First time watching my wife

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First time watching my wife
This is based on true events that happened with my wife and one of her lovers
I’d had just found out that my wife Anne had cheated on me again; she had admitted to it twice before. Both times
she had said she was sorry and that it would never happen again. But I guess old habits are hard to
break sometimes.My job used to take me away from the house for weeks at a time .At first things were okay.But as the years went by, she got tired of me being gone all the time. She got tired of having to do everything by herself and having things go wrong when I wasn’t there to take care of them. And she got tired of going to bed and waking up by herself. “Why am I married if I’m still sleeping alone? What’s the point?” were common questions for her. The first time Anne strayed, it was about six years into our marriage. I had put in a lot of overtime, because budget cuts to our department prevented us from hiring more personnel. This took me away from home even more than normal and I guess it was just too much for her. She found someone who was more accessible, and they had a short, but heated, affair. The other guy moved on after a couple months, and Anne came to me shortly after to tell me of her indiscretion. But we worked through it and I forgave her. I loved the woman, and I would rather live with her mistakes than live without her altogether.But something I couldn’t quite explain was that deep down I did get aroused thinking of her with this guy.
After that we were good for awhile. I cut back on the overtime , and spent more time with her.
It was about five years after that before her next affair. She had gotten a part time job,
She enjoyed her job and I was happy that she had found something productive to keep her occupied. But I didn’t see the behind the scenes drama unfolding with her boss.
Mike (Anne’s boss) was a pretty good looking man, I suppose, and she did work fairly closely with him. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise that something might occur. Still, she had promised after her first sidestep that it wouldn’t happen again. This time when I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri learned of the affair, from another person I didn’t confront Anne about it I started to notice little things she did before going to work taking extra time to get ready new perfumes she would wear wearing what I called her sexy underwear but all I could think of was this guy fucking my wife and it really turning me on and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to see her with him .
Things started to take a turn for the worse in our marriage we kept arguing sex went out the window it was after one big argument that I told her I knew she was fucking her boss she was stunned that I knew and again she promised me she would stop and not do it again that it meant nothing to her it was just sex and that they had no feelings for each other we talked for hours trying to sort the mess we had got into it was then I told her that if it is just sex and that she had no feelings for him it was something I could live with for the first time ever I saw my wife speechless she was stunned in to silence .We eventually went to bed and slept the next morning she told me she was going to end the affair and quit her job I told her not to and that I had meant what I said last night I still don’t think she believed me over the next few weeks she would be home early no more late nights at work I was thinking maybe they had ended it and my time of getting turned on thinking of all the things they were getting up to was over .But slowly I did start to notice she was paying more attention to herself before work again and she was starting to arrive home late again my mind went into overdrive but I wanted to be sure. So after a few beers one evening I plucked up the courage and asked her she was silent not knowing what to say I reminded her that I was ok with it if it was just sex and that they had no feelings for each other she nodded sheepishly and told me they had been. My cock went instantly hard in my jeans. I told her that it was fine but from now on I wanted to know when she was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri meeting him and to tell me what happened when they were together again she looked stunned but slowly over the weeks she began to open up more and more about her affair giving details of what happened between them how she would suck his cock and how he would fuck her in the office over his desk .She was now starting to meet him on the weekends I loved seeing her get ready for him new lingerie keeping her pussy well groomed and then kissing me goodbye as she left knowing those same lips would at some point in the evening be wrapped around another mans hard cock. I was now desperate to see her in action with him but had no idea how to get her to agree it was after a night with him when she was going through the details with me that I suggested that if she wanted he could come here this took a lot of convincing that I was serious and something she was not at all sure about I kept mentioning it over the next few months eventually she said she would just invite him over for a drink .When the night in question arrived I was like a c***d at Christmas but I knew I had to work at getting them both to fuck with me present only one thing for it keep the drinks flowing .When Mark arrived he looked so nervous so I quickly got him a drink and we chatted he soon relaxed Anne had told me that she had not told Mark that I knew about the two of them so I was at a sticking point of where to take this my only idea was that I made an excuse that I was really tired and that I was going up to bed and leave them together I made sure both had plenty to drink before I put my plan into action so I said goodnight and left them in the lounge .
About 15 minutes later I crept back down and looked through the gap in the door hoping to see my fantasy come true but both were still sat there chatting I waited for what seemed like an eternity and was just about to give up when Mark made a move and leaned over and kissed Anne I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as their hands began to wander güvenilir bahis şirketleri I noticed Anne’s hands tugging at Marks belt and then unzipping his trousers and reaching inside I heard Mark groan as her hand was stroking his bulge and with some difficulty she pulled out his now hard cock she held it in her hands as she admired it then slowly she lowered her head and I saw her tongue just glide across the tip Mark let out another groan her tongue flicking around the head of his cock and then her mouth opened wide as she took his full length into her mouth her head bobbing up and down every now and then letting it slip from her lips I loved the slutty look on her face as she fed it back into her mouth .Mark must of been close to cumming as he pulled Anne’s head up and kissed her he slipped off the sofa on to his knees in front of her getting her to hitch her dress up he grabbed at the tights she was wearing pulling and tugging at them Anne lifted her bum up trying to make it easier for him soon they were off and she pulled her knickers down around her knees Mark did the rest and then parted her legs I could just make out the little bit of hair she had left before Mark buried his head into it she bit her lip trying to muffle the sounds she was making I just wish I was closer to see his tongue probing my wife then suddenly her legs clamped hard around his head she threw her head back I knew she was cumming .Mark sat up nest to her while she got her breath back Anne’s hand wandered back over to his crotch his cock still hard outside his jeans she sat there slowly wanking him I was close to cumming as I watched her hand moving up and down his shaft Anne stood herself up and hitched her dress up as she sat back onto Mark’s lap her one hand guiding him into her I could hold back no longer and I felt the first jet of cum release into my shorts Anne was now grinding away while Mark slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders his hand slipping into her bra this was the best sight I could of hoped for my wife bouncing on another mans cock as he played with her tits I could see Mark struggling to hold on and then he thrust his hips up groaning as he filled Anne with his cum .
Since this evening Anne has fucked Mark on numerous occasions at our house with me spying on them but lucky for me she did agree to meet a guy we found online who was willing for me to be present while they fucked .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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