A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 03

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Howdy, folks. Mr. Samuel Xavier here. A big and tall, openly bisexual Black man living in Canada, one of the worst places on the Continent of North America. I’m talking about Ottawa, Ontario, of course. I’ve got some truly tawdry tales to share with you today. People are such strange creatures. You can never simply look at one and say for sure what he or she is, or what they might be into. It is simply strange. And things get funnier and murkier when we get into issues of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation. People are odd. And I’ll explain why.

Take Sherry Jean for example. A dark-skinned, slim and foul-mouthed Black woman in her early thirties living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. She takes classes at one of the local community colleges, and is one of the biggest sluts around. Sherry simply does them all, folks. And she’s got a thing for White guys and occasionally White chicks. Actually, make that Butch White chicks. Hey, to each their own, right?

Sherry recently met this Butch-looking, red-haired White chick named Linda Clear. Linda is more masculine than most men. We’re talking about wicked shirt hair, tattoos and piercings all over the place. The kind of chick who makes you wonder whether she has a period. Hey, some Butch women have been known to switch genders later in life. Yeah, she’s that masculine. Apparently, that’s what our sweet Sherry likes. That’s not even the weirdest part. The weird part is what Sherry likes to do with her Butch girlfriend. Sherry hates being a dark-skinned Black chick in a land that worships blonde-haired and blue-eyed White chicks. Yet she sleeps with a lot of White guys and the occasional White chick while deeply resenting White folks. What gives?

Are people strange or what? Yeah, that’s what we thought too. Just wait. It gets better. Sherry has a most unusual fetish. It’s going to shock you. Don’t say you weren’t warned. illegal bahis Sometimes, I wonder what goes through the minds of some people. Sherry is one of those Black women who are into Race Play. What is Race Play? One of the most controversial aspects of the strange and kinky world of BDSM. Yeah, you read right. Sherry has a fetish where she plays the role of Black Female Slave to a dominant White chick. Personally, I don’t know why she does it.

Sherry Jean doesn’t seem like the type of chick who would be into this kind of crap. Why? Well, there are many reasons. For starters, I’m reasonably sure that she’s a sociopath. She completely lacks a conscience, and tends to jump from relationship to relationship without a single thought. She uses people maliciously, and then discards them. At her core she is deeply manipulative and cruel, callous beyond belief. Yeah, Sherry Jean definitely fits the profile of a sociopath.

Before shacking up with Linda Clear, Sherry Jean hooked up with another Butch chick. This one wasn’t White, rather, she was a light-skinned, very Butch-looking, short-haired Black woman who barely qualified as female. This one was named Muriel. And for a while she and Sherry lived together. Recently, Sherry gave Mariel her walking papers and ditched her for Linda Clear. I guess Sherry really likes the Butch sluts. She dumps them then trades them for more of the same.

Anyhow, the stuff that Linda Clear and Sherry Jean do together would make guys like Hugh Hefner, Max Hardcore and Larry Flint blush. I’m dead serious about it. Sherry is one of those angry, loud-mouthed and seemingly unapproachable Black women who secretly lust after White women. Wow. Does everybody in the Black community have ‘White chick fever’? I thought it was only Black male athletes who lusted for White chicks. Now Black lesbians and bisexual Black women are chasing them illegal bahis siteleri too. Wow. Could someone explain that one to me please?

Anyhow, here’s the lowdown. I caught Sherry Jean and Linda Clear as they were doing their thing. They were both naked in Sherry’s living room in the Bird’s Nest area of the incredibly boring city of Ottawa, Ontario. Linda sat in the living room, and she was dressed like a colonial master from the eighteenth century. Kneeling before her was a very nude Sherry Jean, her glistening dark skin oiled to perfection. I watched the scene, completely astonished. Wow. I guess you just never know what someone is really into until you see it for yourself.

Linda Clear was berating our dear Sherry Jean, calling the dark-skinned Black slut every name in the book. And Sherry seemed ecstatic about it. Wow. I guess some Black women really enjoying submitting to White bitches. And our rude, mean-spirited Sherry Jean was one of them. Who would have thought? Certainly not me. Not in a million years.

Black Canadians are so damn funny. They are so different from Haitians and African-Americans. Haitians and African-Americans are known to be strong, outspoken and assertive wherever they go. Black Canadians on the other hand are more submissive toward White folks than the Blacks of South Africa were during the regime of Apartheid. Anyhow, Linda Clear proceeded to smack Sherry Jean around and berate her. And Sherry seemed to be getting off on it.

Linda Clear really stepped up the kinky game she and Sherry Jean were playing. She grabbed her by the neck and smacked her hard across the face. Sherry smiled beatifically at Linda Clear. She felt a tingle deep within her snatch. Like most Black Canadian lesbians, she’s got a thing for bossy White chicks and gets off on being completely dominated by one of them.

Linda Clear, the canlı bahis siteleri Butch White chick, totally knew this when she met the dark-skinned and loud-mouthed Black chick known as Sherry Jean. Like many Canadians, Linda Clear isn’t nearly as friendly as she pretends to be and underneath it all she’s quite cold. And she’s got domination fantasies which her ‘play slave’ Sherry Jean is all too willing to help come true. She whipped out her black leather belt and proceeded to whip Sherry Jean’s big Black ass with it.

Sherry Jean yelped as Linda Clear began whipping her big Black ass the way she dreamed of it. Laughing, Linda Clear whipped her some more. Then she took out her strap-on dildo and began fucking her with it. Gripping Sherry’s hips tightly, Linda began working the dildo up her cunt. Sherry squealed in delight, feeling abased but alive as she was completely dominated by her Butch girlfriend. Linda Clear spread Sherry’s ass cheeks wide open and spat on her asshole.

Then she pressed the dildo against the Black woman’s asshole and pushed it inside. Sherry groaned as Linda penetrated her. Linda spanked Sherry’s big butt while slamming the dildo deep into her asshole. Butt-fucking a loud-mouthed Black woman like Sherry was one of Linda Clear’s top fantasies. They went at it like this for a while. After thoroughly fucking Sherry’s ass with the dildo, Linda made her lick it clean. And Sherry did it happily.

Yeah, how did you like that story? I’m stuck in Canada and I loathe the place and the people who live there. Color and gender have nothing to do with it. It’s the cultural and interpersonal hypocrisy that I absolutely cannot stand. I hope you enjoyed this tawdry little tale because, believe it or not, it’s based on real people. Women I’ve actually met and known for some time.

Welcome to the madness that is life in Canada. If you’re not a two-faced, fake-smiling and deeply bigoted person, you won’t feel like you belong here. America might be a better place for you if you’re decent, open-minded and judge people by their character rather than race, gender or sexual orientation. Take care.

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