The Bitch In My Nightmare

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I thought I’d tell you about my dream/fantasy/nightmare for a story tonight.

My dream starts out with you out in town at a cafe, and an Asian woman coming up and whispering in your ear, “Hi Handsome, you like get lucky?” in her Asian accent. Of course your dick immediately gets hard as you look at her beautiful face and tiny body. Her tits are huge compared to the rest of her, and your dick is harder than its ever been before. You look at her for a minute, think about me, and think, “Kitty will never find out, and I’m so damn horny!”

You allow her to lead you from the table and across the street to a hotel. You quickly get cash from an ATM to pay for the room so I won’t see a hotel charge on your bank account. In the elevator up to the room, she starts rubbing your cock through your jeans and you grab her tits and start squeezing them while French kissing her. She sucks your tongue like it was a cock, and you almost explode in your pants.

You both stumble into the room, throwing your clothes off as you reach the bed. You grab her around the waist and throw her down on the bed and climb on top of her. You start kissing her some more, imitating fucking with your mouth while you rub your dick up and down her soaking pussy. You’re hands are squeezing her tits and you pinch her nipples roughly. You’ve never seen such big tits on such a tiny person and her nipples are gigantic. You give one last thrust into her mouth with your tongue and then start sliding down her body. You kiss along her neck and chest until you reach a tit and you begin sucking it hard and fast, like a baby who has been without milk for a long time. Your other hand matches the movement of your mouth on her other breast. After a few minutes of sucking her tit, you bite down on the nipple quite hard, making her cry out in slight pain. You slide over to free spin the other breast and bite it, then lean back to admire her hard nipples.

You continue kissing and licking your way down her body until you reach her pussy and your tongue darts out for a taste. You use your hands to spread her lips and find she has a large clit. Thrusting two fingers into her pussy, you take her clit in your mouth and start sucking it little a tiny cock. She starts screaming and bucking in pleasure and you bite down a little hard. She cums immediately from the mixture of pain and pleasure. You start fucking her hard with two and then three fingers until she cums again.

She then pulls you up for a long, deep kiss, and then she tells you to lay on your back. She kisses her way down your body, swirling her tongue around your nipples until you are rock hard and you are afraid you might cum before she gets to her destination. She continues down, and you are so excited that when she uses her tongue to fuck your belly button, it doesn’t even tickle. She reaches your dick and gives it tiny kisses all over, and then in one quick breath, she takes you completely in her mouth and down her throat. You almost cum immediately, because no one has ever had you that deep in their throat before, but she quickly reaches around the base of your cock and squeezes hard, preventing your explosion. You are surprised at her technique because no one has ever done that to you before. She begins moving up and down your dick, working her throat muscles around you, and you think, “Damn, why can’t my wife suck dick like this?”

After five or so minutes of deep-throating you, she stops and you move into the 69 position, with you on top. She quickly swallows your cock again, and you start sucking her clit and fingering her. You run your tongue bonus veren siteler around her lips and dip inside for the sweetest taste of pussy you’ve ever had. Using three fingers to fuck her, you bring more of cream out to your tongue. You then slowly slide your smallest finger into her ass and she bucks under you. You feel her saying something, because of the vibrations on your cock. You continue to move your finger in and out of her ass slowly, admiring how tight it is, as you give her clit head and lick her pussy. You are quickly building to an orgasm again as you feel the vibration on your cock as she sucks it in and out. She cums in a gushing orgasm, soaking your face.

You pull your dick out of her mouth, because you have got to feel that tight, tiny pussy around it. You quickly move into position over he, and place the head of your cock against her pussy hole. You lean over and thrust your tongue into her mouth as you slam your dick inside her. She immediately cums again, and starts complimenting you on how completely your fill her cunt. You begin slamming in and out of her while reaching between your bodies to squeeze her clit. She begins having multiple orgasms and is screaming incoherently against your mouth. The bed is now covered in her cum, and you are plenty wet enough to try her ass. You pull your cock out of her pussy, slide down and taste her sweet juices again.

After fucking her with your tongue for a couple of minutes, you grab her ankles in each hand, and begin moving back into position to fuck her some more. You place her legs over your shoulders and once again slam your dick into her pussy, barely stopping yourself from coming at how tight it is. You think to yourself about how her pussy is way tighter than my ass, and you start thrusting harder and faster into her. Your dick deneme bonusu veren siteler is again soaked with her juices so you pull out, and place the head of your cock against her tiny anal opening.

She isn’t realizing where your cock is as she is still cumming from the pussy pounding you have just given her. She comments that she bets your wife is not as tight as her and that pisses you off, so you slam your dick all the way into her ass. Her ass is so tight around you, it feels like the circulation to your dick is being cut off, and that makes you even harder. She cries out a little as you pull out and slam into her asshole again. You are still angry for her comment and you want to punish her, so you begin slamming in and out of her tiny ass as fast as you can. Each thrust is lifting her ass of the bed, and making her tits jiggle around. The sight of your dick filling her asshole so completely makes you harder still, and you reach down to pinch her clit roughly. She gushes cum all over you as you pinch it, and you thrust three fingers inside her cunt. That makes her unbelievably tight ass even tighter and you start fucking her cunt quickly with your fingers.

She is now moaning under you and her senses hit overload, and guilt is starting to tickle the edges of your mind. You get angry at her for tempting you to stray and you begin fucking her ass as hard as you can in punishment. You slide a fourth finger into her cunt and the feeling of her cunt so full with your fingers and her tight little ass around your cock is blowing your mind. You are seconds away from cumming and feeling guiltier with every stroke. You slam your hand into her pussy and that is all it takes to push you over the edge. Between the feeling of her exceptionally tight anus gripping your cock tighter than it’s ever been gripped before and seeing your hand spreading her cunt so wide open, you can’t hold back any longer. You cum so hard you see lights twinkling in the semi-dark room, and fall over onto the bed beside her. She moves down and uses her mouth to clean the cum off your cock and gives you one last kiss to remember her by.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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