Taught A Lesson

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Every once in a while, a girl needs an ego boost. Not so much an opportunity for a one-night stand, those are a dime a dozen. But just the chance to tease some men and build her ego is good for the self-esteem. Provided she’s not so horny that she really IS just looking for a one-night stand of wild, crazy, falling off the bed monkey sex. After all, a certain gleam in a girls eye and presenting herself in such a way that anyone in the room can see she’s good and she knows it is very appealing. Ok, so it’s an ego trip. So what?

Sitting at the bar and watching all the men and women striking poses and trying to get each other’s attention, really is a study in human mating rituals. It’s sad though, that most of the men have to catch a buzz before they have the balls to approach a woman. And the women have to catch a buzz, before they have the guts to flirt with some confidence.

You sit straight but relaxed, chatting friendly with the bartender as you watch the crowd. A few men have approached you already, but you’d flirt and then give some reason why you weren’t interested in them. You love their compliments, but you just accept them for the purpose that they were intended and pretty much do your best to make sure their cocks are saying hello, before you dismiss them. It’s amazing how hard some of them try to get a glimpse of your breasts without being obvious about it. And they wonder why you have this little grin when you talk to them? HA! Silly men you think.

But you notice one man, who seems to be paying more attention to you’re fun and games than to the rest of the crowd. He is quiet and confident in the way he sits. He definitely looks like a no BS kind of man, but there’s this growing flame in his eyes. You’re not too sure why he looks like he’s getting irritated, to say the least, until you’re approached by yet another brave soul eager to grope you.

It’s then that you realize, he knows what you’re up to and it pisses him off! He doesn’t make any move to approach you; so you ham it up extra special with the next would be suitor. You flash a little more cleavage than usual by bending over more than usual as you laugh at this man’s jokes and put your hand on his knee for extra emphasis. His joke sucked, but then, you’re a woman on a mission now.

You finally tire of your suitor’s attempts. He’s much too buzzed to even hold much of a real conversation, so you point out a woman across the dance floor and tell him that she’s been watching him. “Maybe you should go ask her to dance? I’m just here for a drink then I’m leaving anyway. And yes, I’m leaving alone.” So he concedes defeat and off he goes.

It’s then that you notice the man that had been watching me isn’t there anymore. You sigh and turn back to your drink, wondering “maybe he was as gutless as the rest after all. My game backfired and he left.”

The bartender comes back to you and is about to ask if you want another drink, but before he could ask a deep voice from behind you says “she’s done”, and I see a hand slap a 10 on the counter. You turn and are caught so off guard when you see whom the voice belongs to, that your mouth literally drops open before you can catch yourself.

I was now standing so close to you that you could feel my body heat. You could look right into my eyes and see this fire in them. It’s clear to you that you caused that spark, but you’re not sure whether it’s because I’m angry with you, or I’m so turned on that I want to bend you over the bar right now, and take you.

I say nothing more, just grab güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you by your arm and drag you behind me out the doors of the club. I walk so fast you have to practically run to keep up with me. You’re scared, yet my hand has a strong grip on your arm, and between that, the smell of my skin and the look in my eyes, you think you’ve finally found a man capable of handling you. You’re willing to let me drag you without much protest, because you want to see what I had been sitting on that barstool planning for you.

I lead you down a dark, dirty alley. It’s at that point, that you’re not sure whether to cling to me for protection or tear free and run the other way. Before you have time to decide, I push you to your knees, unzip my pants and pull my cock out. You admit to yourself, it is a nice sight, but when I lean over and whisper in your ear “suck it, bitch”, you get a little perturbed, to say the least.

You take my cock in one hand, and glare at me as you say through gritted teeth “what makes you think you’re any more worthy of my mouth on your cock, than those other pathetic excuses of men who had been coming onto me all night?”

