GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction #4).

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GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction #4).
This time I waggle my wide hips enticingly, guessing the new and old sperm is dribbling in strings from my lippy orifice, I call out, “Who’s next?”

Rapid footsteps, hands on my buttocks, as a person behind me kneels quickly, and then one hand shifts to my hip, the other goes to help proffer another hard cock to the entrance of my breeding box. There’s heavy breathing above me, it’s either the young man, or ‘Van Driver’ back for seconds, I don’t care though, this is what my sexual dysfunction is all about. In my head, I’ve got needs, I just crave sex, fucking, sucking, cum, and lots of it. Partners, yes, I have been content with Adrian’s friends up until now, and I get lots of attention from them, but, and it’s a large ‘but’, they have known me for years most of them, and fancied me from afar! Now they have a chance to ‘have’ me, ‘ride’ me, and ‘mount’ me without conscience, no need to make me cum, they can just have what they want, do as they wish, but they treat me like a wife. I am aware from their mumbles in bed, even between the sheets, that they would like to be married to me, and that they ‘wouldn’t’ share me around as Adrian does. So, this first-time dogging properly, is giving me what I need for now, men who are treating me like an unpaid whore. I believe that a woman being used like this, is called a ‘cum dump’. It would seem that I’m supplying a nice well used, warm wet vagina, that men can readily fuck and empty their balls into, one after another, using me time after time. And there it is in a nutshell, Adrian’s friends do not understand ‘my’ needs, only that I am a friend, and so they don’t ‘use’ me hard! There’s always an element of friendship, of affection, that I do not need. It might be when I am through this hormonal rush later in life, that I will regret these sexual encounters, but I think not.

The guy behind me, has slid right into my soaking vagina, he’s gripping my hips harder, and harder, as he thrusts in and out of my pussy. He keeps telling me I’m a posh slut, and I wonder why? I know I’m middle-class, and very British, and my accent does give that away. I dress well, and I don’t apply lots of makeup, I’m your average married woman, who lives next-door. I haven’t exactly said very much, so my accent cannot be to blame, and my clothes are s**ttered about the side of the car, so he cannot see if they are middle-class, so why posh? He’s telling me now, that he’d like to fill my mouth with his cum, so I inform him that he can, if he dismounts, and then fucks my face! I feel his motions slow, and then his penis withdraws, he’s obviously taking me up on my generous offer. I feel dribble start at the edge of my mouth, I’m so excited that I’m generating extra saliva in my mouth, just like I’ve been offered my favourite food, and I suppose I have, and its men’s ejaculate.

Five Years back…

Whilst lying there tied up on the couch, I feel a slight cool draft on my thighs and buttocks, almost as though an outside entrance has been opened, but I knew Adrian always locked the front, and back doors, before we engaged in any sexual activity. A little time went by, it was hard for me to judge just how much, when bahis siteleri canlı you cannot see what the time is, it can seem to pass much quicker than it actually is. To me it seemed as though I had waited with nothing happening for at least ten minutes, and then I felt Adrian’s hot breath on my thigh, his hands under my ass cheeks, followed by his mouth on my labia, I gasped. He starts a steady motion of lapping over my cunt, all of it, from the lowermost part of the entrance, to the hood covering my clitoris. This feels unbelievable! At the same time, he pulls the object in my asshole out, and then pushes it slowly back in again, and repeats. My arsehole is fully stretched now, and the hole is no doubt getting slacker and slacker as he works hard at it? Fuck knows what the use of my most intimate place by him, will do to my sweet tight pinked puckered crack. I moan, wishing I could perhaps stop him, but the waves of bliss, generated by his moist tongue tip, will not allow me to do more than orgasm. In a giant heave, that makes my taut nippled breasts jiggle, I fill my lungs with air, and then I scream “Oh God I’m cumming, cumming”, my voice is hoarse! The feelings rise from the pit of my stomach, and rush to my head, I feel slightly nauseated at first, then unbearable bliss sweeps through every nerve. I yip like a wounded b**st, but also bark my desire for more, and more! I shout out his name, “Adrian, Adrian’. This is the most pleasure I have ever had in my life, and he continues to lap at me like a mad man. Each time I came, I pissed myself, and I’m also worried now, that if he continues, I might just void my bowels, but when I think the pleasure might turn to pain, he stops.

For a few minutes, nothing.

And then, I hear slight shuffling by the side of me, and something sticky falls onto my slightly open lips. It’s blood temperature, it’s probably Adrian’s pre-cum, I think? My ardour is abating now, and my breathing is returning to normal, my skin rapidly cooling, and this permits me to feel the perspiration pooling between my ample breasts. I want Adrian to ejaculate over my face, in my mouth, and on my pale tits, but nothing more happens. He has left the object in my asshole, which is rather sore now, but I know he will not hurt me, so I try to relax.

I loll there for a while, my bonds cutting into the flesh behind my knees and my wrists, hearing nothing more than possibly, hand stroking on cock. Adrian will often sit and stare, at my stark-naked body displayed before him, and he will play with his penis, occasionally even cumming on the floor. In past sessions of our bondage, he has asked, after untying me, for me to lap at the cum he has spilled on the floor whilst he observed me, and I, have obliged him. Adrian has nearly always taken me then, as I lick up his sperm, by mounting me doggy style, and then has given me another dose of his spunk, I love this. His cum tastes so good after I have orgasmed numerous times, and I lap it up as if it is some exotic sauce.

Suddenly something touches my outer labia. And then they are pulled away from my body. One by one, the pegs are pulled off, this is somewhat painful, but easily bearable, finally tipobet giriş the same exercise occurs at my nipples. And then nothing again. The next feeling is at my inner labia, the pegs suddenly jerked off one by one!


