3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 05

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All Character 18+


“So, how long have you two been together?” My parents had left for the day already, and we were talking casually. I was seated between them on the couch. I figured that I must be the luckiest guy on the planet.

“What do you mean by together?” My sister Katie countered with a grin. She loves verbal gymnastics. Julia giggled.

“How long have you been licking each other to orgasm? Is that question clear enough for you?” Julia positively erupted with peals of laughter.

“The first was sophomore year, right around Christmas. Julia had just broken up with Ian, and I didn’t have a boyfriend…”

“So I held her down, and ate her snatch until she became a lesbian!” Julia declared in a victorious voice.

“I am not a lesbian. I have had two fulfilling relationships with men.” Katie looked mildly pissed, which could only mean that this is a sensitive subject.

“Your relationship with Donnie wasn’t so fulfilling,” Julia scoffed. “He couldn’t even make you have an orgasm.” I smiled as the two beautiful teens emphatically traded verbal blows.

“His lack of technique doesn’t make me a lesbian. I certainly didn’t have any trouble with orgasms last night; or this morning.” Katie’s smile spread across her face; apparently, she thought that she had proven her point.

“No shit, Kay,” her friend retorted. “I’m surprised that your parents didn’t hear, the way you two were going at it.” Julia stood up, as if to emphasize her point.

“So you two have been bisexual since sophomore year?” I cut their argument short by restating my point.

“No, she’s always liked girls.” Katie quipped. “I just never realized that I did until sophomore year. At that point, she had already been munching down on her slutty cheerleader buddies for almost a year and a half.” Katie beamed at finally having the upper hand in the conversation. Girls are very strange.

“I always wondered if that kind of thing actually went on, or not. There are always these stories about hot lesbian cheerleaders going at each other in the locker room.” I gave Julia my best ‘I’m so innocent’ smile.

“Wouldn’t you like to know the truth?” Julia giggled, and plopped herself down in my lap. “I could tell you some stories, but I’m curious about something that Katie told me earlier…”

“Jules!” Katie cut her off, and gave her a venomous stare. “I told you not to mention that.”

“Fuck that, Kay. You told your brother that you are in love with him, right after the two of you had sex for the first time, and you seriously don’t expect me to ask him about it?”

Julia looked totally unfazed by the animosity that blazed in my sister’s green eyes. I thought back to when we awoke together this morning. I could tell, by the way that Katie looked at me, that she regretted revealing the true extent of her feelings to me so quickly, and so boldly. Since then, I had been thinking non-stop about her declaration; well that, and her killer body. I had come to a quick conclusion. I was dead sure that I didn’t want sex between us to only be a one time thing. She was too good to pass up because of some stupid socio-societal proscription against incest. I was never one to cave to other people’s pressure to conform, and I wasn’t about to start now. In the past, I always compared every girl that I had feelings for to my sister. She was my measuring stick for women. Never had a challenger come out favorably in comparison to her. Why should I just settle for a pale comparison, a bogus carbon copy; when I could have the real deal?

I knew deep down that Katie wasn’t really looking for just sex with me. She might settle for it, but it wasn’t what she was looking for. She was the type of girl who wanted a relationship. Would we be able to have a relationship? I didn’t know, but I was willing to explore the possibility, if she was also willing. I realized that I was lost in thought, and decided to diffuse the situation between the girls with the truth.

“I’m open to it,” I stated calmly. The daggers that Katie had been staring at Julia immediately turned to confusion.

“What do you mean, Jack?” Julia asked with a slight smile on her lips. To me, it seemed like Julia already knew how I would answer her question before she even asked it. She was just trying to help my sister get a serious and scary topic out into the open.

“I mean that I am open to the possibility that I could fall in love with Katie.” I paused to look at the expression on my sister’s face. I can usually read her like an open book, but her expression was inscrutable. It was half deer-in-the-headlights, and half end zone celebration. I didn’t really know what to make of it, but I had already started down this conversational path, so I was determined to finish it. “I love Katie more than anyone else on earth, and while Murphy might be my best friend, I can tell Katie things that I could never tell him. So why would it be unnatural for me to fall in love with her?” Julia looked canlı bahis like a cat that had just feasted on a particularly juicy canary.

