Cum Eating Husband – Chapter 2

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Cum Eating Husband – Chapter 2
It had been two weeks since our road trip to Gail and Rick’s house. Though we had talked about out trip a number of times, another trip was never mentioned.

We had an uneventful week and both were looking forward to a quiet evening at home Friday night. My wife arrived a little later than usual and obviously had something on her mind. I knew when the time was right she would tell me what it was. Dinner was fine, and we drank a little white wine as we cleared the plates and cleaned the dishes. As everything was put away and I ventured into the television room she said, “Gail called, she wants us to come over at 9:30.”

I looked at her and my stomach fluttered.

“She said she has something to show us. She wants us to let ourselves in and be totally quiet. She’ll let us know what to do when we get there”

“Really, what do you think this is all about?”

“I think Rick is having a coming out party so to speak, but my guess is, he doesn’t know it yet.”

I just looked at her wondering what we would see when we arrived.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and take a shower and get cleaned up. Then we can spend the next hour or so keeping you nice and hard before we go” I was already pretty horny, so an hour of stimulation would be a little tough. Of course, I looked forward to it. I returned after my shower wearing only a bathrobe. My wife patted the couch next to her and I sat down. I was already hard from performing a touch up shave of my cock and balls. She opened my bathrobe and started slowing taking me to the edge of orgasm, time and again over the next hour as we talked. I was a good boy and told her when I though I was ready to cum, so she could stop and there were no accidents. After an hour or so she said, “Go upstairs and get dressed. Just put on a pair of chinos, a polo shirt and boat shoes. That way if Rick is naked, it will be that much more embarrassing for him being the only one nude. Plus we’ll still be able to see the outline of your hard on.”

I did as I was told.

We left for their house and were there in about 15 minutes. We parked, walked to the door and slowly open it, being as quiet as could be. We could hear music playing from the basement, not too loud but obvious. There was a note on the entrance way table, written in a woman’s handwriting. “Be very quiet. Take off your shoes and come downstairs to the basement. Don’t say a thing, I don’t want Rick to know you are here yet. This will be fun, thanks for coming.”

I looked at my wife and we both made a face expressing our bewilderment. We kicked off our shoes and headed to the basement canlı kaçak iddaa door. The music was obviously loud enough to cover any noise our barefoot steps or movements might make. Clever. When we entered the finished basement the scene was pretty much what my wife had expected.
Standing in the middle of the room, facing us was Rick. He was naked and hard. His wrists were through the end loops in two ropes attached to a beam in the ceiling. He was not tied, but the rope was strong enough to hold him if he was. It obviously was a play bondage scene. His legs were spread about shoulder width, and he was blind folded with one of the eye shades you get on airplanes.

Gail was standing in front of him in a pair of panties and a bra. She looked over her shoulder at us and smiled. One hand was slowly and lightly raking her nails up the shaft of his erection and around the ridge of his cock head. He was jerking under the stimulation. Her other hand was lightly pinching and pulling his nipples. She turned away from us to concentrate on Rich, working on his cock head with her nails for about 5 minutes. The poor guys was really bucking and moaning. She was relentless, coaxing him harder with her nails. This scene had obviously been going on for a while, Rich was breathing heavy and pre-cum was dripping from his cock.

Gail pushed her finger nail into the slit of his cock and scooped some lubricate onto her nail and put it is his mouth. There was no resistance, he accepted it gladly. She said to Rick, “Honey, I’m going to let you come pretty soon, I promise. You have been a very good boy waiting a week for this orgasm and I want it to be a real fireworks display for you. Have you liked your week of teasing?”

Rick: “ Yea, I have, more than I ever thought I would, “ he gasped.

She slowly moved around behind him pressing her chest into his back while continuing to play with his cock, balls and nipples in a reach-around, for our benefit.

As I watched I couldn’t believe a cock could be harder. But just two weeks ago, I was getting the same treatment, and I wasn’t blindfolded and unaware of my observers. Talk about embarrassing and stimulating.
By the way, Rick was shaved, and freshly by the razor burn and red blotched around his cock and balls. It takes a while to get use to it, as I know.

“Now you need to tell me one more time what we agreed to” She removed her hands from his cock and put them on his hips pushing forward and backward, bouncing his cock up and down lewdly.

Rick: “Honey, I promised, you don’t have to make me say it.” His cock was straining.

“Yes you do, you have canlı casino to ask for it, you know that.”

Rick: “After you let me cum, I want to lick it all up for you.” He turned a bright shade of red as he said this.

