The Nanite Maker

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The Nanite Maker
——————————The Nanite Maker——————————–
by themoonatic

Jackie luxuriated on her back in post orgasmic contentment, the semen oozing from
her sphincter with a tickling sensation that made her shudder with another wild
orgasm, her seemingly nutless eight inch cock jumping and giving her the
full sensations of ejaculation without the fluids. She had her testicles
retracted up inside, awaiting her command to descend and produce more ch!ldren
or just make a mess.
Almost a year had passed since she tendered her resignation at the power plant,
signed another stack of non-disclosure forms, taken her severance package
and went on her merry way.
Her work was all but done, the others spreading nanites exponentially.
Now she could play, anonymously. Nobody knew who started it nor did they need to.

Jack went about his work as he usually did; attentive and careful.
The guy that had this job before him hadn’t and it took a full two months to finally
clear the horrible acrid stench of crispy fried plant manager out of the place.
“Near-Unity” power station, they called it but his degree in electrcal engineering
told him otherwise. The kilowatt hours produced from a single barrel of diesel
were ridiculously out of proportion to anything he had ever seen before.
“Mr. Carter, I’ve seen your IQ scores so I won’t try to bullsh!t you,” the regional
directer had told him, “Just IGNORE the numbers and the amount of fuel wer’e NOT
using and stay out of the Event Horizon.”
“Tesla and Einstein had a baby,” Jack replied, “but yes, sir, I understand.”
The man knew nothing about Jack’s background, only that he was qualified and was
happy to leave it at that.
A bank of ten ordinary-looking generators with the magnets and ferrous cores configured
differently enough to run an entire city on just one hundred liters of fuel
for a month and that was just a fraction of their true potential.
Carter’s job was mainly to REDUCE efficiency so the damn things wouldn’t pour out
electricity without using any fuel at all. Worst case scenario would have them
belching out so much energy they’d fry half the country and not just careless fools
that wandered too close.
Everyone there was former NSA or other spooks that knew to canlı bahis keep their mouths shut
and there were only 17 of them, including Jack.
The job wasn’t as exciting as the elcto-gravity aircraft systems he helped
develop out in Utah but still needed a high security clearance and commanded a
high end six figure income so Jack was just fine with keeping it under his hat.

He heard it again. Crackling sounds, this time near the East entrance and a warping,
lensing effect about two meters high and wide. Every night the same thing.
Another demonstration of quantum physics.
That night as he lay sleeping in his quarters (they didn’t let him out much) Jack
was startled awake by the crackling, only this time he was INSIDE the warp field.
Fuzzy images of several human(?) figures then suddenly a cloud of sparkling, swirling
particles enveloped him. It felt like millions of tiny fish swimming all through his being.
Then nothing, save a strange but pleasant dream of being in an orgy of Tgirls.
Morning came and he felt freshly showered, totally clean. Why? He really was
completely clean and odor free. He was even had a smooth shave.
Translucent images and outlines swirled before him then coalesced into – WTF?
A heads-up display? Jack liked video games but was a real life HUD!
A sudden flash, images and a full understanding.
Through all of this he’d remained remarkably calm. Just a function of the nanites
that had infused throughout his whole body.
Post natal cyborg. “Augmentations” more fantastic than any “De Sex” game but not
for combat or killing.
JC knew exactly what his job was and set about it immediately.

Jack pretended to undergo HRT and some surgical nips and tucks but he was really
implanting false memories in people. No harm in that.
Watching through electro-grav hover drones, Jack sat in his bedroom, a framed
photo of his ex wife next to him on the nightstand and became Jackie.
Over the course of an hour, body hair disappeared, head hair grew long and full,
facial features softened and sharpened into feminine form, breasts grew, limbs thinned,
waist, hips, ass, feet, everything feminized, His once manly six foot frame
became a gorgeous 5 foot 5 inch epitome of blonde womanly perfection.
He still loved Marie and she him (now her). They’d broken up over some silly
petty nonsense. Jackie knew they’d be back bonus veren siteler together soon

