The Bi-Curious Jarhead

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The Bi-Curious Jarhead
“Congratulations,” beamed Ahmad Kelly.

The woman wearing an off-white lace and organza tea-length wedding dress with three-quarter-length sleeves said, “Thanks! And thanks for coming!” She was the Marine’s ex-wife.

“Yeah! Thanks, man,” the groom replied.

This was the third marriage for the 43 year-old Janell last-name-now Dunn. Her other two weddings had both been quick affairs. The first had no ceremony at all, just getting the license from city hall. The second marriage, to Ahmad, had been on a military base in the chapel both in dress blue uniforms with a chaplain officiating. The only guests had been two of their coworkers, her eight-year-old daughter, and her mother.

Ahmad saw his former stepdaughter and smiled. “Adrianna! How are you?”
“I’m good, dad! How are you?”
“Doing good! Your mom looks nice!”
“Yeah! She seems happy. I hope she doesn’t mess this one up.”
“Hey now! Don’t say that. Relationships don’t fail because of just one person.”
“You look nice too.”
“Thanks,” she twirled in the lavender satin dress.
“How’s school?”
“Good! Just one more semester.”
“That’s what I’m talkin’ bout, girl!”
“Yeah,” smiled the slightly darker, five-foot-three version of her mother. “How’s Momma Mae and Grandpa Jim?”
“Momma and Daddy are doing just fine. They asked about you the other day. You don’t really call me no more.”
“I’m sorry. Clinicals are kicking my tail.”
“I’m just messin’ with ya. I get it. You focus on you. When you graduate, I’ll take you out for a drink.”
“I’m gonna hold you to that. Did you bring a date?”
“I brought a friend.”

“Where is she,” the nursing student looked around.
“She had to…Oh, there she is,” he waved at the woman.
“Hey, sweetie,” the lady said.

Ahmad introduced his date, Crystal, to his stepdaughter. They found their seats and waited for the buffet line to begin.

“She’s a pretty girl,” Crystal stated.
“She’s smart as a whip too.”
“You must have raised her well.”
“How long were you married to her mom?”
“Eight years. Together for like ten.”
“Nice! I wonder what the menu is.”
“Knowing Janell it’ll be some grilled chicken or something.”

The emcee began instructing the guests when to get in line. There was chicken piccata with capers, beef medallions with mushroom gravy, veggie lasagna, potatoes au gratin, and asparagus.

“Food looks good,” remarked the honey-colored chick with the memorable backside and ample tits.
“But not as good as you,” Ahmad made her blush.

After eating, Ahmad waited to see the first dance. Then he told Crystal he was ready to go. The five-eight, stocky, stout, broad-shouldered, dark-skinned man led the way to his black cherry 2013 Nissan 370Z coupe. He opened the passenger door for the lady he had been casually seeing for four months.

“We goin’ to my place or yours,” he asked pulling onto the street.
“Mine,” Crystal breathed.
“That’ll work,” Ahmad grinned not catching her tone.
“I’m really tired, sweetie. You know I gotta work in the morning.”
“Oh okay!”

Ahmad cursed himself for not fucking her fine ass before the wedding. But, he knew there was no way she was going to give it up before. It had been almost three weeks since the buxom broad sitting next to him had let him get in her pussy and she barely sucked dick. He tried not to show disdain, but decided right then he would not ask her out again.

He stopped at the curb in front of her building. “Have a good night, beautiful,” he said.
“Good night!”
“Can I get a kiss?”

Crystal tuned and pecked him on the lips. “See you later,” she said.

“Yeah right,” he rolled his eyes as he drove away.

Ahmad stopped off at the store before going home. He bought a six pack of beer, corn chips, and fiery salsa. In the checkout line, he flirted with the tall, flamboyant, brown-skinned cashier. “You look happy,” he growled.

“I am,” lisped the sweet-voiced guy. “You should be too.”
“I would if I had someone like you to come home to.”
“Oh really?”
“I didn’t stutter.”
“Ooh wee. Now, if I was single, I’d give you my number.”

Ahmad paid and then went home. He changed into some sweatpants and wife beater. He cracked open a beer. He took it and the chips and salsa into the living room of his quaint 994-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath house. He sat on the recliner, tuned the TV to one of the premium movie channels, and booted up his laptop.

The former field artillery cannoneer spent 15 years in the Marine Corps taking the early retirement option. For much of that time, he had known Janell and served as a father figure to casino şirketleri Adrianna. Along the course of the relationship, the girl had asked him if it was okay if she called him ‘Dad’. He quickly said yes. He helped her with homework, assisted with science projects, coached her softball team, and loved her as if she were his own.

Ahmad never had any biological c***dren, but still thought about it even though he was 41 years old.

