached to a white utilitarian-looking garter belt and her white nylon panty-briefs. “You may stain my panties with your load, but if you get it on any other part of me, I will lodge a complaint with Ms. Gloria.” He shuddered as much from those words as from the female finger up his ass. With that, the woman reached down and slapped Donaletto’s hands away from his penis- only to replace them with her own. “You like this don’t you!” Her grip was firm on his cock as she slid her clenched fist up and down the baby-soft skin. “You like being handled by a woman? Do you enjoy having young ladies see your pathetic display of manliness?” He squatted slightly allowing the women better access to his privates. As he did this, the teacher began to increase her tempo and the audience was hushed. “Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!” were the most audible sounds as his scrotum slapped against her jacking fist. It was clear that this older woman was determined to put on a show of her skillful milking abilities.

“UUUgh!” gasped Donaletto. The sexy Ringmistress immediately came forward to slap him across the face. “You are NOT to speak or make a sound when you are being handled!” The young man knew the rule all too well… but … he was getting … so… close… “Watch closely ladies!” The professor said excitedly. “He’s getting ready to squirt!”

“Ms. Jamison? Will there be a lot?” asked Cindy Moscki, a cute little blonde from her Matrons Prerogatives class. “Yes, Dear. Don’t get too close or he might get some on you!” Donaletto felt the finger in his butt start to wiggle rhythmically in time to the older woman’s humiliating milking motions. Suddenly, he knew he was going to shoot.

The first squirt of semen was enormous. It was a deep white and came pouring out of his cock-head to land in impossibly thick clumps on the silk panties of a woman old enough to be his mother. As the sludge was milked from him, Donaletto struggled not to make a sound. He glanced over at the Ringmistress with sweat on his forehead and the only thing that came from his mouth was a strangled “umph”, as another young woman tried to slip her finger up his ass too. Kelly, the Ringmistress looked back it him and his squirting penis, a cute mocking smile on her pretty face. The group was also sporting similar mocking grins as they made loud comments about the spectacle he made-

“EEWW! Look how it’s shooting out all over the place!” and, “It looks like pudding! GROSS!” Ms. Jamison looked down at the mess on her expensive motherly panties and made a face. “Shame on you!!” Looking back up at the young man to hold his eyes with her own, she began verbally abusing him horribly… even as he continued to pump out more gobs of white stuff as the result of her jerking fist.

“You should be perfectly ashamed of yourself, pig. Everyone here can see your… stuff coming out of your penis and soiling my underwear. Perhaps a spanking would put you in your place. Perhaps something a bit more drastic is needed. Perverts should expect to be punished for their disgusting displays.” With those words burning in his ears, his face red with shame, Donaletto’s huge animal sac contracted more powerfully then he had ever experienced. The fingers in his ass were forced out. The cock jerked free of Ms. Jamison’s hands. He made a feeble squeal, and a grotesque, bundle of boiling hot sperm flung from the head of his dick to land directly on the face of the Dean of Women’s Studies. The wad was enormous. It clung to her forehead and messed her pretty blonde hair. Her glasses were covered in it. Time seemed to stand still… and then blackness clouded over him. The last words he heard as his legs gave out under him and he collapsed in delicious shame, were… “Now you’re in for it, pig.”

When Donaletto awoke, he found himself strapped to some kind of cold metal table. There were leather bands buckled around each of his wrists, trapping them against the sides of the table. His legs were spread wide apart, and were also secured. As he slowly gathered his feeble wits about him… he realized with a shock, that he was stark naked! There was also a large hole in the middle of the table, just below his naked ass. Through this opening, the young man’s huge balls hung down… vulnerable and unprotected. Just as he came to these realizations, the door to his room suddenly opened. “Well, well. Piggy just woke up.” It was Ms.Gloria Sandrina, and she wasn’t alone. With her, was Ms. Jamison, The Dean of Women’s Studies from the local Women’s College. Kelly, the Ringmistress was following close behind, and she was smiling… mocking him. Ms. Jamison was still in her blouse, panties (now heavily soiled with a slick coating of thick, white sperm), her gray stockings, and heels. Her face had been cleaned of the disgusting load of semen that the clown had inadvertently squirted, though there were still a few drying clumps visible in her sensible blonde haircut. She looked pissed.

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