Husband Training PT2

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Husband Training PT2
So I walked around the house that night in my lingerie with a throbbing hard cock. I so badly wanted to stroke my cock, but I knew to wait because I knew my wife would not disappoint me. Around 11:30 that night, I heard the garage door and knew my wife was pulling in. I immediately went to our bedroom. The front of my panties were soaked with my pre-cum. My wife came into the bedroom a few minutes later. Her hair was a mess and she looked disheveled and relaxed. She smiled broadly at me and gave me a passionate kiss. Her mouth was warm and she plunged her tongue deep into my mouth and I immediately began sucking on her tongue. My cock throbbed more pre-cum into my panties. My wife noticed my hard on and the large wet spot in my panties.

“Did you wait for me…slut?” she asked. I nodded. She said, “You’ve been horny all night, haven’t you? Your panties are soaked.”

“I so badly wanted to stroke my cock and cum.. I am sooooo horny, Denise. I need some relief.” I answered.

Denise giggled and said, “I knew you would be and I do have a very special surprise treat for my cum slut.. lie on your back on the bed.”

My wife, hiked her little black dress up and pulled it over her head. She was standing in front of me in a a black thong panties and black bra. Her big tits practically spilling out of her bra. My cock throbbed again and a small moan escaped my mouth. “Do you like what you see, Sissy?” Denise grinned. She climbed on the bed and straddled my waist. Her soft bare skin of her ass resting against my straining cock. I nearly came just from that contact. She leaned forward and kissed me again. I moaned into her mouth.

“Do you know what your treat is…slut?” she asked. I suspected from the moment she left what she was going to bring home, but I had mixed feelings about it. “My date was wonderful, honey, and Derek was very skillful and fun!” Denise gushed. Then she moved over my face…her thong covered pussy just over my mouth. I was panting. “I have a fresh creampie, Sissy…Derek was excited that I was bringing it home for you.” Denise said.

I moaned again, as Denise pulled her thong panties aside and I instantly was staring into her shaved pussy and I instantly noticed how juicy and wet her pussy looked. Denise giggled and planted her wet pussy on my mouth. We both moaned out loud as her wet pussy lips touched my lips. “That’s it, Sissy, lick my pussy…see if you taste a new flavor!”

I sucked on her pussy and was quickly rewarded with hearing her moan as I began tasting a new taste…salty, creamy, slippery. Denise began telling me about her date, where they had dinner, how they ended up at Derek’s apartment, and finally how she sucked his cock before he fucked her silly. My mouth was flooding with a thick slimy fluid that was salty…and delicious. “That’s it, slut, eat his cum…eat Derek’s cum from my pussy!”

I was moaning as I swallowed another man’s cum for the first time from my wife’s pussy. “He fucked me so hard and sooooo good, honey, he has such a big cock…Oh, Michael, it was soooooo good…eat it, Sissy…eat his cum from Meeeeeeee!” Denise groaned as she came on my face. As Denise came on my face, his cum gushed out and filled my mouth which sent me over the edge and I began cumming in my panties without touching my hard cock. My wife and I were both cumming and then we collapsed together on our bed. We rested quietly. When we had recovered from our intense orgasms, my wife kissed me passionately and told me how much she loved me and was so thankful to be my wife.

Then she got up and went into the closet. I was lying on our bed, my belly and panties completely soaked in my cum. My lips and face glazed with a mixture of my wife’s cum and Derek’s. She came back with our digital camera and snapped a few pictures of me lying on the bed in my lingerie, my face and belly soaked with sperm. Then she handed me a new very realistic, veined, dark brown vixskin dildo. It looked and felt so lifelike. “I bought this for you to play with my little slut.” Denise grinned at me. “It’s the most realistic, lifelike dildo I could find and I want you to practice with it…so start licking it, cocksucker!”

I grinned and began licking it. Denise snapped a few more pictures. “Suck it, Sissy…suck it for me.”

