Old Diane need never be lonely again

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Old Diane need never be lonely again
Diane was in danger of letting herself go to wrack and ruin. Although still pretty at 68 she had put on at least two stone in the last few years since her husband died. And although she was ashamed to admit it, missed his loving tender care in more ways than one. Yes, her fingers and vibrator gave her occasional orgasms but it was not the same as being enjoyed by and enjoying a man. To be honest, she was lonely.

One day in the supermarket, she looked at the notice-board and saw a leaflet advertising the local council’s new combating loneliness campaign. In short it said that people like her could arrange for a person to call round once a week for a friendly chat, cup of tea etc. That could be just what I need, she thought, not for one second, thinking it could replace her vibrator and fingers.

She rang the number on the leaflet and arranged for the volunteering co-ordinator to visit her the following week. Diane was surprised that the young lady was so caring asking her all sorts of questions about hobbies, interests etc. One question Shelia found interesting was ‘did she know how to use the internet? Well, that had never crossed her mind, but the young lady, said it would make her life a lot more interesting what with chat rooms, special interest groups, etc. So, it was agreed that to get the ball rolling, they would send a volunteer to discuss it and set up an internet account.

Diane was told that her volunteer ‘friend’, would call around the following day. Opening the door, she was surprised to find a smartly dressed youngish man holding out his hand and introducing himself as Simon.
Taking him through to her lounge, she was nervous but to steady them, she introduced herself and then took flight to make a cup of coffee for them both. Simon was used to this initial reaction and when Diane returned with coffee and biscuits, soon put her at ease. Within five minutes she told him that she was looking forward to his company and learning about the internet. Simon explained that he would outline what a computer was, how it worked and what the internet was intended for.

Diane’s head was so crammed with information after an hour, she asked if they could they stop and just have a nice chat. She found out that Philip was 28 and still living with his parents (which she thought a little strange) and worked as an IT manager of local timber merchants. Also, when she asked about why a young man like him would want to meet lonely old people like her he said something that surprised her.

‘Diane, I really prefer the company of elderly people, they have more life experiences, are far more understanding and I really like helping them fulfil their needs in all ways’.

What did that mean exactly, she thought it a strange for a young person to say that? So, she came out with it an asked him to elaborate. She could see that he was blushing and told him not to be shy.

‘Well, and this difficult to explain, Diane, some of my clients ask me to help them with their personal care, some ask for a massage, some just like to tell risqué jokes. You know, stuff out of the ordinary not just chitchat’. She told him that was nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it was very considerate of him.

Before he left, Philip rang BT on her behalf and ordered an internet connection. They also, agreed that she would buy a cheap laptop together when they met next week in the local shopping centre.
After a couple of weeks, with the laptop and internet connection working, Philip came around at his usual time to start Diane’s first lesson. Before he arrived, she decided to find just how far he would go to fulfilling her desires.

So, dressed in lowish cut dress to show off her titties and no knickers to show her full bushed protruding fanny to good effect illegal bahis siteleri she wanted to see if he was prepared to fulfil her desires. In fact, she was getting quite wet thinking about it.
After setting up the laptop in the kitchen Diane made sure she was sitting very close next to him. After going through the basics, she asked Simon what he thought of old women who posed nude on the internet.

‘Well, it can be demeaning or it could be liberating’ he replied, gulping.

‘Well, what do mean by that’?

‘Today, young people can do what they like, but in your younger days, you were restricted by social taboos. But on a more personal level, I find older ladies such as yourself are more attractive and sensuous than a lot of young girls which is why I am quite attracted to them. For example, by the way you are showing off your bust you must enjoy people like me looking at it’.

‘Now that you mention it Philip, I do’. Putting her hand on his thigh, she added, ’It’s been a long time since someone has taken an interest’. She then slowly moving her hand to his crutch she whispered ‘Philip, are my titties getting you excited?’

He leaned over and to her surprise, kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth and at the same time started gently kneading her tits. ‘Philip, stop, you’ll give me a heart attack’.

‘I’m sorry Diane, but you got me so worked up, I was desperate. I really do like you, you’re so sexy and everything.
‘Philip, please don’t take this wrong way, but I too have been lonely for a long time and to be honest, I set this up to see if you really liked me in that way. And I am happy that you do. Now, why don’t you take off your trousers and pants and let me give a nice quick wank.

