Divorced in South Florida Ch. 05

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When I began my quest for new sexual adventures, I swore off pursuing married women. Remember that I had been looking for a companion that wanted to share 18 holes with me as well as her three. But, since I was golfing with Lynn, the illicitness of screwing a married woman rattled around in my mind and testicles. I had a chance or two during my marriage that went unfulfilled, so I considered filling this gap in my sexual resume.

I was wrestling with this decision when a lucky episode on the golf course provided me the direction I needed.

I was playing in a foursome that included a friend named Ivan, whose nickname naturally was Ivan the Terrible. Most people assumed, for good reason, that this name described his golf game, and on this day it certainly did. Ivan was butchering the round even more than usual. But, when he duck hooked his drive on the 11th into a small pond thirty yards in front and to the left of the tee, the true source of his nickname became apparent. Ivan blew his stack once again.

An Ivan-like eruption had been building throughout the round, and after this drive, he flipped his driver into the air yelling “Fuuuuuuuck.” He had thrown clubs before, but this flip was an Ivan classic, because it started bouncing oddly all over the tee, and finally hit me on the thigh. I hadn’t been looking, and only saw the bouncing club when it was on top of me.

It barely hit me and did not hurt, but if you are a golfer, you immediately understand that this was a faux pas of epic proportions. Throwing clubs is bad, but hitting a player with one is outrageous. I smiled and picked up the club, but clearly his actions troubled all the members of our group. Ivan’s good friend Billy broke the tension, “Jesus, Terrible, you can’t even throw the fuckin’ club straight.”

Ivan said, “I hate that name”, but the fourth member of the group retorted, “Well, that’s too damn bad, because what you just did was terrible.” I told Ivan to forget it and try to enjoy his round, but in my head, I made two promises to myself. The first was that I promised to stop playing with Ivan. This outburst was no joke; that club could have bounced into my face, or even worse, my nuts.

I would not miss playing with Ivan, but I enjoyed playing with Wendy, his nerdy looking but cute wife. She had tried to fix me up, but stopped when I told her that I was only interested in a date that liked anal sex and analingus. I still laugh at the expression on Wendy’s face.

My second promise was that I would be sticking my cock up Ivan’s wife’s ass.

Most men, including me, think that geeky girls are better fucks. Maybe it’s because they don’t go out so much that and they have more time to think about sex. Or, maybe it’s because they are smarter and have more vivid imaginations.

My roommate at the college frat house during sophomore year asked out this girl who I knew was really a nerd. I knew this because she and I went to high school together and coincidentally ended up at the same university. We were all about nineteen, and I told him that she had never been out on a date, not even the senior prom.

He said he had to take her out, because she sat next to him in chemistry, and there was no way he was passing without her help. The truth is he liked her. I guess he did because they have been married for 39 years and he is the happiest guy I know.

Anyway, she went to her first frat party and was plowed within thirty minutes and on him like paint. I couldn’t find him, but when I tried to get into the room that we shared, the door was locked and I could hear her moaning. I did not mind, because this had happened to all of us. But, I couldn’t get into my room the whole damn weekend. Every time I approached the door, I heard her moaning.

They live up north and about five years ago, I visited them during a business trip. Their kids were all out of the house and I was invited to stay with them. “Thanks, but no thanks”, I said, “I need to get some sleep.” When she said she did not understand, I reminded her that I spent the entire weekend of her first date sleeping on a couch in the basement. canlı bahis She laughed so hard because it was the first time that I teased about her moaning even though we have known each other for almost fifty years.

It occurred to me that she might have some nerdy friends that liked assplay; maybe she could fix me up. It also occurred to me that I should ask if she had taken it up the ass that weekend because I could think of no other explanation for all that moaning. One day, I was going to get really drunk and ask her.

Anyhow, as I mapped out my pursuit of Wendy, I was hoping she was cut from the same sexual cloth as my college roommate’s wife.

Wendy liked golf and frequently practiced by hitting balls on the range. The next day, I showed up there and Wendy raced over to me immediately. At the time Terrible tossed his driver, there was a group of women putting out near the eleventh tee. They saw what happened and heard the ensuing ruckus. I didn’t know if Ivan told Wendy what he had done, but each of these ladies was a friend of hers, and I bet every one of them called to tell her what an asshole she had for a husband. Wendy used that exact description of Ivan as she apologized for what he did. I sensed that Wendy was not living in a state of marital bliss, not a surprise when you are married to an ogre.

I had not spent much time with Wendy when Terrible was not present. She was not the reticent nerd that I expected. We hit some balls and she readily accepted my invitation to go out as a twosome and play a few holes.