I plunged the dildo into my mouth and moaned around it as I sucked it. My cock got hard again in my wet panties. I sucked on that realistic black dildo and the more I did, the more I realized how much I wanted to taste a real cock. My own cock was again hard and throbbing in my panties. “That’s it, Sissy, suck that cock…he he…I think my sissy slut really likes to suck that cock!” Denise was grinning broadly as she continued to snap photos of her husband kaçak bahis in lingerie, sucking our new realistic black dildo. I continued to suck it and Denise continued to take pictures… the heat and passion in the room continued to rise. My own cock is throbbing, and I wanted to cum so bad as I sucked the dildo. I am moaning and my wife is watching and giggling.

Then she sets the camera down, and comes to the bed and begins stroking my very hard cock. I moan loudly as she touches my wet, panty covered cock. She giggles again. She strokes me as I suck. “That’s it, slut, suck that big black cock…you look so hot with that hard cock in your mouth…suck it for me sissy!” Denise teases as she strokes me. Then my wife grabs the base of the dildo and begins fucking my sucking mouth with the dildo. She pulls it out and coats the dildo in my own cum from my belly. Then instead of plunging it back into my mouth, she smears my cum all over my lips and face. “Mmmmm…that looks sexy, honey…a big black cock on your face smearing cum all over your face…chase it with your tongue, my little cocksucker!” I moan loudly and do as she asks. She continues to dip the dildo into my own cum and feeding my cum to me off the dildo. This only lasts a few minutes before I start spurting again. This time, my wife has my cock out of my panties and is squeezing the base of my cock. As I start to spurt, she pulls the dildo from my mouth and coats the new dildo in my spurting cum. I’m cumming hard and I know what she has planned, which only causes me to cum harder. Soon the new black dildo is completely covered with my cum. She brings it up to my face. Her eyes are open wide, she has a small smile on her face. As she holds the dildo over my mouth, she tells me, “Open wide, cum slut! You have clean up duties, again!” I moan out loud which causes her to giggle.

A large drop of still warm cum drips off the head of the dildo and lands on my lips. Denise reaches for the camera and stands up next to the bed, still holding the dildo over my mouth. She raises the camera to her eye, aims and I hear multiple clicks as she photographs the cum coated cock right over my still open mouth. I eagerly lick my cum off my lips and open wide again. More clicks. Then Denise says, “O.K., cocksucker, suck the cum off this cock…” as she plunges the coated dildo into mouth. We both moan out loud and my mouth fills with the realistic dildo and a big load of my own cum.

I spend the next few minutes sucking the dildo clean of my cum load. Denise never stops taking photos.

Denise continued to date Derek. Dates nights consisted of her and me dolling up. Many dates nights, she gave me new sexy lingerie. My collection of panties, stockings, dresses, make up, and slutty outfits grew. Denise would pick out what we both wore and I was always dolled up on her date nights with Derek. After the first date, I met Derek and he usually came in the house to pick up Denise. He was tall, muscular and handsome. I could see why Denise liked him. The first time we met was embarrassing. He just chuckled when he saw me all dolled up, but he was polite and friendly. Every date night, ended with me sucking his cum from Denise’s shaved pussy. We both loved it. After about 3 weeks of dates with Derek, I was eating his cum from her pussy when she told me she had told Derek I loved eating his cum from her pussy. She told me he was very interested and turned on by me eating his cum from her.

The next date night, Denise had purchased a new set of matching black panties, bra, and sheer stockings for both of us. We prepared for our date night. Our lingerie matched perfectly. Of course, Denise’s bra and panties fit very sexy. I didn’t have her curves or filled it out as well, but she did my make up to match her s. Derek arrived and asked for a Crown Royale on the rocks. We didn’t have any Crown Royale. Denise asked to put on an overcoat and run to the drive thru liquor store. So I left Denise and Derek at home and drove to the liquor store. Fortunately I didn’t have to get out of the car.

When I got home with a new bottle of Crown Royale, I pulled off the overcoat and was again in nothing but the black panties, stockings and bra. I poured Derek a drink and asked where Denise went. Then I heard my wife call me to the bedroom. I went into the bedroom with Derek following me with his drink. As I came into the bedroom, Denise was lying on our bed. She was dressed only in her stockings, panties, and bra. Her bra straps were pulled down from her shoulders and a very large load of cum was splashed all over her huge tits. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I immediately popped a hard on. “Come here, honey…” she said. I stood beside the bed looking down on kaçak iddaa her massive tits, pushed up by her bra, her silky smooth tits completely covered in white, thick cum.