Taking his impressive pre-cum soaked thick cock standing to attention she quickly wanked him off and was pleased to see lots of thick spunky cum shoot up.

‘Now, you have relieved yourself I want us to have nice intimate chat. As you can see, I am a lady of the world and we will get along a lot better by being straight forward with each other and to add to my enjoyment we will use naughty and dirty words, ok?’

‘That’s fine with me’, he agreed.

‘At what age were when you had this urge to fuck old ladies. What was the attraction?’.

‘Well, Diane I suppose it started when I was about f******n when I first started erections. My Mum made me visit my grandparents every week and my Gran-who I thought was ancient but found out later that she was only 65 – was always very loving. She was a typical flabby bellied granny – big droopy tits and arse – and every-time she saw me always made a big fuss of holding me close and kissing me and sometimes with her tongue in my mouth – which I liked. Grampa never took any interest and often went up the pub when I visited. Well, as the weeks progressed when Gran embraced me my cock got hard and she obviously knew it as she often ground her crutch into mine.
Of course, I had to go to the toilet to have a quick wank to relieve myself every time. But as the weeks progressed Gran started to ask me to do things like rub her feet and in doing so ensured that I had a good view of her very hairy cunt. She would say things like, ‘there’s a nice boy’.

And once it started, she began to lift her dress higher and higher every week and began to open her fat thighs to ensure I got a rampant hard on. She really got a kick out of it and said things like “You’re not embarrassed dear, are you?” I understand that all boys at your age get aroused when they see ladies’ secret parts. It’s quite normal for a young man your age. If you didn’t get an erection there might a problem. Why don’t I try and help you with that? And there and then she ordered me to stand up and undid my zipper and got my cock meat out and leaned forward and gave me tipobet giriş a fantastic blow job at the same time sticking her finger up my arse. Of course, it didn’t take me long to shoot wads of spunk down her throat which she greedily swallowed’.

Diane was by now getting quite hot listening to that but held herself in check wanting to hear more of his granny fetish. ‘Did you actually fuck her, Philip?

‘Virtually every week, but she took it on herself to teach me her other pleasures she enjoyed such as fisting her, fucking her fat arse, pissing on her cunt when she sat on the toilet etc.
Of course, after about six months my infatuation and lust began to tail off and I cut my visits to about very three months but I was hooked. One day, Granny asked if I could ‘play’ with a friend of hers who was lonely. I reluctantly agreed but asked what she meant by play’.

‘Oh Edith, is a bit younger than me, but she likes to role-play sex situations but her husband is getting fed up with it. So, I thought you could learn something from her’.
‘It turned out that Edith who was in her late fifties and quite attractive, got her rocks off by pretending to be a young girl who liked showing off her body and teasing. Well, that was very interesting. Can you imagine a fifty-year-old woman, who likes dressing up in a school girl outfit wearing a skirt that barely covered her hairy cunt and arse, and a tight blouse trying to hold 34 DD titties? I soon lost interest in her’.

‘I was always trying to get a relationship with girls my own age, but they in main were absolutely hopeless sexually. It was always old ladies who appreciated my loving and sometimes kinky ways.
‘Enough about me Diane, you are a very lovely fucking lady, what turns you on?’

‘Well, Phillip, what I enjoy is what I call romantic sex. You know, kissing passionately moving to fondling and fingering, then maybe licking and sucking and then finish with gloriously long slow fuck session.’

‘Anything else? What about me fucking your shit hole and playing with your clit? We could give that a go.

‘Yes, maybe. Another thing that makes me really horny is flashing my hairy cunt in public. Maybe you could help me with that. Oh yes one other kink, if I am flashing in public, I also like to take a discreet piss. You should like that as it will remind you of your first granny’. Then undoing the front buttons of her dress, she said ‘talking of cunts, I have never ever trimmed my fanny, feel it’

Philip was gobsmacked, as usually happens with old ladies, instead of her pubic hair getting thinner it was extremely thick and very soft. Brushing it with his fingers from just below her belly button to her groin, Diane happily opened her fat thighs for him to investigate further. He asked her to sit a bit forward so her could put his fingers up around her shithole. She was one hairy bitch, he thought.