JC walked into the bar, scanning the humans. She was still human where it mattered
but preferred to think of herself as the cyborg she now was. The metalic clicking
and electronic sounds she occasionally made were constant reminders.
All suitable candidates sized up, the top five selected. Her first transhumans.
Thought transference, pheromones and sexy looks and winks drew them all to her table.
Some dialog, thought implants then off to her place for a small private party.
Three men, two women, no condoms, no pregnancies, all diseases eliminated.
Nobody but Jackie remembered when their clothes came off but her cock was now
balls deep in one of the women, her legs wrapped, pounding her to orgasm
after orgasm with one of the men drilling Jackie’s ass.
The cyborg’s semen and skin contact transferred all the seed nanites needed to
get the ball rolling.
Everybody was fucking each other. Orgasms were enhanced, the sex prolonged.
Jackie scissored with one of the women. “Yes, honey, I’m a lesbian,” causing the
woman to giggle as she came again.
Jackie rode a guy’s cock, shivering and convulsing in orgasm as the women both
shared her cumshot.
Sex wasn’t necessary for the nanite infusions but it was fun.
Hey, the savior of mankind deserved a few perks, eh?
The three guys all desired desperately to transition MTF, which is why they
were there.
One of Jackie’s imperitives was to nanite-transition as many men as possible
to curb aggression and v!0lence.
Sitting around, hyponoidal, all five “inductees” were given some gold, silver,
platinum, copper and other metals and elements that they absorbed though their
hands to build more nanites, completing their own transformation which they
would pass on to others.

One Saturday night Jackie took a trip to the “bad side of town” in the form of
a very petite, beautiful Asian woman pretending to be lost. She dressed casually
but conservative, not luring, just being there.
Sure enough a wolf pack of four v!cious young hoodlums grabbed her and dragged
her into an apartment of uncertain ownership.
Jackie could have easily ripped them all limb from limb, one of very few new
cyborgs with super strength but instead allowed them to inflict their free will
on deneme bonusu her. Repeatedly.
They fucked her pussy and ass as v!0lently as they could and Jackie screamed in
the pa!n she voluntarily allowed herself to feel.
None of them were allowed to realize that any of their hard-as-they-could-hit
blows were injuring her but she nonetheless endured a prolonged brutl rayp and
be4ting to get insights into how other v!ctims felt.
Added to that were a few intense orgasms that were humiliating and pa1nful
instead of pleasurable. Jackie wanted the full learning experience that would
normally have been her ending but this “v!ct1m” was a cyborg.
One squeezed and pulled her tits s4distically as another rammed his cock
in her ass like a jackhammer while she screamed in even more pain, the other
two watching, snickering and waiting their turn. Jackie actually had a very
intense orgasm from that and she sobbed in total despair, degradation and
defeat as the four inhuman monsters had the time of their lives.
When their balls were all empty they dropped her to the floor, k!cking
and p1ss!ng on her. Laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world they
left her for de4d.
She turned the pain off and sent small drones to watch and record their
much deserved punishment.
They had all been completely infused with nanites only they didn’t enjoy
a HUD or any extra-human abilities except for one: they could not be
harmed or contract any illnesses but they could feel pain. And they WOULD.
As they walked their clothes got looser and looser as they transformed into
gorgeous, petite, weak young women unable to get pregnant. Why bring innocents
into this horror? The invisible hover drones would watch over them to protect
yet also make sure they experienced all the things they were so fond of doing
to others. They would also spread their nanites to others. The punishments
would only last until they learned empathy and were truly sorry for all
the horrible things they’d done and everyone stopped being assholes
toward one another.
And so it continued, spreading like a beneficial “disease” through all strata
of society the world over.
No more disease, all injuries, all deformities, all maladies healed and repaired.

Everyone fucked like rabbits instead of hurting each other.

And Jackie…yes, Jackie, she watched it all blossom before her loving eyes, streaming
with tears of joy.
She never did learn who – or what – had given her the nanites. Aliens? Humans from the
future? After all it didn’t matter.

———————————–THE END————————————–

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