“I have a special treat for you, sissy…tonight, Derek wanted to watch you eat his cum and we both thought this would be a nice treat for you.” Denise explained. It was obvious to both Denise and Derek that I liked the whole I idea. My cock was straining against my new panties. Denise had me get on my knees on the bed beside her. Derek relaxed in the big overstuffed chair in our bedroom and sipped his drink as I kneeled next to my wife and she gently grabbed the back of my head and guided me down to her cum covered tits. My tongue flicked out and I began licking up Derek’s still warm cum off of my wife’s large, jiggling tits. We both moaned simultaneously as my tongue plowed through his thick, warm cum. I worked feverishly licking up his cum from her tits. My cock throbbed in my panties and we both moaned as I ate his sperm. Denise really began moaning and wiggling around as my tongue licked up his cum from her hard nipples. We were both filled with lust as I cleaned up another man’s cum from her big tits. My wife began stroking my panty covered cock as I finished cleaning her up. As I continued to suck her hard, and now cum free nipples, Derek came beside the bed and began undressing.

My wife was soaking wet with passion and she told me to lie on my back on the bed. I did as she told. I was lying in our bed, with me still dolled up in panties, stockings and bra. My cock was rock hard in my panties and my mouth was still coated with Derek’s cum.

My wife smiled wickedly at me as she got up, took off her panties and straddled my face. I eagerly began licking her dripping, shaved pussy. My wife was facing toward my cock and she used one finger to tease my straining cock in my panties. As she ground her wet pussy against my mouth, she continued to tease my throbbing cock. Then I felt Derek climb on the bed. I looked up and noticed his dark thighs on either side of my head as Denise leaned over on all fours over my face. I realized what was going to happen. I almost came in my panties as I realized my wife and Derek were going to allow me the privilege of participating in their fucking. I watched Derek huge, throbbing big black cock line up with my wife’s wet pussy. He teased her pussy by sliding it around her entrance and I heard my wife moan in lust. Without being asked, I grabbed my wife’s hips and began licking her clit. I felt her shudder as Derek roughly shoved his big cock into her pussy. As he buried his cock into my wife and I flicked my tongue on her clit…Denise had a shattering orgasm. She was screaming and moaning and wiggling her hips as Derek impaled her pussy.

As she came down from her orgasm, Derek began sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. Denise threw her head back and groaned. Then she said, “Lick his shaft, honey, help us both cum!” I was so turned on that I didn’t need to be asked twice. I began licking his shaft, her wet pussy and even flicked my tongue around his big balls. Soon, all three of us were moaning. Derek moaned loudly as my tongue danced on his shaft and balls.

This causes Denise to giggle and to encourage me with, “Keep it up, baby, lick us…Ohhhh, YES!” I kept licking his cock as it went in and out of my wife’s pussy and flicking my tongue across her clit. My own cock was throbbing with lust in my panties…I was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. I knew I would cum very soon.

As all three of us approached orgasm, Denise came first. She began bucking and grinding on both my mouth and Derek’s cock. She came with great intensity. Moaning and crying out before coming back down to earth. Derek was next and as he was close, he pulled his big black cock from my wife’s pussy and began cumming on my wife’s pussy, which caused his cum to immediately splash against my open mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth. Derek immediately plunged his still spurting cock into my open mouth and finished cumming in my mouth. My mouth was filled and overflowing with his cum load as I began sucking his cockhead. I drew the last of his load from his cock and began swallowing his thick load of cum. As I sucked and swallowed, Denise plunged my stiff cock into her mouth just in time for me to erupt. So as she was coming down from her orgasm, and Derek was cumming in my mouth, I came in her mouth. Our bedroom filled with sounds of moaning, groaning and wet slurping sounds.

We were all breathing hard and we stayed in our postions for a few minutes with Derek’s cock gently throbbing across my face, I was still squirming from cumming so hard and Denise was still swallowing my cum load. Then, güvenilir bahis I heard my wife giggle softly as Derek climbed from behind my wife and away from my face. He stood up beside our bed and began dressing. Denise climbed off of me and then kissed me hard, plunging her tongue into my mouth and mixing and sharing both my own cum and Derek’s.