I wrap my hand your hair and yank your head back. You find yourself kneeling, holding a strangers cock with your head held back so you couldn’t look away if you wanted to. You try to not wince at the sudden pain of your hair being pulled so hard, so quickly. You don’t want to give me that satisfaction. Yet, despite being scared and ticked off, you feel a warmth rising. Rising from between your legs, to be precise. I smile this little, confident smile and tell you “because I know what you want, what you need and I have the cure for your little prick teasing games”.

You say nothing, but in a small act of concession open your mouth slightly and that fire in my eyes grows brighter. I don’t release your hair, but instead, force your face to my cock. You find yourself so turned on that you don’t even take the time to lick or tease as you normally would. You simply take as much of me in your mouth as you can. You don’t stroke at first. You just suck firmly, while you run your tongue quickly back and forth along the underside of the head of my cock. You run your hands up the backs of my muscular legs until you reach my ass. You dig your nails into my cheeks and pull my pelvis towards your mouth, very effectively driving my cock into your throat. That’s when you finally hear me moan. That’s also when you think you can take back a little of the control he so arrogantly thinks he has over me.

The taste of my dark skin is intoxicating and with a moan, you pull back a little, enough so that you can stroke me with your mouth. You squirm because of the pavement digging into your knees but the cum dripping down your thighs soon takes over your thoughts. One hand still on my ass, you yank my shirt out from the waistline of my slacks and you run your hand slowly up my belly and to my chest. Using your nails, you lightly scratch. Not enough to leave lasting marks, but hard enough that I know how much you’re enjoying my warm skin and the soft hair of my chest. All the while, you are testing my cock to discover the most sensitive parts. You have found that the top of the head is just as sensitive as the bottom side, so you change the suction of your mouth so that as you pull back, I feel a popping sensation along the top edge of my head. You press your tongue hard against the underside of my head and tilt your head slightly back so the roof of your mouth rubs güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the top of it. You can feel my knees give a little as you increase the speed of your strokes.

You can sense partly by my breathing and in larger part, by the amazing size that the head of my cock has swollen to, that I am about to cum.”He thought he could just order me to swallow him? “Oh no, I don’t think so!” you say to yourself. So to remind me of who has whose world in their hands, you bite down. Respectful of this beautiful cock in your mouth, you don’t bite hard enough to wound. But definitely hard enough to stop my rising orgasm.

I jerk my hips back and yank you to your feet by your hair. Roughly reaching down the front of your dress as I pin you to the brick wall behind you, I pinch your nipples unmercifully, evoking a yelp. I lean into you so our faces are only an inch or two apart and tell you “No, you don’t get control. You had your fun in the club. This is about you meeting your match. The one person who can’t be manipulated by your pretty, teasing mouth or batting your eyes.” you stare at my mouth as I tell you the words you’ve always waited for. My lips and my words mesmerize you. You desperately wish I’d just kiss you. I lean into you, releasing your hair and your now bared breasts, I slowly begin to lift your skirt as my cheek brushes yours, with my lips to your ear “beg me” is all I say. You let out a stubborn groan of frustration. You grab onto my biceps and squeeze, making your frustration very apparent and tell me “just fuck me!”

I push my forearm against your upper chest, pinning you back again. I reach beneath your dress and gently rub your soaking wet lips. With one finger between them, I rub ever so gently. You relax with my gentle touch, hoping that I don’t stop. Just as you relax, I roughly shove my fingers deep inside you, leaving my thumb free to press hard against your rock hard clit. You scream and push your pelvis forward as you drive down onto my hand, cumming instantly all over my hand. I continue to pump my fingers inside you. Spreading them apart and you with them, then pushing deep inside you and bending my fingers towards myself, until I find your g-spot. I know instantly when I find it because your eyes open wide, and you moan loudly. Almost at once, wave upon wave of intense orgasm rushes over your body, causing even your breasts to flush. You cum so hard so many times, that you’re unaware of the number of orgasms. Only that your body is absolutely warm and relaxed. I move my arm away from your chest and wrap it around your waist as my hand that is inside of you remains still, feeling your body gradually relaxing from the inside.