While sitting in the cart, I asked if she had conjured up a few women for me to date. She obviously remembered our last conversation, because she laughed and said that she did not know her single friends’ intimate habits that well.

“Well, you better get your ass moving and find out. I need to get laid soon because I may get castrated the next time your idiot husband heaves his driver. I thought women talk about everything. Think about all the fun you’re missing and the vicarious thrills of exploring your friends’ sex lives.

“Please, don’t remind me about my husband. How are your intimate quests going, anyway?”

I told her that I was having a great deal of success but that there were still a few gaps in my knowledge that I was trying to fill. I corrected myself, “Actually, I am trying to fill more gaps, rather than fewer.” It was a dumb joke but we both laughed.

“Did you really find women to do the things you mentioned?” She was remembering that I explicitly told her that I was looking for women that enjoy anal sex and analingus. “Is that why you are dating the woman with the short blond hair? I think her name is Lynn.”

“Wendy,” I replied in mock horror, “Don’t you know I would never lick a woman’s ass and tell.” When she smiled, I continued, “You’re still thinking about what I asked you that day, aren’t you?”

“I think about it a lot”, she admitted. “Do you lick really your partners’ asses?”

“Yep. And, I lick their assholes a lot more than I lick their asses.”

“Do they do it to you?”

“All the time”

That response was, of course, a half truth. But I was planning a tryst with Wendy that culminated with her total surrender to my wishes, and my primary wish was that she lick my ass. I liked Wendy and she was cute. But, she had a broomstick for a body so my fun would be to use her in all the ways I could imagine. The idea of using her to avenge Terrible’s nitwit behavior was dissipating, because she apparently thought her husband was a bigger douche bag than I thought he was.

“Look, Wendy,” I continued. “We have fun. This was all new to me. I had never done anything like this, but for years I had fantasies about doing 69 with our mouths in each other’s asses and all kinds of other things. Since my divorce, I vowed to act out these fantasies and I will do anything to a woman if it pleases her. I hope she does the same for me.”

Wendy’s eyes and her silence told me she was spellbound by my words so I continued. “My visions were my own. But, lo and behold, along comes the Internet and I see bahis siteleri men and women actually doing the things I craved. I was not alone in my perversions. The first time I saw a picture of a guy’s cock and his tongue in a lady’s ass, I was mesmerized. I want to do the same things with all of the women I can. I am not being unfair to Lynn or anyone else because I am very open about my wishes.”

Wendy remained speechless

“Do you do anything kinky?”, I asked.

She shook her head no. “But I keep thinking about it,” she answered.

“Do you want me to send you an email of some of the things that turn me on. Would that be a problem?

“Not a problem. Ivan won’t know and I really don’t care.”

When we finished playing, I gave her skinny body a hug and told her to watch her email.

That night, I sent Wendy three of my favorite porn scenes. They were all free on the net and readily accessible.

The first was one of my favorites. It’s a scene with two rail thin, heavily tattooed lovers. He begins on his hands and knees and she spends time licking his ass followed by her fingering his ass while stroking a cock that is pointing to the floor. Sensational. He then gives her bony ass a good licking. Outstanding. Then, somehow his wrists are shackled to the wall above his head and he is lying down. She fingers his ass and deepthroats his cock. Double outstanding. They ruined the rest because he fucks her only in the pussy. No assfucking? What were they thinking?

The next film was only anal sex in a number of positions. Nothing unique about it, but I was concerned that the first film would mislead Wendy as to what type of fucking she should expect.

The final film, surprisingly, was with two women, not a genre that I like but would not focus on. However, one woman in the scene deserves the Nobel Prize for asslicking, because world class rimming is all she does for the entire 13 minutes of the film. Her slowly moving tongue nurtured her partner’s asshole, lovingly licking and probing. This was my instructional video and I would have loved to have a live lesson from this lady.

I wrote Wendy that she could use these films to spice up her love life. Ninety minutes later, she wrote back, “Ivan is going out of town in two days. Could we get together?”

“I would love to entertain you. Perhaps we could reenact these scenes”, I replied.

“Not sure if I am ready. We’ll see.”

“I understand,” I wrote. “I promise to do my part.”

Wendy came to my place two days later. Actually, I picked her up at a mall and she left her car there. As we approached my house, she slumped down below the car window until I made it into the garage. We both agreed this was prudent.

I expected a remorseful, doubting woman once we went inside. Instead, she pounced on me like a leopard tackling an impala. We undressed as her mouth found my tongue, neck, ears and nipples.

