The Tailor’s Shop Part 3

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The Tailor’s Shop Part 3
I stood there naked in front of the two girls looking down at them wiping the cum off their faces before Danni broke the silence, “So Frank, what do you think?”, I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the blow job or the thong so to edge my bets I responded with “Very Good” and to change the subject asked, “Do you wear a thong?” knowing that the glimpse I got this afternoon proved otherwise. “I do but not today” she said, “I am Dad” Lisa said, “Let me show you” and proceeded to undo the buttons on her dress and opening it wide and dropping it to the floor stood there in a very small white thong, glimpses of pubic hair escaping from the sides, Danni and I just stared as she turned around showing off her tight arse with the string tight up her crack. Turning back she looked at us staring, ‘Nice tits’ Danni mumbled as we looked at her small well-formed breasts and stiff erect nipples.
“What about you Danni” I said looking down and with that Danni stood up and unbuttoned her blouse before pulling it off, her breasts were also well-formed but slightly bigger than Lisa’s and as she unclipped her bra setting them free they looked firm and rounded. Now the moment of truth as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, she smiled across at me as she stood there in a pair of quite tight bikini panties in pink, I motioned her to turn around and just as before one side of her panties were lodged up the crack of her arse.
Her arse was nicely rounded and firm, she turned back to face me and I looked at her crotch, nice and tight with a small mound of hidden hair. “What do you think Frank?” she asked coyly, well I looked at her and told her that I needed a closer look and getting on my knees beckoned her towards me.
I could smell the sweet aroma and my head got very close, close enough to see a few stray hairs poking out the sides and the outline of her slit and a little damp patch. I put my arms around her and grabbed her cheeks pulling her closer so her pussy was in my face and taking a deep inhale took in the sweet smell with my tongue tasting the damp patch.
I ran my tongue up onto her navel, past her belly button and illegal bahis siteleri up to her sweet breasts and kissed each nipple in turn before flicking them and giving a little suck, I then returned back down and again buried my head while slowly pushing her back onto the sofa and as she sat I pushed her legs wide exposing the heaven that awaits me, I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh as I reached the top I heard her mumble ‘pussy lick’ and I wasn’t going to disappoint her and rested my tongue on her sweet spot and licked her slit through the thin pink fabric of her panties.
Lisa had moved onto the sofa next to her and had started to suck on her nipples before engaging in a deep and meaningful kiss, I looked up at them eating each other passionately with tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths, this just spurred me on and my cock was coming back to life so I pulled her panties aside and started to suck on her protruding labia and when I found her clit she shook and moaned loudly. I licked up her juices as I pushed my tongue deep into her wet hole while they carried on kissing with Lisa rubbing and tweaking her nipples.
My cock was now back to full erection and I wasted no time in positioning it and rubbing he labia lips a few times before slowly pushing it in and with Lisa’s tongue down her throat all Danni could do was squirm as I pushed in further, she was very wet now and my cock slid in quite easily and it wasn’t long before I was in up to my nuts. Reaching out I started to fondle Lisa’s arse which made her kissing more intense and using Danni’s juices I was able to insert my finger into Lisa’s arse, as I started to thrust into Danni I was finger fucking Lisa’s arse and we all got into a good rhythm, both girls now moaning as I banged Danni hard.
Lisa broke away and pulled her panties off before getting up on the sofa and straddled Danni’s face and I heard Danni murmur ‘pussy, pussy’ as Lisa started to gyrate on her face and as I was fucking Danni it gave me the perfect opportunity with Lisa’s arse so close so I reached forward and pulled her cheeks apart and probed her hole with my tongue, Danni moaned canlı bahis siteleri as I thrust and Lisa moaned as I licked her arse.
Things were getting heated and I was nearly there, I pulled Lisa closer so my face was buried in her arse as I thrust harder into Danni, Lisa started to moan louder and shake as Danni’s tongue brought her to orgasm and as I felt my cock throbbing I could feel Danni shake to orgasm as I shot a hot stream of cum deep into her belly and she grabbed my waist pulling me closer as to not lose any and I screamed out as the second spurt landed. Danni continued working on Lisa not allowing me to withdraw so I kept it there with my tongue still in Lisa’s arse until Lisa shook wildly, I pulled away and saw her juices running down her chest before we all collapsed trying to regain our breath.
I pulled away and as I did so Lisa slid down Danni’s body and gave her a long passionate kiss, this was a joy to watch.
I took the glasses and popped to the kitchen for a refill leaving the girls to their passionate kiss and when I returned Danni was laying back on the sofa looking up at the ceiling while Lisa was on her knees between her legs, panties pulled aside licking out the cum from Danni’s pounded pussy, Danni was moaning with her eyes closed as Lisa licked, sucked and swallowed everything leaking out.
I just sat back in my chair enjoying the show and slowly started to rub myself at the sight of my daughter on her knees between her friends legs, her arse sticking up and her head buried.
She pulled her legs up which gave me the perfect view of her tongue lapping up our mixed juices and it wasn’t long before the rubbing got my cock hard again and the sight of my daughters arse was just too tempting so I got on my knees behind Lisa and ran my cock up and down the crack of her arse before finding her sweet wet lips slowly edged myself into her, this was pushing her further into Danni which in turn made her cry out, “Oh my fucking god” as she shook to another orgasm from the work of Lisa’s tongue.
I pushed further into Lisa until I felt my nearly empty balls hit the back of her legs but I was sure I had another left bahis firmaları in the barrel so I started to thrust in and out forcing Lisa to push further into Danni only coming up for air and to moan as my cock banged into her.
“Fuck your daughter Frank, fuck her” Danni screamed out as she watched me banging her from behind and Lisa busy sucking her clit, “working on it baby, working on it” I grunted back as I pounded away at Lisa who suddenly shook, came up for air with a scream before going back down on Danni. I could feel Lisa’s wetness running down my balls and the sloppy sounds filled the room, “Cum in her Frank, fill her up” Danni screamed and I could feel it and let out an almighty cry as I shot deep inside my daughter, “YES, YES, YES” both girls cried out at the same time, “OMG!” I shouted as the last drops came out and I could feel Lisa’s pussy muscles sucking every last bit.
I looked down at Danni, she was drained and looked up at me, not a word was said and Lisa rose up, looked up at me smiling and again not a word was said.
I slipped my shorts back on and the girls got dressed and finished their wine, Danni gave me the bill for the clothes and I told her I will drop the cash in to her tomorrow which she happily agreed to.
After Danni left I sat down with another glass of wine with Lisa who was dressed back in her little summer dress, she was upbeat and happy with my purchase saying that she especially liked the thongs and maybe I would leave hers alone now, no chance I thought as there is something special about wearing female panties and I am sure she doesn’t mind really.
I had to ask the question about the under the breath mumbling from Danni and poor Lisa laughed as she told me that Danni doesn’t realize that she is doing it, has no idea and it can be quite funny as she verbalises her thoughts. Apparently it was funny at school as she got fucked quite a lot because of it and I had to agree that I had noticed her level of experience at such a young age, it all made sense now but it was quite funny.
Later that evening Lisa got a text from Danni saying how much she had enjoyed the day and hoped the shop was quiet when I call tomorrow ‘wink face’ maybe she shouldn’t have told me that bit but was happy that she enjoyed it, the text went on to say that she was unaware that her dad fucked her but found it so hot to watch, interesting thoughts and I was now looking forward to visiting the shop tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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