He’s Different, Be Nice

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He’s Different, Be Nice
“ Preston, I’m flying in next week and hotels are pretty pricy. Can I stay with you for a week??? “ my sister Julie asked over the phone. It was spring break of her sophomore year in college and she wanted to hang out at the beach.

It made sense. It’s spring time in Daytona, of course they’re gonna be expensive.

“ You know it’s not a problem. I’ve got plenty of space “ I told her referring to my 3 bedroom, one occupant home.

“ Great! I’m bringing my friend Ash. Is that cool? “ she asked.

“ Hiiii Preston “ a hyper schoolgirl like voice said in the background yelled.

I laughed. “ No problem Julie. I might be working so I’ll leave a key under the mat.

A week later I had forgotten about the agreement as I walked up my driveway into my home. I turned my doorknob and for some reason it was unlocked.

I walked into my living room

“ What the fuck “ I yelled as I saw a stranger on my couch.

“ You must be Presssston “ the medium height, frail stranger said with a smile.

“ Who the fuck are you? “ I demanded.

“ Ashton, Julie’s friend. I thought she’d text you and let you know I was here. She ran to your favorite wing place to surprise you. Surprised you didn’t pass her on the way in. “

Ash… Ashton. His high pitch voice sounded familiar. I looked him up and down and admired him. He was maybe 5 foot 6 and 130 pounds. He had shoulder length curly bleach blond hair, blue eyes and perfect teeth.His short running shorts had definitely been purchased from the women’s side of the store. His black tank kaçak bahis top had a small rainbow in the center as if you couldn’t already tell he was gay.

He was perfect. I had never been attracted to men but he was different. Not one masculine cell in his body. I quickly envisioned a scene from one of my favorite porn scenes and replaced the actors in my head with the two of us. Him, a 21 year old bottom, a fag, a femboy, a twink! Me at 30, with my 6’2, 230 pound linebacker frame, bald head and thick brown beard. I could have all sorts of fun with him. And I realized at this time of day Julie wouldn’t be back for another hour due to the traffic. hadn’t been in this position before but I assumed the role as if I had.

“ Come with me “ I ordered him.

I headed upstairs and he slowly followed. I don’t know if he knew my intentions but I did.

I reached my room and stood in front of my bed. He was in the doorway, looking unsure.

“ Undress me “ I told Ashton with the straightest face. He smiled. He did know my intentions. I smiled back as he began to untie my tie and unbutton my dress shirt. Slowly he made his was down to my pants before unbuttoning those as well. I was already hard. He got on his knees. He knew what to do. He pulled my 8” beer can dick out of my boxers and put it in his warm mouth. I tilted my head back in ecstasy. Being so busy with work, I hadn’t had any activity in at least 6 month. I forgot how amazing this felt. His tongue slid back in forth on the bottom of my dick, spit forming at the side of tipobet güvenilir mi his mouth, and tears in his eyes as he began to deep throat me. I was so turned on by how he needed one order to get going.

I felt myself ready to come as he went faster sucking my dick and now stroking it with his hands.

“ I want you to fuck me, Preston “ he said.

That was all I needed to hear. I grabbed him from off of his knees by his shirt and began to rip his clothes off. He was skinny but his shorts did a nice job of hiding a plump ass. I spanked him hard enough to leave a red print. He moaned which turned into a giggle.

“ Get in the bed “ I demanded him.

He slowly got on the bed and put his ass in the air. I wasted no time. I was tongue deep in his hole. It was already a little loose.

“ I saw your pictures around the home and got a little excited “ he told me, letting me know he played with his hole shortly before i arrived.

I didn’t say anything but I was turned on even more. I reached around while eating his ass and stroked his cock. I was surprised. A little skinnier and maybe an inch shorter than mine but he was still a good size. It didn’t take much before he came in my hands.

“ So soon? “ I said sarcastically not expecting an answer.

I lathered his hole with my spit, sucking and licking for a few minutes until I knew he was ready.

“ Fuck me “ he moaned.

I got up and again, with no hesitation, went full force. I slid my dick into his warm hole. I could’ve cum from that alone. But I got tipobet in my rhythm and began to fuck him slowly from behind. He moaned in his little twink voice and I smiled knowing how this would send me over the edge. I sped up and he began to scream my name.

“ Fuck me , Fuck me Brent! Oh Preston! “ Ash yelled.

“ This is my hole, you hear me ? “ I said, choking him as I continued to fuck without skipping a beat.

Ash couldn’t even answer. He was in another world. His eyes rolling in his head, his mouth wide open drooling and his toes curling. I felt like doing the same. His tight warm hoe was hugging my cock, making me feel like I would explode at any second. But I maintained.

We continued to fuck for another 20 minutes. Missionary, him on top, 69, you name it. When it was time to cum I shot my load right into his ass, marking my territory.

I got up and went to run him a warm bath in the bathroom down the hall. I sat at the edge of the tub shocked at what just happened. When I returned to the room he was still laid out, catching his breath and processing what just occurred. I lifted Ashton over my shoulders like a sack of potatoes and carried his small frame to the tub. I began to bathe him as he stared quietly smiling at me until I noticed the time.

“ I’m gonna go shower, myself “ I said getting up from the edge of the tub.

“ Thank you “ Ash said as I turned around, walking to leave the bathroom.

I didn’t respond but I think he knew the pleasure was all mine.

*zzzzzzzz* I heard my phone vibrate on the floor when I entered my room.

“ Forgot to tell you I had to run

“ Ashton is there …. he’s … different but be nice “ Julie texted me.

“ We’ve met “ was all I could respond. I was too busy smiling at the thought of him being here for a whole week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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