He navigated to a porn sharing site. He checked out some big titty ebony chicks. Then, he watched some Negroes fucking hoes in the hood. He stroked his meaty, 8-inch rod. He viewed twerking trannies and bottom boys next. Finally, he enjoyed some vids of niggas fucking big booty femboys.

Ahmad enjoyed effeminate dudes. He liked how eager they were to please and loved dominating them in bed. The first time he fucked one was a month before his divorce was final. That boy was damn near six-feet tall and had a mind-blowing soft, bountiful derriere The bitch went by the name Velvet and had a luminescent, deep brown complexion. He met the bad ass faggot online and after a couple of weeks set up a time to meet.

Velvet had given him a hard time because Ahmad was shorter. He made sure to make up for that as he smashed those jiggly butt cheeks from the back.

“So, I’m a short nigga, huh,” he growled.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” whined Velvet.
Ahmad thrust savagely. “Shut the fuck up, bitch! Take this big dick, faggit!”
“Yes, daddy! Oh my god!”

Ahmad dragged Velvet off the bed and made the slut spread his legs. He fucked the sissy with the firecracker-red dyed low fade against the wall. “Am I still a short nigga?”

“No, daddy! I’m so so sorry,” Velvet whimpered.
Ahmad thundered relentlessly. “Yeah, faggit!”

He ended up fucking Velvet for a long time that night and several times after that..

The last time he had gotten some ass was right before Christmas. It was a petite, chocolate elfin femboi called Teacup.

Teacup and Ahmad were the same age, but the moutherfucker had a baby face. He didn’t look to be a day over 19 or 20. He was constantly getting carded wherever he went. He had thin, neat shoulder-length dreadlocks on his head. His ass was a nice and delicate bubble. Ahmad thought he was barely five-feet-tall and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet. His flawless skin and arched eyebrows screamed ‘FAGGOT’.

Ahmad had Teacup on his back with his legs pushed down to his chest and the soles of his feet touching. “You like this big ol’ dick, faggit?”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me, nigga!”
“Hell yeah, punk! Yo’ pussy tight!”
“Take it, fag,” Ahmad banged Teacup intensely.

Teacup took it like a champ.

Ahmad rolled over and sat up on the mattress. The fuck doll sat down on his dick facing away from him leaned forward. Ahmad rested his weight on one arm. He spanked Teacup with the other. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

“Oh, nigga! Fuck me,” shrilled Teacup.
“Yeah, fag! Ride this dick!”
“That big Black dick is so good!”
“Fuck this dick, li’l faggit!”
“Yes, sir!”

Ahmad then picked up Teacup and fuck him in the air. “You my li’l bitch!”
“Yes, Ahmad! Fuck your little fag bitch’s ass!”
“Give Daddy that pussy, boi!”
“Oh, shit!”
“I gotta pee, bitch!”
“Yes, daddy. Do your thing.”

Ahmad released his piss inside of Teacup’s open hole. It squirted back out as he kept plowing. He came so hard after that session.

Ahmad was stroking the hell out of his dick now. He nutted, wiped up, and stroked some more. Eventually, he passed out on the recliner.

A few weeks later, Ahmad got a text from Adrianna. They made plans to grab lunch early the next week.

Ahmad, who now worked part-time as an airport shuttle driver, arrived the cafe. Today, he was in his black 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He walked in and grabbed a table while he waited.

Adrianna appeared. They embraced. “Good to see you, dad!”
“Good to see you too,” he smiled.
“You’re super cazh!”
“Yeah. I just came from the gym.”
“Cool. You always did work out a lot.”
“Gotta keep it tight,” he chuckled.
“I see,” she remarked.

They went to the counter and placed their orders.

“Got more classes,” Ahmad asked.
“I’m actually done for the day.”
“That’s good. Any plans?”
“I need to study.”
“I hear that. How’s your mom and what’s his face?”
“They’re fine. How’s that lady…uh…Christine I think?”
“You mean Crystal.”
“My bad.”
“You good. She’s okay I guess. I haven’t talk to her too much since then.”
“Why not?”
“She’s kinda flaky.”
“I swear women don’t know how to treat a good man.”

Ahmad smiled. casino firmalari “So I guess your boyfriend is in a good spot then.”
“I don’t have one.”
“Good. Focus on school.”
“It’s not that. I’m not into guys my age. They’re so immature.”
“Most of us are at that age.”
“That’s why I just don’t understand my mom or that chick, Crystal.”
“What do you mean?”
“Like you’re a total catch, dad! Smart, hard working, kind, hard body. You know?!? What else do they need?”
“You tell me and we’ll both know,” he laughed.
“Well, if you were my man, I’d make sure I kept you.”
“You’re funny.”

“No, I’m serious,” Adrianna protested.
“Well, just make sure when you do get with a guy, he deserves you. Make sure you tell him you’re dad’s a Marine too.”