“Wendy, you’ve been watching more movies than the ones I sent.”

“Damn right,” she said breathlessly. “But, I watched the ones you sent me five or six times.”

“You smell great, but let’s take a shower. I find it makes both of us more comfortable about doing the things we will be doing.” That’s called setting the table for some heavy duty assplay. We headed right for the shower and I was soon cleaning her pussy and sticking my soapy finger in and out of her ass.

When she started doing the same for me, I said, “Oooh, I should have told you about trimming your nails.”

“Oh, sorry”, she whispered. “I guess I’ll have to figure another way to do you down there.” And, with that, she squatted and I felt her tongue probing my asshole. She was humming and I could tell this was one happy and enthusiastic lady.

She got up and looked me right in the eye. She was telling me it was my turn. “Has anyone ever done this to you before?”, and when she shook her head no, I went on, “Well, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

I learned one advantage of asslicking a bony woman. Wendy’s asshole was very prominent. I pushed the length of her body against the wall of the shower bahis şirketleri and started licking and probing. At my age, I can only stoop for so long, so I got up, turned off the water and we started some open mouth kissing as we dried each other.

I put her on her hands and knees on the bed and she sighed. She knew what was coming because this is the preferred position used by the Nobel Prize asslicker in the film. I am not sure if I earned the Nobel, but I deserve some award for the asslicking I gave Wendy while fingering her clit. After she came, I knew it was my turn for some pleasure.

Clearly, Wendy had studied the first film and I got the full licking treatment. When she took out a nail file, there was a slight break in the action, but I knew that she was not leaving out anything. She was fantastic and my asshole was tingling from the in and out strokes of her finger while she sucked my cock.

I stopped her because I knew we would not complete the circuit if she kept it up. I placed Wendy on her side and from behind stuck my cock in a very wet pussy. I played with the nipple on top as I pumped her pussy. Truthfully this was indifferent fucking. She was not there to get her pussy plowed and I soon pulled out.

Knowing what was next, Wendy said, “I’ve only tried this once and it didn’t work out so well” As I copiously applied lube, I comforted her, “We’ll go slow. You need to guide me. I’ll stop. Just say so”

It took awhile, but Wendy was a determined lady. Finally I penetrated her ring and got mostly into her ass. After all, I’m not that big. I played with her clit as I applied strokes that were too short for my liking. “Just relax, Wendy” I advised. “Let everything go loose.” That helped and I was surprised because shortly thereafter Wendy rewarded both of us with a big “O”

I stopped and told her we should rest. She had done plenty. When she protested that I did not get off, I said this was great. It was and I think she believed me.

We snuck out through the garage as we had arrived. As she got out of my car, we agreed to do again real soon. Real soon meant the next morning. This time we snuck into her house.

We started off the same way with lots of wonderful mutual asslicking and round the world. I mumbled that I would love to shave her but I am not sure she understood. It’s hard to talk with your mouth full of pussy.

The big difference was that this day Wendy was thoroughly and completely assfucked. After one day as an amateur, she became a pro. I don’t know if it was being in her own bed or simply learning to relax and enjoy the feeling, but she was sensational. She didn’t just lay still; her ass pumped back into me hard.

I pulled out to stop several times because I wanted this joy to last. Each time, we changed position, but when my cock returned to her gaping hole it slipped in like a tight fitting glove. At first and for quite awhile, I did not distract her or me by playing with her pussy. She was simply taking it in the ass with gusto. We even did the piledriver where her shoulders and head were on the floor, ass in the air and back leaning against the side of the bed. I had always thought this hurt, but she kept it up. I had to quit as my legs tired, but I liked this new position. Wendy was bony, but flexible, and she was one great assfuck.

Finally I put her on her back, lifted her ankles and thumbed her clit as I pounded her. She came hard. I kept on going, pumping her now completely surrendered asshole and soon after filled her ass with come.

We snuggled and smooched in bed together for awhile, totally happy, and then I snuck out and walked home.

I saw Wendy the next day at the club. As she stood up to greet me, I laughed as I asked a question to which I already knew the answer, “Are you playing golf today?”

“You bastard. You know I can hardly walk” she smiled and whispered, “I feel wonderful.”

“Please,” I said, “We have to do that again. It was too great.”

“We better”, she replied.

“Wendy, now that you are a new woman, are you going to do other guys?”

“Maybe. Would you fix me up? But, remember I am only interested in guys that do assplay. They have to lick my ass and do anal.” She winked, gave me a big hug, and whispered in my ear, “Thank you.”

I was very proud of the progress she made.

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