“You want to lick what up?

Rick: “My cum, honey, I want to lick up my cum.”

“Ask nice.”

Rick: “Can I please lick up my cum for you Gail, I really want to.”

“Oh, honey, I know you do and I know you will. To make it easier on you, I’ll let you cum on my boobs, that way you will enjoy licking them clean, how does that sound?”

Rick: “That sounds great, honey, thanks.” His poor cock was bouncing to his heart beat he was so hard.

She slowly moved around in front of him and dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and gave it a nice sucking and licking. “Rick, leave your blindfold on after you cum, it will be easier for you to lick up your sperm if you don’t have to see it, at least for this first time” She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. “I’ll help you down to your knees after you cum honey, you just hang there for a second OK?”

Rick: “OK”

“Here we go babe” She pushed back on the cock making the head bulge out purple and hard. He groaned.
“You have really earned this cum Rick, really let loose when you cum, really enjoy it”

Rick through grit teeth: “Oh god” He pushed hard with his cock into her hand, she pushed back equally hard.
Rick: Oh my God, here I come oh god…” And with that he started to shoot. Gail arched her back and brought his cock to the middle of her chest. One, two, three hard squirts. A deep breath from Rick and he started shooting again, another three less forceful squirts. He was screaming. It was an amazing amount of cum, it looked like a shot glass full.
Rick was now just hanging from the ropes. Gail stood and turned toward us with a smile so we could see how much cum covered her chest.

“Let me help you” She softly helped him pull his hands out of the loops and kneel down on the floor. She kneeled in front of him and scooped some cum from her chest to the nipple of her right boob. “Open up honey”
She put her nipple into his mouth and he suckled on her nipple. She did the same thing for the other nipple and he sucked her clean again. She put her hands on either side of his head and guided him forward.
“ Now between my boobs, put your tongue out” He did and she guided him forward and he started to lick the massive globs of cum from between her breasts. “Let me see some in your mouth”

He licked again and pulled back and opened his mouth. There was a big glob on his tongue. She moved slightly out of the way tipobet giriş so we could see.

“That looks fantastic, swallow for me and show me your empty mouth”

He did and then leaned in for some more, getting cum on his nose, cheek and forehead as he licked.
When he was done, she pulled his head to her chest and he laid it there and rested.

“You did really well Rick, really well” She reached up and pulled his blind fold off his head. He blinked against the bright light, but his eyes quickly adjusted and he saw us for the first time. He turned a bright shade of red.
“I wanted our friends to see you eat your first load of cum. How was it Rick?”

He was speechless as he looked from us to his wife. He was so highly embarrassed as to be at a loss for words. Gail laughed. “Rick, did you enjoy me making you lick your cum up?

He looked at her, smiled and said, “Yea”.

My wife said it was fantastic, my hard on and wet spot on the front of my chinos was my answer.

“Rick, go upstairs and get us some beers would you, and don’t put on any cloths and don’t wipe the cum from your face” Gail got up and put her bra back on, this wasn’t her sex show, and we knew that. There was still plenty of dried cum on her chest and a glob near her collar bone that Rick had missed and she didn’t know was there.

Rick returned and we stood around sipping beer and chatting about the scene we just witnessed. Rick was very embarrassed being the only one naked and totally submissive for his wife and in front of her guests, but his cock was coming back to life. Gail noticed and reached over to stroke it a little. I kept glancing at the glob of cum on her chest.
She noticed my glance and asked if there was still cum on her.

My wife answered yes.

Gail told me to lick it off and glanced at my wife.

My wife looked and me and gave a slight nod. I stepped in and for the first time in my life tasted another mans cum.
Everyone was quite for a moment, watching me as I swallowed.

Now I was embarrassed, but hard.

Gail said, “I think we need some time alone together to talk about this, you guys don’t mind do you?

Not at all, my wife said. I shook Ricks hand and said congratulations, kissed Gail on the cheek, my wife kissed Gail and Rick on the cheek and squeezed his balls once and we left.

I drove and on the way home my wife said, “That was one heck of a load of cum”

I agreed and looked over at my wife.

“Take off your cloths, would you”

Without saying a word, she started to strip. When she was naked and her clothing was thrown into the back of the car she said, “You’re going to cum as much as possible this weekend, and then you’re going to take a week off.”

“Sounds great.”

“Then maybe next weekend, we’ll go back to their house and see if we can turn you boys into cocksuckers.”

I was too shocked to say anything. I continued to drive home.

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