Terrible, Horrible, Lovely Girl

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My torturer lay in her bed sound asleep. She didn’t think I’d be back ’til the next afternoon. I didn’t want to wake her, but I did want to. I wanted to jump on her and yell and carry on and laugh in her ear. But her exceptional nakedness gave me pause from terrorizing her.

The thin sheet lie just above the back of her knees, her ass was omnipresent to my eyes after they’d adjusted to the little light from the window and hallway. I didn’t even think of the small flower on her left cheek then; the much despised 19th birthday tattoo…the artificial ruiner of her creamy symmetry. There was nothing motherly about her just then, nothing motherly about the blonde hair that covered her left shoulder blade down to the concave space of her lower back. She looked twenty-one, her skin was still as naturally pale as I remember from half-a-dozen years previous. If she had lain on her back and the light was just right I might have spied the scar from Baby’s entrance/exit.

I couldn’t see her face, that silky hair hid a lot from me. Lids covering blue iris, tiny nose breathing night breaths, lips barely separated. Her prettiness was agonizing, not to mention the fact that she’d produced a perfect miniature of herself. Maybe I had some part in that, but that fact was part of my torment–the way she presented my favorite thing on this planet as a gift only made possible through her. Which is true, but not to the extent of her exploitation of that fact.

She belonged to me, but if I told her that she’d laugh and say I’d no concept of space or time. The last time I’d seen her naked was only the Sunday past as she put on her day clothes after our shower. Baby’d been out to brunch with my parents.

I sat at her exposed thigh, kissed it, she stirred, still asleep. She’d been horrible that past Sunday night before I’d left for the school week. Baby had been past her weeping goodbye stage and onto the calmly pouting phase, the one preceding my departure; but she’d almost egged on the four-year-olds terror that the week would last for an eternity, and Daddy didn’t mind so much not seeing her ever again.

My lust for her was unbound. I rubbed the inside of her thigh up to the separation of leg from pelvis. She awoke in stages, but wasn’t quite aware ’til I’d reached the kissing phase. I wanted to kiss the tattoo off her butt, the only time she was as ideal as I remember was when I couldn’t see her tattoo because my lips covered it.

“Tonight isn’t tomorrow right? Why are you kissing my butt on a Thursday?” She turned her head and moved her hair so she could see me out of the corner of her eye, still prone.

“The review I was supposed to have tomorrow for Econ was cancelled. I thought I’d be home before you went to bed; am I surprising?” I massaged each warm cheek in hand, still kissing different places from top of thigh to lower back.

“Daisy might be, but then again she might think tomorrow morning is Saturday. I’m glad you’ve come home tonight though, I haven’t gotten my ass canlı bahis kissed all week.” She giggled to herself. I ran my tongue down her closed crack, she shivered. I didn’t venture in yet, once she figured out my intent she’d say it was dirty and turn over. It was dirty, but she’d enjoy it.

“I kiss your ass all week.” Referring to phone calls, messages, etc.

“You have a girlfriend don’t you, little buddy?” Little buddy? I separated her ass and ran my tongue down again, this time over the little pucker. She twisted below my hands but didn’t fight me.

“How can one have a girlfriend when they live with the love of their life and their kid on the weekend, every weekend, holidays, and summer break?”

“I meant your weekday-weeknight college best fuck friend.” The girl she referred to was in layman’s terms: my girlfriend of two months, housemate of a year, and best college friend of three years. I licked her perineum and ventured down to her tiny slit, she moaned and called me a ‘fucker’. She still didn’t move, resting her head on her hands.

“Timing isn’t so hot with her, but you know the person whom I’d like to come home to when I finish next week’s tests…the love never quite put on hold, the endeavor of being in love with this certain devil who made my perfect baby.” I went back to her ass, spreading her and gently inserting the tip of my tongue into her anus, the little swirl, the light grinding of her puss into the mattress, her involuntary push back into my mouth. I could taste the body lotion she used for her shower, and a little bitterness which was most likely sweat; but her smell was distinct, mostly aroused puss and a little ass.

“You might not think so, but I do think about our future, our nuclear family living in our perfect little three-bedroom house…but then I remember that we have no commitment to each other, have made no concrete plans, the fact that you’re probably in love with that perfectly dressed, tiny-waisted, brilliant college slut; and I just want to kick you in the balls. –And right now…uhh fuck, your goddamn tongue is in my ass, and I’m a bitch for letting you.” It was time to distract her from the dirtier part of my plan, I slipped my hand between the bed and her shaved lips and searched for her clit, finding it, she cooed and rubbed her now wet mess of a vagina against me. I, in turn, continued in and around her little hole.

“My job’s going to be here, I’ve already asked in an incredibly formal and dignified way if I can live here in this apartment with you and Daisy. I’ve told you of the end of any relationship I may have had with someone who’s more my friend than lover; and I intend to support my future wife whether she enters college or continues in her current occupation.”

“You wouldn’t make me feel so dirty if you wanted me for your wife. Who licks the mother of their child’s ass?”

“I do. Because she tortures me, and her ass is perfect, and I have all of tomorrow to think about her pert breasts, all of Saturday bahis siteleri to worship her from legs to lips, and all Sunday to make up for the dirty things I’ve done with her since.” She came on my fingers then, burying her face in her pillow, silent, thrashing her pelvis.