My pussy feels slightly sore, the lips more so, his tongue, and the pegs have done their work well, and I smile slightly, as I remember just how intense my orgasms had been. I can feel the damp leather of the couch arm, wet beneath my buttocks, it will be me who washes the couch, and then freshens it up to take the stale piss smell away, that my excessive orgasms have caused.

There are hot lips at my right nipple now, I’m lying back with my right side nearest to the seating edge, they slurp avidly away at my erectness, drawing the skin of my areole up into the suckling mouth. Teeth nibble at my taut skin, and the mouth tries desperately to vacuum more tit into it, I love this. The mouth swaps to my other nipple, repeat, and back, and forth, giving my nipples the workout, they have been dying for all week! My tits have been hanging in my lacy bra’s at work, every day, my nipples feeling sensitive, and in need of male attention, by the end of the week though, I’d have gotten them out for even any passing woman, to suckle on. On thinking of some attractive slut sucking on my tits, I feel that familiar rush inside my pussy, extra inner lubrication is arriving! I desperately need some hard cock in me now…

Five Years Forward…

When he shuffles around to my head end, his jeans hobbling him like a horse, it turns out, it is ‘Van Man’, when I catch sight of his stiff cock, it is slick with my juices, and also other men’s spunkiness. I’m going to enjoy this! Kneeling speedily, he stabs his bloated knob end at my mouth, baby’s arm holding an apple springs into my mind! I obligingly open my lips wide, letting his bell-end slip into my hot mouth, gliding over my now very wet lips. Dribble falls from my bottom lip as he pulls out, and drags his shaft from my mouth, and he watches, as he pushes it slowly back in, and then he repeats. There’s a crackle from the grass, and I feel more hands on my ass-end, and then someone guiding their penis into my breeding slot. Fucking wonderful! Between ‘Van Man’ and whoever is now behind me, I am seesawed back and forth, impaled by my mouth, and cunt, on hard flesh. It feels bloody glorious. I cum, an absolutely magnificent feeling, and hot piss gushes forth from my full vagina, the guy behind me has a wide knob, and more than average length, so my piss wets his rod, and on each in, and out stroke, more juices are squeezed out. A hot sex smell fills the air, cum, piss, damp bollocks, mixed with mine, and their hormones, it’s a heady aroma, driving them on in their ministrations of my sexually aching frame. They are blatantly working me for their fulfilment, seeing me as something to get rid of their frustrations on. They are evidently not concerned of who watches their deed as they exploit me. I’m in ecstasy, in heaven! I’ve been spit-roasted before by Adrian, and one, or more of his friends at a time, with Adrian often watching whilst wanking! But not outside by total strangers, with no condoms, tipobet güvenilir mi and with cum gushing in great gouts into my wanton hole.

Adrian has told me that when he has sloppy seconds, or thirds, or even more, my cunt feels superb to him! The fresh cum apparently lubricates my pussy even better than my own fluids, but also has a slight gritty feeling. Very exciting he said, especially having watched, or knowing that I have been bred by other males, just before him. As he thrusts with abandon into me, and out again, he said he can get a good view of the other men’s cum slicking his cock. He tells me that the underneath of his shaft, will often have a large amount of the other men’s spunk, and that it drips whitely, from just in front of his ball-sack as he penetrates me, and he finds this incredibly sexy. Adrian has always told me, that when I have orgasmed a few times, my cunt is much better to fuck, especially if it is rimmed with my own waters. He informed me of this, after he had already started to share my body with his mates. He’s always loved fucking me on my back, as my cunt in his words is ‘Succulent’ a ‘Joy’ to slip into, and very comfortable. However, having my gash stretched out by multiple cocks before he mounted up for his ride, and with the added lubrication from other men’s spunk, this made my vagina even more desirable to him.

So, they kept at me, and I orgasm again, not such a good one this time, I think my clit is getting sore, so time for me to shut up shop! I start making loud slurping and appreciative noises around ‘Van Man’s cock, lift my arms, and then fasten my hands to his buttocks, whilst sucking, and gobbling away on his cock, he moans. The guy behind speaks, it’s Adrian, “Swallow his cock, you’re a fucking whore, suck his balls off, I want to see you jam-packed with his cum, drink it down you slut!”, ‘Van Man’ shoots his wad, and I willingly choke back this new load of his, and Adrian on seeing me swallowing, speeds up, and grunts his own orgasm into my greasy gash, ‘Van Man’ withdraws. I let my grip go of his arse, drop my head to look back through my spread thighs, and see Adrian’s cum exposed penis. Its drooping from his empty ball-bag, its sides slimy with his, and the other man’s spunkiness. A glassy strand hangs from where his bell-end is shadowed by foreskin, it glistens, and then falls to the grass, in almost slow-motion, and I push off from the grass with my hands, to sit back on my haunches, and feel cum gushing from my gaping gash.

From my now kneeling position, I spot the lad watching me intently. I haven’t discharged his testicles yet! His mate is looking interested as well, he’s gawking at my rounded tits, almost licking his lips. I reach up, wipe my saliva, its mixed with ‘Van Man’s’ cum, from my mouth. I lick my fingers lasciviously, and then corral some escaped spunk, which has just oozed to my breast, from my lips, and then add that to my eager mouth. I close my lips, and swig back this baby batter, and all with a sexy smile on my face. So, I guess, I will have to satisfy them, before Adrian and I leave! After all, I wouldn’t want their memoirs, of meeting me, to be clouded with the feeling, that I hadn’t been a perfect host, and a real fucking exceptional cum-slut. One that they wished to revisit often, in their fantasies, when they jerked off, and wished they could have had a second shot in, or over…

To be continued in…

GILF wife’s Diary (Sexual dysfunction #5).

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