By now of course he was hard again and as he fingered her fat vulva and clit to a climax, she again helped him shoot three to four gobs of creamy spunk over her knees.
Over the weeks, Diane and Philip really enjoyed their passionate fuck sessions but she wanted to get more adventurous. One afternoon she asked him if he would take her out for a flashing and piss session. Philip was dubious and hesitant about being caught but Diane assured him that she and her husband had done it hundreds of times without mishap.

She told him that garden centres were good places as they had cafes with outdoor areas and from her experience had a lot of randy seniors who would not complain because they enjoyed just looking at what she was showing and doing with her cunt. So, the next warm day, and wearing a light coat and just a simple button-down lightweight dress and no knickers or tights, she directed him 10 miles to Appleview perabet garden centre. Philip thought it a bit strange that she drank what must have been at least a litre of water during the journey. Asking her why, she said it was to water the flowers afterwards.

We went straight to the café and she chose a table opposite four old guys. After bringing out the coffees, she told me to sit opposite her but just to one side. Sipping her coffee and talking to me, she undid her coat and the bottom three buttons of her dress and then just gradually opened her fat thighs enough to show off her glorious cunny.

‘Oh Philip, one guy just can’t take his eyes away. I am sure he is getting a hard on. Now the other three are just staring at it. Now, be a good boy and bring you chair to my side and put your fingers up me to give them a show’

Well, not only were the old boys hard but I was too. She was brazen now. Thighs wide open and getting off with my fingers.
It must have only been a few minutes but as she calmed down and closed her legs, one of the old guys came over with a massive smile on his face and said that it was the best view he had seen in years and would she be willing to give them a private performance one day. ‘No pressure, here is my card. Give me a call if you would like us to call round.’

That really gave her a thrill and she said that she would consider it. After our second coffee, Diane said that she wanted to water the flowers. As we gently strolled to the furthest part of the centre, she started to relieve herself. I could hear a strong gushing sound as she pissed and let it run down her legs leaving a small river on the pathway. ‘Philip, what do you think that guy meant by a private show – a gang bang or just to watch and wank.’

‘Well, Diane, you won’t know until you ask him, will you?’

Philip really liked his old lady friends, as they were always willing to try new things. One of his favourite things was fingering and fucking old ladies sloppy shit holes. Up till now Diane had been hesitant but as he had helped her in so many ways, she agreed to try it next week.

Now, Philip had often found that whilst old ladies’ cunts might be a bit sloppy, their shitholes generally are lovely and tight as a lot of them have never had anal sex which was the case with Diane. And the added bonus with her arsehole was that it was lovely and hairy.
She agreed that as she liked to take things nice and slow, Philip would give her a full body massage but knowing her likeness for squirting he told her put a plastic cover under the bed sheet.

The following week Philip took a freshly showered Diane up to her bedroom and told her lay face down on the bed. Looking at her lovely fat dimpled thighs and hairy shithole got him in the right mood.

‘Now you will be gentle with me, won’t you’, she said.

‘All you will feel is pleasure’, he assured her. Stripping off and rubbing coconut oil all over his throbbing cock, he started massaging her legs and thighs, quickly moving to rubbing her fat arse getting well into the crack. First, he gently inserted his forefinger in and began finger fucking her.

‘Oh, that’s very nice, Philip’, and in saying that, pulled up her knees giving him better access. With two fingers in she started gasping hard. ‘Oh boy, if I had known it was this good, I would have done it years ago’.
She tensed up and her ass muscles clenched around my cock and I thought that was it all over, but then all of a sudden, she relaxed her muscles and my cock managed to move a few inches more. I thought as this was her first anal, I would leave it at that and just gave short strokes which she really was enjoying. I don’t know a what point it happened but all I can remember was looking down and my cock had completely disappeared up her ass. It was then she said ‘I can’t believe I am 68 and never had a cock in my ass, I am fucking loving it.
As I continued pumping, I put my fingers over her clit and gently rubbed.
‘Philip I am going to cum and I want you to cum right up my shit hole, right now.’

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