“You got it,” she giggled. “Hang on.” She looked at her cell phone and tapped the screen repeatedly. “My friend, KiKi, needs to stop by and get some notes. Hope that’s okay.”

“That’s fine,” Ahmad said finishing his chips.
“It’s so good to spend time with you, dad,” Adrianna beamed.
“Same here! We should meet more often. Sounds like a plan.”

“Hey, girl,” a short, chubby dude with a feminine looking chest buzzed.
“Oh! Hey, KiKi! This is my dad, Ahmad. Dad this is KiKi.”
KiKi extended his hand and puckered his glossy lips, “It’s really Kijani, but you can call me KiKi.”
“Good to meet you,” Ahmad said.
“Likewise, Mr. Long,” KiKi replied.
“Well, it’s actually Mr. Kelly. But, call me Ahmad.”
“My apologies,” the cinnamon colored femboi blushed.
“Yeah, KiKi. He’s really my stepdad, but he raised me. Here’s the notes.”
“Either of you want some tea or a drink,” Ahmad checked.
“I’m good,” Adrianna answered.
“I’d love a lemonade,” KiKi requested.
“Okay, be right back!”

Ahmad returned with his black coffee and citrus drink. KiKi took it and thanked him. Then, the punk with the well-padded booty switched away.

“Nice k**,” remarked Ahmad.
“He’s a good friend,” Adrianna said.
“Well, I should probably get going. Let’s meet again soon. Do you need a ride?”
“That’d be great! You doing anything for a little while. I was think we could hang some more.”
“I was just gonna go home and do some straightening up. I start at 3:30 in the morning. But I’ll be awake for a while longer.”
“Can we hang out.”

Ahmad drove home. They sat in the living room.

“What if I said I had a crush on you,” Adrianna posited.
“What, girl?”
“I like you. I don’t want it to be weird or anything. But you and my mom been divorced for a minute and she’s remarried.”
“Do you like me?”
“Wait! I love you like a daughter.”
“I know that, dad! But do you like me? Do you think I’m pretty.”
Ahmad stammered, “You’re pretty…Yeah…I mean…Well…Yeah!”
“I’ve been thinking about you since the wedding. I wanna see what it’s like with you.”
“But, Adrianna!”
“I mean I can leave if you don’t want…”
“Naw, girl! I just don’t want this to be awkward. I ain’t had sex in a month.”
“Well, here I am!”

Adrianna stood up and came out of her scrubs. He full, C-cup tits were naturally perky. Her hips and ass were round. She kept her pussy hair trimmed.

Ahmad could barely believe this, but he was stiff as a board. Adrianna sucked his dick expertly – something her mother never did. He returned the favor munching her box and kissing her breasts.

Ahmad placed the 21 year-old on her back and entered her. He didn’t want to be too rough.

“Fuck! It’s so big,” she grimaced.
“I’ll be gentle,” he reassured her.
“You’re good, dad! Fuck me!”
“Oh shit, girl! This pussy is wet!”
“Yeah! Fuck me!”

Ahmad humped her with metered, long, rough strokes.

“Oh yeah! I love this dick,” she bellowed.
“Yeah, girl! This some good pussy!”

Adrianna ended up riding him. And, then they finished on their sides.

Ahmad beat it up while squeezing those young tits. “Take this dick!”
“Yes, nigga! Fuck my curvy ass.”
“Yeah, girl!”
“Oh, dad! I love you!”
“I love you too, Adrianna!”

Ahmad pulled out and skeeted everywhere.

She laughed. “I thought you were gonna get me pregnant. I guess not.”
“You silly.”

They cleaned up. Ahmad asked if she needed a ride. She told him she would have KiKi come pick her up.

Over the next few weeks, Ahmad and Adrianna fucked every two or three days. There were a couple of times that KiKi brought her over and chilled in the living room while Ahmad smashed his stepdaughter.

After the latest session, Ahmad was cleaning up and came across a piece of folder paper. The note read, ‘Hit me up. Kiki’. It also had a phone number.

Ahmad called the number later than evening.

“Who is güvenilir casino this,” the candylicious voice asked.
“This is Ahmad Kelly. Is this Kijani?”
“Yeah, daddy! It’s me!”
“I got your message. What’s up?”
“I just wanted to say you be workin’ my girl out.”
“Okay. You not trying to blackmail me or nothin’, are you?”
“No, sir! I was just hoping you might wanna do me like that one day.”

“Uh. What do you mean,” the jarhead asked.
“Never mind. I just thought I seen you lookin’ at me. Forgive me. I’ll let you go.”
“Hang on a minute. You saw me checking you out?”
“I’m a straight man, son!”
“I’m sorry. Have a good night.”
“Wait! Don’t hang up. What if I said I was checking you out?”
“I’d be happy!”
“Well, I was! What you wanna do about it.”
“I wanna come get that dick!”
“You not gonna tell Adrianna?”
“Hell no!”
“Get that ass over here then.”