“So you are in love with your sister?” Julia said it calmly, but I could hear the eagerness for a positive answer behind her words. Katie was sitting close to me on the sofa, as new lovers tend to do. I reached out, and clasped her hand in mine.

“Katie, I’m going to be completely honest and open with you. I’m not sure if I’m in love with you or not. Even the possibility of you wanting you like that is so new…” I paused, to look into her eyes. They were the purest sea-green; and so full of hope and love for me, that I felt that I should lose myself in them, and declare anything that she wanted to hear. I kept my strong resolve to tell only the truth, and continued with what I had planned to say. “…but you are definitely the type of girl that I could fall in love with, and we’re definitely compatible emotionally. I think we are a great match sexually. It was phenomenal for me, and you said that it was great for you. So, I guess what I’m saying is that if you really want to try to see if anything serious develops between us, that would be fine with me.” Katie’s eyes shone with tears.

“Do you really mean it?” Katie gasped. Her hand crushed mine in a death grip. I guess that she didn’t want me to attempt an escape.

“Yeah, Kay. I do. I told you last night that I was done fighting it.” She released my hand, and launched herself into my arms. The laws of physics state that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. This was unfortunate for Julia, who happened to be occupying my lap at the time of Katie’s emotionally charged leap. Katie wrapped her arms fiercely around me, and kissed me with abandon. Julia was jostled half way off of my lap, and came to rest indignantly with the arm of the couch sticking her in the ribs.

“Damn, bitch! Knock me down, why don’t you?” Julia sounded like she was more pleased with the outcome than she was upset, but I was too busy kissing Katie to pay her too much attention. It was a long kiss, but neither of us felt the need to break it off. Eventually, as all good things do, our kiss came to an end. She broke it gently, and smiled. I felt her labored breathing against my face. I must have been as excited as she was by what had just taken place, because I couldn’t seem to catch my breath either.

I had taken a couple of deep breaths when Julia clamped her lips down on mine. I struggled against her lips a tiny bit, because I didn’t know how my sister would feel about the kiss. Was this still permitted, or had my declaration of intent to Katie sealed off any access that I might have to Julia? It didn’t make any difference one way or the other, because Julia gripped the back of my head firmly, and the only way to stop her from kissing me would have been to throw her off bodily. My fears evaporated when I felt the moist heat of Katie’s lips on my neck. I slid my arm back around Julia. Now I had two gorgeous women sitting halfway on my lap, and both of them were kissing me!

Until that moment, I had never really noticed the difference in the way that they kissed before. My sister kissed me passionately, and with love; Julia kissed like she wanted to devour me. She lived up to my analysis with the hungry way that she kissed me, and with the hand that I felt stroking my balls through my shorts. I felt Katie’s dainty fingers undoing the buttons on my polo shirt, and her kisses on my chest. Julia’s hand was undoing my belt. Between their lips and their hands, I was on sensory overload.

My shirt stayed on for about another thirty seconds, before Katie started stripping it off over my head. Julia took advantage of the break in our kissing to slide off my lap, and position herself between my legs. She then resumed kissing me on my stomach.

I looked at my sister, Katie. She had slid off my lap onto the couch in order to make some room for Julia to work her magic. Her tears had ceased, but her eyes still glistened like precious stones. She clasped my left hand in both of hers.

“We’ll have to keep our relationship a secret from everyone that we know. Can you really do that, Jack?” Her question was asked nonchalantly, but her face revealed the true turmoil that she was feeling inside. I squeezed her hand reassuringly.

“Do you really love me, Kay?” She nodded solemnly. “Then we’ll do what we have to do in order to make this work. Maybe we’ll have to go somewhere besides U of M for college, somewhere where no one knows us.” A smile beamed on her face like a sunrise.

“Do you really mean that, Jack? You’d do that for me, for us?” Before I could answer in the affirmative, Julia started pulling my shorts and boxers down. I scooted up to allow my clothes to slide off easier, and leaned over and kissed Katie on her luscious pink lips.

“Of course I would do that for you, baby.”

“You guys could always go to UCLA with me,” Julia said with a bahis siteleri giggle. She had my semi-erect cock in her hand, and the way that she had it positioned in front of her mouth, it looked like she was talking into it like a microphone. I started laughing at the way she looked. Katie followed my line of sight, and began giggling too.