I remove my hand, dripping with cum from your pussy. I kiss you hard and with the same hand, reaches around and rub your cum onto your asshole. You instantly tense up, knowing what I want from you. I use my other hand to hold your knee so your leg is around my waist, this giving me complete access to your ass. I slowly push one finger inside you and twist slightly as I pull it back out. Your cum is still running out of your pussy and I use it to continue to lube your ass. Suddenly, I turn you around and bend you over a crate that was left in the alley. I lift your skirt far above your waist and drive my cock deep and hard into your cunt. You scream as my cock hits your cervix. The pleasure is incredible! You start to see stars but before you can cum again, I pull out and press the head of my cock to your ass.

I yank your head güvenilir bahis şirketleri up by your hair and growl into your ear “You refused to beg me to fuck you, now, you can either submit to having your ass thoroughly fucked, or you can beg me not to.”

“Fuck you!” you yell.

“Then have it your way, that is, after all, what you’re used to.” And with those words, I push your head back down as I slowly push my cock into your ass. I could have caused you intense pain, but you soon find that this dominant man isn’t a rogue by the way I holds your ass cheeks open, rubbing and massaging them as I slowly and gently enter you. I rub your low back and begin to slap your ass when you tense up, which takes your mind off the discomfort and you feel only the pleasure of being spread open and filled.

Once I am completely inside you, I begin to stroke myself with your ass. I slowly pull out until just the head of my cock is in you, then slowly pushes deep back inside you until you feel my hips pressing against your ass and my thighs pressed against yours. You can feel me swelling inside you and my cock pressing against your g-spot from beneath with every completed stroke. Your need to cum is growing as quickly as my need. But I just keep stroking you slowly, maddeningly slowly. You finally can’t take anymore. You ask me, in a small voice “Please fuck me harder.”

My only response as I continue to slowly fuck your ass “beg me.”

You wait a few seconds, but you can’t take it. It’s worth the begging. So you say it. “Please fuck my ass hard!”

I reply “louder.”

But in my frustration you only scream “Fuck!” you can hear your own pulse, you’re barely able to think, let alone voice the words I want to hear.

I drive into you to the hilt, and hold still. Waiting. you try to tease me into what you want by wiggling your ass and rotating your hips. I simply grab your pelvis and hold you still. Finally, with every bit of passion you can muster, in a near sobbing voice “Please! Please fuck my ass hard!”

At this point, you feel me grab your hips hard, I pull back until I am nearly all the way out of you, then slam deep inside you. I pull back, and again slam hard into you. Each stroke is a little bit faster until I am using your hips to pull you back to meet my every hard, fast stroke. It doesn’t take you long before you’re screaming as you cum hard, your muscles flexing, squeezing me even harder and forcing your own juices to flow down your thighs from your cunt. Between hearing your own pulse and your screams, You barely hear me yelling between gritted teeth as my cock swells so hard that you can feel every vein. I pump my cock into you with short, fast strokes, my fingers digging into your waist as you feel a heat spreading inside you.

I remain inside you as I enjoy the throbbing of your ass along with the throbbing of my cock. Eventually, when my cock finally stops twitching, I slowly pull myself out of you. You hear me zip up my pants and you stand up, pushing your skirt down but not turning around to face me. You’re humiliated. Defaced. Not because of what you just did with me, but because you lost. You’re not used to losing.

“Turn around.” I command in a low voice.

Too exhausted to argue or put up a fight, you first pull the front of your dress back up, then turn around with your head down.

“Look at me.” I again command. But you simply look to the side. I touch your chin and bring your face around to me.

“You did well. You reacted exactly as I thought you would. You weren’t disappointing in the least. But rather, I’m very pleased. Don’t be ashamed that you begged.”

You see this as your last chance to save face. You manage a small, crooked smile and say “I got to cum, and hard, thanks to you. You were wonderful.” I just smiles back, a hint of evil in my grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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