“Take off your shirt at least.” She sat up as I stood and got naked. I lay next to her, she started to touch my chest and stomach, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to me for a kiss. She let me kiss her as if I hadn’t just stuck my tongue between her cheeks. I asked her to lay on me, she didn’t understand, so I had to turn her around. After my changes to her position her head lay on my pelvis, hair covering my hard cock and warm thighs, her tits pointing at the ceiling, and ass to my chin.

“I’ve never been here before. I don’t under….oh, jeeze.” She figured out my intent as I lowered my chin and pulled her ass over my mouth for further exploration, easier anatomically to get inside. She finally relaxed a bit as I licked her crack and anus, making brief and then extended penetrations into her forbidden region. To distract her I played with her breasts, pulling her pokey nipples, running them between my fingers, making milking motions toward the ceiling. Her breasts were one in a million, large and pert c-cup, almost seemingly man-made, but they felt as they should, soft, silky.

“I haven’t been yours for two years now. Why do you think you can fuck your girlfriend Thursday morning then have your ex-girlfriend that night?” She squirmed, but was relaxed and clearly enjoyed this strange position she was in. I stroked her smooth belly to her breasts.

“It doesn’t work like that. I am yours forever unless you love someone else.” She felt entirely different than my housemate/girlfriend, she was all curves, womanly; my girlfriend reminded me of the high school version of her.

“And you know, I know you’ve been with guys in the last two years, maybe more than I know, but it’s in the past and we should both leave that nonsense behind us…then again I want to let you know how fucking crazy your dating that 30 year-old douche made me.” I went back to playing with her breasts and back between her cheeks.

“Oh, God…the whole ‘I’m gonna quit school and we’re gonna get married’ bullshit. I went out with that guy a handful of times over two months. He was nothing, he didn’t even get a feel of your favorite items.” I pushed her back and sat up, pulling her in my lap, perfect straddle, cock between, belly to belly.

“We don’t have to tortue each other about other people anymore, we don’t have to talk about how we can have a relationship but not be together…it’s just you, me and baby, it would’ve been that way if you went to college like you were supposed to.” She bit my shoulder hard. I pinched her breast.

“You cheat on me by loving her, even if it’s only a little bit.” I kissed her hard, rubbed my cock over her drooling second lips.

“I cheat on you? She doesn’t ask me whether bahis şirketleri I fuck you or sleep in your bed when I come back here. She cares about you and baby, she does love me; realistically I’m cheating on her right now.” I put the head of my cock to her entrance, she shifted her hips away but then let me pull her back and down. Her heat and wetness soaked the head of my cock as she accepted me into her body inch by inch.

“I just hope you don’t lick her and my ass with the same tongue…but she’s in college, experimental, she probably lets you fuck her in her tiny ass? Cum on her face? Licks another girl while you fuck her?” I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me, ’til her ass rested against my balls, she gasped.

“Unh, uh, Jesus…please tell me you wear a condom with her? With any of the sluts you’ve been with in the last year?” I lifted her by the hips and pushed her down on my cock again. She had her arms around my neck and stared at me, waiting for my reply.

“Yours is the only vagina I’ve ever been irresponsible in.” She was lifting herself up now and falling and grinding against me, her hair was matted to the side of her flush face.

“I’m on the pill of course.”

“Sweet, that didn’t work out so well in high school, as you know. We really should be using condoms, unless we want another flower in our garden.” She kissed me deep, her hot tongue explored my mouth, the taste of her saliva as familiar as that of my daughter’s laugh.

“We’re better prepared now, light-years prepared. I wouldn’t mind so much another itty girl, once you’re grown up enough.” I bit her tongue when she placed it back between my lips. She scratched my chest. I flipped her onto her back, her automatic response, she wrapped her legs around me. I fucked her for a bit, she was quiet, lost in this temporary pleasure. I kissed her neck up to her ear and whispered:

“You shouldn’t let me cum in your pussy, you shouldn’t have let me when we were in high school–but you do, you torture me and tell yourself that there’s this space between us, but you always give everything to me; always.” I rested on my elbows above her, trying to look behind her hazy eyes, fucking her slow and deep. She stared back, her countenance was different, less confident maybe, but her face was still flush with desire.

“You talk too much. Kiss me before I cum.” She pulled me to her lips and moments later she was shaking, her vagina twitching and squeezing my cock. She smiled and hid behind her tousled hair. I picked up my pace, I wasn’t far from coming, and I wanted to let go.

She ran her hands over my back down to my ass, squeezing then pinching me, telling me to cum, to fuck her how I wanted. I wasn’t as deep in her, but I was pumping in and out of her in a pre-orgasmic frenzy. Finally I clenched and drove into her pelvis to pelvis and released my semen into the back of her cunt. We lay together for a while kissing before the position became uncomfortable.

“I just washed these sheets…I just washed this coochie.” We laughed. “Lock the door so Daisy doesn’t find us and climb into this mess… And I don’t mean the sheets.” She giggled at her own knock at our relationship. I locked the door and returned to her.

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