We went camping

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We went camping
I was brought up in a liberal and religious family. I really never thought we were much different from anyone else except for the fact that I had more siblings than most of my friends. All my brothers and sisters were older and had moved out except from my youngest brother trailing me by three years. In later years though, memories of my c***dhood have made me realize that maybe the environment was a bit more liberated sexually than in most families, at least between my parents.

We spent most of the summers in our camper-van visiting relatives and friends and even doing the occasional camping at the lake. I remember how we would often stop somewhere secluded. It could be a forest road or abandoned sand pit. We would hang around, and my brother and I would play while my parents relaxed in the sun. The thing that has my “adult me” wondering though, is that they would always get naked and rather intimate (not sex, just cuddling) during these stops. To me, in my pre-adolescence mind, I simply thought that all parents would go naked outdoors in private. And I definitely didn’t mind watching them either. Both my dad and my mom had really nice bodies. Now, I didn’t make that reflection as a k**, but I eventually grew up and while my dad had, and still has, a really toned, ripped body that looks 10 to 20 years younger than his real age, my mother sported some wider hips and a nice voluptuous chest that would make any teenager drool.

This episode that I want to tell you about happened when I was around 13 years old. Teen hormones had started twisting my mind, and since I had just discovered the joys of masturbation I would masturbate wherever and whenever I could – hopefully without getting caught. I would masturbate to any thought that I had or could stimulate my growing dirty, dirty mind.

Me canlı bahis and my brother were out of school for the summer and we went with mom and dad on one of our standard road trips in our camper. This particular night we had stopped at my oldest sister’s place in suburbia. She was pregnant (I wonder how that happened…in detail ), and being the first born she had always been special to my parents. We spent the day by their new house and my brother and I found some neighborhood k**s to play with.

After dinner and some socializing we took the camper to find a suitable place to park overnight. For some reason we didn’t do our normal routine of searching for a good spot in the countryside, but we rather found a huge parking lot at one of the malls. It was late in the evening, so the lot was empty with plenty of room for us. Normally, I would say every time we stopped for the night, Dad would go out and lower the supports in each corner of the camper to keep it level but not this night. I don’t know if he forgot or if there was some technical reason for this, but the supports stayed up.

My mom made the beds and tucked me and my brother in. We were in the two front bunks, while her and Dad slept in the foldout bed at the back. I probably fell asleep instantly, as always, but after a while my mind started to register something. Being tired and half asleep it took me a while to pinpoint what it was. The first thing that I got pinned down was movement. I was thinking to myself, “Are we back on the road again?” Then my mind registered noise, but not road noise.

What I heard was moaning, and not just any moaning but my mom moaning softly and with emphasis, as well as my dad sort of grunting contently. Instantly I was wide awake and my mind was on full alert. Was I dreaming or was I actually hearing my parents bonus veren siteler fucking? I listened intensely, and I could actually hear the squishing sounds of my mother’s wet pussy being pounded by my dad’s cock while the whole camper-van rocked back and forth without the supports to level things out.

At first it scared me a bit, mostly because I was worried they would notice me being awake. This feeling was soon replaced with the excitement that my raging hormones were sending through my body. I was rock hard and even if I had tried to I couldn’t have stopped myself from starting to masturbate. My teenage cock filled my hand so nicely, and it was already all slick with my pre-cum. I opened my eyes and squinted. Being summertime, it never really gets completely dark at this latitude and I could see shadows moving. As my eyes adjusted I could clearly see my mom’s figure on top of my dad. She was leaning forward and with each thrust I could see her heavy breasts swinging back and forth. From the fucking sounds I imagined my dad’s hands on her ass, and how he was pounding her from below. All of a sudden I had this vivid image of me climbing out of bed, moving over to their bed side, leaning in and starting to suckle one of her nipples as dad kept fucking her.

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t happening. My hand started stroking faster and faster trying to keep pace with their moans. All I could think of was that I wanted to be a part of what was happening just a few meters away. Then I heard my father grunting really loud and almost with a whimper say, “I’m cumming.”

In that moment I truly wanted my mom. I wanted to be the one filling her with my cum. That pushed me over the edge and my high pressure teenage spunk exploded under my sheets. I literally came deneme bonusu all over my stomach, hands, covers, and sheets. I could actually hear myself as I failed completely in my quest to be quite and discreet. As I came down from my high of excitement and the pounding of heartbeat in my ears slowed down, my focus went back to not being caught. I was a complete mess and I had no idea how I would be able to hide that mess from my mother. In the morning she would unmake my bed and have to deal with my soiled bed linen, but right then I was focused on pretending to sleep.

While my parents cleaned up a bit in the minimal bathroom of our camper-van, I tried to adjust in my bed and clean myself on my sheets the best I could. When they came back out my dad went straight back to bed while my mother came up front. I still remember the feeling of terror of being caught combined with the excitement of what I had just experienced as she stood by my bunk for a minute or so stroking my hair. As she left, I opened my eyes again just enough to catch a glimpse of her naked figure in the dark. That was an image I used frequently for masturbation sessions for a long time after this.

But that night my mind was torn away from that train of thoughts as I suddenly saw the face of my little brother leaning out of the top bunk. He had a curious look on his face as he whispered “What?” I told him to go back to sleep, which he did, but I did explain it to him a bit later some of what had happened. That might, by the way, be another story to share.

My mother never mentioned anything about whether she knew. I do know that there is no way she would have missed the mess I made in bed when taking care of my linen and my shorts that were just as crusty as the sheets. Sometimes I hope that she knows and I hope that it has been in her fantasies since then. I still wonder if she actually came that night, or if she was just as happy letting my dad fill her pussy with his hot cum and putting on a good show for her teenage son.

This is a story I found, it was anonymous, and I kept it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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