“Speak into the microphone, Jules,” Katie choked out, between snickers. Julia finally caught on to the fact that we weren’t laughing at her suggestion, but at her positioning.

“Well, if you were in Cali with me, I could suck you off all the time.” She licked her lips for moisture, and slowly slid my johnson into her pie hole. My breath exhaled in a rush as the moist warmth of her mouth surrounded my cock. She started bobbing her head in a slow rhythm.

“Damn that feels good.” I reveled in the pure pleasure for a moment, and then I motioned for Katie to take off her shirt. While Katie was slipping out of her tank top, I had an idea. “What happens when you get a boyfriend, Jules? As much as I would like to, I can’t suck this thing myself.”

“That’s what you have her for.” Julia smiled, and nodded her head at my sister, which did interesting things to the strands of saliva that trailed from her mouth to my dick. “I’m just kidding, Jack. I’d still suck you off, even if I had a boyfriend.”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating, Jules?” Katie prodded. “And why do you still have your shirt on?” Julia once again slid my glistening rod from the tight sheath of her throat, and lifted her shirt over her head. Damn she had such a beautiful body!

“Nope, it wouldn’t count as cheating, because he’s a special exception; he’s family. Besides, I never heard you mention cheating when we used to fuck each other while you still had a boyfriend. Is it not considered cheating as long as you fuck someone who is the same sex as you?” Instead of answering the question, Katie bent over my lap, and started blowing me vigorously. I stroked my sister’s curly red hair, slid my hand slowly down the satiny skin of her naked back, and grasped a freckled ass cheek through her tiny running shorts. Julia smiled, and took this as a cue to get rid of her boy shorts. She stood up, turned her back to me, bent forward ever so slightly, and began to slowly lower her shorts in the most erotic display imaginable. She began grinding her hips to imaginary strip club music, slowly swaying on the spot to heighten the excitement. This was not only tantalizing to me, but to my sister as well. She paused in mid-knob-polish to watch her best friend, cousin, and lover get naked.

Panties? Who needs panties? Julia certainly didn’t, because when she slid her shorts down her trim bronzed thighs, her panties were nowhere in sight. All I saw was tanned teenage ass. I slid my fingers across the taunt expanse of my sister’s backside, and didn’t feel any panties underneath her shorts, either.

“No panties today, Kay?” She raised her head up from my lap, and beamed me quick smile.

“I told you that we had plans for you today, and those plans included being able to get undressed quickly.”

“Then why are you still wearing your fucking shorts, bitch?” Julia exclaimed at the top of her lungs. “Take that shit off, right now!” My sister hopped off the couch, much to my cock’s dismay, and stood half naked in front of her friend. Julia grasped her shorts by the waistband, and ripped them down. I used the term ‘ripped’ because that was the sound that the tight fabric made when it parted company with my sister’s luscious bubble butt.

My cock wasn’t dismayed for long, because Julia immediately started planting tiny kisses on my sister’s flat belly. Her hand slid up Katie’s thigh, and parted her swollen pink pussy lips. Katie let out a small sigh as Julia gently worked one finger inside her tight fuck hole. My love muscle throbbed with excitement as I watched these two horny nymphs go at each other. Before my eyes my sister threw an alabaster thigh over Julia’s shoulder, and none too gently guided her mouth to her engorged clit. Katie gasped as Julia’s tongue touched her love button, and I could stand idly by watching no longer.

I stepped up behind Katie, and began to kiss the back of her neck. My arms snaked around her quickly, and I cupped her pale, freckled breasts in my hands. She leaned back into my embrace, to steady herself, and moaned aloud at the combined assault on her nipples, neck, and clitoris. I felt the slippery feel of pre-cum that leaked from the head of my cock onto her back. She hung suspended between us; helpless, as her first orgasm shook her violently. She leaned even harder against me as her climax took over, and she smashed her friend’s face mercilessly against her sopping wet snatch. Her flat belly tensed for several long moments, then relaxed, and she slumped against me like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

“Oh god,” my sister managed to squeak out, after a full minute of hard breathing. “You guys have no idea how incredible bahis şirketleri that was.”

