Toads’ First Time

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Toads’ First Time
Okay, a bit of background first.
My name is toad, I just turned 20 and I’ve been a butler for a wealthy woman for a few years until she was recently a*****ed by a monster.
I’ve been sat, locked up alone in a castle dungeon, a small dark room for weeks, struggling to keep track of the time, my thoughts as my only companion, worrying about the horrible things being done to my mistress.
She a young woman would always wear nice dresses and often asked me to watch as she removed her garments and, while uncomfortable, of course I obliged, she was paying for my services after all.

The thought of that monster using my mistress as a play thing makes my toes curl, her exposed body toyed with relentlessly.
The only thing keeping me sane is the thought of reuniting and comforting her and tending to her tiny, frail body.

I was huddled in a dark corner, trying to sleep just to pass the time, when a great yell came from the other side of the door.
I sat up and scrambled on all fours to the door to investigate further when the door swings open, the bright light exploding into bahis firmaları the room.
There in front of me stood a man in red and blue overalls and a moustache straight out of a 70s porn film.
Relieved, I embrace him, he held me close and I tell him my mistress is in another castle.

I feel his bulge underneath his overalls as he whispers in my ear,

“I’m here to rescue YOU, Toad”

My heart stopped.
I hadn’t had this feeling before, my body stiffened and a tingling ran up my legs.
‘He couldn’t mean me’, I thought, a 3 foot nobody.
I take pride in my appearance and make sure to be presentable to my mistress but surely he couldn’t be after ME.

I protested, all the while growing hotter, my face rosy pink.
“I have a gift for you, Toad, you must have been so lonely in here.”
The man undid his overalls and dropped them to the floor, his erect manhood all but visible beneath his white briefs.
He was right of course, I had been lonely. I continued to stare at his briefs and began to run my hand along his shaft.
My heart was racing now, I mean, I was so grateful for his rescue, güvenilir casino I couldn’t help myself. Suddenly, it, wasn’t my decision to make any more and my primal instincts took over as I pulled his underwear to his ankles and pressed my face to this strangers erect cock.

Thoughts were swirling in my head at this point, thinking how warm he is, the smell of his crotch, all making my own crotch bulge.
I just sat there, stroking my cheek along the shaft, pulling his foreskin down further with every stroke.
I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I was licking the head. Oh it was bliss, his warm cock, oozing its premium onto my tongue, it felt incredible.
All thoughts of my mistress abandoned me as I pressed lower onto his, now rock solid, cock until I couldn’t fit any more Into my mouth.

“Mmm, thats it Toad, you have a lucky mistress” the man groaned as I tried sliding him deeper down my throat.
I gagged as I licked his helmet but it wouldn’t deter me, I was in heaven.
It was short lived however as his cock began to convulse. I could feel his veins on my lifts internet casino throbbing when all of a sudden i felt his hot juices shoot into my mouth, they ran down my throat and filled my mouth.
The man was finished and his penis went limp, flopping out of my eager mouth, pulling cum down my chin and dipping on the floor.

He grabbed me by the arm.
‘What was happening?’ I thought to myself as he stood me up, turning me round.
The man chuckled gently, “Now its time to receive my gift, Toad.”
I struggled but I’m not very strong and I don’t think my heart was really in it.
It happened fast, his cock, wet from saliva and cum was solid again as he removed my pants and drove it inside my awaiting asshole.
The pain was indescribable but I’ll try my best.

It was as if he was spreading my asscheeks apart with the girth of his cock.
Not until a few minutes of pumping away at my helpless body was it that he found my G-spot but when he did, I shook, I shook HARD.
My whole body tensed up and convulsed, squeezing his cock tight inside me.
This was too much for him and he shot another load of hot cum inside my ass.
He pulled out and dropped me to the floor, hot liquid dripping down my ass and onto my balls.
I didn’t have the strength to move but i could hear him redressing.

I heard the door close, and the lock on the other side,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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