As we kissed, we found ourselves moaning into each other’s mouths. It was so hot kissing my wife with cum in both of our mouths. Denise stood up and escorted Derek to the front door. I heard them talking softly and then Denise came back into our bedroom. I was still lying on our bed, in lingerie, cum on my face.

Then I noticed a flash and another giggle by Denise as she took some pictures of me on our bed . “That was so sexy…I loved it! Did you?” she asked.

I replied, “I always love eating your pussy.”

“No, silly, I’m talking about licking up Derek’s cum from my tits and then licking us both as he fucked me!” she giggled.

“Oh, yes…that was hot. You know I like eating his cum…licking his load from your big tits was a dream cum true…pun intended.” I answered. Denise laid down beside me. We kissed again and began making out. She was playing with my nipples (which I love) and my cock became rock hard again. “You were so sexy tonight…my sexy little cum eating husband…you know I love our sex life…you are just the best husband.” We continued to kiss and my wife was stroking my cock through the panties and tweaking my nipples. I was getting very turned on as I kissed my wife and played with her big tits.

“So, did you enjoy licking Derek’s big cock? ” she teased as she stroked my stiff cock. I just moaned loudly. “Tell me, honey, did you like licking his cock and sucking his balls? What about having him cum in your mouth…that was so sexy to me!” I just moaned again as my cock began leaking pre-cum. Denise stopped playing with my cock and I groaned in frustration.

“I’m serious, I want to know if you enjoyed yourself tonight…you were a great little slut for us…did you enjoy it?” She demanded. “Please, honey, I’m so turned on…please let me cum…” I replied.

“We’ll see…I want to know how you feel about tonight.” She teased. She continued to toy with my nipples, but did not touch my cock. My cock was throbbing…I was turned on and I loved tonight…I wanted more, but I wanted to know how my wife felt about it. “Oh…Denise…please…” I tried pleading. “Not until we discuss how you feel about tonight…I want to know if you enjoyed it…licking his cock and having him cum directly into your mouth…tell me…” She continued to play and taunt.

I was so aroused and my wife was a master at teasing me… she gently touched my panty covered erection and drew circles around my hard nipples. She smiled at me and arched an eyebrow. Waiting.

“Oh, yessss…I loved it, Denise. It was so erotic to lick you both as you fucked…to taste your pussy on his cock was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. ” I moaned. Denise just giggled and said, “I knew it! I knew you would like it. Did you like it when he pulled out of my pussy and pushed his stiff cock into your mouth?”

“Ohhhhh…YESSSSSSSS! I loved it, baby…he has such a beautiful cock! Feeling it cum as I sucked it was just…UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!” was all that came out as I exploded into my panties. I was cumming again. Denise just smiled broadly as I finished cumming into my panties. She continued pinching my nipples as I spurted all over myself.

After I came down from my orgasm, Denise lazily dipped her finger into the top of my panties and scooped up my cum from my groin. As she slowly brought her cum covered finger up to my mouth…she said, “I strongly suspected you’d like his cock…as much as you’ve enjoyed eating his cum…I just figured you’d enjoy tasting his cock.” Then she wiped my cum on my lips and “painted” my lips with my own cum. I instinctively licked my cum from my lips and Denise giggled as she watched.

“Are you ready for more…sissy…are you ready to go deeper?” she asked. I loved when my wife teased me. She continued to dip her finger in to my panties and coating her finger before bringing her cum covered index finger up to my lips. “Yes, Denise…anything for you, Mistress!” I responded and for the first time referred to my wife as “mistress”. We looked into each other eyes… the electricity was tangible and my beautiful wife smiled as she stuck her cum covered finger into my mouth and I sucked her finger. She continued to look deep into my eyes as I sucked her cum coated finger clean. “You are the sexiest man I’ve ever imagined… you make me so horny…I love you my sissy cuckold hubby!” she responded.

After that night, my wife started a scrap book of the photos she took. We had many photos of me in lingerie, sucking her strap on cock, eating my own cum and sucking my new realistic dildo. Our next step that Denise planned was to take our final step in my sissification.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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