KiKi showed up 20 minutes later. He sucked Ahmad while the stocky brotha fondled his fleshy moobs. Ahmad spanked his wide ass too. Before long, KiKi was bent over the bed and Ahmad stood behind him. The man knelt down and ate the crack. Then, he got back up and entered the tight hole.

“Owwww,” KiKi wailed.
“Open that ass up, faggit,” ordered Ahmad as he pounded brutally.
“Yes, sir! Fuck me, daddy,” whined the plus-size, short boi.
“Look at this big ol’ ass jiggle!”
“You like that shit, nigga!”
“Yeah l like fuckin’ your faggit butt hole, bitch,” Ahmad smacked KiKi’s booty.
“Damn! You fuck so hard!”
“Shit yeah, bitch,” Ahmad thundered with boisterously, cruel strokes.
“Oh my god!”
“Stop…Runnin’. Bitch,” he gave full methodical thrusts. “Get up on the bed!”

KiKi climbed up.

Ahmad mounted the fluffy bodied sissy. He pounded savagely and with anger. “Fuckin’ take all this big Black 8-inch dick, fag!”

“Yes, nigga! Tear my sissy ass up!”
“You got some good boipussy!”
“Oh, Ahmad!”

Ahmad choked KiKi from behind as he planted his seed in the 20 year-old bottom boi’s chunky ass.

Ahmad was feeling good these days. His dick was drained alternating days with Adrianna and KiKi.

Tonight KiKi had messaged him. The boi was letting Adrianna use his 2012 Ford Focus. KiKi planned to take an Uber. He arrived and started giving Ahmad a blowjob.

Ahmad’s phone started going off. Text after text. Now, he was getting calls. “Hang on, boo! Let me see who this is. Adrianna?”

“Yeah, dad! It’s me. I got KiKi’s whip. I wanna come see you!”
“Okay, cool. How long till you get here.”
“About five minutes away if that’s cool.”

Ahmad hung up. “Yo, baby! Go in the guestroom and wait for a minute. I’ma break her off real quick and send her home.”
“Okay,” KiKi hustled away.

Ahmad took Adrianna into his room when she arrived.

KiKi could hear them.

“Fuck me, dad,” Adrianna was begging.
“Yeah, girl! Get this dick!”
“Oh shit, baby! I love how you beat my pussy up!”
“I love wet you get. Look at them pretty titties too!”
“Fuck me! Oh yes!”

Ahmad willed himself to cum. He shot his load on her stomach.

“I guess I’ll never have your baby,” lamented Adrianna.
“What would your mom say?”
“I hadn’t thought about that.”
He chuckled, “You a mess. You wore me out.”
“You work in the morning?”
“Yeah! Early.”
“Alright! I better get going.”

Once Ahmad saw the car drive away, he yelled out, “Punk ass faggit! Get your dumpy ass out here! Suck this dick!”
“Did you wash off?”
“No, bitch,” he smacked Kiki on the back of the head. “I said suck it!”

KiKi complied.

“You taste your friend’s pussy juice on this big dick, bitch?”
“Yes, sir!”
“You don’t question me, faggit! You understand.”
“You hear me, bitch,” he slapped the sissy.
“Yes sir,” remarked KiKi after he pulled off the tool for a moment.
“Good boi! Go get in the tub.”

Ahmad relieved his bladder all over KiKi’s face and biguns. “I love pissing on fags!”
“Ooh, daddy! I love when you use me, Ahmad!”
“You like a real strong nigga, eh?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Get up then!”

Ahmad lay on the bed.

KiKi got on top and rode. His melons were bouncing as he used Ahmad’s dick like a trampoline.




“Owww, nigga,” whined KiKI.
“Shut up, bitch,” Ahmad gripped the femboi’s neck tightly.
“Arrrghhhh. Arghhhhh!”
“Yeah, bitch! You can’t talk now,” smirked Ahmad.

Ahmad flipped Kiki over. “You my fuckin’ faggit bitch! You understand!”
“Yes, daddy! I understand!”
“You better, punk,” he smacked the adorably fat nympho boi.
“I’m yours, daddy!”
“Damn right, faggit! All mine!”
“Fuck me!”
“Got me fucking you after I fuck your friend! You a slutty ass, faggit!”
“Oh yes, sir! I’m a totally nasty fag boi!”
“I love this type shit, KiKi!”
“I love it too, daddy!”

Ahmad got up and stuck his dick down the slut’s throat. He facefucked KiKi as he gagged. He gripped the sides of his head as he erupted.

KiKi swallowed every little drop of Ahmad’s baby batter.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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