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Jeanie walked down the long antiseptic halls following the odd arrows that were posted on the walls every fifty feet or so. She wasn’t worried about finding her way out, she could simply follow the arrows backward, but she still felt a bit nervous. She finally reached the check in area they described to her and she signed in.

“You can wait in the waiting area just down the hall there,” the woman behind the glass said, pointing to Jeanie’s left.

“Thank you,” Jeanie replied turning left and walking down the hall.

The waiting area was just across from a small treatment room that was, for the time being, empty. As she sat down in one of the upholstered chairs and picked up a magazine. It was only then that she smelled it, that hospital smell, alcohol or whatever antiseptic they used. Coming in it was just a faint smell that sent a bit of a tingle through her, but as she walked other smells distracted her. Now sitting in the waiting area the scent was very strong.

After waiting for about ten minutes or so she gave up trying to read magazines and trying to distract herself from what was throbbing inside her. Standing up she wandered across the bahis firmaları hall and peeked into the treatment room. She looked at one of those treatment tables with wheels. There was a small vanity with a sink and mirror. Overhead several tracks snaked around the room where in the corners white curtains hung. She could hear the faint buzzing of fluorescent lights.

As she looked in the room she felt the scent begin to affect her and she could feel herself getting wet. Glancing in the mirror she could even see her nipples pressing the fabric of her blouse. When a young man in a white coat came down the hall and called her name she backed out of the treatment rooms and said, “Yes, here I am.”

“Oh, okay, looks like you are just where you need to be,” she said sliding past her. In her state, she couldn’t help but notice that his body lightly brushed against her breasts as he passed.

“Well good,” she said, following him into the room and closing the door behind her.

Handing her a gown he said, “Please change into this robe. I’ll be right in here waiting for you. Just knock on the door when you are changed.”

Nodding, she took the robe kaçak iddaa and waited for him to close the door. She then removed her clothes noticing the wet spot in her panties. Pulling on the robe and tying it securely she walked over and knocked on the door.

Stepping through the door the doctor looked at her and said, “Okay Ms. Arls…”

“Jeanie,” she interrupted, “call me Jeanie doctor.”

“Okay Jeanie, but I’m not a doctor. I’m a nurse and I will prepare you for the dye tests okay?”

“Sorry,” Jeanie said.

“No problem,” the nurse said, moving closer to her, “I need to take your blood pressure and your pulse.”

He was standing in front of her, just inches away when she reached down to his crotch, gently grabbing. She felt his cock begin to harden as he started to pull back away from her, but then stopped as she began gently stroking him until he came fully erect. She then untied his pants and pulled them and his underwear down, exposing his cock.

Feeling her courage wane, she took a deep breath and the scent of the hospital, mixed with the musky smell from his crotch and then pulled on his cock, pulling him to her. Lifting her kaçak bahis robe, she exposed her pussy as she opened her legs and guided him into her wet opening. He began moving his hips back and forth as she rubbed her clit with her fingers. The combined sensation of his cock and her fingers quickly filled her with pleasure.

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him hard against her. Moving her hand, she ground her clit against him and came, her pussy squeezing his cock again and again. He continued thrusting into her, moving faster and faster until he finally arched his back and came. Shoving his cock deep into her pussy, he shot his cum again and again.

He then slipped his cock out of her, pulled his pants back up and then handed her a towel, saying, “Here, you might want to clean up a bit.”

“Thank you,” she replied, wiping some up some of the juices that were oozing from her pussy. She then looked at the nurse who was flushed a bit and said, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“No, no it’s okay, I’m kind of used to it,” he replied.

“This has happened before?”

“Yeah, it’s something about that disinfectant. The female nurses really have to fight off the patients.” He then took her blood pressure and pulse, carefully put the instruments away and then said, “Okay, are you ready to go?”

“Lead the way,” she said, following him into radiology.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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