“I have a fucking idea, bitch. You almost pulled my goddamn hair out.” Julia may have sounded mad at my sister, but it was hard to take her seriously when her face was frosted in girl cum. She smiled toothily at Katie. “Well, since you came first, I have dibs on his dick.” Katie pouted for a second, and then relented. She knew that Julia was due for some fun.

“I need to sit down for a minute, anyway.” Katie disentangled herself from between us, and slumped back on the couch, temporarily spent. This left me facing our cock hungry cousin, who never even bothered to rise from her knees.

“C’mon cowboy, it’s just you and me now. Do you think you can handle that?” She reached out and stroked my stiffy with the confidence that only practice can bring. “You better not cum before I do, champ. Not if you know what’s good for you.” I knelt down, putting my face an inch away from hers.

“What happens if I can’t hold out?” I felt confident enough in my stamina to tease this vixen. I was excited, but not overly so, like the first time we were together.

“You’ll get it, that’s what will happen.” I lunged forward, so that she went from a kneeling position to a reclining position in a heartbeat. My body was on top of hers; face to face, chest to chest, and crotch to crotch.

“I think that I’m already about to get ‘it’, don’t you?” I heard snickering coming from the direction of my sister. Julia didn’t get a chance to give a smart-ass retort because I leaned forward and kissed her forcefully. I really wasn’t sure my strategy of knocking her over would work, but by the wetness that my fingers found when they explored her needy slit, I didn’t think that it was exactly hurting my chances for success.

“You know that your sister is the one who likes the rough stuff; not me, right?” she panted, when she finally managed to break the kiss.

I positioned my prick at the entrance to her love nest. I felt heat emanating from her pussy, like it was filled with hot coals. I slid inside her, completely filling her tight little twat to the breaking point in one smooth stroke. Her wordless cry was so loud that it would have alerted the neighbors, if there had been any. I took it as a sign of encouragement, and began to pump her pussy for all I was worth. Her fingernails clawed at my back, but instead of cries of ‘stop it asshole,’ she merely pivoted her hips a little to let me get deeper inside her. I am no slouch in the muscle department, so I am definitely no lightweight. All of my 215 pounds was converted to brute force, as I mercilessly pounded Julia against the living room rug.

A string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush poured from her perfect rosebud of a mouth. I really didn’t know what she was saying, she whispered it all, like she was talking to herself; but I did hear a “fuck yeah” in there, so I took it as encouragement. I looked down at my partner, and marveled at her beauty. Her blue eyes were locked on mine in a way that could only mean one of two things: that she was going to explode in an intense orgasm very soon, or that I was in danger of dying a slow and painful death. With women, it is not unheard of for both of these things to happen almost simultaneously. Sweat ran down her neck to pool between her pert, teenaged breasts. If this girl were a car, she definitely would be a Ferrari, because she was built for speed.

Three things happened all at once. Her eyes closed, her nails sank painfully into the skin of my back, and her pussy clenched with such force that I broke my rhythm. My cock twisted funny, almost like I hit a bone. Whatever blissful feelings that I had accrued towards my own orgasm were brutally wrenched away. Her mouth was locked in a silent scream, and it looked like she had totally stopped breathing. Her torso shook with spasms that tensed up her entire body, from her pretty little feet, to her head and neck. Almost immediately, I returned to pummeling her pussy, even though it felt like my cock was gripped in the fist of a champion Russian weightlifter. The effect was instantaneous. The force of the orgasm that she was having doubled, and then tripled! Her face went from flushed to crimson, and her body went from spasms to miniature seizures. Her heels made drumming sounds as they struck the living room carpet. I didn’t know whether to continue banging her, or try to keep her from swallowing her fucking tongue.

Just about when I was about to stop, she started taking small, shallow breaths. This at least told me that I hadn’t inadvertently fucked her to death. Try explaining that one to your parents. “Well you see dad, this is what happened…” Somehow I think that I would rather wrestle a couple hungry bears than to attempt that. Finally, her body went totally limp. It was like someone had pulled the plug on her brain. The only movement that I could detect for over a minute was the shallow rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed. After a few minutes, she muttered something in a voice so soft, that it was barely audible.

“What did you say, Jules?” I asked. Her eyes opened slightly, like it was a struggle to keep them open.

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